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Topic: Eredan Arena / Absolutely Needed Fix

Originally posted by po1sonator:

I don’t play this game for virtual diamonds. I play to compete. So not being #1 does matter to me and for many not being a certain rank does matter. Its not real money, for most its competition.

I didn’t say it was why i would quit, i said the fact that it is hindered by an impossibility might.

Also, people should be able to compete on the same levels if they want to. not be playing full court basketball against someone while wearing flip flops and they have nikes.

And bottom line, they would make more money.

I have been around for a long time. I am not basing this off one moment now. I am not throwing a git because I lost. i often lose because I swap my deck when I shouldn’t instead of a break. I understand some will come in here with an elitist mindset. Hoever you can not buy a card if you werent present to get a copy that weekend.

-Virtual Diamonds are a way to get cards that help you compete. Working on having a fuller collection is a very good idea for most.

-Likewise, it is kind of odd about complaining about having to play so much on weekends when you are choosing not to get the Virtual Diamonds that allow you to not have to play all weekend. You can choose either to try compete for #1 or you can choose to get Virtual Diamonds so you can get Exs with Fez so that you do not have to spend all week trying for the Ex.

-The only way that everyone can compete on the Same Level is if every card is available for free to a player the moment they sign up.

-Part of the skill in the game is in trying to make the best teams you can with limited choices since very, very, very few people have every possible card. For example, I have Flammara but don’t have Hate. I could have complained last season about my decision to not buy Hate with Fez when I could. Instead, I just built a non Hate reliant team and went from unranked to Champ in under a day, before returning back to unranked and waiting for the season to end to get my 300 Fez.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Absolutely Needed Fix

Originally posted by po1sonator:


I hope any developers will read this.

I have been a long time player that takes a break here and there. I am near the point of quitting all together and would like not to. I will state what is needed and then get into why.

What is a must for the long term success of this game: Ability to buy any card or ex for a set price. and not $20… maybe $3 for non ex, $5-8 for an ex.

There are certain card I have missed when I was out of town or for a new player. Having to get into master to get them and then hope to get could take a year. In the mean time, master meta has a lot of ex in it.

Currently all the top 5 players have one card that a lot of others aren’t using. I can’t get it so woe is me its hard and I keep falling out of #1. I have spent $$ on this game and am stressing to not become a paying client any longer.

I can’t imagine being a new player starting now. once they realize there are 50 cards they could never get, it is only going to get worse. Sure meta shifts, but when you are mad or want a card and you just can never have it period, it is frustrating. I can’t imagine what that’s like with joining now or later.

However, if people could buy I have no doubt new players would and old alike. When an ex beats you 5 games in a row, you will rage and spend some cash on it while emotions are high.

The two times I went #1 this season I went with mc laddie, not a single other master was using. Then i went with amidraxar today. Also the only one to use him that I saw in 50 matches from master and champ.

Was I using them because they were the best choices? No I was grinding non stop to climb with worse cards because my 5th card had to be one of them. I could have gone even higher. I understand this game very well and if I say I would have just gone beyond 1700 by swapping in one card( I cant never get), I am positive that is true.

Why should i continue to play a game and spend $$ after all this time? Why would I continue to offer advice and help people if I can’t take one weekend off?

I understand #1 is not everyone’s goal but for me it is. For others it might be collecting cards(cant do that in this system) climbing rank(cant do that as easy with 20% the options as older players) variety(cant do that).

Bottom line:
-This game is fun and addicting, but it should not be a job to stay relevant.
-Not being able to get a card or miss a weekend is close to causing me to retire
-New players or overwhelmed
-There is no joy, only defeat, in knowing maybe if a player gets to masters for 24 seasons straight they will get the card
-^^^cant get to masters when meta is many old exes.

Thanks for reading. I hope together you can quickly implement this and watch the cash flow in. Otherwise this game will stay with this analogy: It is like a new player coming into the sport of nascar, They cant spend any amount of money to get a good car or sponsors. Instead they have to enter in their 1985 station wagon. If they manage to win first place with this station wagon they can, at random, win a car, hopefully a good one. If not, all they have to do is win in nascar with their station wagon again. Every weekend the entire year, there is a special race, and if you dont run laps on it or leave the country, you could miss out forever on the car that goes 400 mph, so this is your career, forget family or life to stay relevant. Even if you are bill gates and can pay.

