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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Christmas Event: The Nate Before Christmas

its those single item drop maps that craps everything out. if u lucky and get item right away u save alot of time, but it can actually take along time to get it :( should have been kill quest on every map, that way u can have a static timeframe

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Report a Bug v 2.0

i was still in the circus event even tho it was closed, at stage 267 or something. when i reset cause i wanted to try out the halloween event i had some server issues. connect issues mainly. but when i finally got in and the game was reset but i was still at stage 267. now i lost the opportunity to gain the chest from lvl 1 to 265. thats alot of chests :( also the first event quest on halloween got autofinnished since i started at stage 267.

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Topic: Epic War VI / Feedback & Bug Report

using waterfox and playing on kongregate. everytime i try to start the game i get development console with loads of error messages. exact same as yellow47 and as turkeypie. is there a fix forthcoming or should we just abandon the game altogether. for my own i would not try to start this again more than once a day in the next week or so. if its not fixxed i wont be playing this anytime soon