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Topic: Realm Grinder / Lore Artefacts Guide

Originally posted by aerislei:

Chocolate Cookie
Faction: I was Faceless when I got it
Excavations: I was on 2800 at the time
no idea.

I got Chocolate Cookie on Angel research, under 1k excas, so it’s probably not faction-related at least
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Topic: Realm Grinder / what happen whit the gifts

Originally posted by Hunahpu:
Originally posted by Bvanharjr:

You MUST be logged into the account that you bought the gifts on, and STAY on it (no logging out of it, ever, not even in a different tab!)

That sounds like bullshit. If someone pays money for the gift and he logs out the gift is lost forever?

it sounds like it because it is. I’m not even playing on the same computer I bought the gifts on, but when I logged on, they were there.
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Topic: Shonen Idle Z / bosses nerfed?

Originally posted by deltaike:

yes they do but they give more Ki on death

that’s… not how nerfs work.
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Topic: Realm Grinder / Star Blessing

it’s on the Wiki, it’s just not named anywhere. It tells you what it does under Final Reward: Spell Upgrades

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Off-line auto-cast

Originally posted by lesdrui:

Well making a game require you to NOT play it to make progress is just bad design imo .

it’s an idle-game, that’s the schtick for most of them.
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Topic: Realm Grinder / Over Powering Mercenaries

Originally posted by hchan1:

I can’t parse the OP at all. He’s saying Mercs are overpowered, and because of that wants to give them a ridiculous buff?

I don’t think english is OP’s first language, or at least I hope it’s not.

but he’s saying that Mercs SHOULD BE “over powered”, or rather, they should get a buff.

basically all OP is proposing is Merc research and all Good/Evil/Neutral challenges apply to Good/Evil/Neutral mercs respectively.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Upgrade Enhance Request

Originally posted by ExSilverWolf:

Ahh now I get it. I would add this. At R3 you dont need to buy it anymore. So you will always have 8 factions coins. By the time you get dwarves you should be ending R0 very soon after (few hours). R1 and R2 are a lot faster than R0 in comparison. So it shouldn’t take you that long to get to R3. Making this change that you want useless.

no… I don’t think you do get it.

Faction Coin Chance is to get FCs in general, but from there, it’s 1/6 chance to get a specific faction, Dwarf and Drow FCs bring that down to 1/8

with that said, the change is still pointless since, as hchan1 said, people just excavate for any FCs they need at that point, any afterwards are for Royal Exchanges mostly.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Angel 1 bugged?

Originally posted by Arokthis:

You haven’t mentioned reincarnation, so I have to ask the “Duh!” question: Have you reincarnated twice already?

the challenge window wouldn’t even be available until R2, I could see that question being reasonable for T1T2/T3/T4 since they unlock a bit after the things they need do, but it’s a pretty safe assumption that anyone going for T1 vanilla challenges is on R2
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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Suggestion] Lineages! (New 'bloodline' like system for R32?)

assuming Lineage works like Bloodline where you can take any one as any faction, Angel and Dwarf lineage seems strange since they only affect good buildings and citadels respectively.

it makes sense for the “secondary bonus” to be more restricting since it requires that you ally with the faction in question, but the Lineage itself should be something any build can theoretically use, which is true… for all but Angel and Dwarf

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Faceless Challenge 1 with ruby assistant?

you figured it out it seems, but for anyone else wandering in, the ONLY assistants you’re allowed to have are from Mitosis

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Can you use Ruby Power for Demon Challenge 1?

technically ya, but as far as I know, nothing Ruby-related increases FC chance, besides Assistants anyways.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / How "random" is LS really ?

Originally posted by Gaminic:

Wait, what?

Originally posted by NiborRis:

Considering that your seed doesn’t reset when you abdicate,

How sure are you of that? People do the multi-tab trick, which according to you shouldn’t work. I sometimes just abdicate before getting a single Forge hit just because it’ll take 20+ casts. I’ll check next time, but I’m under the impression it does change.

Either way, you can “break” sprees through abdications by skipping buildings. Even if the seed is the same, the result is different. 100 cast results are not very relevant.

