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Topic: Zombidle / Uhm... can anyone explain the troops price balance ?

I haven’t done any real calculations on the Blue Ghost, but it has a 90-second skill that quadruples (x4, or +300% of base) its damage. If you have him up to a high level, you can do some SERIOUS damage with that skill. Ten minute refresh timer though. And if you have the hell building that applies a fraction of your non-tap damage to your tap-damage, you can then fire off Sloth’s form for a good bit extra damage. And that bonus probably multiplies the treasure item specific to the Blue Specter.

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Topic: Shonen Idle Z / Doesn't Work

I’m one of the ones where this game doesn’t work either. When it was working a few days ago, AND other games, like Shop Heroes, still work correctly. I quit the original Shonen Idle when it had the same issue of breaking down with a fatal error on startup. And that I was able to duplicate by opening that game whenever any other browser window was open. Being the only instance of IE with no other tabs was the only way to start the previous version of the game.

Of note, it seems the crash creates a dump file when it encounters a Fatal Content error. The Unity dumps go into a folder named “error_” followed by a long hexadecimal string. I found these folders under “USER\AppData\Local\Temp\”, one per crash. In my case, crash files noted the following:
1) User space memory allotted was 2048MB (8 GB available on a 64-bit machine, but Unity is a 32-bit runtime)
2) Free space was about 40-50MB free (!!!!)
3) The error was an access violation in mono-1-vc.dll (HRESULT 0xC0000005)
4) Error message was “Write to location 00000000 caused an access violation.”

From the above, something is going haywire that is chewing up memory. Along the way, or as a direct result, it’s running into a Null-Dereference type of error (Accessing 0×00, generally the NULL ptr, is a no-no on Windows). My guess, without having access to code, is that things are getting created in memory, possibly in an endless or near-endless loop. There’s a failure in creating the object, and the error is caught so that it doesn’t crash outright with an OUT-OF-MEMORY error. Continuing that, it likely ignored the fact that there now is no object, tried to do something with the non-object, and then catastrophically failed.

Kind of like having No Tea. Then trying to sip No Tea. And then dipping your biscuits in No Tea. It doesn’t work.

Granted, this is mostly guessing without having the source code, a Unity development environment, or a way to read through the Stack dump. But it’s an educated guess.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / (Fixed 10/4/2015)-Bug: Can't open chests since the carnival started

Losing all of my chests, gaining NONE of their contents. And with this being a time-limited event, it’s a death knell. Any reason I should continue playing, or put in more than a single star for the rating? And no, perpetual ‘Beta’ is just another way of saying “We’ll make others QC our stuff, for free!”

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Topic: General Gaming / [Shonen Idle] Fatal Content Error (fixed)

Suggestion for those having a problem starting the game and are using IE11 (can’t say if it works for others):

1) Close down ALL web browser windows. Every single one.
2) Open up a single instance of IE.
3) Go directly to:

I’m noticing that having multiple windows open is causing problems with this game on loadup. There’s been some other weird issues as well; just now, I couldn’t scroll past the Unity window. It wouldn’t render the rest of Kongregate correctly; scrolling back up seemed to help things show up again, but a resize of the window caused it to freeze up and not re-render anything. Not sure if the game is doing something wonky, or if there are underlying Unity bugs that S.I. is bringing to the forefront. Possibly in combination with all the scripts Kongregate runs at the same time.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Shonen Idle] Why I cant play this game

Was working last night. Now, it’s giving the same error. Pulled up F12 Tools for troubleshooting purposes, which has the added effect of delaying some of the scripting and allowing other things to load. I could see Unity doing its loading bar thing (thanks to the delay), and once it was at the end.

THEN, I attempted it again, trying to see just how much time it took. It then caused IE itself to crash, taking out other windows I had open.

Upon restart, for unknown reasons… the game started working again.

Something bad with the load-up code? Or are Unity-based games based around multiple external files, rather than the usual self-contained .SWF file of Flash?

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Topic: General Gaming / [Shonen Idle] Why I cant play this game

Gave it another shot just now.

After the Unity load bar, the Browser was unresponsive for a few seconds, and then the game loaded up and started playing its music. So the newest change appears to have resolved the issue.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Shonen Idle] Why I cant play this game

I just started up the game for the very first time after seeing an entry on JiG. Was concerned about the browser freezing, but I gave it a bit longer. Afterwards, it became responsive, but it shows the “Unity Webplayer” as a small icon/bar, with “The content was stopped because a fatal content error has been detected.” displayed underneath.

