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Topic: Crush Crush / Balance Discussion / Suggestions - Crush Crush Game Designer

Originally posted by weirdguy:

Quite simply, with how the game is being developed, there’s zero reason to test somebody else’s game for free, much less give them ad revenue for it, with the current expectation that players go through the entire experience from a new save every time the game has a major change with no payoff. This was published too early, with too much expectation as to what it will be, without consideration as to what it is right now. If you want to be a Hyper Hippo success story, you have to actually follow through on their methodology.

Adventure Capitalist had walls just as bad, if not worse, and went months without updates. They just hid the grind much, much better. I’d hardly point to them as an example of what to do balance-wise. Marketing/presentation, yes. Balance, hahahaha no.
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Topic: Realm Grinder / Pre-Ascension Checklist

Originally posted by Sliverin:

Don’t know what you all have against ascension. It is true that there is no new content, just shuffled one. But this shuffle has made it interesting.

Surely more interesting than other waiting points we had in the game (r16,r25,r32).

Archwizard, that is something content-less.

For myself, I prefer pushing reincarnations and trying to find new ways rather than waiting for a 240 or so online hours run that requires no thought.

Considering post-ascension reincarnations starting from about R43 are even more of a grind than anything before it, I’m not sure what your point is. You’re going to be spending days on any viable build to break walls at that point regardless.
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Topic: Realm Grinder / Pre-Ascension Checklist

Do everything you possibly can. Post-ascension sucks.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / PRESTIGE CHALLENGES, Part 1 - v1.6.52.0 [Full Patch Notes]

Originally posted by firecat6666:

Am I the only one who thinks the combo strike spell upgrade is ridiculously overpowered and the diamond pickaxe one is crap?

Also, there’s a bit of a problem in the description here (at the right end of the picture):

The Dwarf spell upgrade being underpowered is more than made up for by Dwarf 4 being comparatively overpowered.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Challenge boast

Aren’t you a special snowflake.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / What happened to the Excavation forecaster?

Man, the Realm Weather service must be cursed, because that’s two seperate creators that have thrown a hissy fit and ragequit.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / NEW GRAPHICS PREVIEW (and poll!) - v1

I really like the new ones! Having them color-coded just like the original ones makes it much easier to distinguish them visually, although some of them are a bit too similar, especially the Drow/Demon ones.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / I'm going to sound crazy... I want a Nerf.

> P.S: It might just be me because of the GotG, maybe build, maybe it’s because I used a 5 day time warp

I mean, this alone makes your entire post meaningless. Who the hell pays to win then complains about it?

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Topic: Realm Grinder / I swear, I might be one of the unluckiest people on here (RNG wise)...

Being around the unluckiest 2% is nothing particularly noteworthy.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Stuck in Mid-Game?

You’re not in midgame. You’re barely past the beginning steps of early game.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Droblins Got Trophies build [R32+]

Originally posted by Elivercury:
Originally posted by Nebuleon:

I just got the 100 trillion Faction Coin trophy at 1 day 00:45:53 while running this build. At this time, I have 1500 assistants, 11.7 million Tax Collections, 13871 max mana and 3659.7 mana regeneration. I did not charge C250 at all before starting.

I need 13:53:20 hours for the remaining 500 assistants. I will probably not get the 50 million spells trophy in these 13 hours, let alone 1 billion spells, but the 50 million spells will be soon because of all the mana I’m getting.

I really wonder how someone can get 1 billion spells in one game. But that’s for another thread

Really if you’re going for the 1B trophies you don’t need to bother optimising for the FCs or assistants, they’ll come by virtue of casting nearly 1B TCs. As long as you’re getting over 10,000 FCs per TC, you’ll manage to comfortably get E14 FCs before you hit 1B spells cast.

I would suggest looking at the build posted by Deworx in the final spells cast trophy thead:

I’ve been doing his build for about a day now and I achieved 100T faction coins overnight at some point – I would estimate in about 18-19 hours. So I got the trophy a bit quicker, but more importantly my mana regen was around 5.5k when I checked (I’m at work now) which is significantly higher than yours, and I expect will continue to build at a fairly steady rate of 2-3k per day.

By my estimates I should manage the 1B trophy in around 10-12 days, but I suspect I am underestimating the mana regen growth of the build, as druidline growth is very powerful.

Would recommend the build for 1B spells and it will easily get 2k assistants and E14 FCs.

If anything, you’re probably overestimating it. The bonuses from Berserking and Synthesis suffers from diminishing returns, so your mana regen growth will drop off gradually. Currently at 7% of the spells cast requirement after 2d12hr, with my mana regen at 9.4k, using what is probably an identical build to yours. The Easter event ending soon doesn’t help.
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Topic: Realm Grinder / Almost ready to Ascend don't have all the 5k buildings.

Just a note – the spells cast trophy is not an easy run. I’m estimating about 15 days of doing nothing but sitting on the optimal mana regen build at R39.

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Go on the wiki, copy a build appropriate for your level, and follow it to the letter. Once you understand how it works, and more importantly why it works, you have the necessary experience and info to make your own builds. Or just copy all your builds if you’re lazy.

For R25 I think I went with the non-unique Goblin build on that page.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Stuck at R25

Originally posted by nighthunterrrr:

I created this…. I dont know…. the build took me only to TG-Utg

In addition to what Sliverin said, look through the Secret Trophy list and see which ones you’re missing that you can get. A lot of them are massive production boosts and speed up the whole ordeal dramatically.
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Topic: Realm Grinder / R25 Unique Assistant/Mana Faceless Build

I have so many questions right now. Why are you taking S215 over S200 or anything else that isn’t trash? Why would you make a Faction Coin grinding build when you’re stuck at R25 and need production gain to progress? Why do you think such a low-yield build would be good for maximizing excavations?

