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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Spoiler] New Upgrade Pack 2

Blindside* Evade 2?? Hmmm…evades everything?

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Legion Of Doom VS Snake Order

Ok, that’s enough. I won’t read the full thread. You had 0hiO in, won the war by less than 1000 points difference, then the next day he’s not in LoD (don’t you know who 0hiO is? probably biggest cheater of Tyrant history along with Pescado). Ok.

You made almost a dozen threads flaming SO. We’re farming you for tokens, we don’t need to be competitive because that’s no reason to try and get as many FP as you can (Fervor? Earthshaker? come on…), so we do our 4 wars+defs a day, with 1-2 tough wars a day, our 8 tokens and we’re done.

So what’s wrong with you? I know jose-carlos919 legion of alts will be trying to set the forums-chatrooms afire. Do what you want, you can even make Lazerav_Jose, AntiSnakeOrder and 10 more alt-accounts (so much time invested on us), just to come to room 10 and make your own show, even making alt-acc to threathen yourselves and saying they’re from SO, because I have serious doubts that we are going to make an alt-acc, we can say that from our mains…we threathening you lol, I see no reason to focus on you. So you can cheat and so on (as a faction, or some players, I don’t care about it), but don’t take a 1 FP war to the forums and say that we cheat or make another account to go threathen you because that’s pathetic. If you cheat or not means not a problem at least to me, but don’t say we cheat unless you’re trying to make us laugh, you need something more to do it because it became really boring, try to be original at least.

Anyway you should clean your faction from people like 0hiO, and many forum trolls/attention whores are probably not worth it. No more trollfest, just play the game, you have caught us offguard many times and it’s nice to have a war with you, but we don’t need that strange things to happen. So try to win the wars, not the threads. I guess LoD is a nice faction, with the exception of 2-3 players that don’t represent it at all.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [SPOILER] new content finally :O

Fusion makes “Do X 1” => “Do X 2”, if three cards with fusion are active (for example, Bloom would have Heal BT 6, Weaken 4). The question is…if all 6 come into play…will Barbel Strike All/Siege All 4, 6 or 8?

Anyway it’s not going to happen…but many times you’ll have to deal with a Strike All 4, and probably Weaken all 4. Overseers anyone? Probably with a Nest to avoid them having -1 attack, or you can try mass siege to avoid them activating. Seems like a hard raid because of the fusion structures, but the rewards…meh, dissapointing.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Suggestion: "The Neverending War."

I thought this was sarcarsm. Release a new pack. It doesn’t need to have 90 cards like the last ones, it can have 40-60 like in pre-summon era. Of course some thing to do other than grinding would be nice…

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Add Me!

add me

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To DEVS](Bug) I lost 9 WBs from a tourney, I'm 10%, not 25% as shown

Originally posted by Aenarion:

It sounds very odd also because it would mean none of them got matched one against another, although theoretically it’s still possible.

I wasn’t aware of the bug FredrIQ pointed out. Dunno, isn’t there a customer service you can mail about this ir something?

Even if you were right you have close to zero chances here on the forums, the devs aren’t much talkative lately as you might have noticed^^

Yes, I’ll try another way again. Thank you.

Epic screenshot Supercharged! No more bumping, if anything I can forward this thread by linking it to the devs.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To Devs] Legit Reward Card Bug: Don't make cards if you can't be bothered to code the skills right

Weaken on attacked won’t work on a card mid-swipe (Tazerok mainly). That could be a bug- Other than that, I can’t see how it doesn’t work by that screenshot…and it won’t weaken a card that is gonna be stunned when weaken all triggers…

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To DEVS](Bug) I lost 9 WBs from a tourney, I'm 10%, not 25% as shown

So you are telling that I’m really #14, that 6-7 people was playing until the last second, and they all got more than 1064!? Real #14 has 1058, #15 has 1054 (he has to get +12, as he’s 7/1, 11/3>8/1), #16 has 1044 (out of range). So 7 out of 7 possible players, playing to last second, and all of them winning after tourney ends…it sounds really odd.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To DEVS](Bug) I lost 9 WBs from a tourney, I'm 10%, not 25% as shown

And, just in case people thinks that I’m below that…I was below that, then won the last battle. It’s not because I lost and it didn’t refresh to 1054 or so. It’s really easy to fix this bug as FredrIQ said, wait ten minutes to end all battles, then give the rewards.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To DEVS](Bug) I lost 9 WBs from a tourney, I'm 10%, not 25% as shown

Originally posted by FredrIQ:

Watermelon is only partially correct, while indeed the top bar is what counts, the issue is the very opposite (it’s less up to date, rather than it’s more up to date), if you do a match the last 2min of a tourney, a tier change may not affect you in time before tyrant stops bothering with refreshing the rankings.
This could be fixed easily by closing the tournament for refreshing 10min after tournament end rather than immediately.
Tyrant claims it already does that (it waits until all games are played), but it’s bugged.

