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Topic: Off-topic / Who is zaminic?????

Originally posted by RollerCROWster:
Originally posted by tenco1:

It’s pronounced senpai you unwashed fucking pleb.

trap sprung, weaboo

A fine trap, too. One might even say, I activated your trap card.

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Topic: Off-topic / An Idiot's Guide to Trolling

Originally posted by Ubermorgen:

No idea who that could be, sounds like a handsome gent, though.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who is zaminic?????

It’s pronounced senpai you unwashed fucking pleb.

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Topic: Off-topic / How is abortion allowed?

Originally posted by KingZeldar3:

Again, you’re not automatically a liberal if you are pro-choice. And what you said can be stated in the other way as well.

Actually, it would probably be less of a stretch to say someone is libertarian (maybe moreso Objectivist a la Ayn Rand) because they’re pro-choice.

EDIT: Hold on, are some posts getting deleted, or just edited?

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Topic: Off-topic / How is abortion allowed?

Originally posted by Ubermorgen:

Worthless speculation.

Then you’re seventh point, by your own admittion, is “worthless.”

7. The unborn child could grow up to become an important person. How many scientists, artists and politicians died because of the choice of a careless mother?

tl;dr: I just got a troll to admit that they were wrong. The thread is over. I win. I win the internet. I am done. The internet is done. We can shut it off now.

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Topic: Off-topic / How is abortion allowed?

Originally posted by Ubermorgen:

Be less lazy.

'Kay. Thanks, by the way. After looking through the entire thing, I saw that the page (by the way, why does it look so shitty?) was orignially from a site called

Yeah, I'm not buying that they're going to be completely unbiased and impartial. I'm not going to make you prove to me that they're not biased, but I still don't believe them.

Every life is a miracle.

Unless you don't like what they do, after they're born.
Don’t pretend you’re saving the world
I ask again, what if the woman's life is saved by aborting her fetus, and she then goes onto cure cancer or, better yet, starts a revolution that ends the need for abortion world-wide?
when you’re just supporting the murder of millions of defenseless innocent people.

What about the torture and murder of innocent people caused by all of the world's strife? EDIT: Oh hey, more links.
That's a conservative news site, and Bachmann's an idiot. SOorry, I don't trust it.
There was a pop-up asking if I wanted more pro-life news. I don't trust this either.
Because this is looks like a Catholic site, I'm afraid my computer or I might burst into flames if I look at it. SOrry, but I'm not going to check that out.

You can find so many great links with a search.

And this one is a blatant, dedicated pro-life site too. Sorry, but I don't trust that they're keeping their biases out of their news.
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Topic: Off-topic / Have you ever quit a game because its TOO HARD?

Yes, I found the game of life to be too challenging.

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Topic: Off-topic / How is abortion allowed?

Originally posted by Ubermorgen:

Because killing innocents isn’t the same thing as killing bad guys.

Hitler was certainly a bad guy, what if he was aborted?

Look it up. It’s all over the internet.

Fuck you “look it up,” you’re the one who made the claim, so back it up. If it’s true then there’s no reason to not do it.

There’s always a small chance the two people will survive and we always need to take the risk. The mother’s life isn’t more important than her child’s.

What if that woman was supposed to be the doctor who will figure out how to cure cancer. Also, if we’re still counting potential as the most important factor, what if the child will be literally the least important person who ever lived, or what if they become Uber-Hitler?

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Topic: Off-topic / How is abortion allowed?

Originally posted by Ubermorgen:

War isn’t about killing children.

Not specifically, but it still happens.

Also, why is this distinction important now?

56 million Americans. Can you read?

No, and I can also forget.

Either way, I don’t buy those statistics, do you have your source?

Isn’t it still killing if someone makes the mother do this, or suicide if she lets it happen?

Yes but that has nothing to do with the topic.

You were the one who said that killing was wrong, you never said that who was being killed mattered before, so why now?

Also, this definitely does have something to do with the topic, an argument made for abortion is that sometimes the woman’s life can endangered by her baby and by aborting the fetus you can save the woman.

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Topic: Off-topic / How is abortion allowed?

And you’re wrong for suggesting something so horrible. Killing people is not the same thing as making a small mistake.

Apples aren’t oranges but they’re still fruit.

Wars help people but abortions are egoistical.

Wars help one group by killing another, if killing is never the answer then how could you possibly say war is acceptable.

A death is as bad everywhere. 44 million people worldwide die every year from an abortion. That’s Mao’s genocide repeated yearly.

Bullshit, you just said that over 40 years 56 million were aborted.

Killing people is never the answer.

Isn’t it still killing if someone makes the mother do this, or suicide if she lets it happen?

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Topic: Off-topic / How is abortion allowed?

Originally posted by Ubermorgen:

You can’t compare killing a human being to eating too much stuff or buying something you don’t like.

