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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Level Cap

This made me want to let out a little squee of delight at having reached over 50,000 points.

But that said… The last few levels (60 – 65) just dragged. It honestly wasn’t even fun earning badges anymore to get there, because nothing felt like it made a dent. It might be different now that there are truly enough badges that you don’t have to play all of the games you hate to get it, but there’s no reason to raise the cap except to please a minority.

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Topic: General Gaming / Delete my game Please?

This link let’s you know how to delete. Just email the admins as opposed to a forum post.

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Topic: The Arts / NaNoWriMo & Camp NaNoers & Other Writers

So, I did something a bit crazy and silly … But, I wanted to share this with any fellow writers out there, because, I think it will be really useful. It’s essentially the 30 day NaNoWriMo tracking, but without the constraints of being only during official NaNoWriMo time.

Just read and Share if you wish:

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What's the last book you've read?

Well, I just finished ‘The Sister’s Grimm’ by Michael Buckley… Couldn’t not finish it after starting it at the end of my student teaching. Now, though, I’m reading ‘Die Trying’ by Lee Child (Jack Reacher novels).

Unless you count me flipping through the ‘Books of Skyrim’ … :)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / About "Bioshock Infinite" and the real life

As a female, your original post makes me a bit ill. Not all attractive and smart women are the same. They won’t all react the same way to what you’re doing. Hell, not all women, period, will react the same way. There’s no set in stone option for how to get a girlfriend, let alone one that you find attractive and stimulating both mentally and physically. It isn’t that good looking females have high standards, they just have standards that aren’t you. I’ve known plenty of attractive girls that are chubby chasers, prefer dumb guys, etc. If you aren’t what they find attractive, but deal, some people aren’t what you find attractive. But you can’t change yourself or what they desire to make it fit. It’ll only exhaust you and eventually become such a lie that nobody will be happy and resentment will breed.

And playing video games to escape rejection from a female is a bit, low, I guess. In my experience, if you can’t like and love yourself, and be happy on your own, there is no possible way to be happy with another person. Nobody wants to be with someone who seems like a constant drain and is always down on themselves. Learn to be happy by yourself, and the rest won’t matter and then it’ll fall into place.

Now, that doesn’t take into account all the possible psychological issues, such as depression, etc, that may exist. BUT, it’s a generalized start.

I play games because they enrich my life. If I hated the life I’m living, then I go out and change things. I don’t sit there and do nothing if I am truly, truly unhappy because I know that complaining isn’t going to do anything except make me wallow in self-pity.

If you’re that unhappy in reality, then you need to change something in your life. Whether it’s just a change of scenery, or serious medical help. I can’t begin to tell you which is right, if anything, but obviously what you’re doing isn’t working right now, so you need to be the one to start to fix it. Nobody can do that for you.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Hang on, I just need one more minute!

In education, there’s a great saying that ‘Fair isn’t always Equal’. So what that the kid who has attention problems gets extra time? That’s the accommodation they need to make the testing scenario fair. Turn the tables around. Is it fair that you get to take a test while having no attention difficulties? Or reading disabilities, math disabilities?

Public schooling has a legal responsibility to make everything accessible to students with disabilities. IEPs are legal contracts and schools MUST provide the accommodations within them or be sued. While I don’t know if those legal obligations extend to standardized tests like the ACT/SAT, I do know they extend to state standardized tests used for NCLB.

While I think it’s ridiculous and something should be done about students who aren’t ADHD playing the system, I do not think it’s fair to punish those who truly do struggle. Yes, in my opinion as a teacher, ADHD is incredibly overdiagnosed and overmedicated. BUT, the few students who you can tell do have attention issues, when you see them on medication verses off of medication, it’s a miracle what a difference it can make. Likewise, when you see a student who has reading difficulties and you remove that obstacle from a test, you can truly begin to see how brilliant they are.

As for informing colleges that a student might have a disability, why? Why should a student be discriminated against just because they need accommodations? You can’t hire and fire based on disabilities, so why do you think it would be remotely legal (or moral) to choose whether someone can get into a university based on disabilities? The student still shows that they have the potential, they just need to be given the adequate time and accommodations to do so.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / eBooks vs Real Books

I’m an avid reader, and while I love reading from real books, I also greatly enjoy my Kindle. I got it out of necessity (I have one room, 300+ books, 3 bookshelves… I ran out of space). That being said, I’ve not noticed any difference in my personal comprehension of books, and can still hi-lite and create notes on certain passages (almost more nicely than when I would do so in paper books).

