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Topic: Kongregate / SilentSand's RapidFire Rapid Fire tournament.[Round 12, Tetris, Tetris Raider]

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Topic: Kongregate / SilentSand's RapidFire Rapid Fire tournament.[Round 12, Tetris, Tetris Raider]

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Topic: Kongregate / SilentSand's RapidFire Rapid Fire tournament.[Round 12, Tetris, Tetris Raider]

Not sure if I’ve missed the deadline or not, but here it is.

Edit: Updated screenshot, check out that combo. :D

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Topic: Wartune / [Guide] All About Mounts

Originally posted by Atombender:

Do they increase your run speed in the Wilds or are they just stats boosters?

All mounts give 30% movement speed bonus, whereas Therion Sand Rider gives 40% movement speed bonus. I have been told that increasing stable level boosts this movement speed bonus, but we’ll have to wait and see at exactly what level.

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Topic: Wartune / VIP Wheel is rigged

The developers have told others that the VIP wheel is not as random as they had intended, and they will be changing it soon. But really, I have no problem with getting 500k gold every 3 days. And do you really think they’re just going to hand out $80 gems to people every 3 days who pay $8 a month?

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Topic: Wartune / Switch servers

If they ever did create a system where players can switch servers (which I doubt), it would have to be only to an older server. If you could transfer characters to newer servers, then nobody would receive the “fresh start” that they join a new server to claim.

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Topic: Wartune / [Guilds] Guild Recruitment Thread

Guild name: Immortal
Server: Oceanic (4)
Requirement: Be active and above level 30. We would like to also see you actively helping lower levels with their MP dungeons. (Within reason)
Description:We are the #1 guild on the server, and we are always looking for active, talkative players. We have, at this time, won every single one of our guild battles. We are a diverse bunch, housing people from all over the world. Our guild is growing at a very fast pace, as we are level 8 with level 5-6 territory buildings after only 2-3 weeks.
We hope to see some new faces in the guild, thanks for reading. :)

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Topic: Wartune / [Info] Bugs

Originally posted by wanderingsoul:

Not sure if anyone noticed:

Goddess Blessing Astral series have their names jumbled;

Blue is now “Pristine GB”
Purple is “GB” and
Orange is “Refined GB”

The facts speak for themselves.

To further confuse the matter, Pristine GB is actually part of the Aegis Major line. It reduces all damage by 10.

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Topic: Wartune / Kongregate's ability to enter R2games' contests.

Hi there wartune players. We’ve been improving the situation with R2games keeping Kongregate out of their events recently, a prime example being the One Big Happy Family contest.

Players were asked to post screenshots of their guild gathered up in the guild chamber, and the ones deemed “The best” would receive prizes. Not only did we (A kongregate server) win some of these prizes, but our screenshot has been given the chance to get even more prizes!

So the point of this thread is, I urge you all to participate in contests on the R2games forum. It will help you by directly giving you a chance to win rewards, and make Kongregate servers stand out to the R2 staff.

Keep an eye on this forum for the latest activites:

(P.S, vote for us in the poll! :D)

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Topic: Wartune / [Info] Suggestions (#2)

Originally posted by tankanidis:

Whoever is responsible for setting up server events to actually turn them on when they set up the new servers…


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Topic: Wartune / Why does the swear filter block 'Kongregate'?

It bans Kongregate because it is a website, and they do not allow people to advertise other websites in chat. It just happens to be extremely ironic that it is the platform we are playing the game from.

As for ‘nnd’, and others like ‘gm’, I can only assume the developers were drunk when they created the censor.

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Topic: Wartune / Why are mages so important and so good? Why is this game so racist? We all need a mage to do runs. Why?

Every class is needed at some point.

Yes, mages are most definitely needed for later dungeons (Beginning at badlands), due to their purification and mass heals.

Archers are needed in the far later MP dungeons for their ability to remove buffs from enemy bosses, and to a lesser extent, their ability to kill the bosses faster than any other class.

Knights are obviously needed as tanks. If you don’t have a knight to stick in the front row, the mage will die. How does a dead mage heal and/or use purification?

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Topic: Wartune / Oceanic Server Events not paid out.

I wouldn’t expect any update at all on this until around new years, due to it being the holidays.

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Topic: Wartune / Is there any way to get rid of VIP tokens?

There is now a christmas activity until the 27th of december, where logging in at certain times will allow you to claim rewards from the “Event Rewards” tab.

I believe you may claim a 2 hour VIP card, as well as 10 VIP tokens and a Rose at 10-11am server time. =) Enjoy!

(There are other rewards for different times, but I’ll let a mod post the activity thread for it, hopefully)

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Topic: Wartune / [Guide] All About Mounts

Mounts are pets that you are able to ride on for a bonus to your stats and movement speed. They are unlocked in various different ways.