-If you are missing a card then just wait a few weeks and likely it will no longer be required. Now that the game has semi-regular updates, there will likely not be a situation when a card like Ogmor is required for Multiple Seasons

-Not being Top 5 is meaningless since in this game #100=#50=#1 for rewards. (That is not even factoring in Champ League > Master League for Rewards).

-It is also kind of silly to say you will quit a game if you cannot finish #1 if you lack 1 card for a particular Meta. I am sure you have likely benefited from this in reverse in the past where you were able to do well because you had cards thta other people lacked.

-New Players can be very, very successful with Mage and Warrior teams. Mage teams do not require Flammara or Kitsana for example.

-You make it sound like missing out on 1 card permanently screws you. Flammara is the best example. There have been some Metas where she has been awesome, and other Metas where she was absolute Trash and an auto loss. Things change pretty quickly in this game. This just sounds like a very big over reaction to not having 1 card that at the moment is very good (whichever card that is).

-Also, you can pretty much Miss Weekends and still get the Ex. That is the Primary reason that finishing in Champ League > Finishing in Master League. For example, I currently have over 1,100 Fez saved up from choosing to finish in Champ over Master. Any weekend I want, I can simply not play and get that Ex for like 380 Fez or whatever.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / August season

Originally posted by Mucun:

I thought that after entering Champs with Avalonian team (GD, Adelide, Aez, Derp and +dmg from Soul Chewer) I won’t play ranked anymore, but as usual, I didn’t resist and tried a new team. And guess… my score in Masters is 7:0 and I am on 32nd position. I wanted to earn more feez and that’s why my goal was Champ, but after beating Po1sonator I decided to stay this season in Masters and pray to get something better then Adhikara and Grandao (?!?!?! – my previous rewards from the Top League).

I’m curious why such weak card as Lady Yilith is used so much in Masters. She can be competitive only if rolls RRBB in defense, otherwise is an autolose.

I’d suggest dropping back to Champ for Fez, unless you only lack a few EX and have a good chance at getting a good 1 you don’t have.

Yilith is likely being used either by people who fear tons of -Dmg teams or else just copied the lineup of someone who was using her.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Next patch date?

Originally posted by TeddyBarr:

Inquisitor, Hate, Flammara, Boardatron, Kitsana. As of today you need at least two of those to reach Champion league. Those of us who arrived later to the game have no choice… until next patch (hopefully).

I like the idea of frequent patches in order to make people change teams and strategies, but I think it’s not fair to give the upper hand to old Ex cards.

This isn’t true. You can very easily make a strong Mage team without using any of those.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Next patch date?

Originally posted by LordCarl:

I can try both of those decks and i’m sure i go nowhere with it s1aughter. I’m finished answering for Jason because he say things as facts, but he don’t know them at all… In this ELO system if you are unlucky and only play against Silver players who are in fact have the ELO of a Bronze player you can’t go to Champion league without a tremendous winning rate. I know this very damn well, especially when i win 9~11 times in a row and i’m still only at somewhere 1470 from 1420… and then i lose 13 from a player who doesn’t even exist (at least for Jason, but who cares).

Making a video would only mean 1 thing, that you have the time to think about every move i made and you can be offensive about it/criticize it. You know what? Make a video and i do the same thing for you any time…, but don’t ask for something what you yourself would never do. I want to see who you play against, how much ELO you get for a win and how much for a lose… Why would a loser need to prove himself? You are the winner here so prove yourself as the winner…

This comment of your really does not make sense. You are the 1 claiming to be getting screwed by bad luck. The only way to show us that it is bad luck instead of bad playing is to actually show a video. Posting screenshots of the rolls you end up with is not helpful in any way because of course you will end up with bad rolls if you are not rolling/locking dice correctly.

You want me to post a video??? That makes no sense. Videos of me playing will have nothing to do with your claims of bad luck. If I post videos of myself winning all you will say is “See, you have good luck. I have bad luck though.” Or, you will say “yeah, I do the same thing but it does not work out for me.”