I dislike that there is a battery life, that is limiting, but rarely am I going any place that I won’t have access to a charger at least every other day. Not to mention, my Kindle can use my phone charger, which is always a plus.

I miss the fact that I could easily share my books with others, but in reality, I’m fairly selfish and hated when people borrowed my books. They’d always dogear pages and return them in such a horrible condition than what I lent to them.

I’ve also found myself reading faster with it, due to not having pages and knowing how much is left in a book, really. Being able to change the font size means I can finally read comfortably without my glasses. I’ve never noticed any eye-strain, too. At least with my Paperwhite. It’s still the e-ink, whereas my mom’s Kindle Fire is an LCD screen which DOES give me eye-strain. (Note, you can get eye-strain reading from paper books, too. A lot of it has to do with looking away from the stimulating source for a few seconds every minute or so.)

My favorite thing about my Kindle is how quickly I can get a new book (and when I can read one or two a day at times, this is important) and being able to read one-handed/being able to put it down at a moments notice without a bookmark and picking right back up in the same spot. Oh, and not having to pack 30 books for vacation :)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / America, Liberals and Control (Feel better?)

There are always these issues and desires for ‘control’ and ‘banning’ of substances, but when a tragedy strikes, people decide to use it for their own gains. It just becomes more fuel for their ‘selfish’ gains. Look at this horrible bad thing that has [always] happened, now we have to tell you what you can and can’t do since the minority of the population can’t control themselves.

Hoorah for governments that would rather spend more time trying to remove and fix problems after the fact, instead of focusing on prevention in the forms of education, poverty prevention, and health resources.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Writing

I teach writing to elementary students, and I strive to have them understand this: “You want to establish in the first few weeks of school that the most important thing about writing in your classroom is what the writing says – not how perfectly it says it.”

I think too many people initially focus on making it perfect grammatically, before they can even just get words down. Good writing comes from having a good idea, or at least something that you’re passionate about and want to write about, and look at over time. If you’re bored with it while you’re writing it, you’ll never want to improve upon it.

As for how to improve it …

You just need to write more and write often.

English grammar rules are just silly, since half the time they work and the other times they don’t. Or someone somewhere decided to apply rules of another language (*cough*Latin*cough*) to English, when it doesn’t translate (split infinitives).

Having voice in your writing is key to making it interesting, as well as yours. It should make your writing sound like you, and be as simple as showing your amazement at something “Wow, can you imagine?”. Just remember, your voice is you, and everyone has a strong personality to share. (And, as a funny aside, when I taught voice recently to my 10/11-year-olds, we really emphasized voice is ‘You’ coming through text by sharing William Shatner’s ‘Lucy in the Sky’ compared to other versions)

Know the difference between editing and revision, as editing really you don’t need to worry about until right before publishing, and it’s easier to look up the ‘rules’ to fix spellings, grammar, or punctuation. Revision, on the other requires so much more re-reading and deciding, is that enough information for my reader, is that too much?

Remember your audience. You are writing this for someone, somewhere to read. Writing something that only makes sense to rocket scientists while your audience is the average teenager isn’t going to do anyone a lick of good.

When trying to do literary criticisms, or analysis of a book with writing… think how you would discuss it, what evidence you would use then, and talk it out in your head. Write that down and then reread it until it a. makes sense and b. doesn’t sound like the gibberish rantings of a madman (at least, in my experiences)

The biggest way to improve upon writing is to write every day. Whether you say you need to write 300 words (approximately a page double spaced) or write for 20 minutes, write every day.

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Topic: Kongregate / Share about your Avatar.

I had Storageheater make mine… It represents love between Kirk and Spock, with McCoy looking on disapprovingly. Pictures were courtesy of horrible fanart we found one day. I’ve loved it ever since :3

Edited because I was exhausted when I wrote this SO DELAYED I KNOW

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Topic: Kongregate / Anniversary Giveaway

I’m glad I discovered Kong at the end of my Freshman year at university. Though, I’m barely around anymore due to working full-time and being a part of that real grown-up world, I definitely try and earn as many badges as I can on the weekends ;)

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Topic: Kongregate / PETITION: stop badging MMOs where you have to wait

I don’t think most people come here saying they will spend a certain amount of time playing a game, but instead come, play games and switch around until they’re bored and leave.

