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Topic: Off-topic / How many women exist on OT?

Zero. They don’t exist.
They are all 32 year old balding man children

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Topic: Off-topic / Official smash 3ds battle thread

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Topic: Off-topic / If you want to know why I (and potentially others) are transgender

your Rights stop where my feelings begin shitlords

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Topic: Off-topic / HOW TO BAIT 101

Originally posted by InfiniteZest:

two words for ya:

epic, epic for the wiiinnnn

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Topic: Off-topic / The Tinychat Thread: OT Edition


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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: Post photos of yourslef Mk. 2

I cleaned up my room so it’s not a pig sty anymore, also this dress is like the best piece of eye candy I have now, I’m happy! That isn’t two people by the way, it’s me. The power of photo editing!

Thats pretty neat how you did that, looks good.
Nice amp by the way mirin

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Topic: Off-topic / i accidentally POOPED on my moms bed HELP

blame on dog

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Topic: Off-topic / What if Hitler won WW2???

what a beautiful world it would be

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Topic: Off-topic / Lonley

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Topic: Off-topic / State Stereotypes

Do you or your family show any stereotypes from your state/province? My Mothers side is from Minnesota and my Fathers side is from Texas. My Dads side does not really show many Texas stereotypes, except for the accent, I even asked my Dad why he did not have much of a Texas accent and he said “because im not a jackass”. so yea
For my mothers side the Minnesota stereotypes are definitely there when I really start to think about it

We are hot dish fiends (I can throw down a whole pot of hot dish easy) Link
But we don’t use Tots (ew) we use mashed Potatos and Vegetable beef soup (waaaayyyyy better)

We have a cabin up in the woods in Wisconsin because my Grandpa would rather use Wisconsin land then Minnesota land for fucking around. It is on a lake and he does have a pontoon Link
Somewhat related

We do at times talk rather funny, its hard to notice but you can start to pick up on it if you listen closely (Think the movie Fargo). My Brother in law is from South Minnesota and his accent is hilariously strong. Link

When saying goodbye to family members we take for fucking ever. It is ridiculous how long it takes, almost comical at some points. Link

It gets fucking cold. I think in SD ( I live like 30 minutes away from Minnesota) we had wind chill at like -30, it was brutal Link

And my Moms side of the family come from Sogn og Fjordane Norway, and the last name is from a farm located there. So Scandi as fuck.

So what stereotypes does your family show?

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Topic: Off-topic / Which OTer would you like to see naked?

no homo

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Topic: Off-topic / How do you pronounce your username?

Originally posted by Gabidou99:


omg kid fix your name omg seriously

As for me

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Topic: Off-topic / The Tinychat Thread: OT Edition

im partially naked and natty

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Topic: Off-topic / What is your favorite Video Game music?

The best song known to mortal men

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Topic: Off-topic / The Tinychat Thread: OT Edition

Come keep me company on this boring saturday night

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Topic: Off-topic / I am driving across the US, AMAzn

Originally posted by DrOctaganapus2:

How kind are the people in the South compared to people in say, Dakota or something?


We are mean people around these parts.
If you aint white you aint right, and pls go hang from a tree
I suggest you stay out of these neck of the woods if you know what good fer yer.
That goes for everyone, we are rude people around here
If you want to keep it light midwest go see them pussies in Iowa

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Topic: Off-topic / Rate my looks?

nice man jaw fucking tranny 3/10 i might give you a minute out of my busy day

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Topic: Off-topic / get laid to save the world

I guess it would be pretty easy for me. I’m sure there is a incredibly ugly 3dpd that would

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you post on 4chan?

Originally posted by 15man:

/b/tard and proud.

Im not surprised in the least that you go to that shithole.
I post on /fit/ and lurk /a/, /int/, and /r9k/

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Topic: Off-topic / The Tinychat Thread: OT Edition

im naked

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Topic: Off-topic / The new Akaike Legion website is online!

nice blog fuccboi

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Topic: Off-topic / So I'm getting my first job...


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Topic: Off-topic / Confessions

Originally posted by spiderprostitute:

did you know, that I’m actually God? no really, just read about it in this sweet book of made up fairy tales holds up a bible

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Topic: Off-topic / Youtube/Video Links Masterthread

God I fucking LOVE Arnold

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Topic: Off-topic / Are you a loser?

Originally posted by Mikkmar:
Originally posted by Fishstickz13:
Originally posted by 15man:

NOTICE: to all virgins that posted.
i can help you fix that.
just not in the way you may want

You’ll let me bend you over and fucc your boipussy? :^)

The crossed out line at the bottom makes me think that it’d be the other way around.

Resistance is futile. you will be boipussy fuccd