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Topic: Card Monsters / The Future...????


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Topic: Card Monsters / The Future...????

Originally posted by bmuell01:

There is always room for improvement! Blue still isn’t as competetive as purple and yellow. We were able to make yellow and purple quite even, red and green are almost there, but blue is still falling short. Dumb silence..

I think Red is plenty good, although they need to make WW unlockable since now he has Crystal. Building Mono Red without Multi WW is likely near impossible.

Silence kills Blue but also Bless being so spammable also really kills Blue. 2 of Blue’s Primary tanks are Cala and Snail (although less snail in top leagues) but Bless laughs at Thorns. The popularity of Bless changes Thorns from potentially quite annoying to barely even noticeable.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Please! Stop playing meta in Unranked !!

You mean it is not ok in your opinion.

The entire concept of a time limit is to let people use that allotted amount of time however they want. Even if they are intentionally using all their time, they are not breaking any rules, glitching, or hacking. There by definition is nothing wrong with them choosing to play that way. You may personally dislike it, but that is just a personal opinion. Likewise, someone else may hate a super fast playing opponent. Maybe the fast moving opponent is trying to get them to rush and make mistakes. As long as they are playing within the rules, it is 100% OK.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Please! Stop playing meta in Unranked !!

Originally posted by ArmandStar:

you can easily know what cards are meta with simple hints:
what are the cards most commonly used in masters?
what cards have an insanely higher % of usage compared to the rest?
what names pop up often in a meta or balance discussion?

meta i ambiguous when referring to the second tier of cards (or lower meta if you prefer) , but as for the first tier? the list of cards in there is not exactly a mistery

also, people have every right to make their opponent wait by not choosing their cards until the last second, and do the same for their last reroll. when something is allowed or not forbidden, it doesn’t always mean is ok to do it

like throwing a glass of juice at the neighbor’s door and spilling the juice all over the entrance: is not forbidden, but it doesn’t mean is ok

Throwing a glass of juice at the neighbor’s door would be a crime, whereas there is nothing wrong with people using the cards of their choice in a card game. People also have the right to use the time limit however they want. Heck, some people might just be slow cuz they are either indecisive or have a sucky internet connection. It isn’t like they are abusing a glitch by using a deck with 5x Saethwir.

Fundamentally, it is not the other person’s responsibility to make sure that their opponent likes their deck or is having a good time. If you go into any match with a substandard deck, you should be willing to accept that sometimes you will get steamrolled.

When I choose Bula Buga or Hundawa for unranked to work on their trophies, I know from the start that they will likely lose a lot. It isn’t the opponent’s fault for choosing cards that he expects to win.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Please! Stop playing meta in Unranked !!

People have the right to play anything they want, just like the opponent has the right to let the time run out and abandon the match.

It is kind of silly to try to tell other people they are wrong for using any cards that they want to use. It would be equally silly for someone using a strong lineup to get mad that all they face in unranked are weak decks. Since people reach the league they want have 0 incentive to keep playing ranked, unranked becomes the logical place for people to migrate too.

It also is close to impossible since “meta” is very ambiguous. Take Flammara for example. Due to Duke and Saethwir, she has seen very limited use the past few months. However, she rolls over the vast majority of cards in the game. Some might view her as meta or a power card in unranked, some not. Many cards fall into this territory. Say someone is using Flammara, Alyce, Ahzred, etc. They are not meta lately but will roll over the vast majority of regular cards, are they meta? Heck, even something like Rage Pirates which has some very hard counters will steam roll almost any deck that lacks those few counters, are they Meta?

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Topic: Eredan Arena / The new preview.

Originally posted by GopoG:

I guess I’m upset since he will quickly be forgotten (if I’m right) and become one of the many outdated cards. I’m not looking for the next Ogmor, GD, or Saethwir, but I am looking for more balanced cards (out of the new ones), in order to start progressing towards a balanced game. It makes sense in my head at least. XD I don’t know, I’m just noob. XD

You aren’t looking for balance if you want this card to be stronger. This card is already better than a vast majority of cards in the game.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Please! Stop playing meta in Unranked !!

The easiest solution is to put 1 Lvl 2 Hero into your Lineup.

I usually play Unranked with 4x Lvl 3 and 1x Level 2 and pretty much Never run in to Meta teams

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Tips for Rigged Dice Rolls

This might be the most ridiculous post I have read yet.

I wonder whether or not he thinks we should wear tin foil hats to prevent our opponents or aliens from brainwashing us too…

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Moira

Originally posted by IvoradHeavyhand:

I may seem stupid for asking this, but her RR is nothing more than a dodge 1 and dmg 100. How is RRRRRR a perfect set of rolls for her? You have no dmg output, and being dodge bulky only helps so much.

