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Topic: Spellstone: General / [To Devs] Personal points are too high!

wait, i asked, the +1s were using all stamina? (fighting every war). are the +1s playing manually? (when the war matters! i’m guilty of autoing cheese wars).

posted on the forums means ‘looking for forum support,’ i’d think. there’s definitely the question of ‘if you’re phoning it in during a guild war, compared to us unwashed forum masses, why would we care?’
and if the response is ‘um, we’re paying for multiple triple-A games on this one game, we’re paying for easy street’, there’s the financial angle to be taken, and everyone else’s opinions be damned.

if all 50 of DireTide are playing effectively, that’s damned impressive. my guild makes does its best to make it to the 40 serious participant mark.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / [To Devs] i have bug in my account with dragon claws

Originally posted by TheGil:

devs please fix devs
i just won 2 more times, and again no claws.

0% ?

why you do this to me whyyyy

It’s not the devs, it’s Cyrus haunting you. Shoulda picked Whisper.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / [Guide] Skill Clarifications (v 2.0)

correct, the tempest cannot use all of its siphon under normal conditions. empower/legion it up.

Originally posted by TheSench:

I added an additional note to Siphon. If your unit deals more damage than the enemy has health, the Siphon amount is not reduced; it gets the full benefit of the damage it deals.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / [To Devs] Personal points are too high!

Originally posted by dryp1:
Originally posted by purei:

i’ve not found this to be a problem. is this w/o missing wars?

If you’re in a top3 guild and you fight other top3 guild you’re very likely to have a hard time, which is why it’s tough for a top3 member to actually get a top3 reward, even though the Guild is top3.

right. i see. i’m realizing many of the +1 are top guilds.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / [To Devs] Personal points are too high!

i’ve not found this to be a problem. is this w/o missing wars?

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Broodmother glitch

yeah, same. iphone never got those two pictures.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / [TO DEVS] QoL Filter Options

yeah. this is maybe understandable within the race. selecting elemental / dragon would show both. but not faction + race.

i’ve wanted this for the skills too. ‘what was that card that had armor and pierce?’


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Topic: Spellstone: General / Have you completed the Dawnglow Swamp map?

I’m at -2 star on the last mission but full on others. To anyone stuck ‘a bit’… keep fighting.

The randomness of the card strength of the A & your own pulls means possible victory.

example: on Star <7 fights, the quad frog emperor you fought can be a dual next fight.

junko’s suggestion of taking advantage of the current events is good. i’ve dusted too many frogs : (

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Topic: Spellstone: General / @DEVs Guild management difficulty

Or move the ‘rewards system’ to outside of the ‘guild war’ system?

Again, I think there is a valid complaint here:

  • During a Guild War (GW), people cannot be kicked nor leave a guild.
  • GW last 7 days, so if people stop playing early… they are ‘gray’ and no longer contribute as an active player. (inactives, -players)
  • Players may leave immediately after claiming rewards. (poor guild performance bc of above, -active players)
  • There are still 3 days after GW to gain rewards, and those players may not be kicked. (frustration bc of above, -active players)

Above items together describe how tenuously easy it is for a guild to go from 50 active to 40 active .. and once ‘40% bonus’ shows .. to dead.

This has been complained about in various posts.. Should I link?

Maybe there’s been Dev response? Perhaps it’s not considered an issue, as guilds should be created and destroyed by.. my imagination. Correct me please if I’ve missed a response from mods/devs about this.

also, I really wish Kongregate had a ‘preview post’ : (

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Topic: Spellstone: General / [Dev] "Nerf" Date Change

Originally posted by nicholasdoddy123:

Where can i veiw the nerf changes? I must have missed them over the week end.


and lulz to the fact that I just got my buyback cards and began changing everything over before reading this post. fail.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Fansites authenticating Kongregate users

Originally posted by Novellean:

Why reinvent the wheel?
Make a bot for verification, and sign in monitoring. Just remember to limit the queries to games db.

Hmm, had to think about this. Honestly, because with a passion that of a hundred suns, I hate scraping html .. any ml. PTSD

Hope springs eternal for Kongregate APIs?

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Topic: Spellstone: General / [Dev] November 19th Card Buffs

Originally posted by Aubepine:

The meta feels compressed w/ this Barrier change.

We can not tell at this point. In my opinion the meta will be much wider with the nerf of rush decks especially Usurio rush deck. You still have king gargantos and Invisible assassin to deal with these high armor cards.

You are absolutely right that the Ursurio nerf will make more interesting decks, but the loss of specific-All ‘feels’ bad.

The loss of strong faction-specific ‘compresses’ future of possible metas by removing the need to make things exclusive. The coming meta is going to be much more rainbow than the Urusio-meta that we had, but there’s no more reason to push for a ‘heavily barriered Aether’ deck.

Frost Frog w/ Barrier All Frog 2 is a great example of a frog-exclusive deck.. I was beat handily by a dual’d frost frog and found that battle very interesting because it was such a different deck to fight.

