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Topic: Eredan Arena / Just Got Screwed Because of an Eclipse Glitch

Playing in ranked tied 2-2. Last matchup is my Ebony vs their Inatka. I roll 4r1b1s and they roll 2r1b3s.

2 Eclipse get added to Ebony. Somehow all 4 heals get negated and my Ebony ends up healing 0 damage, causing me to lose.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Dahre'ma, the Hungering Dune

Slightly underpowered is a good way of describing most the Dragons. With a slightly higher output, many would be very interesting to use regularly.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / The Best Team

Blanche isn’t that great. Your best best is to get some new Weekend Exs to 3 while working on lvling up good cards like:

Jon, Enguerrand, Ica Rusty, Artzeil, Telendar, Moira.

You could try using a Meli rage deck, although she works best with powder cards.

Your best current lvl 3’s are probably:

Azaram, Zejabel, Master Mage, Telendar, Carkasse. Others like Arkalon, Meli, Sachem, etc have use depending on the lineup.

I would likely work on seeing how many of my best cards I could put together that have some synergy. Maybe Azaram, Zejabel, Master Mage, Carkasse, Sachem/Meli?

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Fun Facts

Originally posted by xLuksie:
Originally posted by Nidhugger:

Jon can do upwards of 3k damage unbuffed to mages, making him the hardest hitting non-buffed hero in the game.

That’s wrong, Jon’s unbuffed max is 3200 (rrbbyy against mage)
Armada does 3300 with rrrrss
and Thunder King does 3385 if both Nobles and Ripostes activate. (rrbbyy)
So theoretically it’s Thunder King, practically it’s Armada, but Jon’s great with the opp DMG -150.

Jon’s max roll vs a Mage isn’t RRBBYY. His Max Roll is RYBBSS (or RYBBBS, or RYBBBB). All 3 of these rolls hit for 3700.

I’ve also hit over 10,000 with unbuffed Ntaba, but I am assuming that we are not counting Smiters for this.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Inatka

I think she is quite good and has many nice rolls even beyond her optimal ones:

3Y3R=2230 + 1 Dodge
2Y4R=2040 + 2 Dodge
2R2B1Y1S=2070 + 1 Dodge

The fact that she can get tons of dodges from Gemineye and with Crit is less affected by -Dmg than some other cards helps her even more (and that is not even mentioning her eclipse ability).

Gem’s popularity though semi hurts her since if she is matched up vs multi dodges her Dmg output will suffer more than many others.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Survivor....Fog Monster? Really that's the name they went with?

Finally got my 30th Win, had to pay for 2 Extra Chances (It is a good thing I get free Fez from Champ league each season)

-It is amazing how random success can be:

Team 1 Tonight: [Ogmor, Ica Rusty, Abyssien, Sachem, Sen Ryaku] (10-3)

A decent Survival team. Ogmor is almost an auto win but Sen Ryaku is very blah. Ica is pretty good, Abyssien and Sachem are decent.

Ogmor dominated his matchups (of course), Ica was great and usually won, Abyssien won more than he lost, Sachem usually lost but buffed well, Sen Ryaku was bad.

This team went a semi Surprising 10-3. Many of my matches went 3-2, with Ica and Ogmor winning and managing 1 win from the other 3.

Team 2 Tonight: [Ogmor, Claw, Djamena, Hakim, Kounak] (1-3)

This team should be a powerhouse. Ogmor is awesome, Claw is great, Djamena and Hakim are quite good. Kounak is ok.

Amazingly, this team went 1-3. Djamena and Hakim almost always lost due to awful rolls and insane rolls by the opposition. Kounak also regularly lost. Almost nothing to do when your rolls are awful and multiple opponents roll great.

Team 3 Tonight: [Death Tree, Dark Ex, Moira, Azaram, Sachem] (5-2)

A decent survival team. DT is pretty awful, Dark Ex is decent, Sachem is soso, Azaram is quite good, and Moira is quite good.