I am not the 1 claiming to be getting screwed by bad luck repeatdely.

-If you constantly get matched up vs Brozne Caliber Elo, then you SHOULD go on long Win Streaks because those are against super low ELO players/weak decks.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / dice suggestion

Originally posted by s1aughter:

dear Pep
we have been arguing a lot about rolls and dices in this game and i’d like to make a suggestion so we can minimize the luck factor.
there are times where i get what i need in the first or second roll. why isn’t the remaining 1 roll go to the next card as ability which could be also spellbroken?
i think that this will be very usefull, especially with the current elo system.

That would increase the Luck factor involved in the game. Imagine you are in League and your opponent gets a perfect roll on their 1st roll with their 1st card. Now card 2 has 5 rolls to try for what they want. You are likely screwed. I sure don’t want my opponent to have a huge advantage over me because their 1st card lucks into a great roll on their 1st try.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Next patch date?

-It is wrong to call this a game of Luck. There is an Element of Luck, but it is maybe 25% at most. If the game was primarily Luck based, then the Season standings should be random each Season. Instead, if you look, you will see that generally it is the same people over and over in Each League. This is a Huge indicator that the luck aspect of the game is not high.

-Mistermale, you are the 1st person I have ever met who would rather have a 15-5 record instead of a 10-0 record.

-Carl, you win as many fights from bad luck as you lose due to bad luck. If you really think you are unluckier than everyone else in the game then post a video of like 10 straight matches so we can see your matchup choices and dice decisions.

-ELO is based on luck???? That is a new one. Someone should tell the Chess Federation that the ELO system they use is Luck based.

-If you keep meeting Backstab teams then stop using a High STR team. Of course you will keep losing if backstab teams are popular and you keep trying to use STR based teams.

-You might be losing more once you get near 1500 because you are being matched up vs better opponents.

-LordCarl, you generally get matched vs people near you in rank. I believe you only get matched vs those within 200 ELO of yourself. If you are in Gold, you are going to get matched WAY, WAY more often vs Gold and Silver, especially since there are way more people in those leagues. You won’t usually start seeing Champ opponents until you are at the very, very top of Gold League.

-It is very debatable if the ELO system rewards you for having Master/Champ/Gold opponents. Those opponents obviously give more points/fewer for a loss. However, that is balanced out by those opponents being harder to win against.

-If your opponents are really Bronze League then you SHOULD be heavily penalized for a loss because those are weak opponents. You should be beating them like 90%-95% of the time.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Virgil

Originally posted by Zenithale:

I have already “Mythiced” all Lightning users of the game, except Sybelle (that I don’t have Level 3 for now), and I don’t think they have a consistency issue at all.
Look at Ardranis and Ica Rusty (= exact same rolls), Marzhin, S.A.R.A.H., Leviath R7, Volturia, Ysild, The Ugly Corc and Sybelle (= have easier rolls), Von Blatznin (= easier rolls overall, and extra Fireball effect, but bad against Berserk users). Only Lightning-Beak, Watahata and Mylad may have a little consistency issue.
For those who are not played, their issue is the Damage output (including other Skill effects), nothing else, IMO.

Since there is no Global Lightning Debuff Skill, a Lightning Team does not make sense anyway.

They have 2 primary issues. Low Damage Output and Owned badly by -Dmg (and also Purify but that is less common). They are also hurt a lot by lack of good +Dmg Buffers.

Volturia used to be very good until they oddly nerfed her and now the Damage output is very, very blah.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Next patch date?

Originally posted by MisterMale:
Originally posted by JasonJ29:

People keep believing this but it remains wrong. You would be in the same spot now since everyone else would have higher rankings too. If you are currently ranked #320 overall or whatever, that would remain the same no matter the ELO system because everyone else would benefit from the changes too.

You’re not taking into account number of matches played. In our current system let’s say a player averages 5 points per win and 8 points per loss. Player A plays 10 games in a day and wins all 10 giving them a score of 50. Player B plays 20 games in a day and wins 15/20 giving them a score of 35. Player B is a more active player and they have won more matches than Player A, but they would be at a lower rank, because of the current ELO system. As the game is right now players are punished for being more active.

