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Topic: Off-topic / A word of warning to true idiots....


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Topic: Serious Discussion / Remove all social safety nets!

Yeah! Let’s go back to the wealth disparity we saw before the advent of social security! More poor people, sure, but more money in the hands of those who need it least!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A word of warning to true idiots....

bq.1. Never ask how many posts it would take to have a positive rep.
Am I cool yet?
bq.2. Never ask for redemption.
bq.3. Never directly attack the rules/guidelines
What is this, Trolling for Dummies?

Originally posted by dvp_cursed:
Originally posted by Kasic:

Ironically, this topic belongs in OT, which is pretty much entirely trolls and spammers.

But LOGICLY, it belongs here. Quite the paradox, yes?

Not really.
Speaking of anal, though

I like where this thread is going.

Anyway, this whole thread is all about subtle trolling techniques, ergo it is completely and utterly retarded for it to be in SD.

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Topic: Off-topic / What religion are you?

Cultural Catholics now and forever!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Self-Modifiable Neuroprosthetic for Depression

The difference here is subtle but powerful; those antidepressants have to be in the system for 2-3 weeks before they produce a measurable difference. Then they stay at the same level, typically dampening emotional response.

Yes, there are potential side effects to any medical procedure or pharmaceutical substance. Are you saying that it’s better to go through a high-risk surgery than to simply take a pill? My point is that there’s no reason that any insurance company would pay many times as much to go to a neurologist to have an experimental procedure done that would only marginally make someone more functional than they would were they to use antidepressants or other mood-altering substances.

What I am proposing works differently; it’s not in effect 99% of the time. Only if the mood drops below at set point, ten seconds later the pump auto-activates and pumps the brain’s own neurotransmitters in, rather than an artificial neurostimulant, to accelerate recovery out of the low.

Out of curiosity, what advantages are there to signalling the release of your transmitters than to just release the stimulants? I mean, the only one I can think of is that you wouldn’t have to release as much from the pump, but again, I’m no neurologist.

But it means that the person isn’t taking antidepressants. Instead, the prosthetic intelligently takes note of when they are entering a fugue state and takes immediate action to bring them out of it; returning to dormancy until the next time their mood sours past whatever unacceptable point it has been set to.

I see the benefits, but in my opinion, I think it’d be safer to just keep with oral antidepressant medication. Unless the antidepressants in question are hindering an individual’s ability to function, or are having negative side effects with other medication they may be taking, I don’t see much problem with them being in an individual’s system.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Ebola

It should be possible to encode a strain of HIV to specifically target the protein chain of Ebola, that much of the concept is sound.
But does it have to be HIV? Why not any other virus?
bq. Whatever it ends up looking like, it’ll be nothing like the original, and the act of inserting new code int othe genome has altered the way everything that was originally in there, now interacts.
Yeah, but I mean, ideally you’d be inserting code in between stop and start codons, so that you’re only really messing up non-coding DNA anyway, and you’re going to avoid causing frame-shift mutations as well, but I see your point.
bq. You’ve changed all the internal coding in new, and pretty much random ways. You then fire it into a lab animal and see what it does.
It’s too bad that even selective splicing is random to all hell when it comes to even small sequences of DNA, like those in viruses. Ideally, you’ll have some idea of what proteins to make, but considering that protein folding is one of the biggest questions facing biochemistry at the moment, it’d be difficult to know how to properly code for these in a way that they’ll regularly be sequencing and folding the correct way.
bq. You’ve created a new disease with if you’re lucky, HIV’s transmission methods. If you’re not lucky, horizontal gene transfer has occured, and either the HIV has some of Ebola’s characteristics, or Ebola has some of HIV’s…
That’s exactly why I don’t feel that HIV would be a good virus for these purposes. This new viral infection wouldn’t get rid of Ebola, but it would sure as hell create a public health risk.

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Topic: Off-topic / Are There Any Native German Speakers Here?