Some effort later, I found a location on the Unity website to report my Unity Webplayer Plugin version. Version # is “5.0.3f2”. Running the plugin within IE 11 on Win-7.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Inferno Legend] Game won't start

WebMage put down what the issue was, explicitly calling out your OnLoadCompleted function inserting a newline when it shouldn’t in one of the statements. Specifically, where you are defining “var params = …”. The “kongregate” object is changed into a “kong”, then a “regate”, causing a syntax error that makes onLoadComplete() invalid and unusable. Thus, the loadAPI() call fails, the kongregate object itself is never instantiated (it is made within onLoadComplete), and people can’t log in.

URL of the offending HTML + JavaScript:

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Topic: Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra: General / Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra now has badges!


Per the leave part, is there a way to actually leave the game? Such as deleting your character, and/or being able to permanently block messages originating for this game over the Kong messaging system? (EDIT: Yes, you can block individual games. In the “Game Messages” tab within “My Messages”, the users will have “[Block]” in their panels next to the request. That Block isn’t for the user, it’s for the individual game. Click it, and then you have blocked the specific game that was sending the message, not the user. It’ll clear up all outstanding messages from the same game, too.]

As far as the pay-to-win, it has to do with the PvP aspect. With money, you can purchase the better equipment right off the bat. And what I gathered from the ‘friends’ system, you can buy LOTS of the better equipment, have it in your inventory, and it’ll be ‘carried’ by said friends (or hired hands, again with premium cash), boosting your stats up much higher (again, if my interpretation of the mechanics is right).

You can’t ‘avoid’ PvP, because your user is dumped in a list of possible targets, and your HP is shared amongst these modes (I think Dawn of the Dragons separated PvP HP from quest/boss HP).

I didn’t like the game. I tend to be against these kinds of games, though I play for the badges. Occasionally, they may actually have interesting mechanics and I’ll stick around longer, but in this case, it wasn’t compelling. The bad UI forcing me to click-drag select just to scroll downwards in their hosted window was one of them. But it’s the cookie-cutter nature of these Facebook-style clones that makes it worse. Particularly the ‘Human Resources’ aspect.

The good thing is that it was a quick badge, mostly thanks to the level-up refill.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Bugs

Posting about my Medium raids being locked, as well. Given I joined way back for the original set of badges, I probably had a raid going on, got the badges, quit and didn’t come back for half a year or so. So most likely, it hasn’t gotten the ‘completed’ signal, but the raid had been long gone and never will send it again.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] How do I get Kong to actually let me see the whole screen?

The game is not Flash-based, but is actually HTML hosted in an IFrame. Some Flash may be present (likely for audio purposes, from what I saw peeking around), but the game is resizing with other functionality outside of Flash. However, Kongregate itself uses Flash for the API, so there could be some disconnect on that end.

So there’s something wrong with your environment when it tries to resize the window. IE 9 has it extending/shrinking the entire box for the game as needed (see “Club Noir” >> “Merchant” for an example of a longer content window). There’s apparently an “resizeKongregateApplication” function/method that seems to be called each time it tries to extend/shrink contents, so either that function’s busted for some reason, or it’s correctly authored, but Kong is ignoring it to your detriment.

Maybe there’s a cache issue, and you have older content (like the Kong’s container Flash/SWF) that needs to be cleared from your computer so it can get the latest and greatest. Worth a shot, at least, though I have no knowledge of how to clear that in Chrome.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] Why did Kongregate let this through?

Opinions don’t tend to be objective. Though I also have experience going for me. So, if my experience with it stinks, I’m not going to call it a rose. I’m not going to keep touching it. I’m not going to put it in my mouth, just to be glad I didn’t step in it.

I’ve played just about all the badged ‘Facebook’ style games that were on here, including the removed-due-to-legal-threats Caesary. Many tend to follow certain conventions, so close that you have to check to make sure it’s not the same company making both (or possibly stealing it, see lawsuit on Caesary). I even tried that “Legends of Zork” when GameStop had their contest years ago (Hint, game was so good that it shut down two years later, with players just getting one week’s notice).

If the developer has only shown me 1% of that content, then it should taste like a fine meal, not the end result after a few hours. It should be varied, letting me see the rainbow of colors, rather than just red. It should let me try out all the initial class skills to see what they are like, rather than making you pick one at random and locking you into it for who knows how long (Who knows? Not the newbie). It should give you a fast start into some sense of power, even if just a taste, before slowing it down gracefully to make you earn, rather than putting that brick wall right up in front. It shouldn’t give me a hint of a quest system, but only allow me to select the one quest that appears to be the ‘end boss’ of a zone, rather than the set of zombies that I was at least capable of taking on. Related to that, said enemies should be close in difficulty, rather than the wild divergence that I experienced, with the subtle sense that it was trying to waste my time and energy.

