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Topic: General Gaming / Online FPS Games

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Or, you know.

You can buy games on Steam.

OP, buy TF2 or something, that will keep you occupied for a while.
Or DoDs.

TF2 indeed, TF2 is cheap and will most likely entertain you for hundreds if not thousands of your precious hours.

And also Garry’s Mod.

You need TF2 to buy Gmod, also Gmod varies from the player, you either love it, or you leave after 5 min.

No you don’t. All you need is a game made by Valve. Left for Dead 1-2, or even Portal, or Counter Strike can get you Gmod.

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Topic: General Gaming / Cyclomaniacs 2

You should make a version for kongregate, and have the “K” logo (with eyes and arms) on a “KONGREGATE” logo bike!…But with wheels of course. You should do the same with other places that you put it on, Bubble Box would like thier mascot fluffy thing on a BubbleBox Logo shaped bike…and so on…

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Topic: General Gaming / Ether War Guide

Ether War. I consider the best flash shooter game ever made. The action of blasting alien orbs into fireworks, evading their shots, and destroying the mother sun is quite amazing. If you are having trouble completing it on easy mode (the only one available on kongregate) then please take your time to study this guide.

Main Gameplay:

First things first, let’s get down to the things you should do the whole game until destroying the mother sun.

Don’t even start to try on defeating the mother sun until all of the huge orange balls circling it are gone. All of them.

You know that the secondary goal is to protect the main ship while destroying the enemies about to attack it. This secondary goal is not important, in fact, just go straight to the mother sun (no not RIGHT on it!) and destroy the enemies around. If you aren’t strong enough it’s ok to go in the middle, but you’ll soon find most heading past you towards the main ship instead of you. However, you can lead ANY enemy ship to you if you are close enough to the main ship except for the protective spinning orange balls and the mother sun.

For most enemies, just go backwards towards whatever direction you choose and then dodge/shoot at them. Just don’t go too far or you’ll find yourself trying to catch up with the others. Remember, space is infinite.

Upgrades Guide:

Start off just pwning enemys, the main things you wanna upgrade are the cannons, shield, and your allies. 1: “Because when you need more power, use more gun.” ~Engineer. 2: “I’m gonna need a bigger blaster.” Said Tango as he was about to destroy a huge rocket that will destroy the world. 3: The more the merrier, there’s WAY more of them than there is of you.

When you get too into destroying a orange ball and you end up storing A WHOLE LOT of ethers, buy the triple shot or the rockets, it will be the ultimate weapon for destroying the mother.

Defeating the Mother:

Man, if you upgrade your engines too much (which is a good tactic for destroying the orange balls) it’s gonna be hard controlling yourself. Although, it’s easier because you can orbit the mother sun just like the orange balls. That’s the best tactic. Make sure that you have some secondary weapon at this stage. It’s way easier.

Orange Balls:

Destroy these, destroy MOST of the enemies, then your allies gang up on the mother. Perfect. But destroying these are the hardest part.

You’ll need upgraded engines and a secondary weapon to get these guys out fast. I suggest going for the ones on the far side first, make sure to KEEP FIRING AT THEM. They regain their energy just like you when not being attacked, although these have a bigger shield and the shield doesn’t regenerate as fast.

If you’re going for the fast ones, make sure that you are cutting corners, even if you’ve caught up with them. Unless you’re faster, do that.

If you are ahead of them and your speed is lower than theirs, don’t assume that you can stay ahead, cut corners to stay ahead of them. This is a great tactic for 2-D shooters like this one. Try it, unless you go really slow compared to this one, like in boxhead bounty hunter.

Final Notes:

If you are using the arrow keys, do yourself, kongregate, and me a favor by using WASD. You have/get way more control if you’re left handed, and more keys are accessible from there. You can easily control your mouse if it’s on the right, and you can press things like the space bar with ease. This is VERY VERY VERY useful in other games that allow the WASD keys. Because using the arrow keys just feels unnatural.

And lastly but mostly, take breaks when frustrated, stay in school, and have fun!

See ya!