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Topic: Serious Discussion / American Conservatism versus the world.

Originally posted by jhco50:

Of course it was Vika, quartering troops in private homes, confiscating weapons, raping women, etc had noting to add to it, right? Maybe you should read your history and stop picking just what you want out of it.

There was little to no rape on the part of British soldiers living in the colonies at that time (barring a few rare examples, which mostly were isolated cases). Confiscation of firearms didn’t begin until around the time of the Revolution, either. The majority of it was the fact that Continentals didn’t have a voice in parliament, and as such, they weren’t able to have any sense of freedom. In fact, the British government was pretty lenient towards the American Colonies, the Brits just didn’t give the option of political involvement.

As far as American Conservatism goes, the range of people involved is pretty far. Many say mind numbingly stupid shit when they attempt to argue politics, but some are actually worth talking to and hearing their arguments. The thing that bothers me is that those who are well read and make good points typically will emphasize their stance with a healthy dose of fear mongering and just plain bullshit just to give idiots a reason to follow them.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Transhumanism

Only if I can have a cyborg super arm that can blow up stuff will I support it.

Seriously, I would rather be half killbot than have some quirky augmented reality device.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is the gender wage gap truly a result of discrimination?

So your argument, Zamnick, is that the reason there aren’t more women CEOs is because women aren’t interested in being CEOs or they’re too busy having babies

To be fair, taking someone on as a CEO or in general have upward mobility would require them to have a better resume than the competition. That’s simply difficult to achieve when there’s several months that you had to take maternity leave for, regardless of how well you perform. While the company may not directly look down upon someone maternity leave, it looks bad to promote someone who has done less than another person interested in that same position.

So really, a step toward closing the gap is that we need to either eliminate maternity leave or put in programs that allow fathers to take paternity leave as well.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is the gender wage gap truly a result of discrimination?

I feel like median wage is a better metric than mean salary. That way the metrics used reflect the time put in, and it disregards the few that are on the extreme one way or the other. It would compare things much more fairly and reflect the way that the efforts are rewarded.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Are vaccines a gateway drug to heroin addiction?????

I’ve had so many vaccinations I don’t even know what’s real any more. I’m a vaccination addict, it’s ruining my life.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is Gay Marriage OK from a Biblical Perspective?

I mean, if you follow Leviticus, no, but Leviticus also was the section of the Bible that outlined how to properly sacrifice a goat to God, so take that for what it is.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Theoretic Wonders: Man and Machine

Fuck the robots, let’s just pump embryos full of human growth hormone and create super humans.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Theoretic Wonders: Infinite power! Unlimited fun!

I would make a big-ass space utopia, made in a similar fashion to the likes of Halo or Ringworld.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Book Club 2015

I would humbly like to request the book Goodnight Moon. It’s quite the telling story of a boy and his hunt for peace in life. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in tranquility fiction.


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Topic: Off-topic / I just solved the universe!

this thread is shit and you smell like dookie

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Topic: Off-topic / If Kongregate Allowed Porn...

I’m not going to read through this entire thread; I’m only going to read the title of it.

The answer to that is that if they allowed porn, I’d probably come here more often.


Topic: Serious Discussion / Metadiscussion On "Serious Discussion": A Comprehensive Analysis of Its Components and Purpose

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Introduce Yourself

Hello, I’m Bill.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / US in the Middle East

What are your thoughts on US foreign policy in the middle east? This includes anything from the First Gulf War to support of militia organizations in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Personally I think it’s a money pit. There’s plenty of other places to invest oil infrastructure in other than one of the most war torn regions on the planet.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why Are So Many of the Kids My Age so Immature?

Originally posted by Jantonaitis:

Conformity is a sign of maturity.

True as all hell.

Originally posted by DarkFungus:

I’m actually 14 but, so close to 15 that I count myself as it. I try to hang out with like minded people that I view as mature but, those people are few and far between.

