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Topic: Game Programming / Secure swf or not

Secureswf will slow down hackers trying to break your site lock or divert or ads. It’s a nice tool, but don’t buy it until your games are making $400+ a month.

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Topic: Game Programming / Why is this a null reference? is not defined, so it will be a default value (instance1?). Have you defined choicesOnScreen[“instance1”]?

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Topic: Game Programming / Game in Ten Days [GiTD] Archives

This thread has an archive of the old Game of The Week jams, going all the way back to 2009.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Congratulations Halysia *

Don’t be formulaic with the theme. It’s supposed to be creative, pushing the artist down an unexpected path to make something different and novel. If I can guess what the theme is going to be before the jam starts, you’re doing it wrong.

Just my two cents.

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Topic: Game Programming / [AS2] triangle problem

You have a red line of arbitrary length which can change.
You have a blue line that points at the centre (of what? from where?)
You have a green line and you want to change it in such a way that it forces the blue line to connect to the centre (of what?) while being at right angles (to what?)
The subject contains the word triangle which suggests that these three lines connect to form a triangle?

It’s like a logic puzzle, with too many bits of missing information for there to be a correct answer. Try to specify your problem clearly, because that’s the only way you (or anyone else) can find a solution to it.

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Topic: Game Programming / Anyone good with Box2dflash?

Box2d is a physics engine. You need to think about what physical effect you want to accomplish when an object is picked up and dragged by the mouse.

If you don’t want the dragged object to interact with anything, you need to remove it from the box2d engine while it’s being dragged, and add it back when it’s dropped.

If you want to smash other shapes out of the way, have a force act on the object to move it towards the mouse, or attach it to the mouse using an elastic rope joint.

Box2d will have trouble handling the physics if the object is attached perfectly to the mouse and modeled in the engine at the same time. The player can move the mouse and change it’s direction very rapidly. Trying to mimic these enormous forces inside the engine will cause it to behave unpredictably.

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Topic: Game Programming / as3: how do i write this? (part 2)

Originally posted by darkjonas8:

There has to be another way, and i dont understand how i would use post “part1” solution in this case.

How would you get around having an if statement for every tile?

The function you’re looking for is called getDefinitionByName

String tileString = "Tile" + level1data[i][j];
Class tileClass=getDefinitionByName(tileString) as Class;
Movieclip t = new TileClass();
t.x = tileSize * i;
t.y = tileSize * j;
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Topic: Game Programming / Newb, Flash CS4?

You can buy Flash from Adobe. Or their monthly license, whichever you prefer.

If you don’t want to pay Adobe, there’s Haxe, html5 and Unity. And probably some more options I don’t know about.

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Topic: Game Programming / Best Way to format numbers? (show in thousands, millions, etc.)

Back to 2010 we go.

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Topic: Collaborations / Experienced AS3 Programmer needed. $1,000 Contract.

Originally posted by Ramos_emanuel:

an EXPERIENCED coder wont even go out of bed for those money

I would, $500 is nearly an hours pay.

Daniel, it looks like you made the mistake of making your first game too big. You’ve already got three programmers listed on your project page. Scale your game back until it is within their abilities.

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Topic: Game Programming / Kong and adblock question

Visiting a game page with adblock gives the developer zero ad impressions and zero revenue.

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Topic: Game Programming / Split my project into multiple files

If you’re using Adobe Flash, turning off compression for images and audio can improve your compile time. You can turn it back on for the final build.

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Topic: Game Programming / [AS3] Kong Username display

Pugzy, I think your links are broken. Did you mean here?

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Topic: Game Programming / Delete a game

Deleted games make broken links, and broken links make KongBot sad.

But you could ask an admin to remove it, if you really have to

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Topic: Game Programming / How I can make a game like Bob The Button?

If you give up after 6 days, you don’t deserve the blue D.

Get up, and try again.

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Topic: Game Programming / How I can make a game like Bob The Button?

Which tutorial is this from? What does it tell you to do next?

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Topic: Game Programming / How I can make a game like Bob The Button?

What have you tried so far, and what are you stuck on?

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Topic: Game Programming / Upload new version 24h ago - still old version online

It doesn’t take any time at all. Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

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Topic: Game Programming / Mochi question

Mochi paid out my balance on 30 April.

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Topic: Game Programming / Removing the "exclusive to kongregate" bonus

The checkbox is on the ‘upload new version’ page. You don’t actually need to attach a file to submit the form.

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Topic: Game Programming / Help with Flash Variables

Code in the frame timeline executes every time you enter that frame. Including the statement Pies = 0; Your frame ate all the pies.

I would avoid changing frames at all, after the game has loaded. If you need to visit a menu or upgrade screen, take a big whopping movieclip the same size as your stage and add/remove it as you need to.

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Topic: Game Programming / How to make Flash games

Originally posted by Teneven:
I made my game with Game Maker, and I don’t see a way to save it as any files listed, can I simply use a .exe?

If you buy the pro version, you can export to html5. (source)

If not is there a way to convert a .exe (which I have rights to) to a file that would work?

You can pay someone to port your game for you. Otherwise, no.

And don’t just say that gamemaker sucks and use that as a reason for me not being able to do this. That just means you don’t know, but think you should, if you don’t know, don’t answer. I’d prefer an admin anyway.

Okay, fine. Gamemaker Studio is great. You still can’t do it, though. Buy the pro version.

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Topic: Kongregate / The Old Kong

To me Kongregate is still that awesome site which shares revenue with game developers. There’s no-one else out there that does that well.

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Topic: Game Programming / Upload a Game Unpublished?

Or you can abandon your account and make a new one with a name you like. If you’re prepared to sacrifice that hard earned ‘Gibbon Kempo’ badge.

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Topic: Collaborations / Test Game programmer request

I don’t understand what you are asking for.