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Topic: Kongregate / Is Kongregate as we know it dead?

There are rarely new games entering the top fives. Most of the new games seem to be graphically and technically competent but why do they all have to centre around multiplayer, social or daily tasks? Or be yet another launch game?

Kingdom Rush was probably the best game on K and I couldn’t name you the last one that offered me casual gaming with the kind of sustained interest that only truly original content can offer instead of these fake “repeat identical quest and recruit your friends” type games. There’s nothing wrong with rewriting a classic game, just you know, feel free to improve it a little and don’t make it a bland clone.

I’ve had a lot of fun here but it’s getting increasingly harder to cherry pick the good games I haven’t played yet from the ocean of mostly well-polished turds. Some of the early games with tiny screens and clunky graphics are actually better than most of the latest bloated, socially-connected quasi-games.

Mild rant over.

I don’t know the tone of these forums but expect I’ll be told to do the obvious thing and leave. Which I suppose mostly I’ll do. I might come back for the odd look but I don’t think things will change.

Kongregate and its games have evolved and seems to want to be a social networking site instead of a games site.