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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

I suggest a complete rework of experience curve to make the game less grindy past level 60.

Due to the curve, it can take months for non-paying users to gain a level past 70 and years to level up beyond 80. I’d like to propose changing the curve so it only takes 1-2 weeks to gain a level once you’re past level 60 without having to spend on gems.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Suggestions for next Update

New ancients that enhance skills.

, Ancient of Mice[/u][/b]
[b]Effect:[/b] +1 to Click Per Second.
[b]Level Cost:[/b] n^2
[b]Maximum Level:[/b] 10
[b]Description:[/b] As you approach this ancient, you have the strange desire to press button frantically. You keep on clicking this ancient until your finger breaks.

, Ancient of Empowerment[/u][/b]
[b]Effect:[/b] +1% to skill effectiveness excluding Clickstorm, Energize, and Reload. Stacks multiplicatively with Energize.
[b]Level Cost:[/b] n^1.5
[b]Maximum Level:[/b] 100
[b]Description:[/b] As you approach this ancient, you feel stronger. By the time you’re within arm reach of this ancient, you’re glowing all over. You feel like you can do anything!

Example if you have level 100 Manaka: +200% DPS with Powersurge, +100% Critical Click chance with Lucky Strikes, +200% Gold Dropped with Metal Detector, 2.0% on monster’s gold, 0.2% on boss’s gold with Golden Clicks, 1.1x DPS with Dark Ritual, +400% Click Damage with Super Clicks.

If you energize Super Clicks while having lvl 100 Manaka, you’ll do +800% Click Damage. Energized Dark Ritual will result in +20% DPS. If done right, you can get +44% DPS per hour.

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Topic: Kongregate / It's time for the forums to change.

I agree with BBCode. It’s standard and actually more flexible. Hell, it even allows text colours and allows for easier emphasize. Or warning texts in red.

I don’t like Textile at all. What if you want to put asterisks and don’t want the word to be bold?

I say Textile should go and the forum should use BBCode. Textile formatting is a sign of laziness. No offense.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / when does the game end?

The game ends at level 4725. Even if you max out Bubos, you won’t be able to get past that boss. (Without Bubos, you won’t be able to get past level 4720)

The only permanent way to fix would be to hard cap HP at 1.797e308. Or add an ending at lvl 4725 that says “Congratulations! You’ve beaten Clicker Heroes! Now go outside!”

(Not my screenshot)

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Suggestions for next Update

Option to switch between symbol style. (Classic, Alternative, Cookie Clicker, Metric)
And the way it’s displayed (12,345K or 12.345M)

Styles that can be chosen.
Classic: Just what we have right now, with the nonsensical symbol.
Alternate: K → M → B → T → Qa → Qi → Sx → Sp → Oc → N → Dc → Udc → Ddc → Tdc → Qadc → Qidc → Sxdc → Spdc → Ocdc → Ndc → Vg → Scientific notation
Cookie Clicker: thousand (not displayed) → million → billion → trillion → quadrillion → quintillion → sextillion → septillion → octillion → nonillion → decillion → undecillion → duodecillion → … → vigintillion → Scientific notation
Metric: K → M → G → T → P → E → Z → Y → Scientific notation

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Suggestions for next Update

An ancient who gives a flat 1 DPS per level (with a twist). The maximum level is the sum of the other ancients’ levels. and it costs 1 hero soul per level. The ancient could be called “Ancient of DPS” or something. What’s special about that is that you can get DPS even with no heroes.

The DPS increase takes effect before all modifiers, including Morgulis. Therefore, DPS boost from Morgulis will affect the new ancient.

However, what’s special about that ancient is that the DPS from that ancient doubles every 25 levels. However, the DPS multiplier slows down after level 2000, to 2x every 100 levels so DPS goes up by 1024x every 1000 levels. And after level 10,000, the multiplier slows down again to 2x every 500 levels. And each time the multiplier goes up, the cost increases by 1 hero soul.

Level 1: 1 (1x, 1 HS)
Level 5: 5 (1x, 1 HS)
Level 25: 50 (2x, 2 HS)
Level 50: 200 (4x, 3 HS)
Level 75: 450 (8x, 4 HS)

Level 100: 1,600 (16x, 5 HS)
Level 200: 51,200 (256x, 9 HS)
Level 300: 1,228,800 (4096x, 13 HS)
Level 400: 26,214,400 (65,536x, 17 HS)
Level 500: 524,288,000 (1,048,576x, 21 HS)

Level 1000: 1,099,511,627,776,000 (41 HS)
Level 2000: 2.417851639229258e+27 (81 HS)
Level 3000: 3.713820117856141e+30 (91 HS)
Level 4000: 5.070602400912918e+33 (101 HS)
Level 5000: 6.490371073168535e+36 (111 HS)

While it may seem overpowered (or not), you’ll NEED at least 10 ancients for that to be able to appear and the level is actually capped based on the sum of the other ancients’ level.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Suggestions for next Update

Buff Cid and give her damage multiplier but in unique twist.

