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Topic: Crush Crush / are cameo apperances possible

Good points. But it would be kind of cute to see Mio in a Princess Peach cosplay outfit, since that totally fits her gamer girl style.
Then again, maybe she would cosplay as something else. (No… Morrigan is out of the question). :)
But then again, Quill would be perfect if she had a cosplay similar to Felicia. She already looks the part.
sigh Copyrights.

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Topic: Crush Crush / How to reclaim things/data that have lost?

Same here. I spent virtually all my gems on only the x16 Hobby Guild bonuses… around 8 of my hobbies were x16 Guilded (not speed boost, since I started using Guild before the Store started working). All gone. Never spent any on the speed boosts (which this update appears to have corrected), so the latest update offers nothing new for me. I’m waiting to see when I get my 80 gems back. Thx.
I still want to continue playing. But the April Fools joke is a joke no longer. :(

I’m beginning to think that all my gems are actually the larvae Bearverley’s talks about being in her belly.

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Topic: Crush Crush / <BUGS> Post your bugs here!

Originally posted by General_Me:

I lost all my hobby time speed boost when i pressed prestige….can i have the speed back or give me the diamond equivalent.

+1 Same here. Lost all my x16 prestige bonuses, with no diamond refund. I had at least 7-8 prestige hobbies.

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Topic: Midas' Gold Plus / Raid screen now too large after update

Before the update, the “not quite full size” Raid screen was sized conveniently enough that I could see my Loot Inventory counts at the bottom of the screen. This helped me to optimize which Loot quests I should pick for the next run.
But now the Loot window covers the whole playing area.

Please consider either making the window smaller again, or consider adding your current inventory count of the loot items into the Raid window to help.

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Contact Devs **

I’ll assume this is also a “Bugs” topic.
1. Some of the names of creatures or even levels are written in Russian. I don’t know if this is intentional. The latest Event Levels are a good example of this. But I know there’s other non-event locations, creatures or skills that do this too, though I couldn’t tell exactly where those were. Put in an option for Language choice if needed.
2. Some of the artifact icons don’t match their names. The icon for the “Skull” artifact looks like a flower. The icon for the “Spider Web” artifact is the skull icon.

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Topic: Tap Cats - Idle Warfare / Bug Reporting - Please replay to this thread!

Not sure if this bug has been mentioned yet, but it’s related to the new way you can move your cats around. Somehow one of my cats is completely off screen (specifically Newsy). No idea how it happened. Can you guys add a way to reset the formations in case this happens?

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Topic: Tap Cats - Idle Warfare / Bug Reporting - Please replay to this thread!

I have a feeling this may have been brought up once, but couldn’t find it.
I’ve seen a handful of cases where when I either buy my cat’s levels or one of their skill upgrades, that the TEAM DPS actually goes DOWN. The individual cat’s DPS goes up. I’m trying to figure out how is this possible for Team DPS to go down?
This makes no sense, unless you’re a quantum physicist, of which I am not. :)

I’ve only seen it happen maybe 5 times, though I’m sure it’s happened more than this when I’m not literally watching it.
The most recent case is when I had a Team DPS of about 139K. Then I bought a “+50% Damage for this cat” upgrade for one of the cats… but the Team DPS went DOWN to 130K. It continued to stay there. It wasn’t a temporary glitch.

Note: I had no DPS-related boosts enabled at the time.
And just in case this has anything to do with it, I’m always buying cat levels in blocks of x10 once I get them to level 10.

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Topic: Tap Cats - Idle Warfare / Baldur and Serapheline star bonus issue

I have both Baldur (1 star bonus to ALL Norse cats), and Serapheline (1 Star bonus to all adjacent cats).

Naturally I didn’t place them next to each other, so I have two of my Norse cats with 3 stars. :D.

However, Serapheline never got the +1 Star bonus from Baldur… she still has just 1 star. All other Norse cats got the bonus from Baldur (including Baldur himself) Sounds like a bug.

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Topic: Tap Adventure / Dont recive Offline Gold Income

Welcome Back! No Offline Gold for you! That’s pretty much what my welcome message was after I let the game idle for 2 days with an Offline Gold earning rate of “1.55 LL / hour”. When I started up, I had only 500 KK of gold (which is where it was when I left it). There was no button to claim my offline gold. Thanks folks.
On my last gaming session before this one, I claimed offline gold, but not today. Why the hit and miss?
Just plain broken.