This team managed the last 5 wins for me. Dark Ex never lost (consistent high damage is nice for Survival), Moira regularly won, between the other 3 buffers 1 was able to manage a win depending on the matchups.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / unbalanced Master Ma

Gak giving 5000 shields would be far from Irrelevant. Unless you running at least 3 Spellbreakers (which would get badly owned by all the -Dmg in the game), the Kotoba player could match up their + 5000 Shield’s vs your non Spellbreakers. Likewise, even Ogmor and Adhikara could lose over 1k from their attack since their Spellbreak is skill 2. Lowering the damage output of Ogmor and Adhi by 1,000 is enough for most cards to have a chance at beating them, and Adhi isn’t even that great to begin with.

Not sure why you think it is impossible to both weaken Ma and strengthen Gak until they are relatively equally appealing to Kotoba players. There is no reason at all to think that saying Ma and Gak should be equally viable should mean Ma shouldn’t be viable. In fact that is the exact opposite of what is being said.

Katori with only +100 str from Ma is much more manageable. For example:

The Most likely Katori Situation will be 250 STR + 1 Crit + 1 Dodge. Likewise the card fighting vs Katori likely has 1-2 Dodge from Gemineye, will assume 1. If Katori rolls something like BRRYY he will be around 2800 Damage + 2 Dodge and that is with 1 of his better rolls. That is indeed strong, but not out of line from what other cards can do if buffed by 2 other cards.

The buff Ma received is fine if his +STR gets reduced to +25 STR or +50 STR for 2R. Removing the Buff Ma received last patch does nothing to lower the super damage that Katori, Hime, and even Shori can hit for. Likewise, Ma already regularly loses his matchups. Dropping Ma’s win rate from 25% to 10% will only weaken Kotoba a little since their 3 wins are most commonly from 2 Buffed + Ogmor/Gem/Azhred/Jon/etc standalone

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Topic: Eredan Arena / We Need New Cards that are actually Designed to be Good When Attacking

For a while I think there was good balance, but it seems lately almost every good new card we get is meant to be played in Defense.

Look at the best new cards we have had lately:

Alyce-Much better in Defense with Purify/Heal

Ahzred-Much better defending with Blessing

Ebony-Much better defending with her super healing

Maybe it is due to many of the cards lately having some type of healing ability but right now almost all the best cards are intended/far preferable to be used on Defense (Alyce, Ahzred, Ebony, Gemineye, Jon)

The only new card that is intended on Offense is Ogmor, and ironically Ogmor is so OP that now with the newer Exs countering him (Ebony, Alyce) and others running cards specifically to counter him (Jon) that often he needs to be used on Defense to avoid having their counter matched vs him too

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Post patch decks

“With Elo points needed for masters decreasing every season, I can’t help but feel that this game is slowly dying. At least the competitive part. Maybe people got bored playing vs Kotoba every time as they’re everywhere.”

Elo decreasing for Masters implies the game is more competitive not less competitive. I could see by the end of the season though being near the bottom of most competitive since anyone happy with their spot likely is sitting out until the next season.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Post patch decks

Originally posted by Lafoote:

Ok, previous team went to hell. I tinkered and tweaked until I came up with Ogmor, Gem, Ahzred, Jon, and Silent. I’ve been riding this team all the way up to 1634. Sadly, that’s the top half of Masters. What the hell happened to this game?

I think most people are using similar cards. In the past with thorns, rage, -dmg, etc there was a lot more deck variety which means those who found the best lineups had a strong advantage. Now, with people using the same cards it comes more down to dice rolls.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / unbalanced Master Ma

Hsssh you seemed to miss the analogy/point:

-Obviously Gak buffs shields whereas Ma buffs str. To say they shouldn’t be equally viable is highly baffling. It makes little sense to have 2 buffers if 1 of the buffers is SOOOOO much better than the other.

