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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battle Conquest] [OFFICIAL] Suggestion Thread

Hmm.. could you separate the PvP-request in different AP-scales?!
You aply for PvP for 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000AP and you can create of join creatures till that maximum. So everybody can see haw many ppl are actually in that specific level waiting and can respond to that by creating their own (f.ex.) 400AP army instead of waiting in the 600AP Queue…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battle Conquest] Dwarves early game and more

…It is good the way it is… (they tend to be even op atm imo)

Dwarfs were never ment to be sprinter or agressively throwing axes at range and even Gyrocopters move it a little bit too far…
Its a race with its pros and Cons… and that is good so.
(though the Shildwall idea against archers sound more solid than the creation of this huge diadvantage for the orcish race [first fights are the hell!])

they were always ment to focus on the combination of Artillery and extremly slow but sturdy Infantry
- the problem with the LI is not the dwarfs’ but the not matching LI-passive of the Elves and Humans – and you comparing them…)
well… i have no idea how the artillery is in that game…
But Strength 30 sounds way to less for 1 attack… even when it was Splash damage… (It is splash… isn’t it?!)

Dwarfs need something that forces other players to attack them, that’s all; like a strong artilery they can defend.

NO Aircrafts, nor axe-hurler or sprinting-migets!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battle Conquest] Dwarf LI skill?

If you need Infos about Dwarfs, look it up in the wiki! (
Opposite to other races it is quite a complete page… (thats Why I can’t say anything about the passive of the Elven, Deamons and Orcs)

Dwarfs do have a +5 Bonus on endurance anyways… well… humans have +10 on armor… somehow equal… despite the Bonus at 40%… erm…
DarkDain you are right. _

Despite that this passive keeps ppl from playing Orcs because they fear dwarfs (+10/20/30 on melee is an enormous bonus) and gives the game an unneccessary unballance on races because of this huge bonus against Orcs… (who should have a +5 on strength anyways, instead of endurance)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battle Conquest] [OFFICIAL] Suggestion Thread

I would like to see a few things:
A second Accound option, to try out another race without loosing your main-game and the option to reset your “saves”…

I like this gameconcept, it’s pretty close to Warhammer, but the choice of races in the beginning where you have no idea about the game, has a too huge impact on the game, to make it irreversivle.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kingdoms CCG] willow of souls is too hard to pass


I did’t even made it till the Tree in the middle and the End-Boss… It sucks that you are forced to w8 for the anti-aircannons to be available in shop and buy lots of them…

And c’mon… Thoughtwoven Spirits only 2mana?! With Flying! AND Dust?!!! …a comparable card was the Sylph mindsapper which is a 2/1 creature for 3!!! mana, or the Mana Spirte, a 1/1 card for 2Mana… sorry dont get your “concept” with those creatures… you should dubble the mana-coast at least… _

(That way it is really no fun… even if you like it challenging, a challenge only winnable by awesome luck and stupidity of the AI is a horror for everyone)