But then I read that you picked Elf Bloodline to maximize Territorial Expanse. Oh man, you keep going on being you. You’re a precious cinnamon roll.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Any point in achieving Archwizard [1e9 spells] trophy !?

Originally posted by Deworx:
Originally posted by greedho:

For all those wondering about trophies and upgrades, or thinking why_amihere shouldn’t be kidding on such subjects, I’ll like to remind you all something :
Trophies upgrades follow a simple rule anyone trying to complete all trophies should already know. Trophies do not give upgrades, except secret trophies.
And now I see I forgot about two exceptions : Autocasting (quite specific, not surprising it doesn’t follow the same rules) and mana flood ( no comment ;_; ).

Anyway, a Trophy serie will not give anything at the end of the serie if it give nothing before this. As series tend to be upgraded when new content is added.

There are some more beside those, for example the assistant trophys (but not the max, just a few steps)

We are just saying that keeping the game running for weeks just to get a certain trophy doesn’t feel like a reward and rather more like a punishment. (I’m still going to do it either way..)

What i really do dislike is that.. i’m wasting weeks on 1 trophy and then end the run, let’s say they upgrade the trophy even more and i need to waste another few weeks (to reach the same stage as the previous trophy) and then even more to get the new. [That’s probably also what people fear, getting trolled by the devs :P]

Wait till they go for 10k each building cough

You can do the spells cast, assistants, and faction coin trophies all in the same long run, so it’s less of an utter waste of time. Honestly, you’ll run out of content if you’re diligent about playing the game, so having frivolous stuff to idle away at isn’t too bad.
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Topic: Realm Grinder / Realm Grinder: Easter Event

Originally posted by paveljanikcz:

Sounds nice, I hope this event will get me to reinc 25 after which I am going for 12 days now. its just boring goblin build that goes really slowly. and also it would be great if you didn´t have to abdicate to get some of the achevements/quests like last time (I love you in every language) ruined my idle progress.

Switch to dwarf/angel. A reincarnation should literally take you half a day or less with the current set of researches.
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Topic: Realm Grinder / Just unlocked Ascension

Yeah, parking at R40 and getting every trophy out of the way seems like a good idea. Don’t think I’ll ascend even then until Ascension-specific content is introduced.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Does anyone actually use Drow over Dwarves?

By “this stage of the game” I mean everything from R1-R40. As in, the stages I have experience with, since I really can’t comment on anything post-ascension. So yeah, tone down the snideness, since I have yet to find a single use for offline builds in my entire game experience.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Does anyone actually use Drow over Dwarves?

Originally posted by Jahws:
Originally posted by TheLowerLight:

It’s not so much that dwarf > drow, its that they specialize in different things. Dwarves are, in MMO terms “burst dps” and drow are “sustained dps”.

I’d say a more apt analogy would be from LoL. Drow are your “carries” – they don’t do much at the game’s start, but if you get ’em fed they win the game at the end.

The problem with that analogy is that Dwarves start, win, and finish about 10 games in the time it takes Drow to do one. There’s absolutely no contest at this stage of the game – Dwarves are simply flat out better unless you plan on going afk for weeks at a time.
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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Spoiler] Underground Researches

Originally posted by eddieliv:

at hchan, I found your comment both condescending and obviously not helpful. The few researches I can already see (S460, C460 and E460) look like total garbage and do not seem "incredibly powerful to me). Perhaps they are in relation to the other as yet unseen researches or in some long run math that I haven’t had the chance to think about yet. FY clarification, I’m asking because I’m halfway through R33 (to R34) and just trying to plan when/how I should go after the new research.

Ty ESWolf, can you tell me which research is the ruby based one? I have almost 2k rubies so that is actually something that could be very useful to me asap. Thanks again for your time.

If you looked at S460 and thought it was bad then frankly you deserve to be condescended to.
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Topic: Realm Grinder / Surprisingly strong build, R34

Originally posted by brandonp01:

Anyone have a good drow build yet? I’d just be happy getting the new drow artifact at this point

Tack on S460, S545, D480, W520, and maybe A410 (depending on build) to your favorite Evil build and go nuts.
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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Spoiler] Underground Researches

Does anyone have numbers for S545? It’s giving me something around the ballpark of a x1000 multiplier on my Spider Sanctuary, which is a Tier 7 building, so I imagine it’d be pretty insane in a Fairy run.

@eddieliv – The new upgrades are incredibly powerful. That’s honestly all you need to know about them.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Benchmarks and suggested build for jumping into Dwarf/Drow Prestige?

Originally posted by Xelkelvos:

It actually does matter afaict. After unlocking, if you pick up the Vanilla Prestige building before picking up the Dwarf/Drow Trade Treaty, the Trade Treaty upgrade disappears and you’re locked into the prestige of that vanilla faction. If you pick up the Trade Treaty first, then you can get the upgraded buildings for both. At least, that’s how it works on my end.

It disappears until you finish getting all the upgrades for the vanilla faction, then it comes back. It makes no difference what order you buy them in, unless you’re going for shenanigans with A400.
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Topic: Realm Grinder / Buddy build a build I'll buy ya some bananas

You can kind of do whatever right now, the new researches are that obscenely strong. Just hit R35 randomly mashing together whatever researches happened to look good. Don’t think I’ll slow down either till I hit R38.