-Saying Ma and Gak can’t be compared is flawed. Every card in the game is comparable to each other since comparing options is what 1 does in designing lineups. A point exists at which if Gak was buffed that his shielding and ability to win were of equal value to a team as to Ma. For example, right now he is clearly inferior to Ma. If 2r gave 5000 shield he would be a superior buffer to Ma. By definition a number exists where they would be considered equals.

-Ma limits design space more than any single other card. If Ma didn’t exist a x6 str or something Kobota could be released. 100 str is a good cap for Mas reliable buffing. If they want more Str then they can try rage or whatever

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Rathamantis

I am surprised that being weak vs -Dmg wasn’t listed as his primary weakness. The fact that almost every card now has fireball really hurts him. Even a little -Dmg hurts a lot since it gets multiplied by 8 or 9 and -Dmg is super common.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Ex collection Frustration

I finished her a few hours ago. I started off on like a 2/25 cold streak but then my luck improved and got her maybe 1/4 or 1/5 after that

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Topic: Eredan Arena / unbalanced Master Ma

-I still say Ma is the biggest flaw with Kotoba, not Hime or Katori. Katori by himself is pretty well balanced, same with Hime, Shori, etc. Adding crazy str boosts to those cards is what makes them insane. Ma has been poorly designed for a long time. Cards were just unable to take too much advantage of him.

If Ma was well balanced, he should be equal in power as a buffer to Gakyusha. When it is a hard decision which to use as the Kotoba buffer, Ma will be well balanced.

Ma also limits the design of future Kotoba cards since he can buff str so high.

-The stronger the buff the lesser the chance that Card should have to win. A strong argument can be made that Ma, Artzeil, Gem, etc have too high of a chance to win while providing strong team buffs. The buffers who should have good winning chances are the weaker buff cards like Soul Chewer. Meli provides a very strong buff but at least makes one pause to use since she is close to an auto loss. Ma should be weakened, but if his Str isn’t reduced should at least be given the Meli treatment.

-Yes more counters to Ma’s buff could be created. However, that is a lesser solution since that means most people are forced to now use the silver bullet which limits creativity and diversity.

-I wouldn’t say recent Exs have pushed the game strongly in a certain direction. Post patch, initially everyone used Kotoba but as people began making counters, the Kotoba usually ended up in Champs and the counter style were more Master. As time has gone on, people playing Kotoba see it has a ceiling. Ommor for example may have helped Kotoba more than any standalone deck since it gave Kotoba a strong standalone to play turn 1 to get the 1 non buffed win they need.

-The current top level decks seem to be the same now as post patch, either 3 standalone + 2 buffer or 4 standalone + 1 buffer

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Topic: Eredan Arena / unbalanced Master Ma

Originally posted by Lafoote:

Ma is broken beyond a doubt. Feerik doesn’t seem overly concerned though. By comparison, Klemmentine buffs only golems and doesn’t match that buff with two dice. Ma is really absurd. As we have discussed on several occasions, to beat the Kotaba, the best formula is not to face them. Win 3-0 vs the other heroes. The trouble is, they only need to pull one win with a powerful hero like Ogmor or Alyce and virtually lock the game. It’s bad for competition, and it’s bad for consistency if you’re stuck playing them frequently. It becomes very difficult to advance because if they are just a little lucky, you lose.

Rage Pirates also counter Kotoba very well. Any of Jon/Flam/Boocan have a good chance to beat the Kotoba buffers and they can all eliminate dodges in case the Kotoba use Gemineye. The most enjoyable part is that Rage Azalys can reliably take down even a Super Buffed Katori Kage. Watching your Rage Azalys beat their 400 STR, 6 Dodge, Double Rainbow Kage is very enjoyable.
The downside of this though is that many new players will lack Azalys.

