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Topic: Kongregate / Split test: New navigation!

As said before, there is no way to get to, only to the highest challenge game on that page. Currently there are 4 challenges going on and you can only access one of them from the new bar (snail bob). This needs to be fixed (just make the text “Current Challenge” link there).

My only other gripe is the color scheme, the previous bar meshed well with the top red bar on the webpage and looked like an extension of that, the new gray makes no sense compared and looks really strange.

Like somebody else said, configuration ability from your profile would be nice as well, let people have purple if they want, and sometimes it would be great to see the last 5-10 recently played or so on the bar (thanks for bumping it to 3!). This would also let people select what forums & such they want on the my kong bar.

Nice job otherwise.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Can't connect to Tyrant 8/8

You and everybody else, I’m sure they will have it back up soon.