Don’t worry about acting mature, you’re only 14. Enjoy your time at that age, experiment, make a few bad decisions, and learn from them. It’s not always a matter of whether or not you’ve done stupid shit as long as you’ve learned from it.

Most of the people around me are friends with people that aren’t even their real friends. Most of them just try to fit in and follow the crowd. They make inappropriate and stupid jokes all the time, get drunk, go to huge parties, and much more.

That’s probably just them trying to brag and sound cool. I went to a few “huge parties” when I was a freshman in high school, too. In hindsight it was like 15-20 people and we all only had 1 or 2 light beers each. Oh and if they talk themselves up for “doing drugs n’ shit” it probably means they smoked some ditch weed and got two pills of their ADHD friend’s adderall (for about three times market price, of course).

I’m not saying that I’m better then them for not wanting to do those things, I’m just saying that all of that doesn’t sound like fun to me. I know some people my age aren’t like this but I feel like the vast majority are. Any insight as to why these kids might act like this and why I don’t?

People want to sound bad ass, and house parties are fun times where you can get into all sorts of trouble. Take everything people say with a grain of salt; odds are they’re either extrapolating a lot or they’re outright full of shit. The reason you’re not acting like this is because you’re not full of shit at the moment, but you may want to be a little more open minded about that kind of stuff, so as not to alienate yourself from your peers.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Free speech vs. hate speech ( French attack related )

Originally posted by petesahooligan:

All speech should be illegal.

True dat. Even the most stupid of things should be protected by right of free speech.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / protesting puke scumbags

I have the sudden urge to go to Duluth now.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Perfect example why the USA is broken. ( A must read! )

All I can assume is that they have MA degrees rather than MSc degrees, and they opted for something arty-farty that has no direct application to employment. As such it’s irrelevant to their actual jobs. Then the numbers make much more sense.

Even then, with two family members earning 40+k per year, you’d have to be an idiot or be somewhere with insanely high cost of living to spend 1,600 for daycare and 1,200 for rent. If you’re the latter, you should be earning more than low to mid 40s in that situation, especially when holding master’s degrees.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Curious observation about weed users.

Also, cars cause significantly more damage to your lungs in a day than individual smokers, is the point.

[Citation Needed] If you’re breathing straight exhaust, yes, you may be right, but nobody does that. Besides, the majority of what composes exhaust is CO2 (which is only lethal when you’re displacing all of your oxygen with it) and water (which is, admittedly in all polluted lakes and streams) and atmosphere (combination of nitrogen gas, oxygen, and a number of other gases in minute concentrations) source, and it’s even from a time when engines ran a lot dirtier than they do now. True there are some other byproducts, given that no engine is perfect, but that’s miniscule in comparison. There’s a lot more damage to your lungs to be done by the small particles that are in the cocktail of cigarette/marijuana smoke, and it’s in a lot higher concentration than your typical car driving nearby will provide.

But anyway, if that IS your most base, refined point, why the fuck are you making it here?

Stinky stuff sucks, but let’s put the complaint in context and in perspective.

Yeah, entitled ass holes are stinking up the air for their bad habit, period.

ESPECIALLY e-cig vapor, which all statistics for are laughably without context.

True, e-cigs haven’t been tested enough to show they’re harmful, so it’s not so much an issue of health/wellbeing with that argument, HOWEVER, the scented/flavored stuff can, in areas with low ventilation, leave a bit of a smell in the area, which is somewhat inconsiderate. Is it too much to ask for people to open a window when they smoke?

Many and most plastics give off worse chemicals than cannabis or cigarettes do.

In their industrial production and creation, yeah. Sure, they may also be bad when you store either hot liquids or regular liquids for a long time, but that’s such a stretch that you can’t sanely make that argument. Especially when long polymers are not even volatile compounds under standard conditions (hence, why plastic doesn’t evaporate).

Fluorescent lights also give off some pretty toxic gases, and do so persistently for far longer than second hand smoke does.

