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Topic: Epic War CCG / Suggestions

The is a realy need for a raid boss termin that players in europa can use. Perhaps make him at EST AM 10 so it whoub de around 4 Pm in europe. The raid termin at ESTPM 10 is around 4 AM in europe so may people whount be abel to use hin or play at that time.

Perhaps stet a fleg tat an acount can only attack 1 Raid per day so the more Raids whount give to aktive players a too great boost.

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Topic: NovaLode / Starting a Company

Perhaps you shoud made a sighn wher players can sreach for companier who whants to recrute new players, so in the tutorial you see that you can easy join a company too.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battle Conquest] Testing Results

So because it’s abeta i will subit some results from my testings.

Income is to low !
When you begin and on the lower levels you run to quick out of ressorses, and then only soo a high grindy roud up ahad. It will disapoint many players and you will have a high % that quits after the first day or 2-3 days in the game.

Ress storage in to minimal !
Forcing players to come back every 1.5 – 2 houers to collect the invcome it to mutsch ask for a online Game, get the ress depos up so they can collect 12-78 Houers of ress. And change the Autocollection feature to a % Ress boost.

With the 1.5 – 2 Houer system most players will be unabel to collect there ress for the most time and so will slow to a point where they quitt. You don’t get people to pay for someting only to keep up with the normal players, when they pay thay whant to feel a bit special.

Fightingsystem need updating.

Mostly the usual things ^ more units, mor possebiletys to skill you units a bit mor solid pathfinding and so on and on and on and on ^ It’s the core mechenaik that players will whant ot play when seing the game because it’s the thing that is differet from the other games out ther so you shoud aim in the long run for some slim down rome Total war with around 15 defferent units for each sind and many tactiks that are possible.

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent: General (Westeros Discussion) / Game don't start to load on Kongrate

Hi i have a likket Problem with a all out grey screen and that the game don’t load on Kongrate sinse jesterday. Befort that i was abel to play it.

I hope you an fix the Loging Problems soon because it’s a nice game ^^

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Some Necropolis-related questions

ah shoud be quik to implement this, it’s acuse the sale option is although 25 blooks so you only need to link 1 25 block purchase to the reserch and set a flag for the player so the event will not trigger again. Sond’s to me like 10-15 min work in the code and perhaps 1-2 Days testing on a test server at worsed.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Why am I suspended?

LOL nice fake ^^

But in you Kongrate Stat line ther stands " Get Kreds! " and that only stands there if the accoud has 0 atm, so you 30 Kred Balace blowes the hole thing.

I think posting fake screen shouts whoud be not a reason for suspending you. But the Admins will knoe the reason, and form the behavior of posting fake Screenshots to get unbanned, i think the Admins are right.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / The feeling of an epic war isn't there...

I really like you thoughts, and it relay whoud make the game more like in the other epic battels.

Parhaps for higher levels add some sort of defence buldings on the map like 1-2 gates who whoud buy the computer time to get out some troops so there is no longer the chance to rusch him. And make 1-2 of his troops types Random so you don’t have the exact same level over and over agan.

Perhaps a nerving of some Overpowerd and Overused units whoud help to, so the battels whoud get mere the feeling ov massiv fights that last for some times and where 100 get killed, and not just 4-12 units rusching over the field to kill the enemy boss.

More units will only be nice if they are usefull and don’t be those units that no one plays. Perhaps make a Autobalancer that logs what unis are used in battle and the stats of the most unsed 3 ones per day and increse the stats of the less used 3 ones per day. Then take the units level and cost in some formular with it, and you whoud have a game when pplayer whoud at some point stop using the same units al over because they are getting to weak and looiing in the units that no onne uses because tey getting buffs.

Perhaps you can make the system with a -100% – +100% Factor next to the unit. The explanatin choud be the massive recruting of those units whoud decrest the time they had to be traind and so lower the qualety of the recrutes.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Add Friends!!

add please ^^

on FB to so i can help you all with the quests for the better units.

Without the FB Add i can only send some presents but you have to pay for the better units diamonds

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Add Friends!!

add me too please for more presents and gold for everyone

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Redshift] Ramblings of a gamer

Wow a massive list and most of it is +1 ^ so more power to you ^

Game :

1) MY Laptop isn’t having such Proglems and it’s not a realy modern one, so i cant support you here.
3) the Feature can ga a “Pay” only because many Players whoud like it, and it dosn’t change gmae Balance and gives the Producer some money as Pay Content.


2) Perhaps a Astorid scan to that makrs Uncommon and Rare Asteroids in a other Color so you can spot them mor easely in a crwoded system by using your skill that recharges.
4) Defens Skills aganst certan Damage typs likt less damage from x but more damage from Y so you have to specilise.


2) Sorry mining ships shoudn’t have huge HP’s. Whan you give them only 1 weapon you will make then to targets on PvP then give them normal HP so it’s over quikly and not mass HP to even Cost more Fuel to be shoot down bbbut change nothing at the outcome of the fight. A mining ship shoud be sure win for new Level 20 player with combat ships too, so that a Fleet shoud defend it’s miniers.

As i sad that rest is realy good stuff and i am willing to support it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Redshift] Dying in Redshift. Death is not that bad.