Edit: It’s just a knee jerk reaction to trying to make ‘cards better’. They’ve made a Paladin the Lone Wolf Aether: faction specific heal, but not faction specific barrier.

The paladin now wades into the middle of battle, surrounded on all sides by its Chaos-brethren, protecting their nefarious plot.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / [Guide] Skill Clarifications (v 2.0)

‘Defensive’ skills will work while on countdown: Armor, Vengeance, Invis.

Edit: oh, I see how you approached it

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Topic: Spellstone: General / [Dev] November 19th Card Buffs

Clawkin is going to be useful in its current form given the coming Barrier meta. Without pierce, slow roll with a little siphon/heal’s going to be strong.

The ‘relaxing of Aether’ has given less reason to be Aether, and the Paladin is now best off as the lone Aether in a deck. This seems odd. I think some strong faction-specific-alls (like storm dragon/paladin have) allow for a long game.. building a full Aether deck is an intensive process and strong faction-specific-alls allows for well placed rares, even commons. The meta feels compressed w/ this Barrier change.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Fansites authenticating Kongregate users

@gki: The hope was a Kongregate admin would appear here to answer … I wasn’t sure what forum was proper.

@Sigha: Tyrant Fansite did this sort authentication by having the server log into the Kongregate servers as user ‘TyrantFansite’ and then parsed the html and sent a PM to be sure the user was who they said they were. (I think?)

I was wondering if with all of Kongregates APIs (which I looked through, but am not the smartest at parsing APIs) there weren’t another, better way to authenticate someone as their Kongregate user.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Collecting data on Gold Pack drops

PPD, I17*I9 is what you have for 3 epic and 1 legendary (for the lottery comparison table), but i think it should be I17*I10.. unless i’m reading something wrong.

also, can you properly mash bernoullis together that way? that’s ‘exactly 3 in 10’ and ‘exactly 1 in 10’, which isn’t the same 10?

would (exactly 3 in 9) * (pull rate for 1 legendary) * 10 be right? hrm.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Fansites authenticating Kongregate users

A fan wants to make a site that only allows people from her own guild (in a Kong game) to access the guild site.

What’s the accepted way to approach this?

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Scout Missions

Originally posted by stycman:

Scout Missions needs to update or changed or revamped cos it’s boring.

Make it more logical, like; a mission that success rates at 100%, the duration is 1 day. But the lower the success rate, the shorter the duration. Or the longer the duration, the better the rewards are. Not wait 1 day for a common card.

i believe they intend to add to it (stated as much, somewhere? MK, maybe?)

the real win would be if it were linked to the larger community in some clever ass way, instead of being ‘just another income.’

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Topic: Spellstone: General / (To Devs) Towers get frozen

Originally posted by Z__Y:

When are we getting TWO castle for defence?
In TU, during events, defenders have

1) TWO Castles
2) both with 4 delay
3) both had barrier all 4
4) both had vengeance 4

Forgot how much hp each of the castle had.think it was around 15 hp.

do you suffer prescience too?

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Topic: Spellstone: General / How to get back the dust invest in Ursurio..

Originally posted by thisisvv:

Oh please, you got so much out of playing this broken overpowered hero already….

think how much more we could get. the real game is players is devs…

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Topic: Spellstone: General / [Dev] November 19th Card Buffs


Storm Dragon already had 4 armor when max quad, but you have it listed as 3.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Why does a dual poison bullfrog and the lady of the swamp have the exact same stats?

Many examples of this, usually differing rarities.

Hekaton | Rhino are both premium Legendary Wyld … and Hekaton’s extra stats are really not worth the +2 delay.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / State of the game

Originally posted by Phestus:

The free players need some love, not new standard set cards diluting their chances.

I agree that nerfing the Green 3 will make f2p much less viable: slower to advance, weaker, etc. But, as (mostly) f2p I welcome the new standard set of cards. The sheer volume of p2w cards (that I will just never be able to quad .. which is ultimately necessary) gives premium players many more interesting decks they can build.

An extensive standard set of cards (albeit all individually slightly weaker than premium cards), allows for people that have more time than money to build tailored decks, interesting decks.

With a trickle of cards, and only a handful of deck archetypes to choose from .. I wish the new cards were coming out sooner than Dec 3. I don’t want the dilution part, but I’m willing to try it in order to have more options.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / how do you log.out of one account to play or create an alt on the same smartphone?

Kongregate symbol → Top left menu button → Logout, at the bottom of the menu. I’ve not tried this.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / (To Devs) About The The Repurchase of Epics/Legendaries

Originally posted by Sir_Valimont:

Obyto / Synapticon:

What possible reason for the dusting system can there be OTHER than to force players at one point or another to feel like they’ve burned cards they actually want back?

The dusting system is a time→resource converter, it’s not really meant to make people feel any certain way.

Coupled with the max hand limit it is a game mechanic of resource management.

Edit: I have yet to hit the 100 card limit (forcing me to dust). I keep doing it voluntarily to buff up cards I have to progress faste. It’s a bit frustrating, but the frustration more comes from not having the infinite time needed to perfectly optimize.