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Topic: Tap Adventure / Bugs

I’ve had the “offline gold bug” occur two times over the past 2 days. Last time, about 10 mins ago. In both cases, Firefox has been having a nasty bug with Flash crashing and locking up FF. In my case, the game crashed FF as soon as I made my first click… the offline gold button. :( So the gold was “clicked”, but never collected. :(
I think Offline Gold should be immediately added to your total. Also, the Offline Gold should ping back to the server to verify that you indeed got the gold (this should help cover crashed browsers). Just my 2.5 cents.

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Topic: Tap Adventure / What you want to improve in this game? [created by developers]

1. Upgrades that affect DPS (including attack speed upgrades), should be reflected in the character’s overall DPS. Right now I think it only shows the base DPS and it never changes.
2. When you get attack support from Friends, it’s cool. But it would be nice to see the list of official friends that your game has kept track of.

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Topic: Trimps: Bug Reports / Word wrapping on HP bar

Word wrapping is occurring on the Trimp’s HP/Block/Damage bar text, even though there’s plenty of visible space to include it without wrapping.

One example is when you have between 1000-10K health.
The “1111/2222 HP” gets word wrapped with HP on the next line. This pushes the health bar out of alignment with the enemy’s health bar.

The enemy’s stats don’t wrap like this.

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Topic: Mini Heroes / What the game is missing (Suggestions)

A way to repeat the same attack method again without messing with the whole menu every time.
MUTE is needed to silence chat spammers! This is a must for any MMO. :)
Skills should show their effective bonus. I have Lv2 one-hand sword skill, but have no clue what its benefit is.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Shonen Idle] Change my avatar?

Can I change my avatar’s look once I start playing?
Maybe after reincarnation? (I haven’t done it yet).

Initially I was clicking random choices and it chose one that nearly looked like Syndrome from the Incredibles movie. But clicked too fast and changed it.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Things that need a fix or upgrade

Yup. Noticed that too. Can’t see any Angel upgrades. In reality, the Angel upgrades should really be a separate button on the main screen from the “Money Upgrades”.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Lunaria Story] Suggestions, and bugs

Allow us to turn off the “Pet Chatter”. It gets annoying really quick and serves little value.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dawn of Darkness] Report the in-game issue, bug and so on

Minor bug. With the addition of Souls, the buttons on the bottom start to creep into the chat window in the lower left. This also makes it hard to reach the +/- button to expand collapse the chat window size, and the Smileys button because the Heroes button is now covering them.

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Topic: Dungeon Blitz / Bot playing trolls already?

I’ve already noticed one “auto-player” who is obviously raking in EXP without actually being at the keyboard. Take a look at the wizard on the Mountain zone path near the Cyclopes on the way to the summit.

Exact same travel path, non stop movement and shooting all the way… for over 24 hours at least. The bot-player has grown to Level 50 with 15,000 Health and can pretty much one-shot kill a Cyclops.

Likely all you need to do is shoot a monster once and you’ll eventually get full XP, even if you didn’t strike the kill shot, so simply moving and shooting randomly without necessarily killing anything can be used as a farming tactic.

For the Game Devs: Please consider some controls to discourage this behavior.
Perhaps XP should be dealt out based on the percentage of your contribution towards the kill — though this will hurt normal players too.

PS: Sorry for being a snitch, but I tend to like fair play. :)

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Topic: Cloudstone / Gauntlet items useless?

Agreed that most of the Gauntlet items are useless on the first two islands, and I’m Lv27. I’ve finished all the gauntlets on the first 2 islands and most of the Ice one. I’ve only got maybe 2 Gauntlet Rewards that I actually wore, the rest were junk to sell because by the time I obtained it, I was WAY beyond the level req of the item itself.

One suggestion: Skip these useless gear rewards entirely. Instead, obtain a special “Gauntlet Victory Token” item that you can use in the Maureen’s Contracts shop to trade in for gear you really want, with some of the more powerful gear requiring more than one relic, and other gear contracts only showing up after certain level ranks (like Lv5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30). Doing this might give you an incentive to save up your tokens for more powerful gear later, rather than obtaining useless “Gauntlet Trash” that you simply insta-sell in the market.

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Topic: Cloudstone / Champion monsters

I’d have to agree on the overkill difficulty and scaring off new players (and I’m Lv24). Before the update, there were just a few Champions hanging around, like the lone Champion bloop in the first island. But now Champions are on every Gauntlet level, AND they gang up on you in threes, not alone. And yes, the HP on each one is rediculous, perhaps 100x the HP of its normal version.

Devs: A more appropriate use of Champions is to have one Champion surrounded by a mob of normal grunts.