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Topic: Everybody Edits / Best bot game you have played

Vertigo 2.0 because it really tests your reactions.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Think of your own bloons!

An Inflictor of Death, Exasperation and Sorrow (AIDES)

Camo’ed, every 10 seconds it regens 100 hits, 2.2x the HP a ZOMG has and makes 3 ZOMGs upon death. Appears on round 110 and higher. Slower than a ZOMG.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Ideas

Death Superpack:

Mini Pack I: Skeleton (bl: Bone Block, Bone 1-way. dec: Pile of bones, Skeleton Head. bg: Bones, full Skeleton)

Mini Pack II: Mummy (dec: Sarcophagus)
Included with the Mummy Smiley

Mini Pack III: Death (act: Death (Sends you back to the start with no coins or crown.) dec: Scythe.
Included with the Death Smiley

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Topic: Everybody Edits / THEY REMOVED CHAT! WHAT THE HELL EE?!

Double sarcasm.
I’d rather wait it out, quit playing this dead game, or just buy a stick of gum.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Ideas

Death Doors / Gates: Same as coin doors and gates but it is relevant to your death count.

Heavy Worlds: Max of 2 block jumps. I think heavies in EE2 were 1 block but I think that’s a little too low. 100×100

Mega Death Block: Sends you to start with no coins or crown.

Delete Guardians: I saw a guardian that was a pretty big snob. First, he only greets people he knows. Not to big but the way he acts is just like some rich snob. Second, we already have mods and admins. This one’s the big one. I just don’t get the point.

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Topic: ShellShock Live 2 / Weapon Ideas!

MOAB: It’s a nuke, except it has no effect on terrain.

MOAB can stand for any of the 3:

Mother Of All Bombs
My Own Awesome Bomb (I made that up)
Massive Ordnance Air Blast

Ocean: Shoots out Creek, Fountain and Rain

Drain: Shoots out a regular shot, but the amount of damage dealt is the amount that you get healed.

Mega Drain: Shoots out a bigger shot that also does terrain damage and has a much larger explosion. It is the same as Drain in any other way.

Storm: Shoots out a cloud that is like a hover ball, except it won’t stop hovering. It rains, thunders, and hails.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Got an New Idea of Items?

STAL_Bot: Thanks for the constructive criticism. And now that I think about it, Smoke would be pretty stupid. Also, the semtex idea is only if the developers figure out how grenades work in real life, by making it bounce. And you should be able to hold it before throwing it by holding down E. I think armor would be good, but that’s just my opinion.

Oh and you don’t have to quote this post. I don’t like getting in Forum Wars, which I just made up.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Got an New Idea of Items?

Armor: +1 defense. Rarely spawns.

Smoke Grenade: Cover a small area in gray smoke. The smoke is not transparent.

Semtex: Doesn’t bounce, smaller radius but infinite timer until you throw it.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / New corrupt the wish!

Granted, but most people insert wishes below this line
I wish that this wish cannot be corrupted

Well sorry to end it but you guys have no loopholes.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Ideas

Since quoting makes that green blob, I’ll just do it the old youtube way.

@Profevolution: That’s what disabling potions is for. Auto disabled for worlds, although you can make it so people can use it if you want a cool race of doom, or something.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Path of the Fallen (It's Your Fault Dammit!)

Name: Exoph
Personality: Kind but serious in battle and in crisis’
Background: A monk that trained at age 5 against his own father.
Appearance: A bald, tall guy with orange clothing.
Side: Good

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Got an idea for a new gun? Share it here!

Name: Concludifier (Cookie if you get the reference)
Type: Energy
Damage: 1 hit KO
Ammo: 1
Reload: 3s
Shot Interval: N/A
Cost: 80,000 coins, 20 cash
Requirements: 2 accuracy, 2 strength, 2 explosives, level 30 or above
Description: Shoots a big ball of electricity that has a huge explosion radius.

