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Topic: Off-topic / OMFG I JUST REALIZED

lol omfg ur rite

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Topic: Off-topic / Official "What Is Your Favorite Pokemon?" Thread

No love for Raichu yet? C’mon guys, he’s like Pikachu but not shitty or overdone.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Washington Post and The Guardian get Pulitzer prise for exposing NSA secrets

I don’t see why Washington Post and The Guardian are getting prizes when the person who took the risk in leaking that information had to go on the lamb and move to Russia, but whatever.

Also, why do people feel like Snowden was some hero? He pulled out on a deal that he made with the federal government.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What is the most fundamental science?

(but lets not consider that here seeing that even the people who formulated it don’t even understand it themselves, for all we know the quantum models created could just be a mathematical artificat of ‘objective reality )

What is this, I don’t even… Is this in reference to the double slit experiment or something?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Ask an Atheist (AAA)

There are atheists who have read the bible before, even cover to cover. Tell me this, have you read the Torah? What about the Quran? And other religious texts? If or if not, what made you determine the christian religious text (bible) is the correct source?

Pretty much everything in the Torah is covered in the Bible, and the Quran reads a lot like he Bible, except a little more legal sounding diction (hell, the second Sura was just outlining of Shariah law), other religions, in my opinion, when described, just weren’t of any interest. As a secular believer in the Catholic church, I feel that firm Atheists are just as bad as fundamentalist Christians, and that to claim in either direction any amount of absolutism in faith is kind of silly and, in truth, pointless.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Vulgarity

Should vulgar terms be considered unacceptable for usage in common English? I mean, yeah, vulgar by definition means outside the realm of polite society, but not everyone subscribes to a polite society mindset.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should anti-vax people be banned from traveling and having children?

Eugenics is a morally sound practice, and it’s sad that people treat it as a dirty term. As a result, I believe that anyone who causes a public health concern by practicing their misguided beliefs should be quarantined.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should medical crystal meth be legalized?

Amphetamines are already used for medical purposes, though…

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Topic: Off-topic / Hold you're breath time it

44 seconds.


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Topic: Serious Discussion / Free speech vs. discrimination -- where do we draw the line?

Nope, that won’t do it.
Try again.
What she said represents only HER.
She is in no way OFFICIALLY (or hardly even Unofficially) representing her employer.

Did you watch the video in that link? Cus it kinda showed a point at which she left up her employer with the tag “distinguished poster” or something to that effect.

However, ya’re gonna have to come up w/ something a whole lot better than that to make a case for your point.

Let’s see what Dr. Rives’ reviews include (from that link I sent you)
Extremely unprofessional teacher. Degrades students that need help and spends most class times ranting against the government and military. Easy A because she cant properly teach.

There’s a negative review, here’s a positive one…
Jodi is awesome! She is very liberal and is a bit one-sided. There were a few heated debates in our class – as there should be in a college atmosphere. Don’t buy the textbook – you don’t use it. Jodi made class fun and interesting, she’s like a cool aunt to everyone. take this class if you can!!

Note that both of them imply that she vents her political feelings in the class setting. I don’t care if you agree with her or not, teaching your opinions in a way that they could be interpreted as facts is an unprofessional way to educate people.
They ONLY have control over what you would say in regards to “shop talk”…military stuff.
Beyond that, most anything of legal means is yet your right to express.
But, that YOU don’t understand this really doesn’t surprise me.

Well that’s funny, tell me more about my profession. I think it’s incredibly off putting that you are trying to argue with me when you clearly have little to no experience in this subject. Quite frankly I find it somewhat pitiable.
Did she actually state that it is YOU that she was referring to?
Is there something in YOUR personal life that somehow “identifies” w/ her point?

Niggers. Am I referring to any individual African Americans? No. Does that make that term less offensive to that demographic? No. So when she makes claims like "half of all women in the military are sexually assaulted (the real statistics are much much lower) and then follows it up by implying that it’s “the whole barrel”, I take it to mean she’s pointing fingers at me, too.
Are YOU going to say that such things don’t happen in YOUR military?

It’s not “my” military, I don’t know why you’re trying to push that it is. And of course, there’s a LOT more instances of sexual assault than there should be in the military. The Army, at least, has been making a huge effort in an attempt to try and combat sexual assault. Sexual assault/harassment prevention and response training has become one of its primary concerns. Though there’s a lot of work to be done, it pisses me off to no end when individuals get it in their heads that for some reason the military is just passively not giving a fuck about the issue.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Free speech vs. discrimination -- where do we draw the line?

AND, your profile on this site says that YOU are “employed” by the Army Reserves as a CBRN specialist.
I’m sure they are extremely proud of the way ya representing them here

Outright attack on me, but a fair point, I’ll update my profile.

Now, tell me about this magical link you refer to as to how her personal opinions are reflecting on the college as a whole when posted.

