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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why Do People Celebrate Christian Holidays The Way They Do?

Blame the ancient Christians, it’s their fault for incorporating those pagan traditions.

neither celebrate god in any way.

Oh no, traditions and their meanings are changing over time.

I just think it’s a non-issue, if you want to be super-religious and celebrate the holidays with nothing but prayer, fine, but don’t chastise me if I want to have a party and give gifts.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Thematic relations critique?

Originally posted by Aeuctonomy:

My thread shouldn’t be shut down due your argument ad lapidem. I, the “OP” did…

And now I can’t not read your posts in the voice of a mildly irritated, condescendingly British literature professor.

I, the “OP” did contribute to my own thread,

Thing is, you made it about as accessible as an Arab virgin’s cherry.

Oh God, what have I done?

and your strawman stating that I haven’t is called harassing/ad hominem.

At worst it’s being disagreeable.

Refrain from harassing, or you will not have the opportunity to post in my thread again.

Short of banning him or locking this thread, there is nothing that can stop him from posting here if he wants. Which he also doesn’t seem to.

Originally posted by Aeuctonomy:

I don’t know how to quote.

Put [blockquote] [/blockquote] (replacing [] with <>) around whatever you want to be quoted.

On-topic: I got nothing. At first I thought this was about the various relationships between characters in fiction, but apparently it’s about hyper-intellectuals trying to find patterns in an honestly stupid language.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should medical crystal meth be legalized?

Originally posted by Helltank:

So you assume everyone is from the US until given evidence otherwise?

No, I assume he’s from the US because his profile says he is and he’s never said otherwise.

Not to mention he may not even have ADHD.

As Vika pointed out, he doesn’t have to have ADHD in order to have seen/heard/know about it.

Originally posted by Twilight_Ninja:

Water’s not addictive, like meth.

Well for the sake of accuracy, everything’s addictive.

The last instance I heard of someone over ingesting water was as a side effect of ecstacy, so again, really a drug problem (not a water problem).

Point still stands; just because something is addictive doesn’t inherently mean it should be completely banned (i.e not being used for medical purposes).

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should medical crystal meth be legalized?

Originally posted by Helltank:
Actually, you have seen it before

I have no personal interest in this thread but would like to express my displeasure at someone making an assertion about someone else’s personal life. For all we know, YoucantbutICan lives in a society where drugs are almost extinct(like in Singapore, where I actually live).

Adderall. The main drug used in ADHD treatment. It’s basically what this drug is – meth light. The medical version of crystal meth basically.

That is the very next line and we have no reason yet to believe he isn’t from the US.

I think it’s a safe bet.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should medical crystal meth be legalized?

Originally posted by YoucantbutICan:

It’s not that it can’t be used responsibly.. It’s just that is hasn’t been used responsibly. Ever.

But has anyone actually tried? You can get addicted to a lot of things if you or the people around you let it get out of control, and I’d bet you that whatever doctors would use it, would be extremely attentive to the patients using it.

Though it may be used in slight benefits in the hands of doctors, for the most part, it is an epidemic issue that we’re striving to stop.

When used without legal regulation. It’s incredibly dangerous when used inappropriately, but that’s not what’s being arguing anymore, now it’s whether it’s possible to use it appropriately.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should medical crystal meth be legalized?

Originally posted by YoucantbutICan:

Okay, okay. That’s going a bit too technically there, Vika. Surely anything can kill you, but lets just not forget that Meth is a whole different story.

Everything’s a whole different story, really.

Don’t agree with me? Fine. Ask yourself why Meth is illegal in the first place,

It’s highly addictive, seriously detrimental to one’s health if they are otherwise healthy, can be manufactured and distributed in such a way as to needlessly danger the consumer.

and why everything else that can possibly kill you, isn’t.

Except that morphine is illegal for recreational use for the same reasons meth is, and is used very cautiously in medicine.