But I just did.

That doesn’t mean that I should pay for their abortion. I should be free to pay taxes without worrying that the government does things that disrespect my beliefs.

What about that “war” thing that tends to kill people.

Maybe Hitler’s killer died during an abortion. Have you thought about that?

Yes, and what if the killer of Hitler’s killer was aborted?

It’ll happen more often with your immoral world view.

That is also literally impossible.

Only a pro-deather can say that 56 million deaths is nothing. Me and other good people actually value life.

ANd only a pro-stupid poopy pants would ignore those who died in genocides.

It’s not about what I want it’s about what is best for a child.

Technically, the mother was someone’s child, and what if her life is threatened by her baby?

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Topic: Off-topic / How is abortion allowed?

Wouldn’t this thread be better suited for SD?

Originally posted by Ubermorgen:

You don’t know if unborn babies don’t have feelings.

Yes, you can actually. You see, during conception, the zygote doesn’t start out as a fully formed, albeit microscopic, human that you just need to add water to for it to grow, it’s actually just one cell that keeps dividing for (hopefully) nine or so months until it gets birthed, and for the first few months it has literally no nervous system, thus no pain.

Fun fact: All human’s were made butt first and the rest was built around that.

2. Unlike forced parenting abortion can lead to regret.

And so can eating too much ice cream, or buying a stupid jacket, or going to a party where you get hammered and date-raped.

Women shouldn’t have to deal with this kind of responsibility.

You know that that’s actually one of the arguments used for abortion?

On one side you have a terrified two week old Timmy being stabbed with a poison needle.

Two weeks? I’d don’t even know if he has any bones, much less feelings.

On the other side you have a leukemic five year old Timmy living a happy life with an uninsured single mother working a honest job at Hooters. What do you think is best for little Timmy? Any honest person will agree that the first choice is inhumane.

Oh, I get it now.

4. Some Americans are against abortion.

And some Americans are for abortion.

Checkmate, bitch.

5. It’s against religion and the First Amendment because it limits our right not to support sinful actions.

I thought that it was against the First Amendment because it silenced the disenfranchised fetus minority.

7. The unborn child could grow up to become an important person. How many scientists, artists and politicians died because of the choice of a careless mother?

You know, Hitler was both an artist and a politician. Pretty important guy, too.

Legalized adult murder?

That is both literally impossible and does already happen (i.e. wars, death penalty, ritualistic sacrifices).

Abortion has claimed over 56 million American souls in 40 years.

Considering that’s about .05% of the entire population of dead people on Earth and that more than three times that have died just from genocides, that’s nothing.


Topic: Serious Discussion / Hospital forcing girl to get chemotherapy against her and her parents wishes.

This post has been removed by an administrator or moderator
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Topic: Serious Discussion / Bill Cosby warns women

Originally posted by KeystoneXL:

Stay on topic or do not post as per the rules.

The rules also say that you should include what you think in your first post.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / New Content?

Originally posted by developous39:

Face it, it’s been nearly 11 years since I’ve begun my crusade, and not one person has changed me in all that time.

And you haven’t gotten anyone on your side, either. How about instead of just being the idea guy (i.e the one nobody likes) you go and spend your time making a forum, site, or whatever-the-hell to show what your ideas would be like in practice?

LOOK HERE for a more sensible discussion involving such. They believe in a rep system, and probably have some very good points involving the nexus.

After reading the whole thread, I only saw one guy give your ideas some actual credit and the rest were dumbfounded by what you were trying to say.

Methinks you being autistic also makes you unable to understand how other people think, or unable to sound not crazy.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Advice Needed

Originally posted by brashhamster:

What you all fail to realize when I first came to Kong I was a normal user and earned my way to being a moderator. For over a year I was doing fine, until I was betrayed. Thankfully I retain my moderator account which I only use behind a VPN after changing my MAC address, then I use TOR. No one will ever know who the moderator is. But it gives me access to a great amount of detail on my fellow posters. Kong has never been able to sniff out the account and never will.

You know, I might actually have believed you (the first time I heard you say this, at least), but you sound you’re the villain in a shitty fantasy novel.

SaintAjora was the last victim to challenge me and well, look what happened to that poster. LOL

Hey, I just noticed that the phrasing here says that you were challenged by others, you couldn’t do shit about it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Eric Garner fiasco

Originally posted by brashhamster:

Are you claiming the killer is not a good source?

No, just you.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / "Pot Smoking > Child Murder" ?

Originally posted by trentmiller:

karma, I can’t even tell if you’re trolling me or just being dense.

Neither, he was being facetious.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What's so ethical?

Originally posted by InnocentViolence:
Humans after all are an invasive species to Earth.

Unless it turns out that we’re actually from Earth 2 then that would literally impossible.