That brick wall right at the 1% of the game? Yeah, maybe the party inside is “off the hook”, but outside there’s bums, broken glass, and some deranged guy who looks like he has leprosy brandishing a knife. I’ve gotten a bad vibe after reading the first few pages of this book.

Maybe part of the issue is that, as a ‘Challenge’, there’s an increased urgency to the task/badge because the little marker is gone for good, unable to be obtained, after a few days. So it needs to be done fast. On top of that, badging of various ‘Freemium’ games, where money is directly involved, gives it an apperance of quid-pro-quo and of design meddling. Take the shoddy platformer. Say that several jumps require pixel-perfect jumping, but the controls are just too loose to jump exactly without dying several times. Now imagine that, for Kreds, you can buy a double-jump, or extend the length of all platforms to make it a little longer, just enough that the randomness of when you actually leap doesn’t affect you as much. When real money is involved, just imagine how you, yourself, could make more money from players?
#Insert more of these hard jumps into levels
#Insert other hazards that make it artificially difficult (‘random’ monsters that are more like loaded dice)
#Get your game badged, so that there’s incentive for players to fight it out to the very end… or to pay up, for the quick route when they’re aggrivated.

Some of us have strong suspicions that ‘freemium’ games tend to taint game design towards how to maximize emptying your users’ pockets, rather than making a good, fun game. And it works, as evidenced by how much money Cow Clicker has made (sadly, to its own developer’s chagrin). But it doesn’t make it fun.

BTW, I wouldn’t call this a ‘Flash’ game. I’m pretty sure the site is all based on HTML with scripting (server and local). Flash might make it animated and pretty, but it doesn’t help the underlying game design. And regardless, remember Sturgeon’s Law. It’ll apply to Flash games just as much as it does to fan fics.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] AWFUL game

What weapons and armor?

The game was clear as mud, trapped inside a black box, in a galaxy far, far away, 50 meters past the event horizon of a black hole.

Yes, I found the merchant. Found that you can spend credits for items, after some glitch seeming to prevent me from finding the credit-using option. There is a definate ‘ladder’ tier of items, where you get to the next level, and can use the next item. Several slots are basically locked until level 6 because the first item requires that level before you can buy and equip it.

As far as powers, you’re thrown into choosing a set without a full concept of what each does. I took the healing set, which somewhat helped as the regen basically undid damage counted to me if I was lucky (heh, there’s that word again, ‘luck’). There was a shield skill that apparently prevented up to 5 damage for one turn. An attack skill from the ‘companion’ that did 2-3 damage but cost me some of the energy bar. And a choice of either clicking the attack button 5 times individually, or have it use up the rest of the attacks. Or run away, which… basically costs the same as losing? Except maybe not the loss of blood, which seemed mostly superfluous given that the winner or loser can be determined by 1 point of damage.

So, I disagree on the game being a little boring. It’s orders of magnitude more. Incredibly boring. Like a cerebral bore.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] Why did Kongregate let this through?

It’s just another CrapMO, of the poor quality that flooded FaceBook. So flooded, it’s overflowing to here.

Maybe it gets better later. I don’t know, and I won’t know. Going “It gets better after the first twenty hours” isn’t a winning game plan. For me, the battles are way too random with almost no skill involved, other than waiting 30 minutes for your ‘Uber’ skill to recharge if you hope to take down a rare. From doing the quest, what I have found is that you are at the complete mercy of the random generator for:
1) What enemy type you fight
2) What level the enemy is (level 5 rare while still level 1?)
3) What happens during the battle (option to sacrifice energy bar for a tiny smidgen of extra damage)
4) Even GETTING a battle

  1. has no valid reason. It takes about ten minutes to refresh enough of the energy bar for a battle. That and a jewel (chump change if pearl) can be wasted because ‘you don’t find anything’ while hunting. I’ve gone twice in a row without a battle. There’s no good reason for that, other than to waste your time and energy (literally), in the vain hope that you’re actually a masochist who enjoys paying to be abused.

The idea of combat lasting 5 rounds is one thing. But giving you double the max health of your opponent, yet losing if they do one point more total damage than you do and getting NOTHING from that combat is anti-user. 50 of 100 versus 149 of 200; almost three times the health, becoming the loser. Again, it’s a a waste of time and an annoyance. Unless you, again, are into that sort of thing, and may I recommend cold-calling the customer service lines of various phone companies? Cheaper, and just as effective in waiting to be abused.