Starting at level 200, she would gain 1.2x click damage every 25 levels.
Every 100 levels, the multiplier increases by 0.2x up to level 2000.

For example, if Cid is level 400, she would gain 1.6x click damage when she gains 25 levels.

At level 1000, Cid would gain 2.8x click damage every 25 levels.
At level 2000, Cid would gain 4.8x click damage every 25 levels.
After level 2100, it’s 5x click damage every 25 levels up to 5000.

The multiplier caps out at 5×. Of course, she will gain the 10x damage every 1000 levels up to 5000.

This is to make Cid less useless and more worth investing.

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Topic: Cloudstone / Change the enemy AI in defense missions

As of right now, their AI is retarded.

They still attack the units you have to defend even if you hit them. When you hit them, they should stop attacking and change their focus to you.

Defense missions are too frustrating because of the current AI. Especially when you have to defend them for 3 minutes.

I had been unable to complete the last tier of gauntlet missions because of that.

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Topic: Dream World / This game should have a bigger level capacity

I don’t think the level cap should raise anymore. 100 is good enough. 100 is a very even number.

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / Suggestions

For questing, you should make it so Quest HP go up by 1 per fortitude, up to hard cap of 400. Starts at 100, caps at 400 at 300 fortitude.

It appears that only 1 attribute factor in quest success and that’s Strength.

Of course, for questing, the your health bar should have numbers. Like for example, 41/120.

For the cost to refill Quest HP, it should follow the formula…

Cost = Quest HP below maximum * ((level+10)/10).

Example: If you’re level 20 and have 110 max Quest HP and you have 50 Quest HP left, the cost to refill would be 180 gold. The base cost is 60 gold and the refill cost multiplier is 3. (30/10) Therefore it would cost 180 gold. It would offer balance.

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Topic: Dream World / My Guild is Deleted. :(

My Guild had initials KLG and it was in Server 1. It had 730 billion. When I came back after 2 weeks, I found out I’m not in the guild and when I search KLG, it said the guild does not exist.

What happened to my guild?

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

New ways to get gems.

Level up: 1 gem until lvl 50, after that, 2 gems for lvl 51-60, 3 for lvl 61-70, 4 for 71-80, 5 for 81-90 and 10 for 91-100.
Quest completion:
-Completion of main quests: 2 gems.
-Completion of side quests: 1-3 gems for 1st time completion only. Depends on difficulty. 5 gems for unrepeatable quest.

All new players will start with 10 gems instead of 20, since gems would be a bit easier to get.

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Topic: Kongregate / Should Kong Plus be removed?

Kongregate was better without Kong Plus. It’s unfair to everyone.

Here are the reasons why I don’t need Kong Plus.
-I got AdBlock Plus and I’m running Firefox.
-I don’t need custom skins.
-I don’t need K+ icon.

Kong Plus have to be removed. I’m not paying $29.99.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

Remove the 24 hours timer from alien portal. Attempting to defeat boss solo is hard and time-consuming. Also, move the Request Help button in boss so I can see ally’s happiness.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

Make Omega Beam affected by Defense and is survivable, although the minimum damage will be 50,000.

Also, change Alien Mothership to have 100 billion HP, not infinite.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

Upgradable allies

Certain allies/pets can be upgraded.

Tier I: You search for one while exploring
Tier II: Get an ally to level 30
Tier III: Get an ally to level 70

When your ally has been upgraded, the ally get a new picture. Also, the power multiplier increased.

You can also choose to rename your ally upon upgrading.

Tier I: 1x power
Tier II: 1.5x power (2x for Cat, Dog and Horse)
Tier III: 2x power (4x for Hellcat, Hellhound and Nightmare)

Kitten —> Cat —> Hellcat
Puppy —> Dog —> Hellhound
Pony —> Horse —> Nightmare
Priestess —> High Priestess (non-gem) —> Divine Healer
Robot —> Robot 2.0 —> Robot 3.0
Soldier —> Elite —> Commander
Phoenix —> Adult Phoenix —> Firebird (non-gem)
Alien —> Alien Elite —> Alien Lord (non-gem)
Dragon —> Adult Dragon —> Elder Dragon

Non-gem High Priestess is weaker than the premium counterpart.
The same is true for Alien Lord and Firebird.