Also, I had no idea what you just said on your last statement.

you mean this?

If you’re going to use these compounds, wield them like a scalpel, not a sledgehammer. It’s for precisely this reason that I’m ok with their use in medical care, and only in medical care.

It’s really not hard to understand, she’s just saying to use it carefully and precisely.

Not everyone is a doctor like you, but unless Meth really does sort of help you in the midst of cancer, I guess it’s okay if it’s medically treated only in the hospital, not anywhere else.

So, you agree with her?

But it doesn’t really quite add up, though. Meth merely kills you,

No it doesn’t, abuse of meth kills you. It just so happens that it’s really damn easy to abuse it, especially if you don’t have a team of doctors looming over you to keep you from going off the deep end.

however you’re considering it’s benefits towards a cancer patient? or, lupus patient? Is it just the patient getting high that distracts him/her from the pain they’re in?

You’re still showing a remarkable lack of understanding towards meth and what she’s saying what it could be used for and why.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Quick political question

Originally posted by jhco50:
People do think for themselves and that is what causes all of the controversy.
You mistake a difference of opinion for not thinking for themselves solely on the fact they disagree with you and your ideals.

Except he’s not arguing that no-one thinks for themselves, he’s fairly clearly taking exception to the people (whether real or not) who follow a specific view just because they want to stay consistent and follow all of the beliefs their self-appointed party does. Also, he actively does not make a distinction between left or right, you’re the only one saying that it’s because people might disagree with him.

It is this disrespect for human life that galls so many.

Kind of like how the disrespect for the woman’s life can galls me?

You evidently come from a socialist country and expect all others to accept what you have been taught as gospel.

Generally, when you have an opinion, especially a political opinion, you want people to agree with you (I don’t see you saying “dammit, stop agree with with me, ya commie!” whenever someone here shares your opinion on something). Even more-so in this forum, since it’s purpose is mainly to have people create persuasive arguments for why they’re right.

Also, not only is Kasic from the US, I’m pretty sure he’s from the same state as you. This is why you can’t have nice things.

Has it ever occurred to you that you are the one who has been conditioned to think as you do?

If you want me to go all behavioral psychologist on you, I could very easily argue that all of humanity is the product of conditioning.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should medical crystal meth be legalized?

Originally posted by jhco50:

Our neighbor used Meth, skinny and here teeth were rotten. She would pimp her kids if you though she could get a fix. But hey, lets make it legal and call it her right.

Upon a few minutes of self-reflection, I realized that anything I’d say in response to this that was at all serious or relevant would have been essential the same thing either I or someone else has told you dozens of times before. Really, all it would boil down to is me saying “That’s not what’s being argued,” “That’s just an extreme/anecdotal example,” or “That’s fallacious logic.” The only thing less unoriginal would be “That doesn’t actually contest his point, that’s an example of the harms, but not inhreently indicative of the effects of the substance to the general populous even if used predominantly for recreational purposes,” but that’s really just because it’s a different, more verbose way to phrase the previous statements.

It really irks me that I can’t come up with an actually unique response anymore, the same way that it irks me that that’s the only thing I really can reply to because it’s a flaw that completely negates all the meaning it’s supposed to have had.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Feminism: Does Sexual Exploitation Empower Women?

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
Damn, Kasic…I had one helluva response all typed up.
But, for some reason…when I hit “Submit Reply”….it all disappeared except for your link.
This is the second time its happened.
I typically will copy my post before hitting Submit Reply (in case the site shuts down while I’m typing it….this has happened to me before).
But, for some reason, all that gets copied is the link.

Yeah, sometimes when you start a post with a word (or words) in quotation marks and start a new paragraph a few lines down, the quote and everything below it gets deleted.

I think it might be a bug that happens because the forum thinks you’re trying to create a link like this but doesn’t have an actual link to use, so it tries to use all of the regular text after it and makes that text disappear in the same way you don’t see a site’s address when you link to it.

