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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / what new no this update on july4

Most likely just a sale, but we’ll see what happens.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Got an idea for a new gun? Share it here!

Just for fun.

Name: Glock SD “Terminator”
Type: Submachine Gun
Ammunition: 65 rounds
Reload Time: 2.5 seconds
Shot Interval: 0.1 seconds (expends ammunition in approx. 6 sec)
Damage per Round: 45 – 55 (DPS 450 – 550)
Requirements: 1 accuracy, 2 strength (Starting Acc = 36)
Cost: 1000 coins, 10 cash

It’s more of a vanity gun as it’s pretty much a super-fast firing Skorpion with more ammo. You’d have to pay a hefty cash price for it.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Server for buyers

Originally posted by kenny124:
Originally posted by fw22:

so non buyers are complaining about buyers even if buyers support game Seems Legit

Ya I totally agree with you but just remember that on kongregare your money for kreds go straight to kong not tdp4

Actually, if you read the agreement of Kongregate regarding Kred purchases, 90-95% of kred purchase revenues go straight to the game.

Originally posted by DeadToRights4:

Ok heres my opinion Buyers I was playing with a lvl 10 with arts and WA2000 also a lvl 24 with Dragnuv and arts theres no way you can get that with out buying I mean dang if we didnt have buyers we wouldnt have combo’s therefore the game would be more fair

The game should have buyers. As you level up, you’ll start seeing more of them. You can either choose to restart back to the good ‘ol level 3 days, or become a buyer and join the 17/17’s. It’s more transitive, and you shouldn’t be complaining if there are buyers at level 20. The game does get repetitive. Either way, they do support what the game does and will continue to support TDP4.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Got an idea for a new gun? Share it here!

Name: Needlessly Large Gun
Type: Heavy Machine Gun
Damage: 350 – 450
Ammo: 2000
Shot Interval: 0.15
Reload Time: 15 seconds
Stats: 10 Strength, 4 Accuracy
Cost: 65000 coins 72 cash

SPECIAL: Has tons of ammo

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Got an idea for a new gun? Share it here!

Name: NOD-12 (Nuclear Organic Deconstructor)
Type: Elemental Weapon
Damage: 1100-1200
Shot Interval: N/A
Ammo: N/A
Reload Time: N/A
Charge Time: 4 sec
Cost: 145000 coins and 120 cash
Requirements: 16 accuracy, 10 strength, 12 explosives

SPECIAL: This gun completely ignores vests and defense, which means it always will insta-kill. The gun has no set ammo or reload time. Upon clicking the mouse, the gun charges for 4 seconds and then immediately fires after the charge is over. The damage is singular to a target.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / who thinks the LASER LGM is to much

You only need a few kreds for the LGM, but 40 USD will be more than enough to get arts and an LGM

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / NEW EPIC GUN!!!!!

There’s already one. It’s called “PG Mark 2”.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / What gun should I get?

Originally posted by dashball:
Originally posted by ploopy9871:

There is no gun better than Jackhammer that you can buy by selling the guns. If you had to sell any gun, I would say Winchester. Try to save to at least 10K coins, that will open up your options to the high-powered assault rifles.

thats nots very good that will take forever

It’s your decision whether you want to get good guns or not. :P

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Possible Death Of TDP4

Why would we need a TDP5 anyways? It would be much easier for Javelin to make some huge expansion pack for TDP4 than to manage two sets of game servers and two databases at the same time…

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / BUYERS

Well, in terms of game balance, Javelin has probably made the worst shooter MMO in existence. In terms of money-making, they’re pretty good at generating tons of cash from a flash game.

Do they make money? Yes. Do they make players happy? Some.

On the topic of buyers, I have experienced the crushing feeling of when one comes and I have no chance against them. In the later levels, buying almost becomes an “expansion pack” that keeps players going. It’s only by the level 40-60’s that skill really comes back. (Mainly because most people will be 17/17 with endgame guns)

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / What gun should I get?

There is no gun better than Jackhammer that you can buy by selling the guns. If you had to sell any gun, I would say Winchester. Try to save to at least 10K coins, that will open up your options to the high-powered assault rifles.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Ways to earn coins, cash and exp

Originally posted by VladimirSmirnov:
Originally posted by ploopy9871:

I think the problem is not the price of the guns, it’s the mere fact that this game depends on guns too much.

