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Topic: Game Programming / Upload a Game Unpublished?

Or you can abandon your account and make a new one with a name you like. If you’re prepared to sacrifice that hard earned ‘Gibbon Kempo’ badge.

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Topic: Collaborations / Test Game programmer request

I don’t understand what you are asking for.

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Topic: Game Programming / Mochi alternative solution?

I think this is the default go to:

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Topic: Game Programming / Am I missing something?

I can see it in newest games, on page 17. Looks like it got buried under a big pile of find the object ‘games’.

It won’t show up on search results until it has a rating of 2 or more.

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Topic: Game Programming / Can I charge for my game?

Originally posted by FaithClubDotNet:

Am I allowed to do this in Kongregate, or does Kong not allow games that have a paywall?

You’re allowed to do it, but you must use kreds for transactions if you want to upload to Kong.

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Topic: Game Programming / My First Game

You will spend your first 10 years making rubbish. It happens to everyone, in any art; you just don’t see the rubbish other people make. You will keep your rubbish hidden and secret until you can finally make something that is worth showing to the world.

Here’s someone who is brave enough to show us their rubbish bin:

The good developers are the ones who don’t have the good sense to give up.

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Topic: Game Programming / Need help with error (as3)

var particle = new particle();

Is particle a class? You need to call the object something different.

And yes, your code smells really bad, but from your comment I think you know that and I’m not going to say anything else about it. Except my brain is smoking gently.

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / Validating my game's ratings excludes it from contests?

Excluding votes from players who don’t get past the start up screen may give a more ‘accurate’ rating, but it also excludes votes from pay to win haters who rate them all a 1 on principle. Without playing them. This helps the pay to win games get higher ratings, which in turn helps Kongregate and the game developer earn buckets of cash.

Games without virtual goods don’t have this option. It would be unfair to make them compete against games with an artificially inflated more accurate rating. Excluding pay to wins from the monthly contest seems entirely reasonable.

I’m curious why you’re asking this question. Do you have a virtual goods game close to release, which you expect to win the monthly contest?

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Topic: Game Programming / 20 MB limit??

Limit is 20MB.

10 minutes of music in compressed mp3 is about 3MB. What are you doing that needs 30MB?

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Topic: Game Programming / Duck Chat

Originally posted by Boomibom:

So, I can’t make games

Why not? You appear to have internet access and a computer, so you have all the resources required to make games. Just add 10,000 hours.

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Topic: Game Programming / Kreds api and testing

You need to contact Kongregate directly before using the Kreds api.


How long does it take to get approved for a kreds game, and what is the process? We usually respond to initial emails within a few business days. After that, we’ll evaluate your game for potential on our site and talk with you about any concerns or suggestions that we have. If it passes the approval process, a quick contract is digitally signed (no printing/faxing!) and then the integration process starts. Usually this only takes a few days of programming, and then we will do some testing and let you know if we have any changes that are needed. The whole process can be completed within a week or two in many cases.

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / Kong API -AND- SharedObjects?

I’ve never had any trouble combining Kongregate API and shared objects. Can you be more specific about the errors you are getting?

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Topic: Game Programming / as3: quick answer

How does it not work? Is the Movieclip visible? Does it move at all? Does it only move after you click on it with the mouse?

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Topic: Game Programming / Best sites for devs to publish to?

Two options:
1)Post on Kong only – Kong give you a bonus for exclusive games which is often worth more than all the other ad revenue combined. Remember to site lock.
2)Post everywhere – Don’t use a site lock, embed advertisements (disable the ads on Kong). Post on Kongregate, Newgrounds, FGL feed and Mochi feed. In a fortnight your game will be on hundreds of sites. There are a few options for embeded ads. Mochi is the obvious one. They earn much less per play than the kongregate revenue share.

I usually go with 1. If the game sinks, it’s still possible to do 2 later.

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Topic: Technical Support / Most games cant load!

Originally posted by flashdevil:

Tried it lots of times doesnt do a thing

Running a script blocker or poorly configured ad blocker?

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Topic: Game Programming / New to programming - any suggestions?

Originally posted by Tulrog:

Not sure if going for a game is a good first move if you are new to programming. If I were you I’d spend a month or two with learning and understanding the basics of programming. Even the most simple game will have already some sort of graphics. In the end the step from no-graphics to graphics is not that hard but your focus will be all over the place.

I disagree – if making games is your motivation for learning programming, you’ll need to make games to stay motivated. Even if it’s really simple stuff like guess the number or tic tac toe.

If you want to develop flash games, learn AS3.

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Topic: Game Programming / as3 getting e.targets

Create an Enemy class, with a function like

public function gotHit(damage : int)
	hits -= damage;
	if (hits <= 0)
		expired = true;

Have all your different enemy types extend your Enemy class. Then in your collision detection you can use something like

if ( is Enemy)
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Topic: Game Programming / 10% revenue for adding stats not yet added

Are you sure stats are being submitted? I can’t see a high score tab.

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Topic: Collaborations / Need a sports game creator

I would suggest showing some of the work you’ve done on your game so far. You’ll need to demonstrate some flair and dedication to draw in collaborators.

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Topic: Game Design / What do you think about my game?

The level design is good – lots of varied ideas and a good curve. It needs a theme, something like Give Up or Portal could work well.Sound/menus/polish/graphics all want some work. I gave you a 5 because I know how hard it can be to get your game to even show a rating before it gets buried on the feed under a hundred dressup clones.

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Topic: Game Programming / Kongregate level used in game

I don’t know if you can get badge information, but everything else can be accessed through the API. I’m not sure all the functions are supported in AS2 though.

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Topic: Game Programming / Experienced Game Developers Wanted.

You should post this here

Remember to include examples of your previous work and how much you’re willing to pay.

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Topic: Game Programming / N64 game build codes?

You can ask, but you probably won’t get. Most developers reuse source code, and they won’t give it away for free.

There’s a good list of well known open source games here: StackOverflow

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Topic: Game Programming / Game size and preloader

10MB is pretty big for a flash game. You need to have a fairly awesome game to justify that. Check you music – reducing the bit rate can reduce the file size a lot.

I’d hit google for preloaders. There must be 100’s of tutorials out there now. If you’re using Adobe Pro, take care to find a tutorial for the right version. Things changed between CS3 and CS4.

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Topic: Game Design / Maximum dimensions

It’s in here:

What format of games can I upload? We support Flash (swf) files, and Unity game files. We do not have any plans to support executables (exe).

Additionally, games have a maximum file size of 20MB and a maximum width of 800 pixels. There’s not a hard height limit but please keep it reasonable to make sure your game is still playable.