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Topic: Eredan Arena / Survivor - Panturien

I just had the Worst Ever Survival Team:

Shui Khan, Carkasse, Arckam, Adhikara, Hakim.

-You have no chance in Survival when you have 2 Sucky Exs. My choices for Exs were: Adhikara/Death Tree and Shui Khan/Oukandari Ex.

-Carkasse had nobody to buff and my opponents never had anyone worth backstabbing.

Game 1: Azaram, Volturia, Inquisitor, Abyssien, Yu Ling

A team, way, way better than Mine. Volturia and Inquisitor roll over me in their 2 matchups, and Azaram wins to make it 3-0 for them.

Game 2: Hate, Dark Ex, Pilferess, Belladone, Neythiri

Not as strong as the 1st team I play but still better than mine. Hate Ex is their 1st character and rolls 3R3Y to Debuff 3 of my card by -120. Hakim and Shui Khan both get hit for -120 which cripples them. 1 of my team manages a win but lose 3-1

Game 3: Spooker, Ogmor, Silent, Dimizar, Soul Chewer

Another decent team that is far suprior. Spooker gets a perfect roll (of course) and adds terror to 3 cards while also winning. Ogmor is an auto win. I did manage to beat awful Soul Chewer but then Adhikara lost to Dimizar who had a good roll.

**Not only was my team awful but amazingly ran into 3 consecutive teams that had All Team -DMG/Terror (Azaram, Spooker, Dimizar, Hate) which was the biggest weakness of an already sucky team.

-1st time going 0-3.

-You have no chance in Survival if your Exs suck

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Replace Bait/Nemesis with Hero lore

I’d rather have more interesting stats such as Win/Loss Record, %, etc

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Topic: Eredan Arena / New Handicap Procedure

I would estimate Flam should beat Ogmor like 80% of the time overall. Flam has a variety of rolls that are all quite good and are easier, not to mention even more of an advantage when attacking.

Even Flam’s best Rrrryb is easier than Ogmor’s Rrryyy

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Ill be honest

The Individual Hero Overviews are great. People can easily see when discussion is happening regarding a specific card.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Survivor - Kachu'Taoa

I just got screwed over really badly in Survival. I drew what should be a pretty good team of:

Enguerrand, Rargnor, Boocan, Telendar, Grandao

Should be a pretty strong offensive team that consistently does high damage.

Win my 1st 2 matches pretty easily:

Match 3:

Opponents team isn’t that great but gets incredible rolls:

Telendar vs their Kurraying-Telendar Loses

Next is Sachem….Who somehow pulls off a 4B2R Roll to team buff 2 other cards each for +600 Shields!!

Then they defend with Furagu who Rolls a Perfect 3B3R to buff another 500+ Shields

The 2 cards with 1,100+ Shields roll over my last 2 cards

Match 4
Same Person. Once again Sachem team buffs shields (at leats not an insane 4 blue this time..) Only for Furagu to AGAIN roll a perfect 3B3R to super buff the teammates.

Match 5

Telendar vs another Mage….Again Telendar loses

Next Matchup is good for me, Crit Buffed Rargnor vs Bloodsword….Except Bloodsword rolls his perfect roll of 3Y3R, the only thing that could beat me.

Next Matchup is my Enguerrand in Defense vs his attacking Thunder King, only to see his Thunder King roll a Perfect Double Rainbow, which makes him basically unbeatable vs almost anyone.

Lose my 3rd life after Opponent rolls the exact perfect roll .for his Bloodsword and Thunder King back to back.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Shui Khan

Shui Khan is definitely not that good overall.

However, you seem to imply that the 1st skill is a weakness because being a hit it uses up crits. However, it is more likely a positive because it is a dodge remover. Any crits on Katori still end up at 4x strong at best because everyone uses dodge. If Katori doesn’t have critical or it is spellbroken then he is only hitting 2×. By contrast, Shui Khan should very often be able to remove any dodges before the 4x hit

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Alternative games to Eredan Arena

EA is definitely not pay to win. I have never paid 1 cent and do pretty well. Animated cards/graphics are meaningless to me. All that matters is the gameplay.

In the reviews I saw of Infinity wars it seemed that pay players had a significant advantage and were easy to run into in ranked even if u were at a low level.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Alyce

Expect to see this card a lot. 2400+ healing/damage is very strong for a fireballer and she even has purify on top of that. She is likely a little less OP than Ogmor but is still really good.

