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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / ★BAMF! Recruitment Page✔★

Application Form
In-Game Name: DeepThoughts
Level: 55
K/D Ratio: 1.43 (trying to increase but not the only thing I care about)
Reputation: my wiener is 861 inches
Amount Contribution % : probably 75%
Previous Clans If Any: none
Other/Previous accounts (not testing alts): none
Do you have a Facebook account? yes
Why You Want To Join B.A.M.F. : awesome recruitment thread
Extra Info: what you wanna know?
Have you sent your request in-game: yes

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Topic: General Gaming / Learn To Fly 2 "It's Rob!" Medal

pretty crappy on the rob and rise… since the reason for its popularity for the game is non-random control. been trying plank, brick, firework rocket with everything maxed out trying to get it but no luck so far. funny since I got Rise quite a bit easier, just lucky on that one I guess