In LordCarl’s system, one where a win and loss are equal in points, Player A would still have a score of 50, but Player B would also have a score of 50. I’m not saying this is what should be implemented, but the system as it is right now is not okay and downright frustrating.

-Mistermale, the only way someone can average 5 points/win and 8/loss is if they are regularly fighting opponents with lower ratings. If you are fighting vs people with rating noticeably below yours then you should lose more than you gain. That is common sense

-In your example (assuming they play vs similar level opponents), Player A deserves to have a higher rank than Player B. Going 10-0 is much better than going 15-5. It is amazing that people would try to suggest otherwise.

-Ranking players by ELO is VERY common across games of almost all genres. The last thing we need is a system that is largely determined by # of wins rather than win% and who you beat. Beating someone in Master League deserves to be worth more than beating a Silver League. Likewise, losing to a Silver or Bronze should carry a much Larger penalty than Losing to a Master League.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Next patch date?

Originally posted by LordCarl:
Originally posted by VelikiUcitelj:

Honestly Carl I know why some guy told us to imagine you with tin foilnhat.Altough I think you are usually correct about most things.Your posta are overreqctions and allways too lonto take them seriously.They look just like consiperecy theoires.

Under 11 days of this season i didn’t found a single player from Master league. Thats a fact. I remember a total of 2 ppl from Champion league, those times i know that i only lose 4~6 ELO that would be correct, but every other times i need to beat Silver league players and sometimes some Gold…Losing 10~11 ELO against Silver players is not my imagination. Losing at least 9 against a Gold player is again not my imagination.

You can see 7 win/1 lose on this screenshot, 4 of them is 3/0. I did this when i was total tired(you can see the time i played…). Thats how good my current team is:

After that +4 win/2 lose:

And with the same team 1 hour after i wake up(totally fresh):

-60 ELO because of crap rolls. If i would lose 1 match because of crap rolls probably i would be not angry as hell atm, but sorry i didn’t had the mood yesterday and usually i don’t have the mood of playing 12 matches just to catch up with myself and then losing 6 to be where i started. As how i stated on their FB paige maybe some ppl here like to play hardcore, i don’t…. For me this is not playing, this is suffering. I’m not responsible for crap rolls, i could make screenshots about everything i’m doing because i know ppl are humans and humans can’t believe for their own eyes, but thats not my “job” to convince anyone here about something i see with my own eyes. You can imagine me with tinfoil hat facts stays facts… I’m not talking about aliens with zero evidence… I can make like 30 evidence/crap day minimum, BUT i don’t even have the mood to play… There is 0 enthusiasm about this game in me anymore…

Edit: Btw the ppl who are responsible for this can simple watch my match history i’m sure about that(because they created this game)… so they don’t even need evidence, they know it very well. If they have a problem with how i roll my dice or anything else i want to hear that from them. You can see noone did any answer for me in the Hero overview topic and noone is answering on their FB paige…

Edit2: You know what? Once when i felt like proving the crap rolls i made screenshots about it over 2 days, i’m going to upload them all and link them in this topic, say something about the facts then… The thing you all need to know i almost never accept 3 from Y/B so this is all happening with me while i maximum accept 2Y or 2B or 1Y/1B. Some of these screenshots i made in Survival mode(my opinion is) its even more fuck*d up:

The screenshots showing just what you ended up with in Round 3 are not very insightful. What we would need to see is what you rolled on 1st Roll + which dice you kept, what you rolled on 2nd Roll + what you kept, what you finished with.

You are often going to have bad final results if what you are keeping the 1st 2 attempts is wrong

There is no way that i would be not in champion league already with a system where i get 5 points for a win and -5 points for a lose and 0 for a draw… Simple because then i don’t need to win 2X~3X more than how much i can lose.

People keep believing this but it remains wrong. You would be in the same spot now since everyone else would have higher rankings too. If you are currently ranked #320 overall or whatever, that would remain the same no matter the ELO system because everyone else would benefit from the changes too.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / About Skills & Dices Costs

Originally posted by Peppunzo:

The game already “works against you” when it comes to dice rolls, adding even more to the player’s frustration is simply something i don’t embrace. All the recent cards may have similar dice layouts but, even so, each cards has its own sinergies, its own dynamics, its own ups and downs, pros and cons. That’s what actually gives it its own personality and utility.