She can be used well in either attack or defense depending on the situation/match up and has a variety of good rolls (although like Ogmor usually wants RRYY).

One good thing is that unlike Ogmor she does not have a good race/clan so benefits less from good buffs than he does.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Post patch decks

Rath suffers from the lack of worthwhile +Dmg Buffers (Similar to Zeranax). He seems clearly designed to be played with Soul Chewer but Soul Chewer is so Awful that using Rath pretty much means entering any fight down 0-1.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Alyce

Originally posted by bsaii:

Just when I only needed a few more wins to get her mythic version, they took her away from me! lol.

I did get 2 EX cards in return though: Koria & Fey. Took me 4 re-rolls to get Koria (rerolled vordak, oukandari & clover 2x), and to my surprise I got another one which was Fey. The 2 ex cards I wanted the most, so can’t complain. The only old EX card (before Loryana) I still want is LJ, all the others are just meh.

I don’t know if everyone was able to reroll from the reward this time or just me, but this wasn’t possible the last 3 seasons. It should always be like this though.

They gave you 2 free Exs cuz of receiving Alyce? o_O If that is their policy, it makes finishing in Master a little more appealing

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Survivor - Kachu'Taoa

I ended up at 5-3 with my Blah team. Jon was my Best card and probably only lost once. All the others were close to 50/50. Even Silent was probably only 5-3 or so.

I started 5-1 (although knew it wouldn’t last long). My favorite was my next match. Chestnut has a very winnable matchup as the attacker vs Klementine….Until Chestnut decides to roll 0 Blue out of like 15 or so dice and loses by a few hundred Damage. Next up is Abyss which shouldn’t be bad seeing as how he is up against a Warrior….Until he Also rolls 0 Blue out of 16 Dice and ends with like RRRYSS and gets stomped.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Vordak

It likely is low because they factor in his Riposte doing damage but for most cards it is easy to avoid

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Alyce

A perfect RRYYBB is a super strong: 2400 Damage + Heal, 2 Purify, -140 Debuff o_O. Her perfect is almost untouchable

She is a little risky being Yellow and blue reliant (especially) but seems pretty strong as long 2R2Y

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Survivor - Kachu'Taoa

Yeah I do think more people would choose Tanaer. I remember past Survival’s though getting screwed over trying to get Spooker’s 2Y roll and failing miserably.

With only getting 3 Lives, I very much try to avoid the Cards that need YY or BB since I think it is hard to string together long win streaks when you have cards with somewhat unreliable skills, especially if the rest of your team isn’t super strong.

Foruntately for you Claw is still quite viable and good whereas Kriss is quite blah right now.

Pepunzo drew a pretty strong team o_O

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Survivor - Kachu'Taoa

I got what seems to be the Definition of an average or so team:

Abyssien over Asajiro
Ijin over Tanaer
Chestnut over Furagu
Silent over Zathochi Kage
Jon over Soul Chewer

Chestnut vs Furagu and Ijin vs Tanaer are the 2 I was debating back and forth over. Went Chestnut for Dodge and with 2 choices left didnt want to end up possibly with the dreaded 2x Buffer team. I went Ijin over Tanaer since I think he should be more consistent.

Abyss, Silent, Jon, Ijin, Chestnut should be interesting wince each either has high attack potential or dodge. Not expecting a ton of wins but think I should get some

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Volturia

Old Volturia would have been viable in this meta. The fact he could even beat claw shows he can get a good amount of damage past dodge. He also would benefit from the lack of purify and smite which were 2 of his counters.

Volturia for example should have a great matchup vs Gemineye and Hime. Volturia hits for good damage with 1st skill and then 1 blue will clear out 2 dodges. Obviously if Hime is buffed to like 400 strong by ma then Volt isn’t winning but that is true for basically any other unbuffered card too

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Volturia

Volturia was pretty forgiving pre nerf. I used her on my team the previous season and hitting for 2400+ was quite common and was a major threat to anyone without purify and smite. She was even 1 of the few that could overpower pre nerf claw.

Volturia and Grandao both were greatly affected and went from strong offensive threats to Soso and never seen anymore

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Survivor - DAHRE'MA!!!