Cause it’s a shooting genre game.

There are so many ways to get Kreds and exchange them for Cash/Coins. Kongregate, by far, has the most versatile money-to-in-game-currency program I have seen. So you guys shouldn’t complain that prices are outrageous.

Well, the balance between stats (arts, skills, guns) and skill is something outrageous. The only times skill actually come in is when you’re in the first few levels or in the later levels where everyone is 17/17.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Ways to earn coins, cash and exp

I think the problem is not the price of the guns, it’s the mere fact that this game depends on guns too much.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Got an idea for a new gun? Share it here!

Name: RIOT-7
Type: Energy Gun
Damage: 175 – 300
Price: 58000 coins and 90 cash
Ammo: 8
Shot interval: N/A
Reload: 1.5 sec
Requirements: 5 STR, 4 ACC, 4 explosives
Accuracy: 30

Notes: This gun shoots all 8 bullets in its clip at once, in a disarranged array. This is more useful at close range where you can get all shots hitting one target.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / POP GUN NOT FOR NOOBS !

Popgun is a do-or-die gun, at least in the low levels. If you miss, the enemy will most likely kill you. If you hit, well then good job. It’s good training for actual sniper rifles that involve many split-second aiming decisions, like the Barrett.

The only reason why people may say it’s overpowered is not because of its DPS, but rather its SINGLE SHOT dmg. It’s annoying whenever people can 1-shot you and you can’t do any damage because they always kill you first. And it works with just about every game mode because of its fast reload and impeccable accuracy. Truthfully, it compares to MP5 the same way Barrett compares to PG-Mark1.

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Dash, try saying that when you get to level 30+ and you have to deal with the VSS Vintorez.

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Topic: Outernauts / Post your 4 sigils results, or how u got an epic.

Just a question, but can you breed something with Inlarga?

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / What kind of T is rings really worth?

Originally posted by unefined:
Originally posted by Wolfy000:

for my best ring would be hp because defense is not as good as many people think because stronger enemies dead like 100 damage and what is then like 20 def and that stuff hp ring is best for me

Wolfy,Hp ring is liked by many people like you,Some use it,but people often don’t use it,It like defense’s younger brother,And yes,you are right.

I thought this forum meant “worth” as in economic prices. But in terms of battle use, I would use HP in most cases. In Sprite World and other places where you get showered by low-power attacks, Defense is much more worth it.

Originally posted by playdo123:

ploopy and unefined your both a bit to optimistic about the prices of exalted rings the only ones realy worth anything are def and hp which are a life each the rest are in between 1 and 2 def

Is it? Sorry for my miscalculation. I don’t buy Exalted rings too often because they often aren’t worth the boost they give.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / What kind of T is rings really worth?

My idea:

T0- Minor Defense – Worth nothing

T1- Ring – Trade it to a fellow noob in exchange for noob equipment.

T2- Greater – Trade it to a stronger noob in exchange for somewhat stronger noob equipment.

T3- Superior – Most are worth average gear, DEF and HP are worth 1 spd at most.

T4- Paramount – Most are worth 1 spd, DEF and HP are worth 1 def at most.

T5- Exalted – Most are worth 1 Life, Sellable at 2 Life (if lucky and very patient)

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg Corrupt-a-Wish

Granted, you get one in your dreams.

I wish I could add anything I wanted to improve the game (lag-free, no dupers, etc.).

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / New God.

You do not need to start a new topic on this.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / soul bounds

It’s their decision whether they want to combat duping and item sale sites directly or indirectly. Duping may have been dealt with, but there are still a bunch of inactive mulebots with vaults and inventories full of UT’s.

Originally posted by MrLaw98:
Originally posted by NekoEro:

would have made my day a whole lot better.

I don’t believe your day would have been a lot better. Because of dupers, the price of UT’s have drastically decreased (before they became soul-bound). Planewalkers/EPs were only around 1-2 def at the time.The longer the soul-bound lasts, the rarer UTs will become. This will ultimately lead to them costing more (and you benefiting).

