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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [NovaLode] Suggestions

Probably suggested many times, haven’t scrolled back far enough to read yet. Make the lower levels stay open longer fer cryin’ out loud. The few times I’ve been on they’re gone before I can accomplish much of anything. Yes, I know the minerals are rarer, etc. Higher risk/higher reward, etc. As it stands now it sucks a lot of the fun out of playing the game though. You could maybe consider adding more dangers, less out right closing of the levels. Maybe things like hidden gas pockets that you expose and accidently spark off with a pickaxe, causing lots of damage to you, or some other mishaps, maybe make the rarer minerals physically harder and they wear down your pickaxe faster. Lots of things could be implemented resulting in less frustration. I found the game to be really fun, until I realized that in order to really do any of the lucrative contracts I had to grind 100s of powercells. When it starts feeling like real work, a lot of the fun goes out the window. Good game overall though devs.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [NovaLode] A Newbie Walkthrough Guide

Good guide. If I might add one point. It’s better to craft power cells in individual portions rather than in batches. If you do them individually it takes a lot less time due to how the game times the batches together. For instance putting in 10 individual cells take 10 minutes + however long it takes you to finish contributing minerals per cell, which for me was an average of 10 seconds per cell. Or you could put in a 10 power cell batch, and it takes 10 minutes a cell. Batches are fine if you are logging out for the day, but otherwise don’t be lazy and you get them back much quicker.