When you unlock a mount, that mounts stats are added on to the stats of your White Battle Steed, and you are given the option to use a special skin on your White Battle Steed. Example: Player A unlocks White Battle Steed and gets all of its stats to +50. Player A then unlocks Royal Steed, which gives +50 stats. Player A now has a White Battle Steed with +100 to all stats, and also has the option of either using the skin of White Battle Steed or Royal Steed

This is an overview of the mount screen.

How do you train your mount?

Mount training whips may be obtained for free in various ways.

Guild Blessing: You may receive mount training whips from the “Token” circle in the guild altar. Spins cost 20 contribution (20k gold) each.
95-Devotion prize: If you achieve 95 devotion, you may claim 1 mount training whip. Limit of 1 per day.
Guild Battle Wins: Win a guild battle to receive 10 mount training whips. Based on your guild ranking at the end of the guild battle tournament, you will receive bonus mount training whips. (Rank 1 guild receives a bonus 30 whips)

Alternatively, you may also wish to just spend 35 balens to replace every 1 mount training whip when training your mount. Advanced train gives no higher chance of the Therion Blessing buff (5x exp). However, if you are feeling lucky and manage to get it while using advanced train, it is as if you achieved the buff 20 times using normal train. If you have the balens and whips to use advanced train, I would recommend doing so.

Upgrading your stable will not only increase the movement speed bonus you get from riding your mount, but also the maximum level of stats you may learn. Any experience you put in to your mounts stats will also go in to your stables experience at a 1:1 ratio.

At level 1 stable, the maximum stat level you can achieve is 20. This goes up by 20 per level, so at level 2 stable you may acquire a level 40 stat maximum. The following table only goes to level 20, because there’s a clear trend of +5 stat boosts and +25 exp required per level. The beginning movement speed bonus at level 1 stable is 30%. This will be upgraded to 40% at level 4 stable, and the furthest I have seen is level 4 stable, which remains at 40% still.

Level 1 > 2 stable will require 13,000 exp.
Level 2 > 3 stable will require 51,000 exp.

Each point in Strength will give your hero +4 PATK and +1 PDEF.
Each point in Intellect will give your hero +4 MATK and +1 MDEF.
Each point in Endurance will give your hero +20 HP.
Each point in Armor will give your hero +4 PDEF and +4 MDEF.

Click the stat you wish to level up
Click the “Train” or “Advanced Train” button
“Train” will increase the stats exp by 10
“Advanced Train” will increase the stats exp by 200
Both of these methods of training have a small chance to give 5x exp.

How do you obtain mounts?

Mounts are obtained in vastly different ways. You may only have one of each mount, trying to get duplicates of any mount will prove both a waste of time and money.

White Battle Steed

How to get: Given to you for free once hero achieves level 40.
Stat boosts: +5 to all stats.

Imperial Steed

How to get: Upgrade your stable to level 2.
Stat boosts: +5 to maximum stat level.

Ruby-Eyed Steed

How to get: Balens shop. This costs you 1995 balens.
Stat boosts: +10 to all stats.

Shadow Steed

How to get: Balens shop. This costs you 1995 balens.
Stat boosts: +10 to all stats.

Hurricane Steed

How to get: May be bought from the level 10 guild shop for 50,000 contribution. (50,000,000 gold)
Stat boosts: +30 to all stats.

Darknite Horse

How to get: May be bought from the Crypt Shop after reaching level 100 in the Forgotten Catacombs. Costs 6000 Crypt Tokens.
Stat boosts: +40 to all stats.

Royal Steed

How to get: Achieve Crusader Rank and buy it from the Arena Shop for 10,000 insignia.
Stat boosts: +50 to all stats.

Therion-Sand Rider

How to get: Be the guild master of the winning guild of the guild battle tournament. This is a temporary mount and only lasts 7 days.
Stat boosts: +100 to all stats.

White Alpaca

How to get: During certain events, you may exchange 30x Alpaca Jigsaw Piece for this mount.
Stat boosts: +10 to all stats.


How to get: Exchange 300x Christmas Shard during the Christmas Events for this mount. (Begins 13th December)
Stat boosts: +10 to all stats.

Underworld Steed

How to get: On newer servers (s71 and up), you get this mount when purchasing over $300 of balens in the first week.
Stat boosts: ? to all stats.

That is all for now. If you have any questions or feedbacks, feel free to post them in this thread.

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Topic: Wartune / "Worthless" Astrals

I simply see the Enhanced Ruthlessness astral as a sort of gamble. Then again, astrals such as Refined Blessed Health and Enhanced Regeneration are also somewhat of a gamble.

What makes Enhanced Ruthlessness the worst of them all, though, is that there is a chance for the astral to be a hindrance on your damage – whereas with the other astrals you simply deal normal damage with no benefits.

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Topic: Wartune / Special Mounts


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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Now Seeking a Kongrgate Moderator

Name: Ares
Server: Kongregate 4
Age: 22
Current Level: 41

As you can see from my post count, I am very active in forums such as these. I’ve written guides on the forums of the R2 website, one of which has received a reward, and the other has made it in to the Gameplay Essentials forum.