Not native, but I do speak some if you’re just doing basic shit I can help you with it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / I am damn tired of Obamacare. Now it's time for the correction. :)

I’m sick of Obamacare too. We should repeal it and replace it with universal public healthcare.

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Topic: Off-topic / Guinness, I'm disappoint

I think Skyrim and Oblivion are quite weak compared to the three previous games.

I spotted Dr. Nostalgiagoggles! Morrowind was a decent game at the time, yes, but you have to remember, the original TES games were pretty much direct pulls of Dungeons and Dragons/GURPS style board games blended with some elements of original shooter games such as Doom or Wolfenstein. The gameplay was pretty revolutionary at the time, and there was a wide variety of character customization, but as with everything, over the past 2 years things have been refined, mechanics tightened out, etc. The system of magic/combat is so much better in both Skyrim and Oblivion than it was in the previous titles in the franchises, that you can’t pretend it’s better just because it’s older. Yes, it’s more dumbed down, but that’s only to make it more intuitive.

The next argument would be that of writing, which is a common concern in most series. It’s true that often lore gets jumbled up as one or two things is overlooked in any individual storyline, however, by and large, Bethesda has been able to keep The Elder Scroll’s story largely intact, with things sequencing well. If something is relevant to the other portions of the plot, they generally do a good job of keeping things straight. The only major plot issue that comes to mind for me is who the Night Mother is in the lore of the games, given that changed from Morrowind/DF/Arena to when Oblivion started up. However, if you can find three examples of seriously plot breaking lorefucks that were the result of either Skyrim or Oblivion, I’ll take back everything in this post.

Obviously graphics improved, though this is a weak argument on my side to make. They definitely made the games more playable for everyone instead of focusing on the loyal fans, a market that wouldn’t really grow that much, and for some people, myself included, we only got into the Elder Scrolls franchise after playing Skyrim and Oblivion. I for one, went back and got Morrowind’s full pack, and recently downloaded Arena and Daggerfall. They’re good games, but honestly they feel like they were made when they were. This isn’t a bad thing, but gameplay mechanics on PC in the 90s weren’t nearly what they are now. All in all, the only argument from diehard fans of the series is that it’s different, now it’s popular, and that they were doing it before it was cool. Face the facts, it’s just a hipster way of looking at these games.


Topic: Off-topic / Niceman creates a [NaNoWriMo Novel] with Elisha

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Topic: Off-topic / Is "Breaking Bad" any good¿

Originally posted by TheInternetRules:
Originally posted by onlineidiot1994:

Calling Breaking Bad a TV show is like calling The White Stripes “that one guitar group”.

It’s a fucking paragon of entertainment, not just something to watch while inebriated.

Jack White is the Keeping Up with the Kardashians of music.

Now I know you’re trolling me. I bet you don’t like the Black Keys or the Who either.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Self-Modifiable Neuroprosthetic for Depression

Wouldn’t an implanted chemical delivery device require frequent refilling? And thus the need for frequent surgery to remove the implant to refill it, or an external tube coming out of the implant (and sticking out of the body) that may create an extra opportunity for pathogens to enter the body?

By no means am I an expert in neorotechnology, but I imagine that you’d be able to store some blood while your body is in a promoter rich environment in this device (which would be when your mood is where you want it to be) and then release these stores to promote the production of more dopamine/serotonin.

Given the alarming rate at which common bacteria like the ones that cause Staph infections / etc are evolving antibiotic resistant traits and the rate of hospital acquired infections occur (and all the horrific complications caused by said infections) I’m not so sure this is a risk worth taking.

I agree wholeheartedly, especially when there’s a plethora of chemical substances you can take that will achieve the same result. It’d also probably be cheaper, even over the course of your whole life, to just abuse antidepressants the whole way through then to have a needlessly complicated surgery that could potentially cause damage to your brain.

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Topic: Off-topic / Is "Breaking Bad" any good¿

Calling Breaking Bad a TV show is like calling The White Stripes “that one guitar group”.

