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Topic: Sword & Magic / [Poll] Reset or not at open this game - this was closed :)

+1 for no reset ,

If reset means to wipe out everything of players get in beta , some players might just leave because of they need to re-grind from 0 with the same content.

I would say it may be frustrating :)

Some other option: Give new registered player some early advantages like 1.5x Exp before reaching certain level , so the level gap will not be too large.

But well , here is my vote to No reset.

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Topic: Sword & Magic / [Suggestion] General Idea / Bug Encountered

Collections of ideas from players

Originally posted by RedMage7650:
More character appearance options, as well as the ability to choose male or female for your characters.
Originally posted by composer:
Request for a ‘bulk sell’ option from my inventory.
Originally posted by EnixSR:
1) A sorting option for items in Inventory.
2) Better and clearer tutorial ( Buttons come with simple description )
3) For future reference , less grinding style and more gameplay variation.
Originally posted by ExarpOmega:
1) More controls over combat flows , Allies.
2) More description on what player stats do.
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Topic: Sword & Magic / [Suggestion] General Idea / Bug Encountered

Well since there are no suggestion thread yet , here is a start :)

Feel free to post up your cool ideas or suggestion to improve this game.

Any of the cooler features in games are from player suggestions, and community feedback is incredibly important to making the game awesome.

I hope Dev will browse through our suggestions or maybe reply in this thread once in awhile :)

P.S. You may want to consider breaking some of them down into separate threads to encourage discussion.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Off-Topic] To Help Someone With Addiction

The Only Thing I Know – Video by Cirrus Epix

Above is a video link to a Youtube video that is about how a addictive-gamer regrets on his focus on gaming life instead of real life.

Personally ,
I don’t think it’s the video games that are unhealthy, its the unhealthy life-style that comes with spending too long on games.

But again , it does have some solid points and I hope this may encourage those who is on edge of quitting addiction.

Best luck to all ,
Before thread got move/locked ,


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Topic: Tyrant / The Card Disappearing Trick

Tips: Always wait until the time counter( 20s ) pop-up before playing a card.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Weekly upgrade] Spoiler: upgraded cards, the nth set

Originally posted by noskk:

Change Helios’ Immobilize to Jam all :D

Hmmm since Nexus is the pack of Flurry ~

Make it Flurry 3 ! :D

Or even better , Mimic all ? :P

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Topic: Tyrant / [Weekly upgrade] Spoiler: upgraded cards, the nth set

Originally posted by lol0lo:

Legendary Imperial Assault
Heal All Imperial 3

Immobilize → Cleanse All Imperial

It’s pretty decent.

Immobilize → Refresh

Now we are looking at a legendary worthy card :)

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Topic: Tyrant / Myt first 10 shards!

Originally posted by JIRAIYA31:

epic failure… trotty, selling shards is the worst thing you can do in this game(besides knowing EnixSR.)

I will never tell anyone that JIRAIYA31 is actually one of my lovely alt.

Or did I ? :)

Originally posted by trotty76:

Hi, any suggestion on how use them?

Keep them until World pack drop price ! :D

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Topic: Tyrant / [To Devs] Making Tyrant More Casual-Friendly

+1 ,

And get rid / revamp current Faction Loyalty penalty , FP has did nothing but prevent players to have fun :)

Not to mention the current conquest token prevent this further , I missed Faction Travel and all those lovely friends that you can make in the way :(

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Topic: Tyrant / [Recruitment] Memories Of Nobody

Originally posted by jetfire300:

Excellent my pretties, I am thinking of getting back on the horse.

Hey jetfire !

It’s been a really long while since you’re gone :)

Definitely got plenty things to catch up with :D


Topic: Tyrant / Laura's Survey Guide

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Topic: Tyrant / Laura's Survey Guide

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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant Now On Armor Games!

Synapticon live on Armor Game ?

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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant Now On Armor Games!

Originally posted by synapticon:
Blight Expansion Announcement:

-Blight packs featuring 50 new cards will be available for 25 warbonds or 60k gold.
-Faction system will be introduced.
-New Promo Cards! Expect this early next week!

Said Synapticon on Armor Games-Tyrant.

Faction system ! Are you ready ? :3

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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant Now On Armor Games!

Originally posted by catepillar:
Originally posted by mcv9:

i found somebody cheating there, he is using lord halycon as commander

How is that cheating?

Consider Armor version is stopping at Nexus pack.

So , Lord halcyon supposed to be unavailable.

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] Worldship Expansion Announcement!

Originally posted by BenchBreaker:

well legion 1 is enough to make 1/5/1 posion 2 BT legendary, so it must be quite good

Remind that you got this common card.

Myriad Tank
Common Imperial Assault
Legion 1

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] 2/19/2013 New Promos and Upgrade Cards!

The no image test card with skill Legion 1 caught my attention lol ~

Guess it has anything to do with this ? :3

Originally posted by DaWayne33:

Keep an eye out for some exciting announcements coming soon!

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Topic: Tyrant / [To DEVS and Consortium] Privacy Settings

Originally posted by Maharid:

When\if you get a responce can you post it here so we all know? Thanks in advance.