Some Tipps.:

0 Infamy dosn’t help: PvP Players can’t see your Infamy and so can’t realy deside to attack or not.

Most the time PvP Battels are short and deadly so it’s most like the Lock on see what ship and how mutsh HP and then press fire or flee out of the system. So there is no time to check for stats, unless you are so Famos that the recognise your Name.

Jumping out of a system seems a bit harsh at first like fleeing whehn a bigger ship enters or a +2 Level player, but you get used to it and it is normal behavior.

On some missions getting killed even helps a lot ^^ just wait for the 5 Min repair and you can go on the mission and fly throgh dangerest sectors without anny problems.

Ah and ^ DON’T ^ Stand next to a portal in a low level Ship in a high level system where you shoudn’t have a quest and do nothing only moving all 1-2 min to avoud getting loged out. You hav then a HUGE Singn “MULTI-ACC-SCOUT” on your ship and player won’t like that.

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Topic: Dragons of Atlantis / To Kongregate

+1 on both topics

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Redshift] Official: Feature Requests and Suggestions

Delet all multi accounters.

Make an Ip Log and try to get them through that or a log where you look after what accounts stand long time in the same System and log in all 2-3 minitues to stay 5 seconds online and then log out.

In the PvP Part of the Game the Multiacout is rather killing he system because a Multi user don’t risk annything with his big ship because he is scouting with his Multis. So he only jumps in a system with his Big account when there is a Good target that is far enough away from the Portal to kill it and is not skilled high enough to realy damagy him. The skill Time can be seen on the HP bar of the ship when you know the basic value end how mutsh % a 2 Monthe accont or a 6 Monthaccout have.

On the other Hand the Normal Player has to serch in the dageres Systems for his Enemys and hase the chance to jump in a system with a higher ship or wasting his energy without findung even 1 Target.

So the Multy account generats fuel for the main Account because the main dosn’t need to jump around constantly and the main dosn’t wast fuel on fighting with Targets that escape through the Portal.

And the Main Account don’t get the problem that he has long repair times because he knows what ship he will find in the system and don#t jum in on critikal fights.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Redshift] Compare and Contrast

Rapture ^^

It’s simple the bit mor power ^^ Remember tat all you skils are % bonuses so the bonuses on the 60 more Power is even a bit more, and later fpr highlevel weapons and amor to fit you need the power.

the other thing has ben sad ^^ the more HP makes it that you can ran of im more situations. And it realy makes a diffenents if you don’t get killed.

But both shipd are nothing that even can winthsant da realy high level player with all attack support in his ship, you will get blasted from 100% – 0 in 1-2 sec. regartles of what ship you have.

So it’s although that othen players look at you HP and compare them to there hp te get en idea how high Skilled you are before attaking a simelar ship. So the mor bround Hp help out because the % skills gives you the more to show off ^^

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Redshift] [Fleet] KongFront.

As fleet with mutsh level 18-19 coming soon to level 20 and some new level 20 as well, we realy need some metode to get ingame Credits. Perhaps some expirensed player can ride something down how to get them when quests are out.

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Topic: Swords & Potions / Looking For A Guild?

Serching for a guild.

Having all workshops and noninterest in newby guilds.

I need an active guild with fee max to 1K.

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Topic: Swords & Potions / Error at Start

Problem Solved, after support tiket to Egbee. Thanks for the quik help

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Topic: Swords & Potions / Error: unable to play

I got the “Exception: Near key guild_id and reference mismatch, ambiguous save. (Reference: None, Near key: 10489)” essage 2 days now…

So annyone knows a tip to fix it ? or anny Posibility to reset the game account from outside of the game ?

Or is it the only Possebility that a GM sees the Froum topic and gentenly get to work ?

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Topic: Swords & Potions / Error at Start

Errpr after the loading and the titel screen when the game shoud begin to connect.

Exception: Near key guild_id and reference mismatch, ambiguous save. (Reference: None, Near key: 10489)

Annyone hase some Tips how to fix it ?

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Auto Defence Faction Bots.

oh it’s mostly never hacking, haking needs some real skills.

Mostly it´s just a online Programm that logs on the different comps of the fraction who have it installed and ther activate a mouse micro to lanch the game and get to the def wars.

With 10 cards per deck you can read the incoming pakeges for the cards you draw and have a solution for every possible situation of the deck what of the cards ( 1/2/3 ) the mous script shoub play.

So you hve a nice def Mechanism where all deks instantly def ( mostly 1-2 havent there comp on ) and you don’t have the problems with the auto controller ruining dek Starategys.

With some mor Programming you can read out the pakeges for the enemy cardds too and adapt the play stile when certen deks are seen in the war. Because a central Programm sees all the enemy deks with realy mutsh programming you can get it to change deks or to build couter deks.

this is mostly possibel because all cards are at the same position every log in , and with 10 cards per deck the combinations donÄt get out of hand.

But mostly you will see that in forums it’s never anny heks and peole will say it’s never tool’s, because they just don’t whant that the game engine get changed to mutsh.
So live with it out there are a ton of Programmer who have a job and whant some fun in there free time. But please don’t try using LOIC to get ride of the enemys activety.