+Dmg used to apply to thorns. If you had 50 thorns and +300 Damage, every time the opponent attacked they received 350 Damage. I am guessing the perfect roll list is outdated.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Simple and Efficient Meta Improvement

Maybe Azaram could be a little better, but if we are talking Nehats I think that Chalice, Soul Chewer, Utkin, Almaria, Anagram, Grief, etc are all more deserving of buffs and fixes before Azaram.

Better to fix the D caliber cards before the B caliber ones.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Simple and Efficient Meta Improvement

Originally posted by redgaruda:

Suicidal for me are Meli, Ma, Gaykusha, SoulChewer, Nashi, Carkasee, Sachem, Toran, Hook and some others.
Strong buffers/debuffers are Vizir, Gem, Arty, Abrakadabr, Bloodsword, Azaram, Zeja, Hime, Haiwalker, Armada, Avalonian’s, some ice elves, even Mylad and Anryenna could fit here I think.


BTW, can Armada beat Orgmor’s double rainbow with 4r2s?

The ones you list as Suicide Buffers like Gakyusha, Soul Chewer, etc are only suicide buffers because their Damage output is awful.

That is 1 fundamental flaw in the game balance. Suicide buffers should be the cards with the best buffs. Why for example would anyone use a Suicide Buffer with a weak Buff when you can use a Buffer with a Super Strong Buff (Artzeil, Telendar, Gemineye) who also has a decent chance to win?

If the best buff cards were more suicide buffers and the weaker buffers had better chances to win, it would actually require though regarding which buffers to use. Right now it is basically use Artzeil or Telendar (and a few occasionally choosing a Gem/Cark/Koria)

Originally posted by redgaruda:

Indigo, I mostly was talking about the balance principle.
The card just can’t be that strong, so it kills every buffer. This way it immediately takes a place in your deck with no options and ‘freezes’ meta.

Standalone cards should bea able to beat pretty much all buffers or else it makes Standalone’s pointless. A 5x Standalone Deck should be as Meta viable as a deck with 1 or 2 Buffers.

If Standalones can regularly lose to buffers, then a standalone focused deck is worthless since the Buffer gets the win while also likely giving 2 more wins to any card that it buffed.

In terms of winning head to head it should be: Standalone > Weak Buff Card (Corc, Blanche) > Strong Buff Card (Artzeil, Telendar, Gem).

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Simple and Efficient Meta Improvement

Originally posted by redgaruda:

If we want meta-variety, there should be two layers for buffers:

- one layer is suicidal buffers with strong buff which can only win some of other suicidal buffers and some of the cards they counter directly which should be more valuable

- the second layer is strong buffers which become OP if also buffed and also can win some of the meta cards

If we talk about the second layer, Arty, Telendar and Gem are mostly fine, Carkasse and Sachem could be improved to get to this second layer.

I think that there should be a balance rule that each card should loose to at least one buffer from the second layer.

I do not understand your 2 groups.If you are placing Artzeil, Telendar, and Gem in Group 2, what would be in Group 1, just Meli? Crit and Dodge might be the best Buffs in the game, the only thing possibly Better is Rage/Berserk.

If using your 2 Group Method:

It would make more sense to put Meli, Artzeil, Telendar, Gemineye in Group 1 and put the buffers with worse Buffs like Amyrena, Sachem, Wild, Bloodsword, etc in group 2

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Volkarius

Originally posted by IndioZ:


I’d have loved to see a Warrior Beast enter the Metagame.

But he can’t with this Dices Design. Very hard & accurate Rolls.

He would be EPIC if he 1° Skill was:

R = Rage 40 & Shock 50 if Attacker.

- Ragers are full of weakness (Spellbreak, Shield, Backstab, Smite, Blizzard, -Str).

- They need to be very strong & consistence to compensate it.

- The hope for Volkarius is the awesome Critical synergy. We’ll see.

Grandao Ex used to be an Awesome Rager. He was strong but definitely not OP. Then they mysteriously nerfed him and now he is very blah, just like most ragers.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Simple and Efficient Meta Improvement

Originally posted by redgaruda:

I think that one of the OP card parameters is ability to beat ALL of the buffers out there. This is what Seth. is doing actually based on current meta.

I disagree with the notion that Saeth is OP because he has the ability to beat ALL buffers. In general, non Buffers should beat every buffer > 50%. If a card boosts the rest of the deck, it should fundamentally be weaker than the non buffing cards that are designed to win their matchup. Likewise, the stronger the buff the weaker the card should be. An Artzeil or Gemineye that give awesome buffs should be weaker in terms of winning their matchup than a weaker buffer like Blanche.

