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Topic: Off-topic / New OT's Official Tinychat Thread (NEWT)

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Topic: Off-topic / For one day, you are sent back to the day of 9/11 in the WTC.

Pull the fire alarm.

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To me it just kind of sounds like someone with down’s syndrome talking to me.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The age to appear in porn is 18, but the average world age of consent is 16

Somewhat related to this, I read someone argue that pornography and prostitution is disdained by the feminist community largely because it creates an objective market condition for sex, which is one of the greatest advantages women have over men in most first world countries (culturally, women are seen as who chooses when and with whom consensual sex occurs). Since it puts a set value on a commodity that women tend to determine based on personal values and what’s at their convenience. The only current way to for men to circumvent this at this time is to either hire a prostitute or rape someone. The latter being a flat out sick and horrid way, and both being illegal (in many countries), it gives women a major bargaining chip in relationships.

What are others’ thoughts on this? To me it seems like a reasonable thesis. People complain that the sex industry objectifies women, and that this is an issue, but on the other hand what’s wrong with someone providing a product that they are skilled and qualified to put out to market?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Communism Vs. Capitalism

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:

But, a “myth” that is well propagated by a very large amount of ppl just the same.

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”
-Adolf Hitler

If everyone believes a myth, for all that anyone cares it becomes the truth to the people. This is well exemplified in the concept of climate change deniers. Businessmen claim that anthropogenic climate change is not a thing, when all facts point to the contrary. They do this because under a purely capitalist system, it’s convenient and saves them money. Naturally communism/socialism doesn’t fix this automatically, but it takes away the profit motive for utilizing mostly greenhouse gas producing energy.

As far as equal wages are concerned, they may make the same amount of money (nothing) but well trained individuals DID tend to get preferential treatment when luxuries were concerned. That being said, party officials were considered the upper class of a communist society, not doctors and engineers.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Corporal Punishment

Fuck damn, if the drama continues in this thread I’m just going to lock it.

If you have a personal issue with someone, put it in PMs, e-mail, or shouts. I come here just to read a couple arguments and all I see is middle school drama.

Since I chose to lock it, this is what the OP said, for anyone who wants to read the subject of this thread in the future:

Originally posted by onlineidiot1994:

Is it wrong to smack your kids in line?

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Topic: Off-topic / [Removed]

Where ya gonna go? Iceland’s not that big of a place.


Topic: Off-topic / Itchy butthole

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

Whose idea?
Where are you getting this information?
Were you there when this amendment was being debated?

You do realize that the Bill of Rights was designed specifically to give people protections from the government, right? As such, the 2nd Amendment was established to ensure that militia were an available option for citizens to join for purposes of defense of themselves and the nation. They fought a war against people they saw as tyrants, and the precursor to the Continental Army was a collection of colonial militias. The idea behind the 2nd Amendment was to safeguard the people’s well-being, against any threats internal or external.

This being said, in an ager where multi-million dollar pieces of hardware are the standard in militaries throughout the world, a small band of riflemen isn’t enough to do much damage. Any militia that exist in the US today would find themselves sorely outmatched, even on their home turf.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Corporal Punishment

And that something exists/is prevalent automatically makes it right?
Good grief. Your “logic” astounds me.

It’s the natural order of things. It doesn’t have to be right to be “right”.

Merely your opinion.
Are you a trained mental health field professional?

I completely agree. Educate the child that such does exist in the world. AND, teach them the pitfalls of such idiocy. At least it’s worth a shot that this will promote a better world that might makes right and most things can be settled w/ the first throw of a fist.

Like it or not, and we can get into issues of political history on this, the people who hold the most power hold the most power (shocker, no?). This isn’t purely based on the physical strength of an individual, but you do have to be ready to stand up for yourself in order to get ahead.
If you mean that such is the way that should be afforded ppl who want to do so in a legal manner, let’s allow them to go to a state sanctioned boxing, MMA, jousting, stoning, etc.