I’ve seen several times during a tournament that my rank glitches like that, but it fixes itself after 5min or so. However, if such glitch happens during closing, it stays glitched, screwing you over.

This can also happen the other way around! I guess we never see such reports because people rather keep quiet about bugs thatv give them more than they should have ;)

True. But it would be better is this gets fixed. I wouldn’t care that much if this weren’t a WB tourney and I weren’t a free player. Bumping…

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To DEVS](Bug) I lost 9 WBs from a tourney, I'm 10%, not 25% as shown

Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:

You literally shot yourself in the foot

Why? It hadn’t refresh for a week. I know it won’t do. This is an obvious bug. I know that my chances to get 9 WBs (as a free player, it hurts) are few, but why not try? Also this may help others, or the Devs detecting and fixing it. And two top 1%s out of the ten tourneys shown is good for bragging :P

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To DEVS](Bug) I lost 9 WBs from a tourney, I'm 10%, not 25% as shown

Originally posted by estereth:

few weeks ago i got 5% reward never being in top 5%
during december event i got event points reward from one bracket and warbonds from the other
either calculations for rewards are bugged or theyre not updating properly, most likely both, it wont get fixed anyway

Probably 1vsAll has my WBs…whatever, tourneys are the best of the game for me and they have a lot of bugs. It’s the only thing that didn’t get an improve since I left Tyrant for a year aprox, they always had annoying bugs.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To DEVS](Bug) I lost 9 WBs from a tourney, I'm 10%, not 25% as shown

Originally posted by blackassninja:

Maybe devs owe you an elementary school education so you can do percentages better?

Well, I’m not 10%, I’m 6,14%. If they give me 24,4 WBs I wouldn’t care ;)
Your first post in the forums is a fail, sir.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To DEVS](Bug) I lost 9 WBs from a tourney, I'm 10%, not 25% as shown

Originally posted by 52watermelons:

The TOP BAR with your rank/name is the most up-to-date rank.

It shows you are #14 out of 114 = which puts you below 10%…

You see #7 because it didn’t refresh by the time it ended.

Yes, I saw it when I uploaded the pics. It didn’t refresh, but that’s my score…and it belongs to #7.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To DEVS](Bug) I lost 9 WBs from a tourney, I'm 10%, not 25% as shown

Originally posted by darkfang77:

Devs don’t care, and I don’t care.

Still you postcount :)

Originally posted by JRJetu:

Why do they “owe” you?
Dont be an ass.

Does “owe” sound harsh in English? Well, obviously the game didn’t gave me the reward I should get. No hard feelings to devs, although something other than giving new cards out 3 after 3 (a real expansion) would be appreciated.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To DEVS](Bug) I lost 9 WBs from a tourney, I'm 10%, not 25% as shown

Here’s the proof, 7th of 114 players= 10%…but it still rewards me as a 25%. I won’t claim it until it’s fixed, thank you in advance.


(It’s nº5)

EDIT: Fixed. Note that the last battle was in the last minutes of the tournament.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Who fought my Def?

What a trolldeck…most evil deck ever…

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To Devs] Now What?

New (side) missions: Whatever 1-2-3, Whatever Lite 1-2-3. They bought another month of time, lets see what they come with after.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Hopelessly to devs] Permenant PVP events

It’s a good idea. But what does it resemble to? Old Arena. It’s basically old arena with another matchmaking system without choosing opponent and, of course, rewards (and BG). +1, but it would be good to start it 0/10 (ten hours before), and let people use their stored attacks when finished (for 10 hours or so). If you have five battles left and will be sleeping when the “event” finishes, it stops storing battles, but you can use the five that you stored during event. No timezone advantage…

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / What happened to cards directed against one faction?