As much as some players would like to see cards with peculiar dice layouts, the outcome will always be the same: it will end up not being used. We already have a clear in-game demonstration of this. Let’s look at Vixen’s perfect rolls, who people claim she doesn’t have a high enough output:

- RRRYYY Rock-hard Decorations: 400 + 800 + 800 + 200*3 = 2600 damage;
- RRYYSS Mischief Maker: 400 + 800 + 200*2 + 480 + 240 = 2320 damage;
- RRYBBB You’ve Been a Bad Boy: 400 + 200*2 + 1200 + 660 + 720 = 3380 damage;
- BBBBBB Christmas Doomsday: 600 + 660 + 720 + 780 + 840 + 900 = 4500 damage.

No other card in game can reach 3400-4500 damage by itself (with probably the exception of Salamalek, who possibly has even more potential due to berserk/rage). Wanna raise the values on her first two skills? Then not only she will still have those insane options, she’ll go dangerously on par with the other heroes even with easier rolls, making the whole debate of consistency/output completely moot.

That’s the way i see it. You may accuse me of being a poor designer but still, i like to think that we went great lengths regardless of diverging points of view.

-BBBBBB does not even count since it is a near impossible roll. BBBBBB could do 100,000 damage and would still not change her viability even 1%.

-Knight Oscar Unbuffed Does 3,533 in Full Noble when his Ripostes hit.

-Armada can hit for 3,300

-Gnarl unbuffed can hit for 3,620 and 3,420 Unbuffed (not also counting his Impossible 6x Blue that is 3,180)

With 6B being basically impossible, Vixen only has 1 Roll above 2,600 (RRYBBB) and only 2 rolls Above 2,320. That is pretty bad. A pure Damage dealer who can only surpass 2,320 with 2 viable rolls is left in the dust with the current cards.

Heck, just compare to Breor. Breor has 4 Different Rolls above 2,600 and 7!! different rolls above 2,450.

There is really no comparison between the 2.

Claiming that Vixen is an example of “Peculiar Dice Layouts” Not being used is highly baffling. Vixen is not used because her #’s are not nearly high enough. If I want a pure Damage Dealing cards, give me the card that has 7 Viable rolls over 2,450 Damage over Vixen who only has 2 Viable rolls over 2,320!!

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Topic: Eredan Arena / #1 Masters. Ask me anything.

Originally posted by Osohorny:

I just went back and gave baligu a second chance. I gave him a deck that would give him dodges, strength, and rage. And I have come a conclusion ……he is still complete POOP. The kind of poop that sticks to your shoe and then you track it all though the house. Then for weeks you are trying to clean little bits of Baligu off your rugs and hard wood floors. And you never quite get rid of the Baligu stench that just lingers around every corner.

Man…..I hate Baligu.

The sad thing is that Baligu is great compared to Bulu Baga

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Topic: Eredan Arena / About Skills & Dices Costs

100% agree with this Topic. It is poor design to just have tons of consistent cards. A well designed and thought out game should have a wide variety of designs and options.

In regards to consistency there should be roughly 3 categories:

1)High Consistency-Below Average Damage

2)Average Consistency-Average Damage

3)Low Consistency-High Damage

1 big problem is that Low Consistency cards like Ylliana and Vixen have Average or Worse total Output that does not provide enough reward for the risk compared to the Average and High Consistency Cards.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Virgil

I wouldn’t call a card with only 2 rolls over 2,665 (2,769 and 2,715) an example of High Attack power. He is like a Von Blaztin without the added -DMG.

My guess is that he is designed to be a slightly more consistent version of Von Blaztin but with lower max output and possibly harder to use with buffs.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Next patch date?

Originally posted by s1aughter:
Originally posted by Zernobog:

why nerf flammara and boardy?

because a deck using these 2 cards is already in score 2-0. it’s insane to have boardy reaching 3500 just for a RRY and unbuffed!!
which cards do you think are OP?

It is your own fault if Board is doing 3,500 damage against you with just RRY. Some cards can do huge damage vs High STR, it isn’t limited to Board.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Does synergy matter anymore?