Kotoba are not the Top tier currently since they are rare in Masters, but Ma still deserves a nerf. He is an auto include in Kotoba decks (which is a big sign of needing balance) and makes their matches very boring. Usually, either you beat them 3-0 or you are up 2-1 and basically are helpless the final 2 matchups unless they have an awful roll.

The other issue with Kotoba and even Rage pirates is that while they can be countered, they require specific builds/cards to counter. Take Rage pirates for example. They can be stopped reasonably by Shield or heavy -Dmg teams, but if you are running almost anything else the Pirates badly roll over them.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Jon is too OP

In the highest leagues both Kotoba and Pirates/Powder are pretty rare. The only commonly seen Powder card is Flammara. The only other popular pirate is obviously Gemineye who is on a large % of teams.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Jon is too OP

He could be a little weaker but also is not the most reliable vs non mages. He needs RYBS which is not always that easy (as old Armada users know) and has almost no flexibility in his strategy.

Most people use him as anti mage. I do not think he would see that much use if Ogmor and Flammara were not as popular.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Ebony

She seems quite similar to Fey. Fireball 1st attack, another attack for skill 2, healing for 1 R on skill 3. Unlike Fey she does not counter Pirates and STR users but is a superior -DMG card, can use powder/swords better, and has higher raw #’s

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Topic: Eredan Arena / How does Masters work?

Masters is rating bound but only updates every so often, so sometimes people in Champ may have a higher rating than the lowest Masters people for a few hours. The people with the 100 highest ratings when the year ends will end in Master, although most people are better off remaining in Champ for the Fez reward.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Ahzred

-I’ve been in Masters the last 2 seasons before dropping back to Champ for the Fez reward with:

Gem + Ripper, Flammara, Ogmor, Claw

(Also played vs some who substituted Carkasse for Gem in a similar type build, although some use both Gem and Carkasse)

-Others have gone for a more Counter-based lineup that that often uses:

Ogmor + Alyce + Jon + whatever

There are prob more that I am forgetting but can’t look back into my log since it only shows last 20 matches

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Help needed please

The obvious lineup to me for your level 3s seems to be:

Ripper, Jon, Telendar, Master Mage, Azhred Ex

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Survivor....Fog Monster? Really that's the name they went with?

I went 6-3 with a very Average team of:

Watahata Ex, Shori Ex, Corc, Blanche (Millionth time have been stuck with her in SV), Moira

-It is amazing how many Super Teams I run into in Survival. It almost seems like people have different pools of cards to choose from. So annoying when I am deciding between Blanche/Hisomu and run into multiple different opponents in a row with Ogmor + Jon and other super high meta cards.

-So annoying when you set up better matchups than your opponent, only to watch them roll perfect double rainbows with multiple cards when that is their only combination that would win that matchup

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Fog Hydra

This card has many pretty good rolls. Even a 4Y2R is an impressive 4 Dodge + 1900 Healing/Damage.

I wish this card was more of a +Dmg Buffer than a +STR buffer though, considering the other Dragons abilities

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Topic: Eredan Arena / All damage card

Soul Chewer can boost all too

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Bad luck ?

The current meta is pretty stale

Originally posted by Lafoote:

I’m in one of those stretches ATM too. Playing the same cards as everyone else, which is always bad. Still, I’m losing 40-60% in stretches. No matter what team I try, there is no consistency. Can’t roll 2R, can’t roll a Y. I’ve been losing matchups that favor me repeatedly. There is plenty of time, but sometimes it makes me angry.

Once you run into something that really works, you don’t look back. Until then, it can make you chew nails.

The current Meta is pretty stale. Partly cuz this is the 2nd Season in a row without any Nerfs/Buffs and only a few good new cards (Alyce, Ahzred, Ogmor). Some people run Kotoba (and a very tiny % use Rage Pirates), beyond that it is some mixture of:

Core: Gemineye, Ogmor
Buffers: (Optional) Cark, Telendar, Artzeil
Standalone: Flam, New Ex, Alyce, Jon, Ripper, Claw