Gee, couldn’t read the OP, could you?
Is she promoting these opinions IN her classrooms at the college?

Sure sounds like it.
Do YOU really want YOUR employer having that much control over what YOU say in your personal life?

That’s a moot point, because the reality is, they do.
I’m sure the women in your life will luv to hear the word CUNT fall from the mouth you want them to kiss and those gals who work w/ ya and your MOM.

I call them as I see them. Is “cunt” a strong word? Yes. Does that mean it should be stricken from our lexicon? No. To be fair though, if my mom knew I called a woman who was acting like that a cunt, she’d probably agree with me. I don’t call random women on the streets cunts for no reason, but if you go around implying that I’m a murderous rapist, then yeah, I’ll show you the level of respect that you showed me.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Free speech vs. discrimination -- where do we draw the line?

Ooopppsss…where I live, THAT is a very, VERY strongly disliked (by women) assessment.

Yeah that’s why I used it.

And, do ya seriously feel that, from the very little of her that is exposed by this part of her life, ya’re able to make such a strong opinion about her? Wouldn’t that simply be what she is being “accused” of…strong unfounded prejudice?

Sorry let me restate it.
That woman was being a cunt when she said that.
Okay…show me how this representing is being done.

If you read the links TN posted, one of them had a point where it mentioned that she had her place of employment tagged on her Facebook profile.

Does she not have the “right” to put on her facebook account what her profession is?
Should she not use that fact to support her OPINON?

She has the right to put her employment place on facebook (there’s even a handy dandy field where you can place that information), however, in so doing, she is allowing her employer to be criticized for any postings she makes, and as such any facebook drama becomes an employer-employee issue as well.
Did she state that her opinion is some how representative of that of her place of employment?

Now, I know that her posting doesn’t mean she’s speaking for the college when she posts whatever trivial shit she puts on her profile, but it does mean that as an employer, her facebook postings reflect on them as a whole when posted. In another word, it doesn’t matter who said it, as long as the right people hear it. The college as a whole is going to have to play damage control as a result of her spitting off her opinion.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Free speech vs. discrimination -- where do we draw the line?

It’s protected under free speech, but that woman is, quite frankly, a cunt.

As long as she doesn’t discriminate in grading based on peoples’ military experience, I don’t really see the problem. I’ll be honest, I think that the idea that military and ex-military students are poorly equipped for academic situations is a load of garbage though. Maybe it’s just Communications that’s true for, though, because I struggled a little bit in my Communications class, mainly because, I felt, a sizable chunk of the test work was based on the opinions of the communications community (there would be questions like "which is the better approach to life; planning or go with the flow?). Granted that may not be universally true across all educators who create their tests.

AND, where is the part about PREDOMINANTLY? I really looked; but, I just couldn’t find it without hitting her facebook….which I’m really not at all interested in doing.
But, I don’t think it is any real “cat-out-of-the-bag” thing about the problems the military has w/ “sexual aggression” issues.

My guess is she probably just watched The Silent War

Is she not “allowed” to have a personal opinion and express it on her personal facebook account?

She should be, but if she’s going to voice opinions like these, she shouldn’t be representing her place of employment on her account. That’s just my opinion on that. I know that for the military, at least, if you have any information that ties you to the military it’s part of the job that you don’t post shit that’s political or offensive. Of course, not all employers are the same.
I would also suggest that her opinions are incapable of being discriminatory.

The opinions themselves aren’t discriminate, nor are voicing them, but as others have mentioned, she should be reviewed for grading bias against military students. If she’s grading fairly, but she’s just bitchy, then so be it. If the students are doing poorly because of her bias, then I would say she would need at least reprimandation, and possible dismissal depending on how many of her students have been effected, and how significantly.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Osama Bin Laden: Hero?

Originally posted by thepunisher52:
I’d like for ya to stand outside a military base and shout how much you love Osama.

is that a dare?
How much will I gain from it.

I doubt you’d get many people to kick your ass (which you’d deserve), assuming you’re doing it at an entry point to the post, but you’d definitely get some dirty looks. You’d receive a just ass whuping if you did it in a nearby bar with off duty soldiers for sure, though.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why american soldiers should not be allowed in ukraine?

The problem with Crimea is that it’s Russia’s card to put Ukraine into a holding pattern. With Crimea under Russia’s control, they remove a major economic territory from Ukraine’s hand. Further, it takes away a region that’s traditionally tied into Ukraine, leading into a major land dispute between Ukraine and Russia. This would definitely put a strain on the relations with western powers when dealing with them, as neither the US, EU, or any other country that could potentially back them would be hesitant to piss off the Russians further than they already have.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Feminism: Does Sexual Exploitation Empower Women?

I told her that what she does not empower women, it does the contrary; set women back by blatantly exploiting their natural assets for monetary gain.