I’d agree with this. I mean, that should be a viable, legal way of settling your civil disputes with someone, but I doubt it would garner much support if proposed in an official capacity.
If a child willfully does wrong. This is obviously a much more serious situation; and, it STILL needs to be addressed in a calm, judicious, loving manner.

You know what the definition of insanity is?
But, you have it hugely misplaced if you think such teaching stops at learning the parents’ authority over them. The child is learning the entire general meaning of authority.

Obviously there’s more life lessons than just HAIL THE PARENTS, and once the children understand that they have to listen to and respect their elders, there really won’t be any reason to swat them upside the head, they’ll understand that they better damn well listen when someone else is speaking.
How does a child rectify that particular model for problem solving isn’t legally okay as an adult? Aren’t you tacitly condoning “wife beating”?

Not at all, a full grown adult (should) knows the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Explaining the rationale for having a tidy room/house is really not that possible for a young child to understand, but they understand a spanking.
Please make it clear to me if it is YOU that throws the first punch; that it is you who ESCALATES a discussion of the disagreement to the level of using brute force to settle it.

Sometimes words just aren’t enough. Sometimes ya just gotta work it out.
I’m saying, HIS participation might be in a manner a little more “stealthy” than your openly bravado way

Then I’d be respectful of his devious cleverness.
Are you so arrogant as to believe the whole world will play by your rules?

Are you?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Mcdonalds Employee (Advice Please)

Originally posted by vikaTae:

The rest of this is just the usual ego clash.

I’m smarter than everyone.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Corporal Punishment

And last but not least, children who get beaten too often may have problems living a self-determined life. Which should be the goal of every education.

You seem to be of the mindset that laying hands on your children in any matter is automatically full-fledged assault. This is not the case. As far as self-determination goes, what? What if I determine that I want to kill people for a living? Is this entirely acceptable to you?

You also teach your children, that problems can be solved with violence. Once grown up, this is a quick way to end up in prison.

A lot of problems can be solved with violence, though… Maybe your culture doesn’t respect how some people settle their differences, but I for one applaud anyone who is capable of ending a situation, even if it means throwing a punch.
The problem is, that spanking puts a kid into the state fearful passivity. Which is commonly called “time bomb”, at least when directly translated from German to English. They are calm, but may explode any time and do stupid things.

If you calmly explain things to them and say “no” without ever swatting them in line, they won’t have any logical reasoning to respect your authority over them. I have to stay in time out? Or what? Don’t pee like the dog? Why not?

Mostly it teaches that might makes right, and whoever hits the hardest is always going to win.

Like it or not, that’s how the world works. Better to prepare people for this sooner rather than later.

If they are having problems with someone else, physical violence is the way to resolve it.

A lot of times it is. I speak from personal experience when I say that sometimes throwing a fist is the best way to work out your problems with someone.

In other words, fuck you mom/dad….I can CONTINUE to do “wrong” right up to the last number.

Oh god this, this is so true. My aunt has a little hellion that she raised like that, little bastard has no concept of boundaries. He’d even wait until the last number got called and then all she’d do is put him in the corner for a 2 minute time out, during which time she’d clean whatever fallout of his shenanigans there are… like what? I’d take a 2 minute time out if it meant no cleaning, hell yeah I’d stare at a wall while sitting on a chair.

I also love the bitch that does the obligatory “yell” at here kids while not even looking at them or checking to see if compliance has been achieved. Ya know, kinda like how a husband “listens” to what his wife is saying. lol

This one made me chuckle. It’s like the parents just give up on raising them and only are saying things to absolve themselves of guilt when the kid does fuck up.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Corporal Punishment

Originally posted by Jantonaitis:

I used to whack my students with bamboo sticks in S. Korea. They apparently had abolished it a few years before I taught there but I guess some schools didn’t get the message.

Did they listen to you more before or after you started doing that?

Originally posted by Aleazor:

Is it wrong for ignorant stupid people to hit their kids out of anger because they feel inconvenienced and lack the verbal communication skills to instruct their children? Yes.

Is it wrong to calmly smack an insolent child on the buttocks after all reasonable options have been exhausted? Hell no.

