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Topic: Sonny 2 / Sonny 3 and Sinjid, Which should come first and why?

Sonny 3 first by miles for me because 1,as some people said it one most known game’s on kongregate not now but it was 1 or 2 years ago and still now you could say.2,baring in mind i have’nt much Sinjid,but still sonny 1/2 was better game overall as most of us can tell that.
I do Know the lastest Sinjid preview looked like one of best flash game’s i will ever play,but at least
have good preview of sonny 3 so we fairly decide about which one should go first.
Overall whatever i said in that rant just won’t change the day it’s out and most of these posts won’t and that’s the thing it won’t change the day is out!.So is this post/posts pointless?(whatever force made me say this is…)yes and no.

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Topic: Elements / Which Element did YOU pick your first time?

1st time=energy(green) why? N/A
but i got rid of that one and srarted light/holy type one for my 2nd time :D