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Topic: Sandbox Hero / So, about gems.

yeah, it’s marked on the equipment page.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Sandbox Oscars

I don't know if this will catch on at all, but I think it will be nice.

The point of Sandbox Oscars is to find the BEST maps that have been published/republished this month.

There are 6 categories.

Best Parkour: Best "Hard" Map.

Best Story: Tells the best Story.

Best Graphics: Looks the best.

Best Rollercoaster/Quiz/Puzzle: Best Rollercoaster, Quiz, Puzzle map. This will most likely be a Puzzle or Rollercoaster because they are easier to make High Quality versions of.

Best Overall: Best in all aspects.

I and a few others that I will invite (if they accept) will be the judges.

How to Nominate:

You can nominate any map for up to 2 categories.

You cannot nominate a map made by yourself.

We can tell if you got an alt to do it for you, if you did, you will be permantly banned.

To Nominate:

State the name of the map and the author,

Provide a picture of any part of the map,

Write a short review or why you chose to nominate it (At least one sentence).

State the exp reward. This is more important than you think. DO NOT state the coin reward.


A world in the making

By ColdLucas

I chose this because I needed an example. 120 xp.


How to upload an image.

Take a screenshot of a select area of the map.



Upload it to an image storage website. PLEASE use:

LIGHTSHOT DOES NOT WORK FOR ME. If both don't work, use whatever you want (yes, lightshot too). But only as a last resort.

Take the direct link! (For layouts or somehing).

Paste it in the place of Placeholder in: img src="Placeholder" alt="" /

Finally add < and > in the beginning and end of the code.

Good luck! And may the nominations...Ever be in your favor!
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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Feature Requests (not multiplayer)

Originally posted by ColdLucas23:

to level creators: “feature falling” button
when this button is pressed, all features falls to the ground (except coins, owls, flies and wall-lamps)
this will help a lot with the feature allign

all existing features fall to the ground, new features placed will still float, but if the creator press this button again, they fall too (so if people want to put an actual flying feature, they can)

Features should allso delete themselves once they fall under the death line ( you know, the one where you die when you go over it.) :D

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Everything YoBaby.

Work on You Wake Up. has started!

200 kb and only 1/6th the way done! Im open for suggestions.

(hint, there might be a sneak peekof it somewhere…)

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Everything YoBaby.

Wipeout! and Wipeout! Pure. are out!

It’s not that hard, mostly just a Time trial, but looks pretty nice and there are several secret areas to further challenge yourself.

Stick with it and it will grow on you :D.

Keep in mind that this was a small project, only about 190 kb in size.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Advertise your map!

WipeOut! Pure.

These are relatively easy parkour maps. YOu just have to get the hang of them. Give them a try and see how fast you can finish!

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / New tile ideas

Originally posted by Paratroopa123:

Anti-minimap blocks. You can go through these, but they will turn off the minimap when you touch them, and you can’t turn on the minimap while in one. Though you could add the ability for a map maker to completely disable the minimap for that map, which I really want you to add, you could disable it for only a section of it using these.

Those lattice tiles already kinda serve that purpose. Not as well as you would like, but well enough.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / New tile ideas

Originally posted by TailsChao99:
Originally posted by Paratroopa123:
Originally posted by TailsChao99:


This MUST be added. However, maybe put a faded coin block when you collect all coins, instead of it disappearing completely.

 photo coinblockfaded_zpsb9ba4e0c.png
this good?

I feel the completing dissapearing looks better and serves it’s purpose better. Maybe have a little BEEP too when it fades.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / So, about gems.

You guys really don’t get it…

Equipment is only a SIDE bonus toplaying the map. Id doesn’t do anything, there are only ghosts so there is noone to show off to…

The only thing equipment DOES is let you get MORE equipment faster.

On the other hand, you are implying somehow that what you get with gems, you can’t get with coins.
Gems are just basically a whole bunch of coins.