What makes Saeth OP isn’t that he beats the Buffers but that 1 vs 1 he beats almost every Non Buffer (especially when he is on Defense)

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Ferrick Support Contact Info

It should be more than 300 Fez. I have collected 4/11 and right now it would cost me 294 Fez to buy the booster to get it to Lvl 3

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Getting back to the game. Help?

Volturia used to be pretty good until she was needlessly nerfed.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Getting back to the game. Help?

Silent and Selestyne are likely the best of the Exs he has (Lory and Koria can have uses in some lineups too)

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Kotori Kage

Originally posted by TheOPG:
Originally posted by JasonJ29:

Shori vs Kotori is a little debatable.

This makes me lol in hindsight.

It remains true. Shori is the better standalone and can be used better without having to use a buffer.

If you are in Survival, I would choose Shori > Katori Kage 10/10 times. Shori has a higher output unbuffed and the Shields are nice vs any ragers you may come across.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / ogmor really ?

Originally posted by VeleroRazzo:

Something else:

The new Cards only can low the presence of actual Meta-heroes (replacing them).

But I never see that a New Release bring to the Meta old stand-alone Heroes.

This is the lack of your Balance theory, RedG.

Deathree is a Perfect Example of a Card than made old Cards Viable. One Great example is Dark Ex. When Thorns used to activate other abilities Dark Ex went from never used to very good.

Red is totally right about fixing old cards vs balancing with new ones. The last thing we need is further power creep. It defeats the purpose of having almost 200 cards if 140 are unviable and continue to fall further and further behind as new cards are released.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / New Rating System Discussion

Originally posted by IvanM372:

For me, basically any cards can go into any league.

But currently all cards are not on same pattern, like old cards that has low number-hard rolls or one liner skillset due their outdate.

beside, UDO, Hinder, Consistency, i think i agree with the ratings for survival

Originally posted by JasonJ29:
Originally posted by Peppunzo:

I’d rather avoid the risk of having a too redundant rating system: i purposedly kept it as essential as possible, plus the ratings themselves are largely covered and motivated by the Overview/Pros-Cons fields, so it’s not like the players are being left in the cold :P

Adding a meta rating would be extremely time-consuming, as i’d be forced to edit each overview on every single meta-shift. Not to mention the colossal impact that a patch like the one that we had in august would have on it.

As far as the user rating goes, isn’t it kinda already there? Each overview is usually followed by a rather substantial discussion from the community, which contributes in raising the whole thread’s value (well, except for Quilingo’s flame-fest).

(In case someone is still wondering how the rating system works, it’s all explained on top of the Collection thread)

I disagree. Here is a simple example why:

-Say someone has Ayept, they look it up in the Overview and see a 3.5/5 in potential. That information is not meaningful by itself without knowing how many other cards have a similar or better rating. Imagine how time consuming it would be for someone to click on 100 separate cards in order sort their cards from strongest to weakest or even get a good sense of the cards overall strength.

With a tier list, the same information that could take hours by clicking on each link manually can be seen in seconds or minutes.

-Sorting by Tiers for Meta is no more time consuming than having to adjust the ratings of the current cards after they are buffed/nerfed by a patch.

Honestly Jason, if you had problem with me or my words, just let it out, JK

Alright, i am too new about these ratings, and up there, Pep already said to remove the Potential so i will edit all of overviews done by me, but let these ratings things come first, we better to work in single line rather than doing double works, right?

I do think about potential rating that has too many variables, but i give 3.5/5 from my statistics, i am scientist and engineer and doing those brainloading meth, so i don’t give 3.5/5 out of nowhere as if i just woke up from being drunken..
just please wait, i will correct them later

EDIT : i apologize, my nerves and all about my emotionals nerves aren’t working great right now ( i just had my spinal disc surgery ) so in a while i may sound/being unreasonable

I think the Potential Rating/Overall Rating is the Most meaningful of All the Ratings. When the average person looks at a card, I suspect they only vaguely care about the others, but want to quickly see the Overall/Potential Rating of the card to quickly compare it against others.

The season a Tier list is helpful is to let quickly understand what are the best, next best, etc without having to click on 160 links.

For example:

If someone new came to the site, they would have to click on almost 100+ links before finding out that Ogmor is great and Vanalys is extremely good.

However, if there was a Tier Ranking, that person within 10 seconds could look under Tier 1/A Ranked Units and see both Ogmor and Vanalys are great.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Amidaraxar

This guy is interesting. Would be better if a Fireball was skill 1 instead of 2 and 3 but he is still pretty good, although not top meta.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Meta Madness Discussion

Cards should be beatable vs numerous unbuffed opponents. Otherwise, a large aspect of team building is destroyed if only teams with Buffers are viable.