Sure , consider it done :)

Originally posted by floppynoodles:


‘we never force sss1 to do anything’ and you are emailing FACEBOOK trying to get them to do something about his site


Don’t know if you’re trolling or just being …….

Anyways , I’m just asking about privacy policy issues and what can we do to get to a viable solution in a civil way instead of unneeded insults and flamewars that you started.

I never ask anyone to do anything to Fansite , yet.

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Topic: Tyrant / 2 Months into Consortium 2.0, a personal analysis of their activities

Originally posted by Moraku:
To be fair, sss1 and JrJetu are both currently still active in the Consortium forum, mostly involved in suggestion topics (so this would be considered “behind the scenes”). I know they are not particularly active in the Tyrant Kong forums =p

And to be honest, the Consortium is pretty much limited to the “Consortium forum” which acts as a communication link to the DEVs.

I know my comment may affected by my personal feeling towards sss1’s personality.

It would be not right but I thought at first Consortium was created to representing/voicing up players wish to Dev since Dev are too busy with their holidays to listen to players suggestion.
For me,
Inactive in forum = Unable to accurately passing up players idea.

But if they are doing their jobs well in consortium forum , then I’m sorry for my false accusation and will wish them all the best.

Thank you for clearing things up.

EDIT 1 :

Moraku , I trusted your words on sss1 activities in consortium , but I would like to hear some explanations on this lol

Originally posted by DarkBlood1:

Statistics of the members in the consortium forum:


(You can check the profiles, the info is public but the subforum of consortium is private)

How to measure this data?

The amount of topics created is a good way to measure the activity of the user because there are no topics with more than 20 posts and also in all of them there are multiple people talking, about 5.

EDIT 2 :


Originally posted by Moraku:

lol DarkBlood1. sss1 registered under his real name, not his alias =p (it confused me too)

EDIT 3 :

Originally posted by DarkBlood1:

sss1 (Alexander Sorokin)
83 posts
2 topics created

I’m done with editing lol

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Topic: Tyrant / [To DEVS and Consortium] Privacy Settings

I stopped replying in this thread when things become more personal attack rather than requesting Dev’s or admin attention on this matter.

Just to be fair , we never force sss1 to do anything with his Fansite.
catepillar is just giving his opinion based on his profession.

Suggestion of getting an Opt-out option is reasonable and insulting blindly on players who request it is not wise.

I have received reply regarding this issue on Kongregate and they claimed we cannot do anything on this , although Kongregate doesn’t support players to use a third-parties tools when playing games.

I had forwarded this message to Facebook admin and I’m still waiting from their replies .

Hopefully FB can provide us a solution since we can literally track Player’s FB profile from Tyrant fansite ( Even if they set their privacy setting to not be available in public ).

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Topic: Tyrant / 2 Months into Consortium 2.0, a personal analysis of their activities

Originally posted by OOHnirav:

I didn’t mean that he should support everything the devs do, I meant that he shouldn’t misrepresent the devs to cause drama. I’m pretty sure that you were away from the game when that happened, but he actually blatantly misrepresented the devs response to a question and interpreted the answer to the community as “the devs say account sharing is allowed.” I don’t think that’s acceptable by any standard for someone in his position.

Yeah , I was away at that time and didn’t know about that commotion.
So , I’ll leave it for Darkblood1 if he wants to comment on that.

But judging from what I know of darkblood1 since 2011 , he is a man that deserve my respect and I’ll vouch for him anytime.

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Topic: Tyrant / 2 Months into Consortium 2.0, a personal analysis of their activities

Nice analysis cater , I like reading this :)

Thanks to all these member who spending their precious times in contributing and voicing up players opinion.


Never seen JrJetu btw , and it may seem personal for me to say this , sss1 and jrjetu should be removed from consortium.

Originally posted by OOHnirav:

I mostly agree with one notable exception. I think Darkblood actually actively does more to turn the community against the devs than anything else. If he’s meant to represent the whiney portion of the community (aka most of them), then I get that, but I would have expected him to be kicked off the consortium the second I saw him misquoting the devs in a way that caused a needless and ridiculous amount of commotion (the account sharing fiasco).

It’s not fair to say this.

Darkblood1 is what he is and he always actively helping out Tyrant community without thinking twice before/after he is a part of consortium.

I remember the motto of consortium has nothing to do with “Supporting Dev In Every Plan”.

No matter Dev positive or Dev negative , it’s a representation of player base.

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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant Now On Armor Games!

Sawblade rush fun for AG lol

Originally posted by ElMoldovan:

Hey, I need a faction there! Please accept me..lvl 5 noob, tho

Same here ! :3

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Topic: Tyrant / new faction

Originally posted by inorix:

fixed your link, people should know this by now?

This is nostalgic :3

Inorix , Fixing faction’s link since 2011.

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Topic: Tyrant / How does one "unregister" from the fansite?

Originally posted by sss1:

seems to be quite popular topic :)
yet, no one answered this one.

so what “your” data exactly you grant fansite access to? :)

I came across this when I was browsing through Fansite’s policy.

Isn’t holding Our personal information permission are forcefully granted to Fansite ?

Or is there a function that I missed to “Choose” not to provide certain information ?