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Topic: General Gaming / Most Over-rated and Under-rated games ever!

Originally posted by Bracey:

Chocobo Tales
Final Fantasy XII (Its not overrated, it is a fun and challanging game. Beat Yiazmat, and i’ll let you rate it.)
Jak and Daxter series
FF VII (Damnit, Cat Sith)
All 3 halo games
Kingdom Hearts 2

Kingdom hearts 2 is not overrated it is a good game if you understand the storyline and have played the other kh games that explains what happend between kh1 and kh2, but kh2 IS on the top 10 for worlds most selling ps2 games so yes it has a good rating, but i think its worth it.

Away from that i totally agree you.

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Topic: General Gaming / Kingdom Hearts 2

KH is really AWSOME.
my favorite characters must be Aaron,roxas or xion.

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Topic: General Gaming / Info on the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Games

just wondering but isnt ventus roxas before he became a nobody and joined the organization?