Fluorescent lights use mercury under low pressure that is excited into a gas state when an electric current runs through them, this is true. HOWEVER, it is under a vacuum sealed glass tube that is designed not to allow mercury vapor out of them, that’s why they cost 9 dollars for a lightbulb. Your argument would only hold up if you were cracking open the lights and licking the mercury out of them, which, really, is an incredibly stupid thing to do.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Hospital forcing girl to get chemotherapy against her and her parents wishes.

I mean, she should have the right to deny treatment, but damn, that chick is stupid.

I think cancer is at least as dangerous to your body as chemotherapy is. Should probably listen to her oncologist.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Curious observation about weed users.

Originally posted by TheBSG:

I have never liked anyone who complains about cigarette/cannabis smoke. Anyone who’s actually bothered by it (usually because they have a condition of some kind) is almost always really nice and either moves away or asks other people to please move. People who feel the need to declare how entitled they are to avoid gasses are just using social stigmas as an excuse to be important feeling. “Oh no, that smell was disagreeable to my nose. Wait, that’s one of those socially unacceptable smells, I get to bitch loudly!”

So if I shit myself near you, but I don’t give a fuck if I have underwear full of shit, you are only whiney if you complain that the room smells like shit? I have the sudden urge to shit all over your residence. Especially since both tobacco and marijuana are “luxury” items for the most part. It’s just inconsiderate and shitty for people like you to go around making the place smell like hell. That’s even worse than shitting on someone’s furniture, because at least when shitting, there’s at least a biological need for people to go poop.

Really, who’s the entitled ass hat, the guy who’s making everyone else smell his bad habit, or the people who don’t want to be effected by it?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Curious observation about weed users.

He was addressing that … however both points appear to be somewhat “lacking”.

No I thought he was talking about weed, I went scrolling through the thread to see how I could contribute and I saw that post using “it” and thought he was talking about marijuana because, hey, marijuana thread.

A lot of that same argument can sometimes be applied to e-cigs as well, depending on whether or not you’re in an enclosed space or not. Generally speaking though, if I can’t smell it, I don’t care.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Curious observation about weed users.

100% for mandatory enlistment. Not for those your reasons, but for healthcare and educational benefits.

In a perfect world, I’d be inclined to agree with this statement, however, the US just doesn’t have the budget to maintain a large full time military force. Military equipment and training is expensive, and I sincerely doubt that maintaining a force of around 13% of the population makes sense from a fiscal standpoint or would we be able to promote it from as a military standpoint. With only a force of a little under 1% the country’s population in the military (when including National Guard and Reserve), we still are the most powerful military on the planet. Now, the question could be asked about whether there should be more taxes in general, and whether or not we should increase military budgeting, but that’s another topic all together.

Originally posted by Jantonaitis:

I use it in public frequently. At work, in bars and coffeeshops, at the cinema, etc. No one seems to mind.

People are usually either too polite to tell you to fuck off, or they have bigger problems than some annoying stoner stinking up the air. I have two roommates that smoke marijuana on a consistent basis, and as someone who doesn’t use it, it pisses me off to come home to an apartment that reeks like skunk piss, when I just want to hang out and make dinner. Of course whenever I’ve asked them not to do that shit, they give the “okay” then do it anyway.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Curious observation about weed users.

I hope marijuana becomes legal, but they tax it so much that it gets too expensive for anyone to want to smoke it.

I really, really hate stoners. But banning the use of marijuana has done next to nothing to stop it from being widespread. Just legalize it so that we can actually control it to some degree. Sure there may wind up being some people still selling illegally to circumvent the taxes, but it’ll still drive up that market, and most likely put some competition in the quality as well.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Advice Needed

Originally posted by DarkFungus:

Or does that make me a rebound friend D:


Learn to either accept that your friendship with her is limited to being the fall guy for her drama, or just let your connections with her taper off.

Personally, I recommend the latter of the two.