Name: Noob Tube
Type: Rocket Launcher
Damage: 1000-1500
Ammo: 2
Reload: 2.1s
Shot Interval:1.4
Cost: 10,000 coins
Requirements: 5 explosives, 1 strength, level 30 or above
Description: A powerful grenade launcher. Great for launching across maps and getting 6 in 1s, which is close to a harrier, then you get a few more spawn tubes and get your chopper gunner, hopefully don’t get killed while controlling it and get the tactical nuke. Or something like that.

BTW, not good at prices. Tell me if I should lower or raise.

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Live, Die, Die Live and Die.

I’m from the future, and I use Rocket Boots to grab you when you start to fall.

I listen to Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber at the same time and my ears blow up and destroy my brain.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Ideas

Idea: IP Ban 4qwert7 and heyimcool16. No children allowed.


Potion of Swiftness: Makes you 1.5x faster for 30 seconds. (50 energy)
Potion of Anti-Gravity: Makes you have no gravity for 15 seconds. (125 energy)
Potion of Revealing: See all secret blocks around you for 1 minute. (60 energy)
Potion of Protection 2.0: Immune to the effects of curse and zombie. (Same energy)

Blocks and Packs:

House Pack: Has wood, bricks, furniture, real TVs and stone. Probably suggested already.
(1500 energy)

Volcano Pack: Igneous rocks and one-ways, plus lava, which is a hazard, but just like water if using Potion of Protection. (1000 energy)

Toxic Pack: Acid, which is just like lava, barrels that have toxic symbols on them and one-way gates. (1000 energy)

Snow Pack: White fluffy ground, just like cloud, snowfall and ice stalagmites and stalactites. Also ice, which would probably be way to hard to program, but essentially is slippery. You also got ice water, which kills you if in it for more than 10 seconds. Both of those will probably not be in the game, considering how dead it is and how long it might take to program. (3000 energy, 2000 during winter, 1500 during December and 1000 during any days of Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah.)

Wire Pack: Thin wires that, because this game makes no sense as it is, are actually walkable. The thinner wire is a one-way. Each block has four forms, each facing a different way. There is also the four hazardous wires, which is animated. There is also five pure electrical blocks that are also hazardous, one for each direction plus a block of electricity. (1500 energy)

Fake Pack: Basic and bricks that look slightly different then the regular. It has no hit collision. The BG is solid, and looks different too. (750 energy)

no tl;dr and no hayt

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Topic: ShellShock Live 2 / Worst Weapon?

Palm: The palms will hit 5 people at max, which is like 50 damage. And the chances of the happening are slim. Most of the time the stupid pellets go in between a tank and do no damage.

Cactus: Very unpredictable. It splits at what seems to be a random time. And most of the shots miss. This is the worst weapon in the game by a long shot. One time, I shot it at medium range, and it detonated in my face doing damage to me. The other, it didn’t detonate at all, and it went past the screen.

Shot: Low damage and explosion radius.

Rain: I only do like 16 damage max with this. 75% of the pellets miss. And it bounces, too.

Five Bounce: I can use one bounce and sometimes three bounce if I get lucky, but the only way you’re gonna get a hit is if there’s a small hole.

Roller / Back Roller: Barely better than shot.

Tunneler: I just can’t get the trajectory right on this one.

Chain Breaker: I only do like 30 damage max with this. It could be good in a pit, but pretty much all weapons are good in a pit.

Jumper: The second shot needs to go higher. Seriously, it’s called jumper. It should go way up.

Cats and Dogs: Thanks for telling me it bounces…

Stone: This weapon is unholy. ’Nuff said.

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Topic: ShellShock Live 2 / Weapon Ideas!




Grim Reaper: Just before hitting the ground, he throws a scythe at the player(s) he’s going to hit, which does no terrain damage, and then makes a very small explosion in the shape of a skull, that does terrain damage. Grim Reaper can miss, but the scythe never misses, unless there’s a shield. Medium Damage.

