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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why Do You Need Feminism?

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
Originally posted by vikaTae:
How is a dick either moral or immoral? It has nerves yes, but they’re not thinking anything.

God gave Man two “brains”;
but, He gave him only enough blood to operate one at a time.

Haven’t ya ever heard the expression: he’s thinking w/ his dick?
It’s a very common male “condition”….gay, straight, bi, whatever; if it has a dick, it will inevitably use it to make a fool of himself.

I swear, I’ve always used the right head for the job.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What would happen if there was a worldwide famine?

Well everyone would be hungry, obviously.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Iraq Round Three

Another being that they’re killing innocent Christians, regarding the lie I referred, quoted, from the media and possibly the state, although I’m unsure on that as I am not as engaged with this conflict as with others in the past. See Gaza. Anyhow, this is a lie, as after these Christians were under ISIS control, they refused to pay the tax.

So if I came to your house with an assault rifle and said you can either give me money, join my cause, or be deported/killed, I would be justified in doing so?

Furthermore, they only killed the father, and deported the wife and children out of their boarders and told them to never ever come back here again.

Oh, well that’s perfectly reasonable, I mean, you’re only killing the breadwinner of the family and leaving the rest to fend for themselves. That’s completely okay.
The Iraqi’s are abusive US backed fuckers, and they are not good to the people.

You think anything the US does is evil and should be stopped, don’t you? I’ll admit that the US has disproportionately large amounts of influence over the rest of the world, but really, would we be better off with any other country taking on that role?

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Topic: Off-topic / Last videogame protagonist you played as...

Either Maya or Axton from BL2. I can’t remember because I was switching between my two toons off and on while playing.

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Topic: Off-topic / Derivations of "This post has been removed by an administrator or moderator"

This post has been removed by someone who thought it was shitty

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Topic: Serious Discussion / So they made artificial wombs...

Originally posted by vikaTae:

They’re welcome to breed super men with YY chromosomes if ‘they’ like. Worth pointing out that all such creatures will be stillborn, though.

Well, not necessarily, but yeah, missing X on the sex chromosome is a bit of a problem. I think that was a bit more of a silly example than the focus of the thread, though.

Honestly, I think it will be a while before the practice of artificial surrogacy becomes common in the regular world. It’d be unlikely that the natural way of reproduction gets eclipsed any time soon, and that’s for a number of reasons. Chief among them being how much cheaper it is, and also how easy it is to accidentally become pregnant as opposed to accidentally foster a zygote under lab settings.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Iraq Round Three

Originally posted by teh_hobo:

I honestly say FUCK IT. We have no reason to be there anymore. The man behind 9/11 is dead. Let the countries of the middle east kill settle it or kill each other. We spent too much time and resources on people who don’t want our help.

You’re right, there’s no responsibility landing on the shoulders of a country with a lot of military and political power to use said power for humanitarian means. Especially not when our own lack of oversight when dealing with Syria and post-war Iraq led to our enemies securing military equipment from our allies, equipment that we provided. Furthermore, when you factor in the destruction of holy sites/relics to the Christian faith, which is the majority religion in the US and several other western nations, there’s a populist rationale for politicians to support the defense of Christians in the Middle East. If nothing else, then let’s not forget that the Assyrians and Kurds are being the target of genocide by ISIS, which is pretty hard to condone.

We take it under our wing, then our companies can mine those resources. We’ll provide the infrastructure, and the government will set what regulations we deem necessary. After all, our citizens aren’t affected, and Iraq has no lobbyists in congress.

Ladies and gentlemen, you now have a shiny example of just how disconnected and apathetic people in the western world are from the wars that even their own people will fight overseas. More concerned with how corporations profit than the welfare of the people in those regions or hell even your own countrymen who have fought there.

End of the day, we get those resources at bargain prices, far cheaper than we could minethem locally, and if they’re sold in usd, we can set the buying price for other countries. Win-win for corporate interests really.

I’m by no mean an expert, but I get the feeling that even with reduced labor prices in areas like Iraq, the added costs associated with refining crude oil in these areas – security, shipping, leasing/building infrastructure – wouldn’t really save much as opposed to refining locally.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Iraq Round Three

So, with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant growing in numbers, territory, and influence each day, what do you think the likelihood of another NATO incursion into Iraq will be? Do you expect continued airstrikes, or possibly boots on the ground? If so, do you think that they’ll be charged with security assistance or perhaps offensive raids into ISIL-held territory? How likely is it that the Iraqi military, Kurdish fighters, or either of the Syrian factions, will be able to handle this threat without the aid, either logistical or military, of foreign powers such as the US, Russia, China, or the EU?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Genetic engineering and "playing God"

Why would anyone sane and moral oppose the option to wipe genetic disorders off the face of the planet?

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Topic: Off-topic / Costco

Welcome to Costco, I love you.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is it right to kill one person to save the lives of many?

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:

Dude, “baby Hitler” is no innocent child.

At that point, I would argue that he was. However, I have my doubts that simply killing Hitler would’ve prevented WW2. Some other incredibly nationalist leader with a lot of charisma would’ve probably done something similar.

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Topic: Off-topic / What would happen if you fell into Uranus?

You’d stink and suffocate.

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Topic: Off-topic / >mfw come back to OT after a few days

>using le epic may may arrows on OT
ur a fgt

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Topic: Off-topic / Who's That OTer?!

Originally posted by Caravine:

The “Yes, these are free points” Question:

“Quality > Quantity”

The one with the face?

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Topic: Off-topic / What's this forum about?

It’s about how salty we like our olives.

I like mine really salty.

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Topic: Off-topic / rate my battlestation


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Topic: Off-topic / Do you think George zimmerman is a celeberty

Originally posted by SWATLLAMA:

Snowden revealed obvious information, much of which was already known. Then he blamed the current administration instead of the previous one that set it up.

He also totally breached his non-disclosure agreement. I mean c’mon, who does that?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / would a artificial human have rights?

Are we talking about people who are the product of genetic design, like something out of Blade Runner or highly sophisticated androids?

Either way, I would probably support their rights to humane accommodation as I would a normal human. If they were done precise enough, would we even know the difference?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / why did the government fake the moon landing?

It was faked because it made us look cooler than the Soviets. Same reason that we would’ve went to the moon for real.

Thing is all that money we spent on faking it went to the secret government psychic special forces teams.

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Topic: Off-topic / Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber alles!

Originally posted by cesarcurado:

theres already a thread for that donbass

I do not care even a little.


Topic: Off-topic / Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber alles!

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Topic: Off-topic / Tomorrow you will have a beer bottle smashed over your head

Sounds like a fun time.

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Topic: Off-topic / How does it feel knowing you will dead one day?

No use worrying about shit we can’t change, so live it up until then.

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Topic: Off-topic / Would you rip off your hand for 1000 USD?

Yeah pretty fucking stupid. I’d do it for 1,500,000 though.

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Topic: Off-topic / [Warning! Mature Language] Let's think up fun and creative insults!

Originally posted by theworld404:

I don’t want to insult people. My mom says that’s rude.

Well your mom can take a minivan (seats 2 in the front, 5 in the back) so I wouldn’t put much value on her words.