(If the seed is the same, that would actually make it easier to exploit the Weather Service; may be interesting to look into that.)

unless something changed very recently (as in since the last update), it doesn’t reset on abdication, I’ve seen and relied on this being the case and was not disappointed
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Topic: Realm Grinder / The Most Useless Spell that DivineGames should improve!

Originally posted by Ze_Frog:
Originally posted by themthe:
Originally posted by master2080:

Holy light is worse than tax collection !
Tax collection is technically a 30x production boost per cast, and it doesn’t affect just clicks.
But tax collection is one of the best I can’t really compare it to that..

As a direct comparison, yes it’s worse, but you shouldn’t be casting spells all by themselves, holy light is a x25, and TC is 30 seconds worth, if you combine the two you get 12 and a half minutes of production, all at once, which brings back the argument: How is 25x production in any way bad?

It’s only 25x your assistants production, because their production is based on clicks. If your assistants only generate 10% of your total income, then it’s only 2.5x instead. So it’s more situational towards which faction/build you use that makes it productive.

pretty much every build ends up with assistants providing over 90% of your income
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Topic: Realm Grinder / Offline Mode not Working

…are you actually closing the game? or just going to a new tab?

I know it should be obvious, but it sounds like you’re not closing the game from your OP

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Topic: Shonen Idle Z / Lack of info

all you have to do is kill 10 of the previous mob.

what you’re seeing is the fact that Autoplay always picks the enemy that gives the best Ki/Sec, so while the next enemy might be available, you won’t actually auto-advance to them until it’s more efficient to fight them

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Topic: Shonen Idle Z / founder pet WUT?

probably some rollback or something, if you have your 50 DS back and the Founder’s Pet is once again available for purchase, it’s the most likely possibility.

unless you still have the Double Ki from the Founder’s Pet, in which case lucky you

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Topic: Shonen Idle Z / Collector 1 question

the Collector missions are for costume/pet completion not mission completion.

the only mission series for completing other missions is the Achiever series, for completing all other missions within any given rank

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Topic: Shonen Idle Z / When to start earning more than 1 SP per run?

with the game in its current state, it’ll take a very long time due to the power spike and how little EXP you’re getting per run

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Topic: Shonen Idle Z / When can we expect actual updates?

I’m talking like… buffs to current companions that really need it (like Shiki, Ryuku, Isuki, Mikka… most of them except Malenko, Yachi, and Batto, really.)

Completely new companions (preferably ones that haven’t been ripped from Clicker Heroes but I won’t complain)

and other new features.

bug fixes are good of course, but it’s kind of disheartening to see an update only for it to be… new customization options that I’ll never see because it’s a waste of 10 DS or new monster sprites.

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Topic: Shonen Idle Z / Don Bobon bonus (+1% to get an extra DS)

additional chance to get 2 DS from a chest instead of 1

I don’t know if first-time-killed bosses have a chance to give 2 instead of 1, but if they do, it probably applies to that too.

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Topic: Shonen Idle Z / Bosses are to OP (OverPowered) for Beginners

ya, you shouldn’t be fighting G. Haldo for a long time, I have 43 total SP and it’s still more efficient to reincarnate for SP, which you can do just after the 4th boss

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Topic: Shonen Idle Z / When is Malenko worth getting?

who are your other 2 companions?

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Topic: Shonen Idle Z / import problem

Originally posted by nouky:

i got the same issue while trying to import data from the original Shonen Idle, is this a continuation or a new game and hence incompatible ?

it’s an entirely new game, and as far as I know, they don’t have any sort of “old save bonus” for players of the original like Trimps had with Trimps Preview players
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Topic: Shonen Idle Z / What's the gate for?

from what I’ve noticed, it just means you can reincarnate, since it only shows up about you beat the boss of Zone 4, which is also the point where you can reincarnate (even if you don’t have any Latent Power)

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Topic: Shonen Idle Z / founder pet

it’s a permanent, 1 time purchase that persists through reincarnation, you should save DS for that before you get anything else with it. If you already bought something with DS, don’t worry too much, it just means it’ll take a bit longer to get it than if you just saved it all.