Others, like myself, play simply for the bauble of that entry ticket, which goes on your account as a sort of badge. To ID that, yes, you did the achievement or badge or quest while it is still available. We are collectors, we collect the achieves, we get the nice shiny merit badge like they were stamps or coins.

And don’t bother telling me not to play it. Got the forsaken ticket already, quit, won’t be playing again. Hopefully the powers that be won’t risk a forum uprising by actually trying to give the game badges.

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Topic: Technical Support / keep getting kong messages about games i no longer have interest in.

The ‘Spam’ PMs in question are those pink-background messages that have no delete button/link, and are sent by the Kongregate system itself. Before, they were meant to inform about things such as missing achievements. Now, it’s used to spam some crapgame wanna-be-mmo. Played Clash of Dragon long enough for the badges, and wouldn’t touch it again unless they gave me points and/or kreds. If you’re going to have me spend some time on a Skinner box, there’d better be some reward other than “HEY! LISTEN!” spamming my inbox every other day.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kala Moor Quest?

Got ‘hit’ by the icon as well. I lost connection to Kong, restarting got the ‘We are down, here is a random game’ screen, then later it came back up, with the icon next to my ID. “Kala Moor” seems to be the setting of Hunted, a new game from web searches, so it’s probably another quest similar to Portal 2. Probably got triggered by mistake, and probably related to badges already snagged. We’ll know soon enough.

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Topic: Technical Support / Unearned badge option doesn't work

So, the problem’s been going on for two months now. The issue HASN’T been stickied to let us know it isn’t working, nor have they given any updates in a location where you can actually find info on it.

1) Fix it (after all, is it really two months to move to the new servers?)
2) Remove the drop down option entirely, especially if you never intend on implementing it again.

Right now, little things like this make some wonder what attention is actually being devoted to the site.

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Topic: Dream World / 'This game is a failure.' Thread.

I skimmed over a lot, but having played through a good bit of the game (all badges but the last quest, currently in Phoenix), I have a few thoughts which point to a 2/5 rating.

1) This does appear to be a Facebook-Style game; turn-based, limited playtime, easy mechanics, PvP, and a moneysink to try and get your cash to make said game easier.

2) The addition of badges to another game that makes it easier for you if you pony up cash (last point of #1. Not too keen on this, particularly when there’s a PvP mechanic involved.

3) It’s a very close rehash of LORDs, or Legend Of the Red Dragon. It’s an old BBS (Think Internet where you dialed a phoneline instead of an IP/DNS name) game, primitive in comparison to today’s gaming world. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s been much advancement on some fronts.

I understand the turns as a game design philosophy. It does try to make you want to come back the next day to pick up where you left off, with more turns to work with. My personal annoyance is that the # of turns you can have banked is low, so if you are unable to connect for 16 hours (work, sleep), you lose out on all those turns.

I’m still playing to get the last quest for the badge, but after that, I’m not sure I’ll stick around. Maybe I’ll try my hand at the guild/clan thing to see if it’s anything special, but most likely I’ll jump back to finishing Sacred Seasons (which I’ve rated worse; its own game design is broken in so many ways it saps the fun), again just for the badges.

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Topic: Kongregate / A little bit of knowledge, please. if I recall. Specifically, an article on Kong implementing an Achievement system. Which was the reason I started coming here.

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Topic: Kongregate / Misleading Level Up Badge Description


  1. is possible, and #3 is extremely likely (though I have yet to find the ‘end’ of the race myself).
    There are achievements at Newgrounds for these exact tasks, and they will pop up at the bottom of the game when you perform them.

Per Danaroth’s list:
For #1: there’s only two requirements that I know of: access to the area with the end-game object you need to interact with, and the levels required to navigate to it. You can get both somewhat quickly on day 0.
For #2: though you don’t have much health, you CAN get skills to help compensate somewhat, as well as level up your regen and fortitude to help survive a bit. I’ve managed to do it myself, though it took a few tries.
For #3: There appears to be a skill you can learn that would be an immense help with this.

So all three are quite possible; 1 is more of a medium, 2 and 3 would be closer to hard.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] List off Sacred Season Bugs

Regarding the enemies that stay alive with 0 or less health, it may be related to ‘poison’-style Damage-Over-Time attacks, as well as a bug I experienced. If you attack when the poison ‘fires’ (usually when the enemy attacks), your damage is added to the poison’s damage when it reports it… then does your normal damage right after. The next time poison hits, it’ll correct it by healing the enemy N points. But if you do damage that doesn’t quite kill before it fixes their health, they’ll stay alive with the 0 health. If you do over the mis-reported damage, they’ll die normally. Still, shoddy work.