But if people are coming to say ‘I have x amount of time and only want to play one game’ then, well, I think they’re weird. I guess I don’t quite get why spending 15 minutes on one game makes how anyone plays on Kong differently. I definitely spend 5 – 10 minutes on some games, then find something either on Kong or off Kong.

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Topic: Kongregate / PETITION: stop badging MMOs where you have to wait

As I read more of the things regarding waiting for energy, it makes me feel as though people are just sitting on the game screen, constantly. Just go do something else, play another game, read a book, go outside. The game ultimately doesn’t take up more time than any other, the segments are just spread out. Personally? I find it convenient. Come, put my 15 minutes in and leave.

That’s waaayyy better than some games *coughcough*Mardek*coughcough* where I put over 70 hours, and still didn’t feel like I was accomplishing anything. Give me more energy based MMOs over another Mardek game.

But ultimately, it doesn’t matter if the game itself is pay to play or pay to win, all of the badges can be earned with all the free content. The point of badges is to allow for someone for everyone, and maybe force people out of their comfort zone with genres to find something else they like. If you don’t like it, don’t play it. Simple as that.

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Topic: Kongregate / PETITION: stop badging MMOs where you have to wait

Originally posted by Seizan_7:
Originally posted by Fricknmaniac:
Just one note, it’s usually rather bad etiquette to tag small raids, because then you’re wasting a spot a useful person could have, so stick to 250/500 person raids.

Like any badge hunter cares. They won’t play this crap anymore once they have badge, so whatever.

Just have to say, I’m a badge hunter, and I ended up playing LoTS for months after it was badged, and only discovered it because it was badged.

This is personally why I still like that Kong badges games from all genres and of all varieties even within a genre. I’m able to test and play things and get the feel for how these games work without devoting a lot of time on ‘dud’ games. I’ll let the people who specialize more within a genre tell me it’s worth their time by the ratings, and ultimately Kong by the badges.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should everyone have the chance to learn?

Pretty much everyone who is qualified and desires it, can find the scholarships or money out there to go to college. There are LOADS of scholarships offered from both my university, and the private sector around here that are for urban students only. They are all based on merit.

While I think that college is ridiculously expensive for almost everyone, I don’t think that it should be ‘free’ (which would never work, because salaries … ) or paid for by taxes, personally. The basic (which isn’t even basic anymore, the amount of advanced classes I was offered in K-12) K-12, free, public education is more than enough to educate someone to think critically and be able to form opinions. You don’t need college to find a good job. I’ll have a Bachelor’s degree and even after working 25 years, a plumber who went through an apprentice program, or trade-school will make more than me in his/her first year.

College degrees aren’t what they once were, a guarantee of a job, and for many people it isn’t always the wisest investment. That’s what higher education is, an investment. You don’t need to have money to learn more, if that is your desire. A lot of schools are offering free lectures online about a variety of topics. Not to mention, if anyone is considering higher education, they should in some way have access to a computer and the internet, whether it is at home or in a public setting.

But I don’t think that anyone else should be forced to pay for my education through taxes. I’ve seen too many classmates wasting the money they are using for their education to skip classes, not do assignments, and ultimately flunk out. Why should anyone be forced to pay for someone who isn’t going to take it seriously?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should everyone have the chance to learn?

As a teacher, I honestly cannot stress enough how much I feel that everyone should have the chance to learn. The only time someone should lose that right, is when they choose not to use it. There’s a huge saying that ‘Fair isn’t always Equal’, focusing on what is right and necessary for one student to have access to the same materials, isn’t going to be the same for everyone.

Even those kids who get under your skin for being little jerks, they’re the ones I try to reach the most to make sure they understand how lucky they are to have the ability to learn, and the access to a free education in which they can learn. I have a hard time having them sent to the office, because of their behavior, since it disrupts their chance to learn. However, there’s then a tricky balance between disrupting their education and them disrupting the rest of the children in the class…

Choosing to be ignorant is the one thing that will always, always get under my skin. I can handle stupidity, ignorance, and naivety, but when someone does not care to try and understand something they didn’t know before, or doesn’t even want to know, then I start having problems. (And my heart breaks a little, because honestly, who wants to be ignorant about so many cool things in the world we have to learn? :( )

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Practicing Math in the Classroom

From my experience as both a student and a teacher, if the students are afraid to come up to you privately to ask for your help, then there’s something wrong with your classroom environment. A lot of times it isn’t the fact that a student is shy so they won’t ask a question, it’s that they’re afraid of being ridiculed. Your demeanor in the post speaks volumes about how you might treat your students, both publicly and privately, in the classroom. Before you can really expect to see any kind of change and acceptance of what you’re teaching, students have to accept who is teaching it and feel a comfortable enough relationship to trust the person who is teaching them. Without that in your classroom, you can’t expect students to take anything you say seriously, or believe you care enough about them to truly want to help.

If you knew your students well enough, they should feel comfortable around you, and you should already know and understand their needs in the classroom environment, without them having to explicitly tell you.

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Topic: Kongregate / Does your family know that you play on Kongregate?

Considering my parents play Skyrim and have clocked more hours than me >.> No, I didn’t tell them explicitly xP Can’t risk them getting more badges here, too!

That said, they know I play games online, etc, but to them it’s not a big deal unless it was an addiction problem.

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Topic: Kongregate / Badge Hunters Anonymous

Hah … 81% x.x I remember when I used to be around 95% :(

That awkward moment where 1/3 of my points come from all the double points events, challenges, BoTDs. ;-;

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Topic: Kongregate / [New] Split test on the game page

One of my biggest criticisms is that the instructions or description of the game seem absolutely hidden now, and the box is just tiny. It shouldn’t be below an advertisement or below where the comments are, in my opinion. It also feels a bit redundant to have a game spotlight, more games like this, and games by this developer. At least put the game spotlight with the other tabs, it feels so much more disjointed this way. And personal preference puts me wanting the comments back on the left, because that’s just where they’ve always been.. moving them to the right seemed unnecessary.

Thank you for at least keeping the badges below the games again. This was my biggest issue with the last layout change initially.

Otherwise, it’s not too bad.

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Topic: Off-topic / Can you Cook?

Originally posted by TerribleToaster:

I can’t cook but I can chef.

Your username suits you well then.

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Topic: Off-topic / Can you Cook?

I freaking love to cook and bake. Last year for Christmas cookies… we went through 10 pounds of flour making cookies (it was probably in the hundreds the amount of cookies).

My family often will come to dinner when they know I’m the one making it. I developed my own spice rub for ribs and burgers and it works for chili and all these delicious noms.. My goal for the next summer is make my own barbeque sauce to go with it. I also brew my own beer.

Have some pictures

Edit: As for things I’ve cooked recently… Not much, but I am making a ton of pies, and Thanksgiving feast foods starting tomorrow. ;)

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Topic: Kongregate / papas hotdogeria is supposed to come out next week

I’ve found each game to be different to me, and because of that, there are some I liked more than others. I think the Taco one was definitely one of my favorites. I also really liked Freezeria. Not everyone has the same tastes, so of course there are going to be a lot of people who don’t like the games. If you don’t like them, don’t play them. Just the change in what toppings, how you place them, how you mix them (Wingeria was fun for that) is nice.

And yes, if a game you don’t like gets badges, it sucks, but guess what, Kong isn’t trying to cater to just your tastes. They want to offer their wide variety of gamers a wide variety of badged genres so that nobody feels left out. I think Kong has done a decent job, though, accepting not a lot of people do like these games, and haven’t given any the endurance badges (sadly). Most can be completed in a day or two.

Personally, I can’t stand point and click, spot the difference, ohmygoshthere’sanotherReincarnationgame type games, but I try not to complain when they get badges.

(Also, if you feel you HAVE to play when/if it gets badges, just customize your character to look angry every time ;) You can let your customers know that you’re endlessly pissed off.)

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Topic: General Gaming / Video Games skrew ups.

I’m a bit confused… Is that what you want to talk about in here? Or were you just trying to mention they happen and that it can be both funny and suck at the same time?

… Well, either way:

I’ve definitely glitched through buildings in more than one game, but Assassin’s Creed sticks out, currently. And I had some frozen floating zombies in Dead Island for quite awhile.

Things like this just assume me, especially when they don’t matter much. I can quickly fix it and don’t really lose any progress.

When I have entire questlines stop functioning in Skyrim though, that can get a bit frustrating. Since the game isn’t linear, it’s hard to just back up to a save if you’ve only just realized where it glitched. :(

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Topic: General Gaming / Play for Science! (or: Can you spare five minutes?)

Filled it out, good luck! Seems like a cool idea to do for thesis. :)