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Topic: Kongregate / Post here if you need a blue portal shooter or orange portal shooter.

Orange, waiting for the blue ones, will shoot back.

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Topic: Kongregate / Ultimate Kongregate Birthday Topic

My b-day is on the 26th of April.

And happy b-day to everyone who has b-days in this days! =)

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Topic: General Gaming / Gemcraft or any other flash game TRANSFER SAVE FILE TUTORIAL

Cool, thank you, it was very helpful because I have moved to a new PC and otherwise I would have lost my gaming progress.

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Topic: Elements / Elements Criticism

I agree, game is very random and winning less than on 40% depends on player’s skills and deck. After getting the badge required for best 2009 I will stop playing it.

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Topic: General Gaming / Why do you hate Runescape?

I don’t hate it, sometimes I even watch what happens in the news or on forums, but playing it is so boring…

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Topic: Off-topic / Safari or IE

Neither of them, I use Opera

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Topic: Off-topic / I currently have exactly 10000 points

What to say, congratulations =)

On one moment I had 666 points…

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Topic: General Gaming / [Desktop TD Pro] cant load game

Same problem here, it writes “Setup has failed: Loader bypassed”. All other games are working well (I am using Opera).