I’m not being a “negative nancy”, I appreciate your point, but giving people who are faming coins MORE coins, isn’t just gonna cut it.

I for one, suggest a COMPLETE overhaul.

People will no longer be able to buy equipment using coins. The only point of coins are to upgrade your stats, like in those upgrade games. (For eg. +0.1 JMP would be 100 coins or something).

However, with Gems, you can buy “Equipment Dispensers”. Every day, when you check in, for every “Equipment Dispenser” you buy, you get one piece of equipment. They are basically supply crates that open every day for free once you buy one. You can still autosell your equipment.

The catch is, now, there will be sort of a “Marketplace”. On it, you can trade equipment you don’t want for coins to upgrade yourself. The minimum price for commons will be like 400 coins or something and more for rarer qualities. People will still buy equipment for these prices because they can’t get it for themselves.

This eliminates people’s needs to show off, therefore ridding the coin farming urge while still giving Devs their money.

This works because I have seen it in action in this little game called Kingdom of Loathing. Of course I have modified it a bit but the core element is there.

I am SURE this will take a lot of work and time getting used to, but I am just as sure that it will pay for itself ten times over, both in enjoyment and profit.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Feature Requests (not multiplayer)

Please, PLEASE let us put Half-Coins. If you right click while having the coins feature activated, you get to place down a half coin.

They are the same value as regular ones but are just worth half. It would show just like 2,3+4, etc. coins do except that the number would be 1/2. This way we can put more coins in different areas of the map.

I understand this isn’t a pressing issue but it would be very easy to code and many people could make good use of it.

An easier way, I guess would be to let us put 40 coins in the map, raise the coin cap to 40 and the secondary coin cap to 60, and make the chests cost 200. But thats too drastic of a change.

*(No I’m not bad at math. I just also support a higher secondary coin cap but that’s another story)

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Feature Requests (not multiplayer)

I can’t believe this hasn’t been suggested yet.

We need more indoor features!
All the features now are enough for outdoors and stuff, but what about indoor? The most you can use are the lights and occasinally a flowerpot here and there. We need chairs and tables and cooked food in bowls!

Also when coin values rise, the ribbon comes out. It amkes it very had to hide coins. I suggest maybe the ribbon pop up when you get close to it or something.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Feature Requests (not multiplayer)

Originally posted by Paratroopa123:

Selecting blocks. I’m making a map where I have to make FIVE EXACT COPIES of an area, so it would be useful for me to be able to select and move or copy a spot. Also, maybe a “fill with (block type)” option, so you can select a block type and either draw an area to fill, change a group of one kind of block to the selected block, or maybe you can add both! This will be VERY useful when creating some maps.

+1 :)

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Create Your Effecting Block

Maybe you mean:

Create Your Special Tile

What to do?

Create a tile with special properties that affects it’s enviroment in addition to being a regular tile. e.g. A tile that shoots arrows, or can be destroyed, or boosts your health.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Less coin grinding or lower box price?

This is a great solution :D.

They should implement it. However, 5 coins a level is a bit too much.

Say, how about 1 coin extra for a box every level?
And at level milestones, rarity should increase a bit, unnanounced.

Level 0, Every is the same. Each crate is 85.
Level 5, Commons become 1% less likely to uncrate. Each crate is still 85.
Level 10, Commons become 2% less likely to uncrate. Each crate is 90.
Level 15, Commons become 3% less likely to uncrate. Each crate is 95.
Level 20, Commons become 4% less likely to uncrate and uncommons become 2% less likely to uncrate. Each crate is 100.
Level 25, Commons become 5% less likely to uncrate and uncommons become 4% less likely to uncrate. Each crate is 105.
Level 30, Commons become 4% less likely to uncrate and uncommons become 5% less likely to uncrate. Each crate is 110.

The box prices increase every level. So level 26 would be 106, not still 105.
The percentages however will only change every 5 levels. So Level 26 would have the same likeliness to get bad weapons as level 25.