It’s a fucking paragon of entertainment, not just something to watch while inebriated.


Topic: Off-topic / The Minnesota OT meetup 2014

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Ebola

Originally posted by brashhamster:
Originally posted by vikaTae:

HIV is one of, if not the most genomically unstable virus we are aware of. Once you modify it to do your bidding, there is a pretty much 100% chance it will continue to self-modify in utterly uncontrolled ways, until it is nothing like the form you first injected it as.

You’re giving the patient a highly infectious random agent, with no clue how long it will stay effective against ebola, and no clue which of the body’s other systems it will turn on first, and what the effect would be.

Not a great idea.

Might as well start testing now right? We have overflowing prisons, why not test on them to advance medicine faster than ethics allow? Give the prisoners a chance at freedom in return for testing.

Either way, viruses don’t generally target other viruses, especially not HIV. HIV typically targets white blood cells (which are eukaryotic cells) so you’re just spreading two diseases without any guarantee of success. Furthermore, the biochemistry for each group of viruses is quite different, what works on one wouldn’t necessarily work on the other.
Vaccination against Ebola could, theoretically, be pretty effective, assuming that it’s not quick to undergo such drastic mutations on the caliber that would allow it to exist in an antibody-rich environment.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Self-Modifiable Neuroprosthetic for Depression

No thank you, I’ll stay as an organic life form.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What the hell is wrong with the country?

Gee man, acting like your better than everyone who’s a civilian is kind of shitty. I know that if I acted that way in uniform it’d sure as fuck get me some bubblegum ass. I know you said you served in the Marine Corps for 25 years, and so I’m expecting you were either an NCO or an officer to have stayed in that long. Are Marines taught to be arrogant shitbags when dealing with people who are either non-military or of another branch? As a member of the Army, I don’t have much experience in regards to the Marine Corps, but I know from my own experience that service members are supposed to be courteous and respectful to others.

Now, are you trying to say that many civilian individuals are complete and total incompetent fucktards with no respect for authority or any capacity to solve their own damn problems? Because that’s often true. It’s also true for pretty much anyone under the rank of E4, however, so I don’t know what you’re trying to prove.

This all being said, it sounds like you have one stupid ass employee. Have you, as an employer, considered giving a basic landnav class to your runners? I mean, should be simple enough, it only takes about an hour or two to give them some pretty clear training, and nobody can pretend they don’t know how to use a map then. I’d expect someone with a military background such as yourself to know to expect people not to know things like that. Sure, someone can say they have experience with using maps, but that being said, not everyone is in practice with them. I know that even though I’m pretty good with geography and have a decent sense of direction, I still rely on my phone’s GPS. I don’t have to spend time stopped and I can safely focus on the road.

That is the problem, the world is not a Marine base. I have to deal with weaklings day in and day out, all civilians. It makes me wonder why I sacrificed so much for these people when I look around, they are obese and helpless, demand handouts, etc. But then I look at my grandkids and realize it is all worth it and it is all about parenting and discipline.

Either you’re a troll, or you really did spend way too much time on active duty. Did you ever leave post at all while you were enlisted? Myself, I have really, really awful roommates, they don’t understand what it means to handle your goddamn shit, and they like to keep our apartment a fucking sty. This irks several nerves, however, I do understand that not everyone learned how to maintain their shit. This stems anywhere from parenting to life experience, but it all is a matter of character.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The People Spoke

Originally posted by vikaTae:
Originally posted by jhco50:

The question now is can we fix our country?

  • Complete overhaul of all government services, concentrating on centralisation to avoid state-specific service loopholes.

That would not be advisable in a country like the US. The founding concepts of the US is that the federal government focuses mostly on core ideas of defense, safety, and interstate infrastructure, while allowing state/local governments to handle most of their own affairs. I will say that I would totally be fore a universal healthcare policy on the federal level, though. Or at least require states to provide that service themselves.

