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Topic: Rise of Champions / Guild recruitment

active player looking for guild

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Topic: Elements / FG Killer Decks

Originally posted by thecloud:

Looks good to me, for a 60-card deck.

One thing you can try if you want though, is trim it down to ~40 cards to get the critical cards faster. Remove the Sundials and Dim Shields, and some pillars and misc. multiple cards to account for reduced deck size. You probably don’t need need Anubis, Lava Golem or Mind Flayer, as you have Quintessences, Otys to eat stuff and a Druid to beef up your skeletons/fireflies. On the other hand you could try adding some cards in otherwise unused colors – ex: Ice Shield, Miracle, maybe even Stone Skin.

removing sundials or dim shields??
that wont help. but you have to remove something, especially i think you dont have enough pillars for 60 card decks. stone skins are a good idea, i never heared that before, but i think i will integrate them into my anti fg deck :>

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Topic: Elements / LvL 5 Grinder for E-Mastery - NO UPGRADES

the ideas are pretty good, but boneyard is a must, and also bone wall. if you eat all those with your scarab swarm bone wall is unbeatable. and a fallen elf/druid would be nice for mutating your skeletons got from the boneyard. may adding a third empathic bond would be also good. and i dont get why there are novas in the deck? you should get your quantum from pillars, novas are just consuming place. the weakness probably is a diamond shield and also -2 shields put your dmg extremly low. and (without bone wall i suggested) you have no defence, the sundials dont work for long, and if the enemy has immortals youre done.
i think it has too much weakness to work effective.

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Topic: Elements / GREAT DECKS FOR ELEMENTS (Halfblood)

i dont think it can work…most lv5s heal more than the small dmg you do with phase dragons, and when you run out of cards youre dead. also when you run out of shields or just donot get them, youre dead, too. shards may help, but they cant absorb the damage done by lv5s.
i think you will loose most of the fights becuz you run out of cards.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!] Brilliants without using skill points

for 14 i may accept but i got level 15 on brilliant without using any meteor spell – you will have a 40% chance to freeze the ninja boss (if you have the right skills) before it gets invisible and then he is easy to kill. but without using skill points this game would be impossibly hard °_°