Additionally, teams are further limited when buffing is the primary strategy since we have so few viable buffers that we see the same few over and over: Telendar, Artzeil, Gemineye, Bloodsword, occasionally Cark.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / ogmor really ?

Originally posted by VeleroRazzo:

It’s a shame that you underestimate the Devs.

- Why if they apply a Nerf have to break the Heroe?

- Don’t you trust on them to do a reasonable & choerent Nerf?

- I don’t think this be a solid argument:
(Not nerf because the Staff will destroy the Card) (?)

- Kriss was a mistake. They have to learn about this mistake.

- Examples like Sakina, show us that a coherent Nerf is very positive to the Game.

- – – – – – – – – – – - - -

And about OBSTACULES… you’re wrong with me.

There aren’t obstacules. All use the same deck.
I finished in Champion last season, and was several times in Master.

My problem is the LACK of obstacules.
The monothony of actual League.

Just put the same Heroes that all use, and with a normal mind & luck, you’re in Champion / Master.

Much more if you have Ogmor & Saethwir (like me).

Try other strategy, and you must to stay in Gold, or Champion with good cunning.

I see that all say: “Use your brain & you see that all Cards can be beaten”.

Ok, that’s right. But why the 90% Decks are the same?
Why the Meta-game only use 10-15 cards?

- – – – – – – – -

You guys used to reject an argument thinking
“Surely the guy say this, because he can’t win”.

No. I say all that, because I see boring the League.
Always the same OP cards. Always the same Buffers.
Always the same process.

This Season I don’t play League anymore, because it boring me.
And I guess that someone else could had happened the same.

Because of that, I want to comunicate my situation.

Maybe I don’t be the only that see “boring” the League, and maybe can help saying it.

I love this game & play it since 8 months.
I want see it growing day to day.

But now, I see a plateau that come since some Months.
Vanalys is only a patch to the hole.

If the solution is that, throw away the others 160 Cards, and play with Cards at Saetwhir-Level.

But it’s the death of variety & strategy.

- – – – – – -


This post is completely right. For some reason people think that Nerfing can only be done by destroying a card. It is possible to change a card from A+ to B+. Nerf does not have to mean changing from A+ to D- or F.

Also very much agree about a relatively small number of cards being metaviable. If the game was well balanced, you could play 5 ranked games and see 25 different cards used. Right now that is not even close to the case.

League play gets sooo boring when you see the same cards over and over. We have like 160 cards, yet probably 120 (probably a very conservative estimate) or more are never even considered if making a strong team

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Meta Madness Discussion

Originally posted by redgaruda:

Well… netjim is not too good against Seth., but what I see is:

- attacking Jack with 2blues and no swords + yellow, in defense it is better with 4r and colors
- Vizir has chances, I lost him with perfect roll
- almost any good defending life drainer with 3 life drains, including dimizar
- boardatron has better chances to win overall
- many guys with crits, not only Abraxal… Ayept, ban kuan, GD, Ogmor…
- in fact, even defending Azaram with 3ry wins
- vanalys, in defense
- vixen has chances
- netjim requires seth. To go perfect roll, can win but with worse chances overall
- stoneeater may have chances, I need to check ;)
- buffed ayuir
- strong raged pirates, ashtra
- to check: Attacking grief
- to check: defending anryenna in damage mode
- to check: dmg+ eclipsers
- how is cherub doing?
- dragast looses 250 dmg or smth.
- defending Orzhine looses? I was not able to test her yet.

I may be not completely correct in all points, but I see and try different options at least and do not complain about OP ;)

-Many of the cards you list have buffs. If it takes buffs to beat an unbuffed card, that is basically proof the card is OP.

-Also, many of the cards you list you say they are defending. As a 3rd turn life drainer, Saethwir is meant to be played on Defense. How many of the unbuffed attacks can reliably expect to beat a defending Saethwir?

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Topic: Eredan Arena / ogmor really ?

I have to disagree, Saethwir is strong, but he isn’t invincible nor is he unbeatable. I can think of a lot of cards that can beat him to a pulp for the fun of it. I don’t think nerfing will help, because then we’ll have butt hurt players who now have to change their teams. I’d rather see buff ups for unusable characters which brings in a better roster onto the playing field.

-A card doesn’t have to be unbeatable to be OP.

-I would like to hear the long list of Unbuffed cards that can beat a defending Saeth more than 50%

-Nerfing the few OP is way, way, way, less time consuming than Buffing all the tons of weak cards

-Anyone having to change their teams will get over it quickly