  • Increase funding for law enforcement and community policing in particular.
  • Why? What makes you feel the US needs more federal law enforcement? Do you feel that we are in a position where the various departments (NSA, Marshall’s service, FBI, etc.) are unable to handle this?

  • Increase training for law enforcement.

  • Again, what for?
  • Repeal NCLB, and indulge in a serious and comprehensive revamp of the education system, including both FE and HE, to invest in the future.

  • I agree wholeheartedly.
  • Cut back on defense expenditure, and in particular cut back on on keeping in service the aging parts of the arsenal.

  • I disagree wholeheartedly. The only branches of the military that need budget cuts are the Air Force and Navy, and that’s only in some of their future projects that are incredibly expensive and won’t provide much in the way of an improved military anyway. IE the new “Stealth destroyer” that costs 3 times as much and doesn’t do anything the old destroyers did other than have a slightly lower silhouette on the water.
  • Increase regulation of health insurance, and provide a comprehensive oversight to keep the companies in line.

  • I’d rather just see a government take over of the insurance sector. Hell, I’d be happy seeing government control of the whole financial sector, honestly. But that wouldn’t ever happen.
  • Decentralise health provision, whilst seeking to lower costs so that more healthcare can be available at a lower bar of entry for more of the citizenry.

  • One of the major reasons for healthcare costing as much as it does in the US is that we tend to prefer to use more experimental and cutting edge techniques for medical services. This is due to the fact that we put more money towards research and development than many other countries. This obviously increases costs.

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    Topic: Off-topic / What does "DP" mean?

    Originally posted by tHErofLwaffLe:
    Originally posted by V0idGuard:

    Double Penetration.

    why was this post removed

    Because those god damn communists are taking over Kongregate. Why do you think it’s red?

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    Topic: Serious Discussion / COP = CRIMINAL ON PAYROLL

    Most don’t. There’s an exceptional minority that get paid to not do their job correctly though.

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    Topic: Serious Discussion / Individuality - What makes you so special?

    Alright, so I’m curious. I am a person who only sees the value of people based on their usefulness to their society. I believe that respect should be awarded to those who perform duties that are a benefit to those around them, and that acts of self advancement are ultimately not something that one should be proud of. This being said, I want to hear why people feel that individualism and personal worth are valuable attributes. Why do you think that someone being a special snowflake is a good thing?

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    Topic: Serious Discussion / Political Correctness as a Barrier to Communication

    Some people are just on a witch hunt for racism, bigotry, and ignorance. I tend to pay no mind to being either politically correct or ignorant. I’m going to treat people of other races as I would someone of my own race. I’m not going to be mindful of “microaggressors” or other made up bullshit that people think up to offend themselves, but I won’t get too comfortable with people I just met, since that’s a good way to offend them.

    In other words, yes, being overly PC can prevent progressing social interactions.

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    Topic: Serious Discussion / Ebola

    Are we in the end of times? Ebola is all over the world and has the potential to become airborne, killing everyone.
    EDIT: Link.

    What is the likelihood of ebola causing a major public health issue leading to incredible infection rates?

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    Topic: Serious Discussion / Granted we need to take discussions seriously here......

    Originally posted by fractalman:

    {gets ideas for a thread about what would actually happen if people started turning into ponies at a rate of one person every minute}

    I think the actual topics can be somewhat silly.

    Edit: HOWEVER, there are limits. {cough ‘I think god is a dinosaur’ cough}. Furthermore, the sillier the topic, the more serious and mature the thread creator needs to seem/be.

    I think the real issue is that there’s been a recent influx of just flat out stupid discussion with stupid topics that have been tossed around. Like, if you believe that god is a dinosaur, at least make a half assed argument to make it seem serious. Don’t be all “i dun me myself think dis here factual informations is good and right yessiree”


    Topic: Serious Discussion / Granted we need to take discussions seriously here......

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