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Topic: General Gaming / A reasonable topic on runescape for anyone who doesnt just want to flame

Granted, Merlin’s Revenge is a ShockWave game. And given of how trusting I am of that whole codebase, I quickly shut down the browser. But apparently it is allowed, as given my “… sheer majority…” comment. (As an aside, the whole mess with the ShockWave being applied to more than just “ShockWave”, including “ShockWave Flash”, is deserving the marketing gurus that came up with one of the lower circles of Hell.)

I, personally, generally rate the ‘demo’ flashes low, unless the content they have is really worthwhile (akin to the free episode 1’s of shareware games of yore).

Given the all-coding languages, it’d be interesting to see in which direction they take it. I’m somewhat interested in SilverLight myself as a possible environment for gaming, once they straighten out the licensing, the codebase, and the programming environment for it. But as it stands, RuneScape seems more like a hack connecting their own website than something that feels ‘hosted’ by Kongregate. I do understand that online multiplayer requires someplace to act as the server, but the way it’s done is no different than an IFRAME tag. Now the fact that they’re selective of Java (another language I’m not too fond of, given that it systematically kept blue-screening my Win2K machine until I figured how to disable some of its features in a command-line fashion), with Runescape being the first addition (particularly as it already has its own ‘portal’ of sorts at its homepage) just feels ‘odd’. As more games get added that use Java, I’ll probably warm up to it, but it’s jarring compared to the general “gestalt” of the place we have here.

I know there’s a bit of complaining here, so I’ll try to provide something positive as an aside (constructive criticism, after all). Food for thought, re the expansions of languages: wonder if Kongregate can spin off a smaller version geared towards devices like smartphones. I believe I read that the IPhone isn’t well-adapted to Flash, but as they and similar products become more ubiquitous, with a standard multimedia format (JavaScript? Java? Flash?) being allowed, Kongregate could probably enter that realm as a portable portal.

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Topic: General Gaming / A reasonable topic on runescape for anyone who doesnt just want to flame

For me, I don’t have a hating of RuneScape. Used to play it years ago, particularly in college (given the 1400 days since last played, it probably was in college). But there’s a few issues that are irksome.

1) Non-Flash: The sheer majority of games here are Flash-Based. I can’t say that Kongregate can’t allow non-flash games, as I don’t own or run it. However, my experience has always been that K is a Flash Portal, with the benefits of a Live-style API for achievements, high scores, and chat. RuneScape is different in two major ways. The obvious is Java, complain as you want. The other is that the ‘Game’ is just a HTML page pointing to the main Jagex page for RuneScape. So basically, Kongregate is now a Portal to a Portal to a game? I don’t think this is what GLaDOS had in mind.

2) Pay MMO: Multiplayer capability in a game is not a bad thing; neither is a persistant world. The fact that there’s been heavy restrictions unless you become a ‘member’ with the requisite fees to enjoy the most of the game smacks against the whole “Free games” up there in the upper right of your screen. I’m pretty sure that the ad that popped up while loading goes to Jagex’s coffers, rather than Kongregate’s, too. Though if Kongregate gets a cut, it’d be worthwhile to let us know, as the ads are supposed to be supporting this as a free site.

Maybe if there was some ‘draw’ to the whole thing, like special benefits (even if of no use in the actual game) through playing through Kongregate, it might ‘feel’ more appropriate. But as it stands in my experience, RuneScape is the oddball of the group, sticking out like a sore thumb in comparison to everything else that has been done so far with Kongregate.

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Topic: Technical Support / Odd DNS Address/security issues?

I’ve been experiencing something odd in the past day or two, including today, that has my red-flag risen to three-quarters-mast.

I believe it was yesterday that I couldn’t change the # for the posted messages for Pandemic 2. I could get it for other games, but I’m not sure what was going on. I finally realized that there was a period after the ‘com’ in, like so: “”

A similar issue came up when I went to play Platform Racing 2. A message in the chat window indicated there were achievements I could get if I were logged in. Sure enough, I wasn’t. And sure enough, there was a problem with the address. This time, it was pointing to an IP address: “”

The IP addy was in all the links for the box that rotates between the recent ‘active’ achievement/card games. When I reloaded the page, it was back to

I’m not sure what’s going on, but as I said, it was terribly suspicious, and I do get a bit worried when DNS fakery occurs, particularly with recent tech news about DNS issues.