I feel I have a very good understanding of the game, and there has been no question regarding pre-level 60 content that I have been unable to answer so far.

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Topic: Wartune / Character Transfer to New Servers

Here is why character transfers will never happen in new servers.

People join a new server because it gives them an even playing field to start off with everybody else. If we had level 40s and 50s able to transfer their accounts over to newer servers, it would certainly not be an even playing field.

The only real compromise I can think of is for unspent balens to be transferred over to a new server – though again, this would never happen because the Game Masters refuse to do so.

If you want to be in a server more appropriate for your timezone, I’m afraid the only option for now, and forever, will be just to create a new character on said server.

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Topic: Wartune / Oceanic Server Events not paid out.

These events still haven’t worked for us. We’ve sent tickets, contacted vets and game masters – nothing.

TarkaBear spoke to a vet and was told they will most definitely be sent within 24 hours – It has now been around 30 hours since then.

I really hope that for the Legends of Balenor event, they use the Battle Ratings recorded from when the event was supposed to end. Some players who were of 10,000+ battle rating but not in the top 10 received their reward at the correct time, and if they use the current BR rankings, these people would also be getting the top 10 rewards.

Unless this issue is resolved, and they use the BR’s recorded when the event was SUPPOSED to end, I do not plan to spend any more money on this game.

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Topic: Wartune / Class Recommendation?

Knights tend to be tanks in this game, and quite frankly, they suck early on. You will fail in world bosses, you will take forever to clear campaign maps, and your tanking capabilities will be hindered by just about everything in the game being able to directly hit the back row.
That being said, after about level 50, knights will utterly dominate everything – even if you are a non casher, you will be able to kill archers and mages who have spent lightly.

Archers are by far the best at single target DPS, and that’s what makes them the best class to be if you want to farm gold and daru from the world boss. They are a very early game class, and I’d recommend choosing them if you only plan to be on the server for a week or two. After around level 40, archers start to get weaker and weaker, and only lots of cash will allow you to keep up with your competition.

Mages are more of a mid-late game class. Early on, their spells really don’t do much due to your low MATK, and they are so easy killed because of their low HP and PDEF. But when you reach level 35 and begin with 30 initial rage, you will be able to wipe everybodys troops instantly with your AoE skills.
Mages are also really good late game – many of the late multiplayer dungeons require constant heals and buff spells – the kind that only a mage is able to give.
Do know that if you are going to choose a mage, it is almost necessary to purchase the double skill tree. One skill tree for PvP, and the other for support.

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Topic: Wartune / Nightmare modes

Let’s look at what would happen with a nether forest nightmare dungeon.

Assuming we need the same materials to create level 20 rings as say, level 40 rings, then we would need to run a nightmare nether forest for at least a week. As well as this, we would need insane amounts of gold to synthesize them, and an unreasonable amount of crypt tokens to get the ring shards for them.

If you manage all of this, which would at minimum take a week, and you managed to stay within the level 20-25 range for nether forest, then congratulations, you’re now half everybody elses level.

TL;DR, nightmare options aren’t available for these dungeons because we out-level the possible range for gaining exp from them. You need to spend a fair amount of time gathering resources from nightmare to create nightmare-exclusive equipment, and by the time you would get it, you will have outgrown the equipment and the dungeon itself.

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Topic: Wartune / Official Rant Thread - Patch 1.46

Originally posted by guy2222:

Seriously, though, if the free-to-play/low-lvl cashers leave the game, it will very quickly become boring for the proper cashers and they will leave soon afterwards. And how many of them would be stupid enough to do the same on another R2 server/game (if you imagine that’s the way you’ll continue to make money from them)? I don’t think I have ever come across a company with a business model that so evidently alienates its customers, and cares so little about it. If I was an investor in R2 games, I would be livid!

You would be surprised.
There were people who played Crystal saga and spent in the tens of thousands on their characters there. I, and all of the other non-cashers at the time, left the game for good. Now I’ve been hooked in to Wartune, and I’m seeing the same people spending insane amounts on this game.

As much as you may hate the business model of R2, apparently it works.

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Topic: Wartune / [Coming Soon] Talents

This thread claims to know all about the talents of knights – not entirely sure if it’s reliable though.

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Topic: Wartune / Christmas event

Originally posted by KnowingEyes:
Originally posted by Crystaliss:
Originally posted by dajaney:

Mounts stack and the chance to get anything other than a lvl 3 in that gem exchange is very slim.

Mounts stack? You must be joking…

I mean, such an important thing would surely be explained in the mount help window…

Although there’s no turning back for me at this point, I’d like to know all the same.

They stack. =)

He’s right you know. I would definitely go with the reindeer mount instead of gems.

If you’d like to know more about mounts, check out my guide for them: