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Topic: Sandbox Hero / 'i am destroying this game' maps.

Just leave it alone. In search of attention he’s gotten 42 posts… Don’t post here anymore.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Advertise and Review

First off, I’m happy you know me (I’m not quite sure how). I won’t be on much though: all my maps are gone. I only noticed that there are some people still making very good maps and this might be a better place for people to post their maps since the display systems are broken and such.

Originally posted by AlexTheTrickster:

SuperFunLand by Yobaby:

This is a very good map, and a lot more creative than what many others can make. Because I can go on and on about the good things, I’m going to focus on some issues I have with the map. Overall, I rate this map 9/10, fix a few things and I’ll give it 10.

Thanks for the review (I wish I could edit my map based on your reviews but I can no longer edit my maps for some reason).
No you don’t have to play both maps. It is fun exploring if you ever feel like it though.

To clarify, in addition to reviewing the previous map, you also advertise one. I’ll advertise another new map (or two) to keep the ball going this time.
The Sandbox Solar System by boncottled: One of my favorites. A huge, great, beautiful map. Don’t go for the exit right away, explore the planets.
Nazis Stole Mt. Everest by Yobaby: A different more linear map. It’s not as grand as the above but I am pretty proud of it. You need to be good at infinite wall jump and have a decent HGT or JMP kongpanion. It’s challenging, but quite fun I think. It may be a little tedious for those with poor stats (If your Jumps x HopPower is above 10 you should be fine)

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Advertise and Review

I’ll start. Superfunland by Yobaby. Experimental map that plays with what you can do in the game.
And Complete Sandbox Intro. A complete tutorial that teaches you a lot more than the ones in top rated and is fun to play with even if you aren’t just starting out.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Advertise and Review

There is only a small group of players left now, and it’s difficult to find any maps worth playing due to the the broken hotlist, so I thought I’d bring this back. It’s like other forums of the same type where you introduce a map (it can be yours or just one that you really like) for us to play, but here, you also REVIEW the map introduced by the previous guy.

So A introduces a map
B introduces a map and reviews A’s map
C introduces a map and reviews B’s map
D introduces a map and reviews C’s map

You can also review additional maps if you have something to say.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / #DownWithTeaming

There’s been a lot of confusion about teaming, so I thought this might clear it up:
The point of this game is to win. So if you aim at the higher level first because he is most likely to kill you or be winner instead of you, that’s okay.
But if you openly chat about it, saying let’s team, if I attack higher level, don’t attack me, that’s wrong.
Attacking the high level when he is a small threat (almost eliminated, someone else on your planet) is also wrong.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Guides

Duly Noted.

Thanks! Fixed and updated with a little more stuff.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / still impossible to create a map

I think the problem is you are placing units and mines and energy cores too close to each other. It doesn’t show but if put it like right next to it without the X showing, it still counts as illegal placement. Even though the game allows you to save, it doesn’t really save.
Put your units farther apart and give it a try.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Guides

Updated! By the way, everyone is welcome to add their own ideas and tricks.
And by that I mean please add something . My own knowledge is woefully inadequate.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Epic Replays
BEST REPLAY EVER. And I normally don’t get excited about replays.
Golf ball bounces like 4 times, goes through 4 wormholes, flies around the map, takes away my final shield and explodes in midair because it ran out of time, killing me.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Suggestions megathread

Can you please change these small details first and update so we don’t have to wait so much? :D

Customs: Damage needs to be separated from blast (E.g. we can’t make health superclusters without blast), clusters made more expensive. make each consecutive cluster more expensive. For example, to make 2 clusters, it costs 18 Points, but to make the next it will cost 21 and so on (Each costs 3 more than the one before) The Second Tier should be the same. This way, it’s more costly to make clusters. To make up for it, multishots and bounce and drill and health should be a lot cheaper. This will encourage more creative combinations.

Weapon specification mod: Specify what weapons you want/ don’t want when setting up a map. Map descriptions for when people use your map.

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges! [Suggest new badges here]

Gravitee Wars Online. High Rating: 4.4 and published in October. Has a small but dedicated community but it’s slowly dying :( because there are no new players. An update just came and Im thinking badges would help a lot. Really a great game once you get to know it. There more strategy involved than you might think, you have to play a while though. It’s not just aiming and shooting. The community there is also really nice and helpful, new players will have no trouble. I think it has the kongregate API.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Epic Replays

Mad Skullz is always useful :P
People just don’t understand it :)

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Bug Reports

the drill stat only goes up to 2. For 3 and 4 surfaces, it doesn’t change, just stays the same as 2.

EDIT: nvm

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Guides

Could you explain a bit more? Which part is wrong/useless? Which parts could be improved? I’m open to suggestions. Btw. I changed the 2 slots rule :)

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Epic Replays
Cage of Safety <3

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Suggestions megathread

Most of us have 10 kreds from doing our profile and we don’t really have anywhere to spend them.
Maybe an 950 Gravitons option for 10 kreds? :)

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Bug Reports

C4 Description wrong.
Cluster Drill Mines in Map Editor don’t save.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Some ideas for Campaign 6 (Future thread)

Good ideas.
However, anything that is not turn-based (Autocannon, moons) shouldn’t be allowed (Lag and stuff)(nvm, should work. Just have them change every turn and have cannons work like mines)
Railgun kinda destroys the game (I also think that of the rover-launcher but whatever)
Planet repair would be really buggy.
I like the idea of shrapnel mines and tricky bazooka tho.
If Rad mines happen (IF), the rad should be reduced to 5.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Suggestions megathread

This is a part of my guide but I thought to put it here too. So:

Here, the grammar is going to be a little awkward. I’m in a rush.

To end farming. First, put an xp cap on the amount you can get. Maybe 400 something. The catch is that you should make gaining levels late in the game a little easier. Then, make it so that xp boosters allow you to turn that hard cap into a soft cap or something. That means you will have to change the daily award so that it gives a fixed amount of xp instead. :D. Then there are the graviton farms. Most of them are pretty terrible, but some work so to insure a longer and more enjoyable game, you should make it so that you only get a percentage of your xp and graviton gains if your game is shorter than 4:30. (See Sandbox Hero).

Also, make the roulette cannon cheaper, maybe 1000-1500 G. Then, make a Super Roulette Gun. It either gives you 100 health and your target 100 damage, gives you 100 damage and your target 100 health, or instantly kills both of you. This would have immense strategic value. Maybe 2000 G or above.

Make Nukes take both a percentage of your health and a fixed value and make 2 versions of the decontaminator. One that reduces the radiation by 5 points (Unlockable by campaign. Sometimes, it might be useful, such as when you want an enemy on an irradiated planet to take a turn instead of one that is on a planet with a better shot. Make it so that it’s not aimed but you pick it, like bounce shields.) and one that does it completely.

Add some real time elements to the game. Maybe let people fly around for ten seconds and have them fly back during someone’s turn. Would mess things up a bit but would be so much more fun. Also, Rovers suck. Instead, let them float around space forever collecting powerups for the owner unless someone decides to shoot at it. They have a 50% chance of collecting sky mines (they explode if they don’t) and will explode if they run into a player. When they explode, the explosion’s radius should be the sum of the radius’s of all the mines/powerups that would have exploded). Oh. and please, moving planets!

Buff Guns! We really need them. Planet wide buffs and single person buffs. Buffs like greater damage, greater weight, greater accuracy, denser planet, healing planet, accuracy planet and debuffs too I guess (Less accuracy etc.) Also, a buff nullifier gun.

EMP has so much potential. Make it so that it can short out shields for a random number of turns and can stun people for a random number of turns (so that the player can’t use that guy, and he uses another one).

Map maker has a lot of potential too. You could have like some highest rated maps and latest maps and have people rate the maps. We should get the option to make maps public or private (private would be the default) and farming maps wouldn’t be allowed to be published publicly (If they are discovered, say a fine of 300 xp and 50 gravitons and maybe no publishing for 15 days). Of course, this will only work after the update, when there are a lot more people. Also, while we are on that topic, the rewards aren’t balanced quite right. 1v1v1v1 is around the same length as 1v1v1 (1v1v1 has a lot more strategy) but playing 1v1v1v1 gives you 1/2 chance to get more than 15 gravitons, while 1v1v1 only gives you 1/3 to get 15 (and only 15 too!). Same with duels. So… 1v1v1v1’s should give less gravitons but a little more xp, 1v1v1 and 1v1 should give more gravitons and a little less xp. Oh, and 2v2 is OP. Like, more xp but less gravitons too I guess. Also, play again button :D

Make each consecutive cluster more expensive. For example, to make 2 clusters, it costs 18 Points, but to make the next it will cost 21 and so on (Each costs 3 more than the one before) The Second Tier should be the same. This way, it’s more costly to make clusters. To make up for it, multishots and bounce and drill and health should be a lot cheaper. This will encourage more creative combinations.

Ice gun. Freezes mines and energy cores (They don’t work) and freezes people (can’t move). Graviton Gun! Gives the person you fire at 10 gravitons (Drawn from your own bank). Premium weapon.

Custom Modes. Only {Weapon/Weapon Type}, No {Weapon/Weapon Type}, Infinite HP (Only OOB and knock them into shields etc), etc.

This will save some work. Maybe a player created campaign? Of course, you would have to implement my mapmaker suggestion (I think). So you pick the best maps or players vote on the best maps and have a player created campaign.

Ohohoh. Please more map slots. Maybe buy them with gravitons? 10 is not enough for me :(.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Bug Reports

no. Its just any map beyond number seven
EDIT: No, sorry, it just seems that I put my guys too close together. It showed the save and exit button but apparently it isn’t accepted. So I guess the bug now is it shows that there are no illegal placements when there in fact are and doesn’t save.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Bug Reports

My maps don’t save. I clicked the right button and all. I’m not that stupid. Is there a bug in mapmaking past the seventh map? My other maps edit just fine. Oh and it’s not a cache problem, I checked.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Guides

Okay.. so this is my guide :D



This guide is split into 3 Sections: Knowing, Playing and Extras. Each of these contain numerous subcategories and it might take a long time for slower readers to get through so… learn2read :D. This is a work in progress, but unlike other guides, I intend to finish it before I leave the game :D (If I quit). Before I begin, here’s a list of the 4 golden rules as an appetizer or something-

NOTE: Going through big overhaul to make it clearer.

#1: When playing with bots, always kill the bots first (unless you have an opportunity for an amazing multi-kill or skill shot). Don’t team unless 2v2. (Unless you know, there is a bot ;_;)
#2: Always chat. Begin with Hi, Yo, or whatever. If it’s your map, I like to begin with a gl everyone. Compliment people on their nice shots with ns or something. If there is a n00b, and it’s 1v1v1 or 1v1, give him some advice and help him out. Don’t forget gg when someone is eliminated/you win.
#3: Don’t take anything personally: No, people are NOT out get you. No, the mean guy who just cursed you is NOT worth getting worked up about. You can even use this to challenge yourself, come up with a good reply, but try to avoid swear words and f’ing other people’s mothers.
#4: Play with friends: If your friends don’t play this game, make some in chat (Both in game and Kongregate). It’s always much more fun to play when everyone is familiar with each other.

And if you don’t bother with any of the others below, at least remember these.

I. Knowing

I would like to thank BeyPokeDig for this. He’s done a really good job so most of this stuff is his. Here’s the link.


Campaign 1:

1 mission completed: Golf Ball + 50 Gravitons

2 missions completed: Cluster Bazooka + 50 Gravitons

3 missions completed: Jetpack + 50 Gravitons

4 missions completed: Orange Color + 50 Gravitons

All missions completed (Iron+): Editor Pack 1 (Editor unlocked with Planet, Mine, Bounce Shield and Energy Core) + 50 Gravitons, Instant Mines mod + 0 Gravitons. Also unlocks Campaign 2

All Bronze+: Animation Pack 1 (Cheer victory animation and Bubblegum idle animation) + 75 Gravitons

All Silver+: Custom Weapon Pack 1 (2 Gun graphics, 2 Shot graphics, 1 Trail) + 100 Gravitons

All Gold: Motocross Helmet + 150 Gravitons

Campaign 2:

1 mission completed: Spaceball bat + 50 Gravitons

2 missions completed: Sniper Rifle + 50 Gravitons

3 missions completed: Meteor Strike + 50 Gravitons

4 missions completed: Purple Color + 50 Gravitons

All missions completed (Iron+): Editor Pack 2 (Sun, Cluster mine and Wormhole) + 50 Gravitons, Custom Weapon + 0 Gravitons, Big Explosions mod + 0 Gravitons. Also unlocks Campaign 3

*All Bronze+: Animation Pack 2 (Moonwalk victory animation and Headphones idle animation) + 75 Gravitons

All Silver+: Custom Weapon Pack 2 (3 Gun graphics, 3 Shot graphics, 1 Trail) + 100 Gravitons

All Gold: Soldier Helmet + 150 Gravitons

Campaign 3:

1 mission completed: Poisoned Dart + 50 Gravitons

2 missions completed: Triple Shot + 50 Gravitons

3 missions completed: Drill + 50 Gravitons

4 missions completed: White Color + 50 Gravitons

All missions completed (Iron+): Editor Pack 3 (Dissolve Shield, Planet Shield and Radioactive Planets) + 50 Gravitons, No Planet Damage mod + 0 Gravitons. (Doesn’t unlock Campaign 4 – it has to be bought from the Space Shop for 7500 Gravitons)

All Bronze+: Animation Pack 3 (Worm victory animation and Mobile idle animation) + 75 Gravitons

All Silver+: Custom Weapon Pack 3 (3 Gun graphics, 3 Shot graphics, 1 Trail) + 100 Gravitons

All Gold: Bubble Helmet + 150 Gravitons

Campaign 4: (Not unlocked by completing campaign 3! Must be bought from the Space Shop for 7500 gravitons or received from the Beta pack for achieving level 30 in the beta)

1 mission completed: Drill mine + 50 Gravitons

2 missions completed: Meteor Shower + 50 Gravitons

3 missions completed: Super Repeater + 50 Gravitons

4 missions completed: Pink Color + 50 Gravitons

All missions completed (Iron+): Editor pack 4 (Drill mine, Black hole and Sky mine) + 50 Gravitons, Heavy Units mod + 0 Gravitons.

All Bronze+: Animation Pack 4 (Unicycle victory animation and Blocks idle animation) + 75 Gravitons

All Silver+: Custom Weapon Pack 4 (3 Gun graphics, 3 Shot graphics, 1 Trail) + 100 Gravitons

All Gold: Alien Helmet + 150 Gravitons

Campaign 5: (Not unlocked by completing campaign 4! Must be bought from the Space Shop for 7500 gravitons)

1 mission completed: Rover Launcher + 50 Gravitons

2 missions completed: Cluster Drill Mine + 50 Gravitons

3 missions completed: Line Blaster + 50 Gravitons

4 missions completed: Black Color + Mad Skullz + 50 Gravitons

All missions completed (Iron+): Editor pack 4 (Anti-grav, Cluster Drill Mine and Asteroids) + 50 Gravitons, Arena Shield Mod + 0 Gravitons.

All Bronze+: Animation Pack 5 (Flag victory animation and Coin Flip idle animation) + 75 Gravitons

All Silver+: Custom Weapon Pack 5 (3 Gun graphics, 3 Shot graphics, 1 Trail) + 100 Gravitons

All Gold: Mohawk Helmet + 150 Gravitons

XP Table:


Where do I paste the share codes I get?

You can paste them in the main menu, there is a bar at the bottom.

What kind of points are there and how do I get them?

There are Team Points, Ammo Points and Custom Points (and slightly different, Gravitons). You get 2 of them each from leveling up (Except for Gravitons). Team points let you add (2) teammates and level up your team's health and accuracy and can be used by clicking on the first button under the home button on the sidebar on the left. Ammo Points let you use your weapons in battle (They are permanent) and can be used by clicking on the second button under the home button on the sidebar on the left. Custom points let you add effects to your customs (fire, payloads, poison etc.) and can be used by clicking on the second button under the home button on the sidebar on the left, finding your custom weapon and clicking edit. Gravitons are earned in Campaigns, Games and Achievements. It's pretty self-explanatory. You can use them in the space shop (Third button under home) to buy extra weapons that you wouldn't otherwise get from Campaign (See Space shop below).

What are the glassy things with white circles in them?

They are called Energy Cores. They explode when you hit them and do 40 damage.

Why doesn't EMP bazooka work?

EMP bazookas activate minesm so they dont hurt people (unless the person is next to a mine). And no, regular shots do not activate mines.

II. Playing
I’m going to split this into 2 parts: +Playing in Maps+, and +Spending your Points+.

Playing in Maps

In campaigns, I’m mostly going to stick with the basics as well as a few pointers. In playing custom maps, I’m going to talk about the more advanced stuff.


1. ALWAYS do Campaign 1-3 first. Before custom maps.

2. Play with a person, make some friends on whatever website you play it on.

3. Bots almost never use drillers or diggers or melee or mines or walk unless there is a powerup. Use that to your advantage (eg. stay close to them).

4. Play all the Campaign maps once before going back for better ranks. Doesnt matter what you get, even if it is iron, just shrug it off and go to the next map. After you have played all 15 maps, you can go back and go for better scores.

5. If you find yourself *REALLY* struggling, save up for deadly teleport. You will have to buy it later anyway as it’s one of the best weps. On your first and second turns, focus on causing as many kills as possible (not damage, kills). On your third or fourth (depending on how things are going) use your deadly teleport and tp to one of the further inhabitable planets (Further on, I have a great tip in deadly tp). Survival is the key in campaign, not kills.

A Guide through your 3 campaigns——

This guide assumes the most convenient and median scenario. Don’t get discouraged if you find yourself less what’s stated, I myself had a lot of trouble with the campaign too.

After your first campaign, I’m assuming 2 gold and 3 silver. This is the only one you should try for all gold. Im going to assume that it takes you 7 games to pull up the remaining, with 3 silver, two bronze and 2 gold. You should have gotten to lvl 8. With this, buy 1 unit and increase your first two units’ health by 3 each. Then, go to the weapons page (there should be exclamation marks on one of the buttons in the main page) and use your ammo points (they last through all your matches. I had that worry once too) on all your weps (should be enough). Then play a custom match, (doesn’t matter what), view the credits, go to map editor and make a random map and make a replay. You should at least have achievements #1,2,3,7,11,18,21,28,35,41,42,85,86,87,88,89,90,93. (You may have more but I’m assuming base minimum). This brings your gravitons to 725 at least. Keep them for now.

Next, for campaign 2. Do the first map. Regardless of what you do, you get the space ball bat and 50 G. It doesn’t matter what medal you got, bronze, silver or whatever. Then, play the second level and MAKE SURE TO USE YOUR SPACE BALL BAT TO KNOCK AN ENEMY INTO THE SUN (If it doesn’t work, remember, get close so that your bodies touch, click on your character, drag it to your victim and release, the charging is just visual, and yes, you can AIM your baseball bat, so make sure you aim into the sun). Again, doesn’t matter what rank you get. By now, you should have gotten achievements #8,25,32,48,73. Coupling with your games (assuming 2 bronze) That brings your G up to 875.

Play the game and familiarize yourself with the achievements. When you get 1000 G, -agh forget it. It’s way too difficult to compile the achievements. Anyway, you get a 15 G bonus to go with it, bringing in your total to over 1015. Bye then, you should have finished campaign 2. If you found it extremely difficult, my recommendation is for you to buy the 800 G deadly teleport in the space shop. If you think you can grind it a little, save up for mine strike (2000 G) and move on to campaign 3. Btw, once you get your custom, use it for the achievements. (EMP, healing your unit and killing people but once you have got them, use my custom version (see below at *Spending your Points*>*Customs*)).

Campaign 3 marks the end of your n00bship and your transition into halfnoobship. I really don’t have much else to tell you. The rest of the information is down below. Once you finish it, the campaigns, focus on getting all gold. REMEMBER, don’t spend your gravitons uselessly. Look at my *Spending your Points* section below before you buy anything!

Graduation: Custom Maps

Congratulations! You can start playing the game :D. We can finally get to the really technical part of the game. But first, again some basics for the newbies. To join a custom game, you can click the browse button on the main page. To join a game with a code, copy it, and paste it at the bottom of the main menu. To create one, click create a custom map. Mods are bought from the space shop, or earned in campaign. Buying mods is pretty useless (the best ones are given in campaigns), unless you are really interested in map making, in which case, you should only buy the extra power-ups one. (one of the others is redundant, the other no fun at all). Soo, how do you win a match? Most games are just luck but I have a few pointers:

NOTE: I cut out a bunch of information here. Im gonna put it back in a different post more clearly.

What most people forget
Finally, to finish, I’m going to point out some things most people don’t realize.

#1. While aiming, you can move your view around! Click on your guy, and holding while not letting go, move your view with the WASD keys! Great for making long shots. Also, works with meteors and mine strikes! Finally, Meteors are much easier to use… :D


#3. Why can’t I fire my baseball bat? I had this problem too. Apparently, like everything else, you click on yourself and drag your cursor away in the direction of the guy you wanna hit. Also, don’t wait for it to charge up, it’s the same with or without charging (unless you have OCD). Mine strikes, meteors and mines are the same.

#4. You can cancel incoming weps (Mine strike/ Meteor Strike/ Meteor Shower) and bounce shields by pressing esc

#5. After shooting, ALWAYS MOVE. Move to a more defensible position, craters, away from the periphery, the side with the worse players, whatevs. Don’t stick around and watch your shot. It’s the same as in tennis and many other sports.

#6. This last skill is very difficult. I’m still mastering it. The idea is to turn your multi shots into repeaters. This works by shooting them into orbit and having the delayed timing turn them into repeaters.

#7. Golf Ball=Bazooka with bounce. There is a smaller AoE however. Just keep that in mind.

Spending your Points

There are 3 places to talk about. Team Points, Gravitons and Custom Points. Lets start with Team Points as they are the simplest.

Team Points

To put it simply, there are 3 ways to spend your points. They focus on Increasing Your Chances, Facing Radiation and Stray Shots and Skillshots+RocketGloves.
The first thing you should do, is increase your chances. The greatest source of kills come from OOB’s. It doesn’t matter health you have, how much Accuracy you got, one OOB and that’s all down the drain. So focus on getting a full team (6 units). It’s not difficult, 15-17 games should get you covered. Then, is surviving. 5*4, 10*4, 15*4, the LCM is 120, so your end goal for health is at least 130 for all your units. (The next step is 190 btw) However there is no way you can get that many, so first get the 70 for all. Then get the 90 for all, then get the 130 for all. The points you spend on accuracy should be the points you have left over after you have spent 20, 32, 44 and 68 points at levels 10, 16, 22 and 32 respectively. So how do you distribute them? Objectively, the best way is to spend them equally among your first four units and any remainders go to your first man and second man. Now, don't be a smartass and put all points into accuracy because you start winning easier with more accuracy. The problem with accuracy is that if you use it too much, you will lose your feel for the gravity of the game. Also, when you are dueling a friend, put your points into accuracy. You will find that your aim is many times better even if you have the same accuracy. The one exception is when you are using rocket gloves or shields (I will explain later).

The Space Shop

The Space Shop is where you get things that make the game a lot more fun. You can get gravitons gradually as a very nice, fun side reward of gaining skill, slightly faster, at the expense of your ability to play the game and the very reason you're playing the game (by farming) or very quickly (helping devs). If you do the math, it's actually easier to just pay. Just, FOLLOW THE LIST. Trust me, you cant go wrong.

#1. Mine strike/Deadly teleport (Total: 2000/800)

#2. Deadly teleport/Mine strike (Total: 2800)

#3. Detoxifier+Digger OR Planet shield II+Planet Shield+Bounce Shield (Whichever suits your play style more) (Total: 4500/4600)

#5. Something you think you need (Recommendations would be Rocket Gloves, Cluster mine, Teleport, Extra Powerups, Nuke, Roulette Cannon, Detoxifier, Planet Shield II, Bounce shield, Planet Shield, Minigun or nothing!) (Total: 4500/4600+x) (Notice here how all the best weps added together are still cheaper than Campaign, which gives at best 2 kinda good weps.)

#6. Campaign 4/Campaign 5

#8. Custom weapon/ Other Campaign

#9. Other Campaign/ Custom weapon

#10. Custom Weapon

#11. The rest! (Total: The sky is the limit! Or rather, OOB is the limit!)

Also, somewhere in there, you totally should buy some rocket gloves. Best weapon ever. (See below) Also, "Never buy scattershot", "Scattershots are for scatterbrains" (Courtesy of LucaszH+SpinosaurusMMKV) and never buy xp boosters. Also Minirover cannon sucks. A bit.

Why are these the best? Read on :D

+Mine Strike+

Ahh… the only incoming wep worth having.laying waste to shields and people alike. Use this to get those hidden in shields and densely populated areas. It’s even useful in the endgame if there is one guy on the periphery and you don’t have a clear shot. The key here, and I stress, is to always OVERCOMPENSATE FOR GRAVITY. Seriously, Overcompensating usually doesn’t let you down. (Same with all other incoming weapons) The best way, if you didn’t read above is to click yourself, drag, use wads to look at your target and any gravity and let hell loose >:O. Btw. There is one situation where mine strike is not as good. When said enemy is on the side of the planet, just use meteor. Don’t forget, OVERCOMPENSATE FOR GRAVITY

+Deadly Teleport+

I think I have already explained why this is amazing. However, this is good too to get 2 kills and move to an edge of the map, ensuring a backup plan that at least gets you to the endgame.


This is good. It may seem terrible, spending a turn on detox, but many times, that’s what you need, and (HERE’S THE IMPORTANT THING) if you bounce it of a few shields, you can get yourself pretty close to max health! Important for that defensible position. Many times, you only have time to detox in the late game (as you are busy getting kills in the early game) and that health boost is really important. What’s more is that most people like being stupid. They use their customs on being a detoxifier, is that what you were thinking? Think about it, this way, you are buying a custom for 1200! Is that awesome or what?


This weapon, unlike the drill, goes in a planet then comes out again. This is used chiefly to deal giant amounts of damage (87 minimum usually) (or hit someone blocked by a planet). VERY usefeul.

+Planet Shield II+

This is a capricious weapon. This is best used when you have one opponent (1v1v1’s sometimes work but if they are properly designed, won’t work either). this includes 2v2’s, 1v1v1’s where one person has died or 1v1v1v1’s where it is down to just you and someone else. Planet shields are sometimes ignored, but the problem is once they see you shooting from out of the shield, they will gang up on you >:O (I would too, coward). When you are setting it up, it’s ideal if they don’t have any mine strikes left, but even if they do, use it. When using it, make sure you are not in the path of them (outer edge of the planet) and you should be able to either fight them with a planet shield II (awesome) or waste their incoming weps (not bad). The main advantage here is that it acts as a precaution and to lower their morale, so it’s best if you set it up in a place where it is already difficult to hit you.
NEW UPDATE: Planet shield II+Planet Shield+Bounce Shield. AMAZING Combo in the end game. Use PS first to waste their mine strikes, repeaters etc. While they are breaking your shield, build a cage of safety (It works because you can walk throught shields)(Surround yourself with bounce shields). Then, when done, break out PS II. Shoot at them by walking out of your cage and walking back in. Add dissolves shield to give you more options.

+Rocket Gloves!!!+ (Replays coming soon)
Oh my. These are the best weapons ever. They are unbelievably difficult to use, but they are one of the only reasons to use accuracy. (This means that you should focus your accuracy on your first 4 now). Why? Deadly teleport is useful only teleporting to safe areas, and is only able to kill the people you start from. They only carry one man too. Rocket gloves is an upgrade on *almost* everything. First, lets talk about attack. NOTE: Because of a bug, they don't work whenever you fly near a sun.


There are two options: To colonise and to clear a planet. Colonizing is the preferred way. You always have to have a straight shot. Put it up at max power and aim just a little beyond your enemy’s feet so that you land on the planet a little behind the enemy. The best way is to start a little in front of an enemy on your planet so that you can kill 2 enemies. Then, there are the Orbit shots. You will die in the attempt unless something goes wrong. Make sure that the gravity is right (no large planets, suns etc nearby) then, send your guy into orbit, with practice, it can become perfect and you can completely kill everyone on the planet. A good use for this is if you have a guy on that planet that is in a crater. Congrats, you have just secured a planet! (The opportunity to do this is very rare. The map must have nigh-perfect rotational symmetry). One of my favorite ways to use rocket gloves are going over mines (When you drag someone, they follow behind you. That way, you activate the mine, and they get blasted (At a slow speed and doesn't work with instant mines!)) and bouncing off asteroids (They don't follow you exactly, so you fly off in the right direction and they fly away into a sun or some shit). As always, lots and lots of practice.


Not only this, but you can hop of Rad planets with it! Just stand behind/on the guy you want to take off the rad planet and aim full power at the planet you want, leaving your enemies to wallow in your dust and -cancer- {Mod’s Note: Cancer’s not funny man!}.


Agh FINALLY :D. Im uploading after finishing this. What are customs? You get them for finishing campaign 2. However, when you get them, you can’t really do much. HOWEVER, contrary to what most people say, by level 16, you can use a decent custom. There already is a guide for the basics and I think it is intuitive so I’m just going to list some rules then some combos.

When you are looking to knock people off, contrary to what most people think going for blast size is NOT the answer. The factor that launches people off is damage (ikr!). Blast size just eats planets. Also, if you are looking for pure damage or pure health (which you shouldn’t be doing, it’s dumb) remember that using repeaters doubles it, so calculate which upgrade is more useful.

So… now to combos. If you are high leveled, just stick to superclusters for the most effect. When you are low level however, circumstances force you to be creative. So, here are my *creatively named* customs for low levels.

#1. Drill sniper: Level 28. 3 Drill, 2 Damage. Equivalent to an OOB clear shot sniper gun, put it at full power and drag your shot to your target. Gets you a clear shot even if there are planets in between.

#2. Rad Jump: Level 16. 1 Damage, 1 Radiation. Can transport you off a planet full of enemies (you might be able to bring a buddy along too) while leaving it radiated (Aim at your feet). 5 dmg per turn=20 damage per turn, which is pretty annoying. Good substitute for jetpack.

#3. Multi-Bounce: Level 25. 2 Bounce, 1 Multi-shot 10 degrees apart.

#4. Planet clearer: Level 25. 2 repeater, 2 Damage. Just shoot into orbit and be able to shout “Get off my planet >:O”. Shoots off 3 people.

#4. Fire Drill: Level 16. 1 Drill, 1 Damage, 1 Fire. Simple and effective. Works for those people you can't knock OOB.

#5. EMP: Level 10 and above. Just use the EMP stat. Helps you get the achievements.

What are my customs?
I just recently got my 3rd one. Here are my 3 customs and their stats, as an example of some of the amazing things you can do with customs.
Viper/Gauss (My neural pathways burn out sometimes and I decide to swap my custom names around for no reason): 4 shot repeater, 3 drill, 15 poison, Damage, Blast and Poison blast as points allow. The ultimate sniper.
Click, drag, WASD to your target, then stretch out the power as far as it can go. Penetrates planets and destroys shields. I like to line up enemies on different planets and get all of them. The 15 poison coupled with skill shot multipliers makes even the slightest touch deadly. It can also be used like the huge repeaters you see from high levels all the time, but requires more careful aiming [But luckily it's easier to aim (see below)].
An unintentional side effect is that it's extremely easy to make super lucky shots with it because of the above traits (though it's hard to explain in text, you have to see the shots to believe them).
Amazing in the end game when everyone is hard to reach, scattered and/or throwing up shields.

Asp/Red Cross: 15 Radiation, 2 Repeater, Bounce and Health added as points allow. Kills everyone else on a target's planet while healing him to max health (giving you full control over it (having a planet of your own when others don't guarantees your survival up until the end game)).
Really useful in the beginning of the game, aim at one of your guys on a planet with lots of enemies and shoot (don't forget to bounce it off a planet). The bounces (along with any other bounces, wormholes, longshots I can add to my shot) maximize the health gained (Skill shots add 1/4 the original projectile's health/damage) but also allow for hitting people from difficult angles.
It's main purpose is to irradiate a planet (dealing damage), killing everyone else while ensuring my own unit's survival (again, giving you full control over it (having a planet of your own when others don't guarantees your survival up until the end game)). The health also ensures that I had a productive turn if someone detoxes. It also doubles as a super-healer in some desperate cases.

Cobra/Airstrike: 6 * 2-5 (adjust to preference) * 0 Multi-shot (5 degrees) cluster [6 Multishot projectiles each launching 2 bullets each launching 0 additional bullets], First Tier No/Free Damage + Drill, Second Tier Large damage and Blast. It is what it's name implies, an Airstrike.
Kills a bunch of people close together on a wide surface or area. The drill and low numbers ensure the clusters do not backfire on me while the clusters double the damage and blast effectiveness. The multi-shot enables me to hit everyone in a wide area. Intuitive aiming in a way that's difficult to explain in text, allowing incredible flexibility in aiming. I frequently use it full power on big planets with lots of people spread on them or small planets clustered together contained within my 30 degree arc; Arcing them with small planets placed in a line/curve (Each projectile hits approximately 1 planet); or Simply on two (or more) people on opposite planets that are close together. Occasionally, it doubles as an ad hoc cluster.
The main difference from repeaters with huge blasts is that instead of just burrowing through planets chaining together lots of kills, it allows you to get more specific kills (and lots of them).

III. Extras

What is the Secret Achievement?

Go to Credits, and when the adorable little guys wave, click on them. Repeat for all 6.

Some Random Facts

Max starting health is 200, but you can get it up to 300 through boosts. Max Projectiles are 584. More coming soon.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Guides

Currently going big overhaul. Lots of the important stuff is there, but I deleted a bunch of techniques. Read this and check back later!

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Guides

POST YOUR GUIDES HERE. ANYTHING YOU KNOW IS HELPFUL. This will be a repository of all the trick shots, strategies etc. in gravity wars!

A couple of rules:

Please read the other guides before posting your own. Try to not repeat information.

Questions are encouraged, you may post them directly or PM one of the guide makers. If none of them answer then pm me. I should answer within a week.

Don’t discourage newbies. Don’t start flame wars. If someone is wrong, PM them or put it up as an isolated post.

Anything you have that is useful, don’t hesitate :D

If anyone knows anything in any other language, translations are definitely appreciated. No google translate however.

I think that’s all :D.

PS Any pictures/replays anybody can provide are appreciated. Just pm me the picture’s link :D

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / So, about gems.

yeah, it’s marked on the equipment page.