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Topic: Wild West Town / Un-Official Bug Reports Thread

I had the exact problem with “transcontinental trip” quest, being unable to pack the open crates into inventory due to “this item will be needed soon!” message as well.
Waiting for it to resolve by itself (hopefully), as mentioned by Janewt.
The worst thing is, i have another quest that got stuck too, in the meanwhile.
After completing the tasks for “hey skinny! your ribs are showing!” quest – getting all the green checks in the quest page, it did not show the completion dialogue at all. It is frustrating because this quest happens to share the same item (3 finger fillet table), clashing with another of my new quest “distracting vinny” (which i can’t do due to the earlier quest that stuck).
Hoping that it will resolves by itself as well, if not shall contact support for help through the proper means.