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Topic: Technical Support / Chat/gameplay/achievement window is on top of game...

When playing Canabalt, since game is so wide, that window blocks right part of the game… I tried changing resolution, but no matter resolution i set i still have same problem…
Not sure is anyone familiar with this so wanted to let u know..

Cheers !

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Topic: Game Programming / Looking for Kongregate loader in .swc format for AS3 ...


One posted here :
is in AS2 format and i need it in AS3 …


Thanks in advance…

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Topic: Game Programming / Preloader problem, loading swf into MovieClip, Flixel

Nope still same error TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

I got answer on other forum that as MovieClip changes object to null if the referred value is not MovieClip…

But i am supposed to load swf into MovieClip then..

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Topic: Game Programming / Preloader problem, loading swf into MovieClip, Flixel

So i am using Flixel for my project and Flixel have built in Preloader..
Because Kongregate is sponsoring the game i need to use Kongregate’s swf in loading screen instead of stuff that Flixel have set for loading bar…

So my idea was that i load swf file into MovieClip object.
Problem is that when i try to change .x and .y position of loaded swf that’s placed in MovieClip variable i get error that i cannot access property of null object…
What i don’t understand is how that loaded_swf is null anyway when i place swf inside of it…

So please check my code and tell me what i am doing wrong and how could i fix it…
Thanks in advance :)

private var loaded_swf: MovieClip;
private var url:URLRequest = new URLRequest(“kong.swf”);
private var ldr: Loader = new Loader();

ldr.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener( Event.COMPLETE,
this.swfLoadedHandler );

private function swfLoadedHandler( evt: Event ): void
trace( ‘SWF loaded!’ );

// Read the SWF that has been loaded and store it in a variable.
loaded_swf = as MovieClip;

loaded_swf.x = 0;
loaded_swf.y = 0;

addChild( loaded_swf );