It definitely doesn’t help women break away from the “more than just a sex object” idea that a lot of feminists tend to push.

She said that feminism was about freedom of choice, and that I could not be a feminist because I was a man judging her based on her choice in occupation; therefor, limiting her.

This is why I’ve come to hate the feminist movement – it’s become anti-man instead of pro-woman. The moment you weigh in either way about sexual tendencies, they will say you’re demeaning them. If you support a more conservative sexual lifestyle, you’re limiting their sexuality, thus being a patriarchal shitbag. If you support a more sexually open lifestyle where women are free to fuck and go as they please, you’re objectifying women for sex, and thus a patriarchal shitbag.
Do you believe that women can empower other women through sexual exploitation?

In a word, no. There’s plenty of pornography out there, and one more attention whore on a webcam isn’t empowering anybody. Further, men doing modeling and sexual acts on camera is construed as weird or offensive as opposed sexually attractive.

Modern feminism has come to become an ideology that men are inferior to women, and as a result pushes moderates to see it in a negative light. Empowerment to non-feminists no longer means having equal power; it means giving greater power to the female demographic. Further, feminism has lost touch with its own meaning, instead of being supportive of feminine attributes being seen as a good thing, it supports women attaining a more masculine lifestyle. This alone breaks faith with the virtues that feminism hopes to achieve.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should everyone who doesnt understand sarcasm be banned?

I think that in order to promote an enlightened and free spirited society, we should allow those who don’t understand or respect a good joke to be lined up and shot. Eugenics is a good thing.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / How can I tell if I really love someone?

First we need to define love. This is difficult, but simple; do you feel a strong emotional connection with this individual? If yes, congrats, you love them. Now in what sense do you love them? Platonic friendship? Romantic involvement?

Come on man. This is a question only YOU can answer.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Minimalism vs Luxuries

On the spectrum of minimalistic lifestyles, where people move towards a more Spartan lifestyle, or to a more luxurious one where materialism is more pronounced, where do you feel you fall? Furthermore, what are the advantages/disadvantages to living on one side or the other? Obviously not everyone has to be hunter gatherer survivalists wearing loin cloths, but do they have to buy the new whatever that just came out?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Spanking: yea or nay. -- Now expanded to include: How humanity uses physical force to ensure desired compliant behavior.

Spanking should be allowed. Children need to understand humiliation and that there are some instances where you are going to just feel a mixture of embarrassment and weakness. They need to understand that these are bad things, which they should avoid, but still come to terms that this is part of life. Further, spanking sure as hell gets your point across that “this bullshit ain’t gonna fly”.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Philosophy

Originally posted by thepunisher52:

Philosophy is a profession that you do not choose, but are chosen for.
That is if you are too lazy or retarded to get a real job you start calling yourself a philosopher start talking out of your ass.

Pretty much this, unless it’s Natural Philosophy. Anyone who’s questioned the way things work can be considered a philosopher, so being a philosopher and a cup of coffee will impress people for your coffee acquiring skills.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / 400 years of slavery?

I think it’s funny that African descendants are the only ones who cry about their ancestors being enslaved. Irish were also slaves during a significant portion of that time period, and yet their time is almost entirely swept under the rug, because nobody’s really racist against Irish or Celts in general any more. That’s not to mention that you can go back into history to the times of the Romans and you’d have pretty much everyone being descended from one slave or another.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Life on other planets

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:

Huge caverns in the moon will be first.
They’ll merely be an extension of a space station.
But, we will have to come up w/ a much better way of lifting mass off Earth into space.
Otherwise, no at all economically feasible.

I don’t think there’s going to be a way to create an entire livable planet that will be economically feasible, at least not until living space becomes far less available (and even then, I’m sure we’ll be doing more efficient uses of space like arcologies). It’s possible that we may wind up needing space so much so that living on earth’s moon will be an attractive use of space from a business perspective, but that won’t be for a while. That said, I’d say that the concept of a space elevator that’s been thrown around would be a pretty efficient method of moving light cargo loads. That’d be useful while space exploration is still in its infancy, but who knows how long until one would be relevant if we’re colonizing other planets.

BUT that’s off the point of actual life on other planets developing of their own accord.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Life on other planets

Bump: (I felt this topic would be relevant to this discussion, and not worth me making another thread)

How long do you guys expect it will be before humans are able to terraform other planets? I mean, it seems fairly unlikely that we’ll reach that point in the next century, given the amount of variables involved in creating an ecology, but what would be the first step in the creation of one? Creating an atmosphere? Formation of magnetic poles? Establishing colonies of microorganisms?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / I won't say who I am, but I've been wanting to say this for a while now...

Remember, keep your tin foil hats on, if you don’t the mind control beta particles will get you in the brain, and then the evil backstabbing churchgoers will use you as a pawn of their destruction.

OP keep up the good fight!