Also, I think Feminism needs to recenter itself.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / "God is not good"

Originally posted by AEBEATIAxSOOKIES:

But but… you don’t understand… making my own thread means I don’t have to spend hours reading through your tl;dr OPs.

I don’t think karma’s made any threads generally about religion, so that’s a non-issue.

Also, you don’t have to read his posts, now go find an old thread.


Topic: Serious Discussion / Free speech vs. discrimination -- where do we draw the line?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Just leave me alone

Originally posted by finkidz5_:

I’m not referring to artistic creativity,

You could argue that’s the only kind of creativity that can exist.

The example I brought, ‘my sides’, if you’ve ever seen it in an internet forum, is a great example. Instead of thinking of a response to a humorous comment, I can now be lazy and say, just like this: my sides
because it’s easier and accepted in the internet community.

Oh no, someone’s made the same joke more than once, truly this is the end of comedy.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Airplanes just dont disappear, they have to go somewhere... right?

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
But, more likely it will dip a wing and cartwheel

Gotta love how determined someone can be to disprove 9/11. I’m telling ya, the conspiracy of the 9/11 conspiracy is one of the greatest, most overly-complicated conspiracies yet.

Kind of like how people can think that it disappeared because a black hole got it or because there was a plan to steal it, even though said plan would have taken several times the money it costs to buy a plane.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / The Soda Machine of MAgic idleing

You get an obvious crystal.

I insert data.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Anti-Best Accomplishment of the day-Ninth "Winner" Announced: gordond. (Now on page 76, because the true fail is how little code a post can take before breaking.)

Ninth “Winner”-

Ignorance is Bliss, Unless You’re the One Watching the Ignorant

  • Be a testament to the sheer power of watching grass, or trees, grow- awarded to gordond :
    March 23rd, 2014, p. 75
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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Anti-Best Accomplishment of the day-Ninth "Winner" Announced: gordond. (Now on page 76, because the true fail is how little code a post can take before breaking.)

Originally posted by lennonluiz0907:
Originally posted by picodealion:

…Tenco should return and give the ninth prize to this guy.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Two and a half moths later.

I meant to say moths.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Plasma projectiles?

Originally posted by ArcStudios:
Doesn’t large mass cause gravity?

No, mass (any mass, no matter where it is or how big it is) exerts a gravitational force upon other mass, that’s an important distinction from what causes gravity to exist as a force.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why american soldiers should not be allowed in ukraine?

Originally posted by fma1:
The people of that region voted on it and the vote showed that those people want to be annexed by Russia.

I thought that the Ukrainian people voted to join the EU, but the president (Who seems to have turned out to have been pretty corrupt) vetoed that in favor of joining Russia.


Originally posted by vikaTae:
However, the specific area Putin’s after is a subset of Ukraine, Crimea.

Okay, that makes more sense. I knew Crimea was the spot being contested, but when fma said “region” I thought he meant Ukraine as a whole.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Apparently the government could wreck SD

Originally posted by Kasic:
It doesn’t surprise me at all that Jhco’s quote came from someone with these views or that he agrees with the statement.

Same here. Though, in retrospect, it doesn’t make much sense to me for someone from the 18th century fearing dictatorships the most. If it was a founding father, I’d have expected a mention of royalty or a ruling class instead of dictators (granted, they are pretty similar, but there would be no reason to call it a dictatorship).

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why american soldiers should not be allowed in ukraine?

Originally posted by jhco50:

Flabby, you are too young to remember the cold war era… I believe Putin is trying to rebuild the USSR and if we don’t step in we will be back to the days of constant threats of war.

Whatever you say, Papa Bear.

You needn’t worry though because our president is considered weak and this is why Putin is willing to invade the Ukraine. He knows nothing will be done to stop him.

And he also knows that if Obama were to do anything against him, the U.S. citizenry would recognize the tyranny of his actions and overthrow him, thus owing allegiance to their new communist dictator, Czar Putin.