Fey is definitely quite good but pretty matchup dependant.

In my opinion, in Survival you often want strong standalone cards since it is so tough to build a team with Synergy since you are picking your cards blind. Having 2 buffers who are close to auto losses really puts you in a difficult spot when your other 3 may only be able to use the buffs moderately well and often are only of moderate strength themselves. If you can get a super buffer like Gemineye, Pre Nerf Death Tree, maybe current Artzeil, etc then great but otherwise they are just easy wins for opponent.

The increase in Spellbreakers also makes buffs less reliable (5 Now). Buffing up to 1,000 Shields is meaningless when 1 opponent has Ogmor and then the next has Inquisitor.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Survivor - DAHRE'MA!!!

I got screwed with another awful team again. Had 14 wins after 1st survival and after my 3rd attempt am ending at 18 wins.
This time I had the awesome lineup of:

Carkasse, Furagu, Toran, Adhikara, Fey

Carcasse more than often lost, Furagu won once I think, and Toran one at most 2×. Adhikara remains by far the worst spellbreaker and is very unreliable. The fact that they thought he needed nerfing really makes one wonder if they understand their own game. The team does have shield synergy but is more than offset by super low damage output and that the shields make the last turn healing of Fey and Adhikara somewhat usekess.

My last match really summed up my team well. It is tied 1-1 and Toran is selected to attack. Toran rolls 17 dice and ends with 0 yellow. Without any yellow a weak card becomes unplayable and he does a whopping 500 or so damage.

Down 2-1 I select a shield buffed Furagu for Defense vs an attacking Berserker (Silent). Should be a decent match up for me. Can raise tons of shields to add to shielding from Card and almost never activate berserk/attack at the end. Furagu then amazingly Rolls 0R AND 0Y causing him to raise 0 shields!! I think it is the 1st time in any match to never see Furagu raise any shields. Predictably, 4R2S Furagu gets slaughtered

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Rargnor

Rargnor is quite good but is owned by dodge which everyone currently is using. In a different meta could be borderline op

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Volturia

Volturia is so much weaker now. The nerf may not seem significant at 1st look but somewhat cripples the card. Volturia only has a semi weak shield for Defensive abilities and now lacks the top notch Offense she once had. Even mage teams currently are not using her in their lineup.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / how is my team

The cards are all pretty good but there isn’t a lot of synergy. Only Ogmor benefits much from Artzeil and he needs the least help since he usually wins even unbuffed.

Likewise, nobody on the team has synergy with Gemineye so will only be getting 1 dodge instead of 2.

Ogmor and Gemineye are obviously keepers since they are in every lineup. You can keep Sakina if you want a standalone type lineup or you can keep Artzeil if you have cards that benefit more from crit. Or you can use more cards that have synergy with Gemineye to give them many dodges.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Post patch decks

Jon is perhaps a little too strong but his rolls are not the easiest. Jon needs Ryb vs mages and Rybss vs non mages. Ryb alone can be inconsistent and I recall having lots of frustration trying for that with Armada in the past.

I am OK with a hard counter to mages. Many of the races have 1 or 2 particular hard counters. If Jon was not a hard counter, people without Flammara would really struggle to have an answer to Ogmor who is in basically ever lineup. Te lender is supposed to be a hard mage counter too but Ogmor when attacking even has an answer for him by spellbreaking the crits.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Post patch decks

Perhaps a silly Question in Case somehow I missed it. Is Ma sometime of Secret hard Counter to Gemineye? I have a hard time believing it yet have seen my Gemineye lose to Ma now like 8 Consecutive Times. Here is what happens almost every time:

Me: Ok Try for 1 Blue and the Rest Red/Y. End up with Roughly 3R1B1Y1S. Hit for 1400+ and their Ma hits for 1600+ despite the 2x Dodge + 1x Backstab.

I am relatively sure it is just awful luck to happen like 1 million x in a row but you begin to wonder as it happens the same way time after time after time after time after time

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Challenge Accepted

Originally posted by dawn_to_dusk:

Flam eats gem for breakfast. Just roll 4R and at least 1 blue and you have won.

Flam needs a 2nd Blue to Guarantee Victory. Gemineye can otherwise roll 3R3Y or even 4R2Y depending on what your 6th dice is