However, you guys are missing the point of the game too. The point is to play good maps and marvel at what people can create and get coins as a side-effect. NOT play crappy maps by trolls to get coins that only buy weapons that allow you to buy more weapons (See Skinner Box on Wikipedia).

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Feature Requests (not multiplayer)

Maybe in a section called advanced tools or something, but allow gravity and backgrounds to be specified to regions you specify.

So, If you want a guy to be in a town or whatever, then you see him going to space, it would be neat to have him launch into space (a different area) and have the gravity change.

So basically, I understand this isn’t very clear, but, allow us to have the backgrounds and gravity change in a map.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Everything YoBaby.

WWTBAM Parkour is suffering a minor setback: Namely, I lost the save file.
So maybe it will be completed sometime in the future, but for now, Im working on Wipeout!, a new parkour map with no hazards (spikes, lava, etc.)

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Advertise your map!

Well, It was published a while before but I edited it.

It has quite the unfair rating from people who don’t fully play the map.
It has quite an unfair play number from me editing it and resetting it.

So yeah…

I assure, it is quite good if you like a balance between challenge and free will.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Everything YoBaby.

WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire Is RE-released to give it a decent coin cap.

And for all you parkour diehards,
WWTBAM Parkour is coming out soon

sorry for the necro at such a minor thing.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Everything YoBaby.

Come in and See!

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Everything YoBaby.


This is very secretive, but is absolutely AMAZING.

A hacker by the name of “The Author” has a map called: a game.
In it, it tells you of an easter egg hunt throughout all of Complete Sandbox Intro.

The very first map is the Trials. To get to the first sign, you side-jump onto the spike platform and then jump up to the sign. It says: the first clue is at the very end, and the next clue is at the very beginning.
Near the end of the Trials, there is a sign in Morse saying: .— - .-. .-.. -.. (translated: world).

The next map, as implied in the clue is at the beginning, or jmbt02’s “Tutorial”.
If you walljump/jump up left in the very beginning, you find a boy that says: “Dude how did you find me: 99872” with two hacked coins beside him. This is very cryptic and thankfully unnecessary to the easter egg hunt.
Then right before the rails, keep jumping left. If you have enough jump, you will reach an island with a sign that says: “The next clue lies hidden within the valley of leaves”.
Finally, right before the end, on the grey rails, there is a morse code: .. -. (translated: in)

The third map, as in the hint, is Leaf Valley, by Gravity Fractal, another amazing mapmaker.
The morse code is hidden by a remote house. To access it, you go up to the first white tiles, and bounce up. You climb up to the checkpoint in the cave. Then, instead of going right, you go left and scale the wall by Wall-Jumping. the morse code is partially obscured by the +2 coin sign, but says: – …. . (translated: the)
The clue to the next map lies on a normal sized island. Just keep going right from the beginning, its the one with the large rock and several bushes and some coins. It says: The final clue is buried deep down under the sea.

After a few minutes of searching, we found that map: Under the Sea by nebji.
The morse code is located if in a secret cave. You quickly jump out of the ocean current. Then, you keep going right untill you encounter another ocean current. Get into the right cave, not the bigger left one. The sign at the end of it says: - . . .. . -. (translated: making)
The final message is located if you go down the expected path, to the bottom cave. It says: “Read the code and make a map with the name it holds, and soon the treasure will be stored”. Now sadly, the code was cracked long ago by none other than…

ColdLucas23! His map: world in the making. there is no treasure that I am aware of, but nevermind. If you ride the rails, and manage your jumps and dashes correctly, at the far right is a secret island which used to contain the exit.
The map contains the same type of numbers as the beginning.

So that’s it for the easter egg hunt.

KUDOS TO zanderthedude for helping me find the Under the Sea hints and providing support and ruminations while I looked through the Trials.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Everything YoBaby.


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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Everything YoBaby.