Originally posted by Dethseiz:

She’s super flexible, single R rolls are rare, but happen. Carkasse’s shield makes her super resistant, powder triggers and heals make her pretty good against smiters, and the part where the most times(optimally) she will hit in a round is 4 (4R2B)makes her bait envy hard her biggest weaknesses are uneven Rs, multiple yellows, late backstabs(unless 4 R), and huge powder swings. Against crit teams, shields, heals,dodge and saethwir put in work, against everything else neg dmg and huge hits put in work. Knowing which buffer beats opposing buffers and which characters can withstand which buffed opponents wins more games than brute forcing it.

I generally try to avoid adding shield to cards with heal since a lot of times the 2 skills overlap, thereby lowering the value of the buff in comparison to others.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Breor of Gwad

Originally posted by Osohorny:

I didn’t bother reading the books of text that everyone is writing above me.( I get bored easily)
I just got a simple question. Where does it say that every card has to be equal? Every tcg has cards that are better when compared to others. Let Pep design the cards the best he can with the overly simple 3 color dice scheme. It’s up to us “the community” to find ways to exploit the hell out of them through deck construction. And hey, if he wants to create a nigh-unstoppable stand-alone force of nature (Hate), then I’m OK with that too. Everybody quit your bitching, lol.

It’s boring when a handful of cards stand above the rest. It is far more fun not knowing what you will come across when you are entering a fight as opposed to being able to guess almost the exact opponents you will see and fighting against the same cards over, and over, and over, and over. It also greatly reduces the skill involved when the team choice is obvious and everyone uses the same couple cards.

Likewise, it is annoying when you have 100+ cards that are basically unplayable since they are clearly a step below the current top tier. It defeats the entire purpose of having so many cards if there is no reason to use them.

*As far as Hate, she is very far from nigh-unstoppable standalone. Many cards roll over her.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Breor of Gwad

Originally posted by Kwisatzz:

Kuraying is very very good only with shield and salem only with +dmg (i mean very good) otherwise they both are very sensible to minus damage so i will say no but it depends of what you mean by “same tier” ^^

By Tier I mean that most games have what are commonly called Tier Rankings where Heros/Cards/Decks are ranked S, A, B, C, D, F where S is for the most OP and F is for the most awful cards. Usually, most cards are in the B-C range with fewer amounts near each extreme (similar to a Bell Curve).

Even, with Shields, there are many better options than Kuraying. Shield Mage teams were very popular this last season for example. I saw many Maldrez, Flammara, Amidraxar, Kitsana, some Xianren, etc. I never once saw Kuraying. I saw tons and tons of Envy and Hate, still again saw 0 Kuraying.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Breor of Gwad

Originally posted by DonatoB1:

This is simply an example of perfect imbalance, I suggest everyone learn a little about game design before critiquing :

There are so many things wrong in that video that it would take a long time to list them. However, no use going through them since it is a discussion different from the current topic.

Does anyone other than Pepunzo believe that Kuraying and Salem are on the Same Tier as Hate, Envy, and Inquisitor?

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Breor of Gwad

Originally posted by Peppunzo:
Originally posted by JasonJ29:

In any case, since i took over this position i have always kept all releases (including balance patches) at the same level.

This isn’t totally true. I can’t imagine an argument that buffed Utkin, Kuraying, Salem, etc are on the same level as buffed Hate, Inquisitor, Envy, Breor, Poukos, etc

That’s because you’re building your argument over raw output only.

The cards you mentioned are basically all Terror / Heavy – DMG cards whose low output is compensated by the sheer amount of hindering power they have. In fact, i’d argue that Hate falls right into the first category: her raw output is actually pretty abysmal, but she has a global debuff so she gets a pass.

Actually I am not basing on Raw output. I am basing on which cards people use and which cards win vs which cards lose.

I’d challenge you to look at the decks in Champions and Masters (this season and last season) and look at how many decks use Utkin/Kuraying/Salem vs how many decks use Hate/Inquisitor/Envy/Poukos/Breor. I can assure you that the #’s will not be very close. Heck Hate or Inquisitor might have a higher number alone than the entire Utkin/Kuraying/Salem group combined.