All the evidence is there that we are not native to Earth

What Marijuana are you injecting?

as we destroy as we go and have never fit into the natural balance of the ecosystem.

That’s not evidence that we’re extraterrestrials, though. If we were put back in wilds of Africa with all of our knowledge and tools taken away we’d be on a roughly equal level to most other wildlife there, and the only reason we got out of there in the first is because we have a bad habit of solving problems and walking long distances.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Negotiations with a presumed 'turkey'.

How about not talking about the nexus?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A simple question you probably will condemn...

Take a video of you naked and jacking it in San Deigo.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why are you Atheist?

Originally posted by niceman555:

Arguing about religion
is this all you guys do
argue about beliefs that arent true
ok lol

Paragraphs like this
Make your posts look like haikus
Why would you do that?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The Interview being pulled from theaters

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:

I wondered what happened to ya, McAlty.
Ya’ve been gone so short a time that it wasn’t long enough.

Eh, I don’t think he’s actually Vanguarde, he seems to have been around too long and hasn’t really been trying to get a rise out of people, just saying some things that a more moderate Vanguarde alt might.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should intelligent animals be given more rights?????????

Originally posted by Novellean:
My health status has come up on kong a few times ranging from “I think he’s dead”, to “you’re gonna get ebola from your doctors LOL LMAO”. I didn’t feel I needed to start with pointing it out.

I don’t remember ever seeing you here before, and a quick look at your posting history shows you’ve mainly been visiting game forums. No, you shouldn’t have to make a formal introduction and detail the events of your life thus far, but all that’s happened has just given a really sour first impression. (Compounded by the fact that we’ve been dealing with a troll who’s shtick was being vague and ominous.)

As far as the videos you’ve seen… All I can say is: make a bucket list, clear it, and form your views from your, or shared group, experiences.

For cannibalism or in general? Either way I’d make a double standard or have to discount nearly everything I have an opinion on. If I remember correctly, there was already a pretty rigorous discussion made in this forum on why this is a really dumb thing to say.

Also, you just rejected documented evidence with “you just have to experience it.”

Returning to my main point……… humans are the apex predator.

No, one human is about middle of the road, a group of humans with generations of knowledge and tools are at the top, but a large enough group of any animal will make them the dominant species.

Whether you eat it or not, it is within the food chain. Therefore; it is food.

By that logic, humans would be food.

Food doesn’t need rights. Protection from extinction sure, but “rights” no.

You know, you still haven’t talked about the rights of non-food objects.

Small notes: Prions are resistant to stomach acids.

That seems improbable. Granted, gastric acid is relatively weak, but it’s still supposed to dissolve harmful substances.

Reflex while similar to vomiting is not the same.

Don’t you mean reflux?

Semen contains sperm, which contain DNA. Semen has no DNA, and is not composed primarily of sperm..

2-5%, it seems.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should intelligent animals be given more rights?????????

Originally posted by Novellean (undefined):
  • That sums up the taste of raw fresh/blood fairly well. But, cooked it has its own distinct taste.
  • Really, raw human tastes like tears? Fun fact: Human tears actually taste different if the person is sad or not.

  • During travel through South America. Sat in on a ceremony. It’s their tradition, or so I was told.
  • So it was a ritual?

  • OMG thats literally what happens when foreign human material enter the body.
  • I was talking about an auto-immune disorder that would make it impossible for cancer (or for that matter any cell with a mutation) to develop.

    Anyway, since Vika already brought this up, you know you can actually become allergic to red meat? There’s a certain sugar that’s present in most red meat, like beef and venison, that humans don’t naturally produce, and when it’s injected into the bloodstream there’s an immune response made to fight it, and thus you become just as allergic to it as bees or peanuts. If our stomachs could really detect anything foreign in the body, then how the hell can we manage to eat anything?

    Not to mention that there are video records of people not throwing up after eating more than a fingertip-full of of human (If I remember correctly, there was a show where two people were dared to each part of each other, and they did).

    Trying to bring insects into a topic that relates to animals is a reach. You know insects aren’t animals, right(but are food)?

    … There are no words.

    First off, they are, they’re part of the phylum arthopoda, which is part of the kingdom animalia. The only things that aren’t animals are plants, fungi, bacteria, and the junk drawer of taxonomy, protists. Secondly, stuff like this makes me think you don’t actually know or fully comprehend what you’re talking about.

    Grass is also food. Like all plant matter, humans aren’t capable of fully digestion of it.

    For the sake of argument, what about the Castor bean? When does something become not food? For that matter, you still haven’t talked about mineral rights (heh).

  • My knowledge of rare diseases come from having to sit in the infectious disease ward at Stanford for a week every quarter.
  • Why didn’t you start with that, then, because now I don’t actually believe you.

    It seems you are playing devil advocate

    For what side?