Originally posted by Idiral:
Originally posted by FredrIQ:

What if uncommons provided Rare-quality cards, but faction specific? Like (just an example, not a real card): 2291 Zarak R :: Uncommon Xeno Structure :: Enfeeble All Raider 1, Strike All Raider 1 :: waitlisted

I think it’s a good idea. Gives beginners access to some grinding tools while doesn’t affect PvP at all. +1

This. Uncommons with almost rare quality but restricted skills. At the time no uncommons are used in almost any situation, unless summoned or raids (Attelier, Butcherbird). +1

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Missing the event start time

Originally posted by Maharid:

@PutNickHereOrig: Starting the event with no attack is just plain boring, no.

You haven’t to be that anxious, if the event starts without attacks is because you make it 10 hour longer…but you ensure that it’s fair competition lol

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Missing the event start time

The solution is really simple…either start it ten hours before planned and start at 0/10, or, at least, tell us the accurate time when it starts. I’d choose the first one, so you aren’t penalized by timezone. Also, storing up to 20 (starting with 10) when you have the event untouched, and once you start playing, cap it at 10 again could be a possibility. Whatever you want to apply, but definately not this:

Originally posted by Polari:

I disagree that it was our fault. The only information we had about the starting time was that they were “aiming” to release it on “Monday”. Once the event started, there was a forum thread but no in-game notification. Did they expect us to spend the whole day refreshing the forums in anticipation or what?

Aiming to release it at Monday. Then Monday appears. At 7 PM, it starts and then a thread pops up in the forums. You notice it because a faction member asked for a decent invigorate deck, and you’ve missed 3-6 battles, if it doesn’t catch you sleeping. I thought it was going to get delayed, because “aiming” is nothing to trust in, as I play since 2011 and aims were a bit odd back then.

I’d say 0/10, start 10 hours before.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Tyrant Errors

Originally posted by fastguy:

Just curious how i could lose an event match under the following conditions

being: cards ahead of mission boss

having: 16 health left on commander

2nd time its happened

The real strange thing is you not losing. Mecca, protect all 2. The deck had tons of protect, augment, and some stun. That’s why Grims+2x Nest+Jam Alls was the best way to deal with it, not CWs. You are not in the position to win the game safely…once mane drops it’s gg…

Originally posted by akumaxx_ws:

Skip now will instantly show the result without final board state.

Also confirmed Cleanse against Stun, where it may hit a guy just out of Stun effect.
Best tested with Grimclaw VS Usial.

Yep, that bug has me annoyed 3 months since.

Originally posted by MichaelX2:

Flare of courage rallies phased units. Phased units that protect all get tributed the protect. Is this right?

First, I guess not. Second, yes, tribute will activate, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work that way, and I guess it’s intentional, it’s the only way to get help while phased, other assaults returning the favor vía Tribute to the phased one.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Spoiler] New cards

Originally posted by Provokes:

Lol it took devs 3 years to give Daemon flying.


Nightmare Hellion looks amazing – like fucking holy shit amazing. It’s about time devs put fear + stun together.

And it’s not even that OP since you can strike it to death or outflank it. Also if it’s the PVP event card, you can’t spam it either so if anything, it’s like Elemental version 2.0.

Also Invix looks like a reliable source of Xeno rally – one step closer to a usable mono xeno Kleave deck.

Too bad most players won’t get these cards.

Outflank Nightmare Hellions? That things have weaken all 2 on attacked…they can weaken even rally alls…it will be like terraformer it seems. When it was released you couldn’t have more than one, but now you can have a spam of them. And why not combine N.Hellion with Grims? It looks a cool way to surge other Grims and to play in front of a first turn Usial. It’s really good and it has huge potential to become a real nightmare in a good build.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Revamp] PvP vs Faction. Which would you prefer?

Make the map useful. Make tokens useful. Make factions more useful than feeling you’re not wasting stam due to being part of one. And I’d like to see tourney buffs removed, and being able to get a pure sealed like in the old times (probably with a special rule to include more than one legend, but without being able to play more than one -when you play one, the other/s dissapear and you draw a card if it was in your hand), but that’s not gonna happen. More competition could be nice, individual performance for individual rewards, whatever, that and make the freaking map useful would give a push to competition. Please don’t screw PvP, I want a revamp, but be careful…