Even in Survival, it would be silly to choose someone from Group 1 over 1 from Group 2. The 2 groups of cards are very far from similar strength.

If I posted a thread whether people would rather have Inquisitor/Hate/Envy or Utkin/Kuraying/Salem I bet it would be unanimous for Group 1.

If i made a thread suggesting that Kuraying is Equal to Hate, Envy, or Inquisitor, I would be laughed off of the board.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Breor of Gwad

In any case, since i took over this position i have always kept all releases (including balance patches) at the same level.

This isn’t totally true. I can’t imagine an argument that buffed Utkin, Kuraying, Salem, etc are on the same level as buffed Hate, Inquisitor, Envy, Breor, Poukos, etc

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Does synergy matter anymore?

Originally posted by Pu12eLegaC:

This is my opinion and my opinion only. I’ve ended up in the Master League 4 straights seasons now and going by experience “some” synergy is required but not a lot. Now with that being said, what I’ve discovered is that the majority of people in the Master league uses 2 heroes who are fairly overpowered but can be beat. Flammara and Kitsana. These two are great standalone heroes that win almost 80-90% of the time. Kits you need some red and 1 yellow and it usually beats out anything. Flammara, I don’t want to go there. She’s way too good. Even without her keg ability she can kill just about any card out there. As for the other 3 cards, I use cards that are specifically against other cards I see all the time. I build my deck around cards I know people in master use and try to fine heroes that can counter them. Nehants are pretty big in the master league with mages and Carcass. Carcass is never used for his attacking ability. All good players use him for the shield and shield only. So some synergy is required.

It is luck but some skill is required like when to play certain cards and at what point in time. Ill throw out a Marauder even if I see Ica-Rusty on defense if itll give me an advantage to the next battle. Advice would be to find things that help another card maybe in the smallest way that puts your other card on top. Maybe not all of your cards have a -DMG effect but if 2 cards do and the other 3 have Fireball…now your talking. Hope this helps some people.

Flammara actually has a lot of counters, it is just that many of them are not popular cards. All thing considered, if I was looking for a standalone (moreso Mage), I would pick Maldrez before either Flammara or Kitsana.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Does synergy matter anymore?

-Carl always has the funniest posts to read. I imagine him wearing a tin foil hat when he types. Some of his comments either are baffling, don’t make sense, or are super overreactions:

-Other people’s decks don’t make sense but they win? What is the problem here. The goal is not to make decks that necessarily make sense but those that win. 5 random cards might be stronger than a Sap Deck with obvious synergy. So what

-Starting from scratch every season makes the most sense and is commonly done in most games. What someone does in the previous season shouldnt impact the next one.

-Meli is the worst buffer in the game??? Um OK. I guess he has not heard of Gakyusha

-Any game with a luck element can have times where a 10 IQ beats a 200 IQ.

-The cheating you speak of would only be done to benefit 1 of the people not both since you lose more from a loss than u get from a win. Yes is stupid but it isnt like people can just trade wins to both move up.

-If it is as much Luck based as you say, then the same people should not always be ending up in the same leagues basically season after season.

-The fact that you liked it better when there was an Obvious deck implies that your decks may be partially at fault. When there was an obvious deck like Exhien your luck seems fine but when there isn’t your luck just vanishes? ok

-Dakeza should rarely win since he is a super buffer. The stronger the buff a card provides the less often it should win. You can still win even if their Dakeza rolls better since he only buffs 2 and you can win 3-2. Or if you dislike Dakeza you can build non Dakeza deck.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Current Meta

Having No Defined Meta from time to time is a Very good thing. Nothing makes a game more boring than when there are only a nhandful of viable decks/builds that you see over, and over, and over, and over.

The biggest issue in the Game is the obvious Power Creep. The typical cycle here is:

-Card starts as an Ex/Preview and is quite strong

-Over time new cards get made that have higher outputs until the card is no longer viable

-The card gets ignored for a long time since now it kinda sucks

-The card eventually gets buffed and now is suddenly Top Meta again

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Poukos

Why are people talking about his output so much? His #’s are not out of line at all compared to many other cards. The only thing of question with the card is how he combos so well with Crit.