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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Patch Notes 19th Sept

From JehutyFrame

’’I attacked a Orc camp, actually lost more food on repairs, same with attacking pvp players…

So the only way to get food is to wait for your farm to generate it?!
Then what? Use it to attack orc camps for the other materials?

The game is unplayable now, all the changes were for the devs, none of em were for the players.

All of the Economic Changes ruined the game, just to make us struggle in the beginning?
Instead of letting us level like the early adopters, and just adding new end-game content, we get a watered down experience…

Market Place conversion rates has been reduced. (Unfair)
Cost of some troops increased (Unfair)
Healing costs for troops increased (Unplayable)
Resources from some orcs have been slightly reduced (Unplayable)
Some of the quest rewards have been reduced (Unfair)

The conversation rates were fine, the quest rewards were fine, people play games to feel rewarded, no joy to be had in the state it is now.
The quest rewards are pitiful now as well, how can we even begin to catch up with the higher levels, we’ll just get farmed endless by higher level players?

I regret buying gold 2 days ago thinking i found a fun game, its unplayable now and i would like a refund.’’

I agree 100% with this post

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Patch Notes: 9th September

Notice I said ALL chat -
I very rarely use global – it’s MUCH too chaotic in there with all the different languages.

But the game is worse now than before the patch, it needs a few more tweaks

I still love the game –
my comments are meant to be constructive, to help you make the game a better experience for all.

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Patch Notes: 9th September

It’s great that the Devs are working hard to make this game better.

Please, could I request a little IN GAME warning on all chat channels before you start in future.

I’m happily farming away – then game down with no warning & nothing left in my City for defence.

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Game Update 08/08*

Nice work – thanks a lot :)


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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / BUGS - Official Thread

Hi – moved my city recently & now I can’t see any orc camps to attack.
They all show up as bones – yet I can see other players attacking the bones where the camps are supposed to be.

Is this a glitch?

I’ve tried refreshing & using different browers

Thanks for your time

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Alliances

click on your own city on world map – then you can cancel the alliance you applied to join that is still ‘pending’

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Topic: Zombie Pandemic / I'm Getting An Error Message!

Yeah, me too, can’t play the game. Been a few hours now too


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Lost Magic] Ectoplasm

Thanks Sukasai

& by doing that, it answered a couple of other questions I had also :)


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Lost Magic] Ectoplasm

What does it do?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Lost Magic] Equipment

Thanks for the reply neo…

Peat marshes?

Sounds interesting, what lvl does that happen?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Lost Magic] Equipment

Thanks for that Bob :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Lost Magic] OH Dear

Lovely game, lovely idea .. BUT

Really hard to find how to do certain stuff .. joined a party .. more luck than judgement & then nobody knew what to do next

Chat channels don’t seem to work either .. OR .. I, & others are doing something wrong

I HATE being a noob :)

Help please


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Lost Magic] Equipment

Any tips as to where we can get good equipment as we level up?

I found the blacksmith & the woman who sells clothes near the start but wondered where I can get better stuff

Many thanks

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Topic: Technical Support / Can't purchase kreds

I have no problem getting Kreds

BUT .. there is a glitch in kongs system somewhere, at the moment, when trying to spend them in Dragons Of Atlantis

It is only a recent thing, but for every price listed for rubies, when I try to buy, kong adds a nought to the price & tells me I don’t, therefore, have enough kreds .. which I DO

I do hope you will look into this soon

Many thanks

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Topic: Dragons of Atlantis / Rubies

yes .. there is some glitch from kongs side when trying to buy rubies ..

they end up being way overpriced, meaning you need thousands of kreds instead of hundreds.

Now kong is stopping me from buying rubies .. I wonder if this IS a problem that kabam might respond to?


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Topic: Dragons of Atlantis / kong to kabam

IF kabam really DO check these forums on a regular basis, as they say,

then surely it would be polite of them to reply to simple questions such as this one

Many people would like to know if it’s likely to become possible to link our account to kabam from Kongregate

Also, why only those who play from Kongregate don’t get the added pleasure of leaderboards like everyone else does?

Aren’t our Kreds equal to other methods of buying rubies?


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Topic: Technical Support / dragons of alantis

Also, after reading up on kabams own forums, I have found many complaints about them

They don’t respond to support tickets sent in

People have been waiting weeks & in one case nearly 2 months to get help with their problems

This is NOT the behaviour of a reputable site

If I don’t get help soon, is there anyway I can get a refund on the cash I spent on this game?

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Topic: Dragons of Atlantis / black screen

Originally posted by Beerduck:

This is from kabam:
“Haven’t connected your other accounts yet?
Click the profile tab and connect your account with other sites like Facebook to play your other games here on”

Well, the only site you can connect to is facebook.

Facebook & google .. but NOT kong, why?

If Kong is supporting a game, then shouldn’t that game support Kong members too?

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Topic: Technical Support / dragons of alantis

Kong really DOES need to look into the problems surrounding this game

I, for one, have used Kreds on it & haven’t gotten any help to sort out my problems in the game yet, despite joining kabam just so I could send in a ticket .. They replied to my ticket, but 24 hours later my problem is still unresolved

Now the game has been down for over 8 hours, but only for Kong players, it would seem ..

Also they have made provisions to link the game & connect straight to kabam for other sites like facebook & google .. but NOT Kong .. why?

Aren’t our kreds as good as other currency for supporting this game?

Am well peed off


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Topic: Sorcery Quest / My two cents.

Oh DO take ALL the locked loot you get hold of .. & put any you don’t need yourself into your guild vault. That way your guild mates get a crack at unlocking anything useful to them.

Don’t have a guild? Then put it in your OWN vault .. you may find it useful later in the game when you try out some different characters ;-)

I don’t think the game is too expensive to get a decent supply of tokens either .. 10 English pounds buys over 2000 tokens, they go a long way. Always buy from Edgebee direct too so you then get bonusus the more tokens you buy.

It’s all relative, of course, I cant have a decent night out for £10 but I can get hours of entertainment for spending £10 for tokens from edegebee, so it all depends what your priorities are really, doesn’t it?

Of course, those who pay will get advantages, why shouldn’t they?