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Topic: Dino Storm / Idea Thread

okay, here’s an idea: make outlaw hunters come quicker, and make the outlaws only able to attack dinos that are level 10 and above, or maybey make them so that only others in pvp mode can attack outlaws, duelists, or others, BECAUSE I’M SICK OF BEING BOSSED AROUND BY OUTLAWS!!!!

before i forget, some new players should also get some protection while venturing in pvp areas

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Topic: Cloudstone / Some Gripes/Suggestions

i think it needs more chasses, and possibly some races. maybey add things in there like a charicter creator at first, before embarking on your journey. just humans are getting dull, especialy for me, the masks are great, but since they don’t give anything they need to have no level needed. also the contracts can be really hard at times, like the razor leaf contract, or the shield leaf contract, those two have to have 30 either razor leafs or hard leafs, and those are really hard to get. not to mention that the gauntlet monsters don’t get tougher if you can avoid them, they just pack more of a punch, give them more health and much less attack, like adding a bit of eatch to both stats. here’s a big thing, the exp for levels above 10 is really frigin hard to get, maybey more max energy so you could do more hacking and slashing or runing and bombarding or whatever. that’s all