Bringer: When it hits the ground, it turns into 2 diggers. Same as Splinger in any other category.

Piercer: Ignores armor completely. Does high damage. Small explosion radius. No terrain damage.

K9: Shoots 9 dogs. They are big and have a huge explosion radius. The dogs fly out every way. 1 dog is about 40 damage.

Mega Piercer: Ignores armor and shield. Very high damage. Medium explosion radius. Terrain damage. This would probably be unlocked at 7th prestige or so.

Predator Missile: Just like an airstrike, except it’s one big missile coming down. This does 100 damage to all, and has huge explosion radius. It destroys terrain. Probably unlocked at prestige 7 or 8… I don’t know.

EMP Bomb: 10 damage, medium explosion radius and no terrain damage. When it does hit someone, their jetpacks, shields, care packages and trackers are disabled for 3 turns.

Tactical Nuke: Ends the game. You win, and you get 50 XP for it, plus all other bonuses. Unlocked at 10th prestige. You have a 0.00001% chance of getting any way possible, and it takes a turn to detonate. You can lose if you call it in, and that turn your team dies or the time runs out.

TankCeption: Shoots a tank, which shoots a tank, which shoots a tank, which shoots a Massive Blast. All tanks (except real ones) explode, causing 25 damage and medium terrain damage.

Horseshoe Beam: Either hits you for 300 damage, or hits all opponents for 100.

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Topic: ShellShock Live 2 / Your favorite weapon

Sniper, Nuke, Splinger, Fortress, Digger, Sprouter, Double Sprouter.

I don’t know all the weapons, so these are my favorite based on the ones I know.
Also sniper sucks for noobs so…don’t use it if you’re a noob unless you’re really close to the enemy.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / I don't trust you guys.

Ummm… I agree, but this doesn’t really have a point to it. Oh and where is Michalen? He’s worse than all of those people combined.

Lock this pl0x

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Topic: Everybody Edits / EE Legacy *CLOSED*

Name: Kezo
Side: Hero
Smiley: Karate (Young Kezo)
Secondary Smiley: Ninja (When older. I start out young.)

EDIT: People sure don’t want this to start. Seriously, it’s three or four things. Jesus christ.
Wizard2002, stop being so formal. Name is nickname. Hero is good. Seriously, do you not understand this? .-.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / New corrupt the wish!

Granted, but Kongregate shuts down the site.
I wish the cool people would come back to EE.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Best 1 tower in a game

Worst: Monkey Ace. Nuff said.

Best(s): Monkey Farm, Apprentice.I don’t get the whole fuss with Shitty Ace and…Ice…tower…which is just makes things HARDER until it starts popping balloons. I understand that Glavier and Sun God are pretty amazing but…dat apprentice and farm just give you a lot of money. Ice tower is good. It just SUCKS BALLS until you get some dat artic wind. Ace takes a YEAR to upgrade, and it SUCKS at first anyway, so I really don’t want to spend my money one game to get to use something that MAY OR MAY NOT be good. (Monkey Ace Upgraded) And for one last part, Glue is underrated. It PWNS.

don’t say tl’dr either! >:o

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / The List


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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Mix the titles

(Minecraft + Mega Man)

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / The List

Do A Barrel Roll!

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Topic: ShellShock Live 2 / Just Weapon Ideas

(about the size of a huge shot, ignores a tank’s armor, 25% damage of their armor.)

Mega Horizon
(its more horizontal than a horizon, I don’t know the damage of a regular horizon so I don’t know what to do with damage)

(either 5 damage or 150 damage, 150 damage is about 25% chance, it can also miss at that, big size)

Chuck Norris
(all opponents will now have 50 health, level 60, if in POINTS mode, you will get 1000 points)

Troll Bomb
(if it’s near a tank it will simply go up and hit you. it’s THE BEST attack ever.)