Either way, I wouldn’t call spanking corporal punishment. It’s either abuse or necessary behavioral redirection.

I’m in the same camp as you, rapping on the knuckles or a calm swat to the head sure makes a kid listen to you. Just a matter of whether or not you value self-discipline as a trait in an individual. I know a lot of people are opposed to spanking as a form of punishment, but it sure teaches a child boundaries pretty quick.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is it right to kill one person to save the lives of many?

To put it in a more contempory example, if you’re in the armed forces, and you are aware your commander is going to issue an order to have civilians killed, would it be moral to shoot that commander, and sacrifice your own life for the civilians, in the knowledge that the commander was irredeemably evil and absolutely deserved to die for the orders they would have given in the future?

This entirely depends on the situation (god I feel like a cop out for saying that).

If the order was to target a predominantly militant target, but there were some civilians in the area, I would say sorry to the civilians, but that’s got to happen. If you’re saying would it be okay if all we were doing was massacring a village for shiggles, yeah that officer probably would deserve to get either shot. That’s a moot point in the latter example, though, as it would be an unlawful order and simply reporting it to his higher-up would be the way to handle it.

Point is that if it’s wanton murder then there’s no excuse. It’s all a matter of innocence or guilt of the parties involved. In the described situation, I’d kill the fuck out of Hitler, but not if he was an infant who hasn’t done anything yet.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Transgender Individuals

Neat, thanks.

Though the second article seemed to point out that some of those differences may be the result of the hormone treatments taken. I’d be interested to see if there were a study conducted on the CAT scans on transgender individuals from the start of their hormone treatment and further on. I’d be surprised if there has been much research on this, but I’ll do some digging, if I find anything I’ll post it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is it right to kill one person to save the lives of many?

If causing harm to someone WOULD in fact protect others, than that individual that you’re harming most likely has it coming to them.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Communism Vs. Capitalism

Originally posted by Darches2:

Capitalist base, with communist restraints. That is all. Capitalism provides freedom and all it’s benefits, and communism prevents BS.

Minimum wage, but no maximum wage? That’s a problem. There are no fundamental goals in any of the world’s economies… which is why they’re all sub-par.

Also, communism does not have a government. That’s socialism, which is similar.

Maximum wage? I like where you’re going Huey Long.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Transgender Individuals

Originally posted by vikaTae:

They don’t. Their brains are a different gender to their bodies, and they are trying to correct their bodies to be in line with who they are as people.

Okay, that’s interesting, but is there any biological evidence to support that their brain is of the opposite gender, or do they just “feel” more like the opposite one and so they act accordingly?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Transgender Individuals

If the LGBT community is based on the ideals of being true to who you are, then why do transgender people want to be someone other than their own sex?

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Topic: Off-topic / The blank thread

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Topic: Off-topic / if u were cabbage wut color wud u be?

id be a red cabbage

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Topic: Off-topic / You dumbfucks

0/10 shit thread

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Christians and Atheists have one thing in common.

Originally posted by Jantonaitis:
Originally posted by TheLoneLucas:

So what I am getting at is why waste your time arguing over things you honestly don’t know about

Because some Christians wants to ban abortion due to the bible saying it’s wrong.

Only in countries with primitive cultures like Pakistan or the US.

Quiet, you barbarian. Just because the US rules the world with an iron dick and follows the teachings of our lord and savior’s only son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, doesn’t mean that we’re primitive like those heathens.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why Do You Need Feminism?

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
Originally posted by vikaTae:
How is a dick either moral or immoral? It has nerves yes, but they’re not thinking anything.

God gave Man two “brains”;
but, He gave him only enough blood to operate one at a time.

Haven’t ya ever heard the expression: he’s thinking w/ his dick?
It’s a very common male “condition”….gay, straight, bi, whatever; if it has a dick, it will inevitably use it to make a fool of himself.

I swear, I’ve always used the right head for the job.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What would happen if there was a worldwide famine?

Well everyone would be hungry, obviously.