The upgraded allies still have the same skills and the skill level from Ally Skill Book will carry over.

Premium allies does not upgrade.

What do you think? If you think the allies are overpowered or underpowered, discuss changes.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

Small improvement to item tooltips

Instead of the tooltip staying in one spot, the tooltip should follow the cursor.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

Add “Friendly PvP” where no coins are taken. No Exp loss if the defending player is defeated when the guilds are hostile or on war.

The main purpose for the mode is for players to get gladiator badge.

When you get defeated, a message will show “ has attacked you and won. (Friendly)” There is no revenge option since it’s Friendly PvP. Nothing is lost.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

Raise level cap to 100. Level 100 should be the final cap.

Exp to level up should be lowered a bit.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

Add 3rd button as method of travelling to Isendel.

“Swim to Isendel”
Cost: All of your energy. It’s free.

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Topic: Dream World / Can you survive Omega Beam?

Assuming that the Omega beam of Alien Mothership does 250,000 damage and it ignores defense. So how to survive?

Assuming that the formula of HP is…
level * constitution * 2

At level 99, you would need 1263 constitution to have HP of higher than 250k.

Level 99 * 1263 Constitution * 2 = 250,074 HP.

Apart from blocking/Guardian doll, is this possible to have that much HP? I know the top player in S1 had more than 1400 strength. So is it even possible to have more than 1000 constitution? How about 1337?

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Topic: Dream World / The Highest Exp possible.

I found out what could be the highest possible Exp value.


It uses 64-bit integer value.

You would have that amount when you reach level 99.
If you check the top player in S1, you will see that the amount of Exp matches the maximum value.

It’s possible that the maximum amount of coins you can have is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 assuming it follows the 64-bit integer value.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

Bring back “View All” for guild rankings page.

Also, the Rankings should goes on to infinity. (Shows 100 players per page)

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

I managed to revise my perk suggestion. Thanks for the comment.

Originally posted by Angel_Ray:

CON Pills.
Have the drop rate half of the regular pills. (Speed, Strength, IQ, Dexterity)
Yes, it seems as a illogical idea… Though, Without gemming, or not having any luck with finding crystals to get gems, it seems like the best idea. Seeing it’s over 330 LP to up con One time. When its at its base (120).

I agree. I am sick of having 120 base constitution. +1.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

I’m suggesting a new perk system. (Revised)

Players get 1 perk point per level.

There would be a total of 9 perks. Most of perks have max rank of 10 although they may have max rank of 5 or 20.

Fast Learner
Effect: +1% Exp gained from all sources.
Max rank: 10.
Effect at max rank: +20% Exp gained

Coin Hoarder
Effect: +0.5% Coins gained from all sources.
Max rank: 10
Effect at max rank: +5% Coins gained

Hard Skin
Effect: -0.5% damage taken from all sources, including Alien Mothership’s Omega Beam.
Max rank: 10
Effect at max rank: -5% damage taken

Pet Trainer
Effect: +1% Pet Exp gained and +2% Pet power on all skills.
Max rank: 10
Effect at max rank: +10% Pet Exp and +20% power on skills

Skill Mastery
Effect: -1% SP cost and +2% power for all skills.
Max rank: 10
Effect at max rank: -10% SP cost and +10% Power

Good Luck
Effect: +0.5% success chance for ally skill book and enhance potions. -0.5% chance of finding Coins and Fairy Dusts in mystery boxes.
Max rank: 10
Effect at max rank: +5% chance of success. -5% chance of finding Coins and Fairy Dust in mystery boxes. +1% chance of finding crystal in treasure chest, reducing coins chance by 6%.

Effect: Regain 0.1% HP per turn in combat. Regen 1 HP per second out of combat.
Max rank: 20
Effect at max rank: Regain 2% HP per turn. Regen 20 HP per second out of combat.

Skill Regen
Effect: Regenerate 1 skill point per minute.
Max rank: 10
Effect at max rank: Regain 10 skill point per minute. (Or 1 per 6 seconds)

Effect: Something special. Maybe it’s chance of gaining 1 LP per day. Maybe sometimes your ally feels more than happy.
Max rank: 5
Effect at max rank: Chance to gain 5 LP. Chance to get ally’s happiness to 125% per day. Who knows?

Feel free to comment on the perks. If you think it’s overpowered or underpowered or something’s not right, just tell me.