Also, Hillary Clinton would be revealed as the aging witch she is.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Apparently the government could wreck SD

Originally posted by jhco50:

This from one of our founding fathers.

Which one? It’s kind of important, considering some had really weird ideas for the government, like Alexander Hamilton who (I believe) wanted to give the President a life term.

A democracy (Republic) cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the Public Treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the Public Treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy always followed by dictatorship."

I have a sneaking suspicion that you put Republic in parenthesis.

And this is how a free country deteriorates. We are now in the dependence stage.

Because their ideas on what this government can and cannot take can totally hold up after two and a half centuries, 300 million plus citizens, increasing wealth disparity, becoming a superpower and self-appointed world police, more scientific and medical discoveries than you could shake a stick at, redefining what a man or a woman is, redefining what a person is, unprecedented access to information, changing of educational standards, increased importance of religion, a massive amount of international affairs, drastically increased power of the federal government, and the domination of big businesses over small farms.

I think after the Jazz Age, we can start taking some of their advice a little less to heart.

From dependence back into bondage.

So what, this is just another (albeit more poetic than normal) post pining for a revolution?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should women fight in war? (on the frontlines)

Originally posted by YoYD:

In some cases yes, but as we already have seen they would be raped… I’m sorry to point this out but a-lot of them do get raped in the military.

More men get raped in the military than women, should we keep men out of the military to prevent that too?

Or should we focus on the bigger issue here and stop sexual harassment in the military altogether?

And the majority of them can not carry a 200 pound soldier with 80 pounds of gear into jeep.

And a 150 pound guy probably can’t either, we shouldn’t exclude half of the population just because most are, allegedly, unable to meet the physical requirements of the military. It should always be about personal capabilities, and if that means that the majority of women who sign up don’t get it, then that’ll have to be how it is. As long as we don’t give special consideration to someone just because of their gender, man or woman.

Originally posted by dias17se:

True. But also be minded that some women are really strong. Don´t know if they have testosterone or not,

All humans have testosterone, how much depends on gender and the individual.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Apparently the government could wreck SD

Originally posted by jhco50:
They will take it because of Obamacare and the debt. They will take it because they want to neuter Obama and his policies.

They’ve been trying to do that since he was elected. Just before Obama was inaugurated Mich McConnell ( I think, all Republicans look the same) said to the Republican party to block every action he makes, but always say they want to work with him.

If this were a movie that would be something the corrupt government would do, not the freedom fighters overthrowing tyranny.

Originally posted by thepunisher52:
and Karma are you really the socialist scum he makes you out to be?

I can’t say for Karma, but I can say that if you believe that children and the elderly shouldn’t be forced to do hard labor (coal mining, chimney sweeping, various other dangerous tasks.) then you’ve got a little socialist in you.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Prostitution

Originally posted by Ceasar:

Maybe. Are you going to draw blood from them weekly? Are you going to give them free medical care if someone tests positive?

Well, no, I’m not a licenced physician, nor do I have the money to support even one extra person’s medical care.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Spanking: yea or nay. -- Now expanded to include: How humanity uses physical force to ensure desired compliant behavior.

Originally posted by jhco50:First, let me address a remark Tenco made,

And, like, everyone else, too.

that we were all children at one time. This is true, but being a child is much different than raising a child.

Never would have guessed.

I gave you people my experiences raising children,

And does how someone was raised have no effect on how they would go about raising a child, or is there only one true way to raise a child, and deviating from that in any way would result in the child developing any number of diviancies, like pedophilia, or a taste for metal music, left handedness (guilty), or brown hair?

and of course you have this irresistible urge to twist it to fit your ignorance of child rearing.

The hell did “we” twist? Different interpretations when you were being vague, maybe.

But hey, you geniuses carry on, you know it all.

And you have this irresistible urge to generalize the ideas and arguments of others, even when dealing with two people.