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Topic: Technical Support / Possible to split revenue between two accounts?

Hello. I developed a game with a friend of mine. I listed him as a creator, and he confirmed that he was a creator, but the game doesn’t show up on his profile page and I assume that means he isn’t automatically getting a cut of the revenue?

If there is no way to split the revenue, is there at least a way to get the game to show up on his profile?

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / QuickKong - Easy Kong API Integration

Hey, I used QuickKong here. Thanks for it, it was super useful.

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Topic: Game Programming / SharedObject is causing SWF to freeze.

Sorry I should have tested this before posting the last post and I can’t seem to find an edit button. Anyway, I just tested it by right clicking, opening the options and going to the storage bit and that displays just fine, so I don’t think I’m disabling it in any way.

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Topic: Game Programming / SharedObject is causing SWF to freeze.

Not that I know of. I am using Flashpunk though, so maybe that disables it?

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Topic: Game Programming / SharedObject is causing SWF to freeze.


I am using a sharedObject in order to store a players 5 highest scores. Now, this works totally fine when I am testing the SWF either through FlashDevelop’s testing utility or after building the swf, and running it through Chrome from my desktop.

However, when I upload the swf (I have tried both Dropbox and Kongregate and both have the same issue) when the user attempts to store data in the sharedObject, the entire swf freezes and the user must refresh.

Does anybody know why this could be?

_sharedObj = SharedObject.getLocal(“HighestScore”);
Playership.cashscoresrecord =; = Playership.cashscoresrecord;

is the code of the thing.

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Topic: Collaborations / Looking for an artist.

Hello everyone.

I am currently looking for an artist for my first real flash game project. I’m a very amateur coder, being helped by quite a proficient coder, so it is likely going to be quite a while before the game actually comes to be finished.

The game is at it’s core a top down shooter. The sort of art that will need to be done for this aspect of the game is a fully animated player sprite, enemy sprites, one detailed background and a number of optional upgrades that I will expand on if desired.

The second part of the game is a sort of very basic galaxy map, similar to the one in Mass Effect 1 except obviously 2D and smaller in scope, which the player can move around in going from planet to planet buying and selling commodities for profit. The amount of money that the player has is their final score and that is what they are trying to max out. The map is randomly generated in that the positions of the planets, and the events happening on the planets that influence the prices, are randomly placed. For this aspect of the game, I will need a ship sprite and a significant amount of planet sprites, so that the 10 or so planets in one game aren’t all the same in another game. Probably 15-20 different planets would do but some of these can just be palette swaps of others.

The art style I really want is something I am calling “Space Yorkshire.” It combined the trappings of Northern England, for example flat caps, sheep and countryside, with the conventions of space (space suits, overly scientific words). This can be discussed more if anyone is interested.

I won’t be actively paying any money as this is an amateur project and I literally have none. However, any ad revenue will obviously be split 50 50 between me, and any artist that chooses to accept the offer.

I don’t have much of the game in place yet, all I have is the basic shooting mechanics done and some simple enemy AI, but I feel like I cannot really progress without some kind of clue to what the art will look like as I need to design enemy spawns and such around that.

Thank you.