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Topic: Kongregate / Better Kongregate Firefox Add-on [UPDATED: Oct 23, 2012]

How do you get to the menu that lets you manage the different features and such?

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Topic: Kongregate / New Roleplaying Room

Yeah, if we were able to get a new role playing room on kongregate that is actually somewhat void of noobs or trolls, RPing would be a whole lot better. Plus, it would also be good to know that the users of kongregate are actually having their voices heard on kongregate, which I haven’t seen that much evidence of personally. Another thing, maybe it could be a suitable hangout for the more experienced role players, whereas in Role Playing-Serious and Role Playing #1, no one is safe from the noobs and trolls that “kongregate” there. I’m with Aggressor all the way on this, it’s a pretty damn good idea in my eyes.