QUESTIONS (MAP REVIEWS, NOOB QUESTIONS, OR ANYTHING) Curse Of the Loggers pt. 2: An amazing parkour map with great graphics, insane parkour, high gravity and an awesome storyline. No noobs allowed! :D --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Forever High Tower: A brand new take on the walljump maps, that is designed for everyone. The walljump part is replaced by a jump out, then jump in type of climbing. Similar in idea to The Wall, and henceforthe Nazis Stole Mt. Everest, this one is by SKillBC. Truth be told, it gets quite dull the farther you get, but it's originality and graphics completely make up for that. Level 1: 2 coins and a sign saying "TIP: Up-Dash can be extremely useful when falling down the tower. Level 2: 2 coins and a sign saying "SHRINE: If you ever fall off the tower, press the red suicide button and respawn here." Level 3: 2 coins and a sign saying "Did you know? The epic spacesuit body has 2 jetpacks, but they are pure for aesthetics. Wouldn't it be great if they actually worked?" Level 4 and onwards: I fell off and din't have the patience to go on :D Noob Questions: How do you get gems? Kreds. You get kreds by paying real money. What is HGT? HGT is how many blocks each jump launches you. JMP is how many jumps you get. Hop Power is HGT multiplied by JMP.
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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Everything YoBaby.


I always include some secret or another on my maps :D

In reward, here are a couple:

Think Twice: If you go back over the roof and fall off right before the No spikes Here Sign, there is 3 secret coins.
Think Twice: Right before the Incorrect Path, Correct Path choice, if you take the Incorrect path rail backwards, you will phase through and be able to get those coins.
Think Twice: Right before the end, if you go back down a bit, there is a grave of the tough pirate, with 4 coins there.

Pro Tutorial: In the beginning, if you fall off left (the waterfall), there is a super-high value coin on a solitary box tile.

SuperFunLand: Right in the beginning after you fall, hold left and crouch. you will be inside the ladder. Then let go of crouch and press right.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Everything YoBaby.


Hamlet-A Sandbox interpretation of the famous hamlet soliloquy: To Be or Not To Be.

Sandbox Hero: Origins: An origin story of you, the hero , with an original storyline, and never before seen mapmaking tactics.

You Wake Up. : Realisation upgraded. With many paths and your choices actually affecting your next choices, this i sgoing to be a HUGE map.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Everything YoBaby.


These maps are under-appreciated masterpieces:

UnderWorld* by soccerje: A medium length map with lots of hidden coins, gorgeous graphics, amazing storyline and awesome fun.

Wake Of the Leviathan* by Hssrak: Perhaps the biggest map of them all. A HUGE map with lots of secrets and play, but can be VERY laggy.

Shattered* by AlexMdle: The only flaw would probably be in it’s background, the meteors kinda ruin it :D. But, it is POSITIVELY GORGEOUS. Mostly exploration based (can you find all the coins) with almost 10 different environments. Just the right amount of challenge, story and design.

Under The Sea* by nebji: An art map? It is quite nice looking and lots of things to be found.

The Trials* by Thwink2: The greatest parkour map of all time. Incredibly hard, and challenges to the full extent of your abilities. The question isn’t how fast you can complete it, the question is how far you get before rage-quitting.

League Of Ladders #1* by crossxfire: This map is not as long, well designed, has the same amount effort and gameplay or same quality of graphics as the above few. However, I love it because it is the PERFECT embodiment of Time Trials. There are numerous shortcuts to be taken and forces you to take advantage of the full power of your dashing to go fast. How fast can you finish it?

OutPost DIVE* by Fxie: Another one of the numerous amazing maps by Fxie. A challenging map based on a effort-reward system. In it’s on simplistic way, it gives has an amazing atmosphere. 5 levels, can you reach the bottom?

The SandBox Solar System by Boncottled: Another unbelievably awe-inspiring exploration based map, the ending is close at hand, but why would you go there, when you can explore the full force of the vastness of this map?

FAVORITE AUTHORS: (Reviews coming soon)

These are authors that CONTINUOUSLY outprove themselves and make amazing maps. search up their names sometime and play a couple.