He just got the Plane yesterday. Yesterday was a day where most of the economy recovered from the duping crisis. Most items are starting to retain their value and merching isn’t a cause of anything but a natural course of an economy’s prices.

Also, most UT’s besides Doom, Demon, Coral, and Ogmur aren’t even that useful, and therefore will not grow in prices as well as super-rare UT’s as earlier mentioned.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Got Ideas for Bosses?

Special Event:

Doom Bunny:

-Spawns in Realm
-Spawns upon death of Angry Rabbit (0.9%)

HP: 500
DEF: Variable; Absorbs 95% of player damage regardless of damage level
Chase Speed: 2 speed less than closest player’s speed at spawn
XP: 2000


Red Flame: (Armor Piercing; Slowing for 3 sec)
Damage: 15
Shots: 20 (Circle Pattern)
Range: 5
Speed: 6
Cooldown: 0.25 seconds

White Star: (Stuns for 3 sec, Paralyzes for 3 sec, Bleeds for 3 sec)
Damage: 1
Shots: 1
Speed: 15
Target: Strongest Player
Cooldown: 1.5 seconds

Gray Blade: (Armor Piercing; Passes through players)
Damage: 20
Shots: 5
Speed: 200
Target: Closest Player
Cooldown: 0.9 seconds


Phase 1: (Starts upon spawn, ends after 1 second)

Phase 2: (Killable)
Taunt: “Come, rabbits. We shall show this intruder what it means to be a powerful rabbit!”

Fires all attacks. Spawns angry rabbits (3 rabbits every 0.9 seconds). Chases closest player.


4 Health Potions (100%)
4 Magic Potions (100%)

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Class Ideas / Boss Ideas / Dungeon Ideas / Item Ideas

Secret Research Compound

- Size 15×15 screens
- Drops from Dr. Terrible (8%)
- Portal appears to be a light-blue Guild Portal labeled “Hidden Access”

Dungeon: A large technologically-advanced dungeon that always has the same shape (similar to WC). General color is blue with streaks of red and green.


Maintenance Bot:
HP: 75
DEF: 110
XP: 100
Speed: 60
Attack: A frequent, large, and short-ranged bullet that deals 0 damage and paralyzes target for 5 seconds.
SPECIAL: Can boost speed to 100 when at low HP.

Care Bot:
HP: 250
DEF: 110
XP: 500
Speed: 30
Attack: A highly-frequent 5-spread of medium sized bullets that deal 50 damage and slow targets for 5 seconds.
SPECIAL: “Heals” other bots every 2 seconds for 20 HP excluding other Care Bots.

Guard Bot:
HP: 1000
DEF: 70
Speed: 25
Attack: An extremely frequent 7-spread of huge bullets that do 70 damage each. It also fires a shield-like bullet at short-range that does 200 damage and stuns the target for 5 seconds at a slower rate.
SPECIAL: Will try to protect other bots by standing in front of player attacks to block them.

Shield Generator:
HP: 500
DEF: 250
Speed: 0 (Does not move)
Attack: Fires a 360-degree spread of 16 shield-like shots that push back players and are VERY short ranged.
SPECIAL: Spawns always form special arrays and rows of shield generators to form walls of defense.


Boss Room: 5 screens wide; 3 screens long

Project X
HP: Varies between stages; Cannot be killed until final phase
Def: 150
XP: 5500
Wander Speed: 0 (Does not wander)
Charge Speed: 30

Phase 1 (Starts when boss room is entered; ends in 5 seconds)
Taunt: “Running system boot…”

Does not move and is invincible.

Phase 2 (Ends after 20 seconds)
Taunt: ERROR: Cannot find hostility profiles; all profiles assumed hostile!”

Does not move and is invincible. Guard Bots will start spawning at close proximity to closest player.

Phase 3 (Ends after 20000 dmg is dealt)
Taunt: “System Boot complete. Initiating defense modules…”

Starts to chase closest player and fires a constant and rapid shotgun of 8 bullets that each deal 200 dmg. Will continue to spawn Guard Bots and special Care Bots which are similar to Care Bots but heal 200 HP.

Phase 4 (Ends in 20 seconds)
Taunt: “Main hull module damaged. Running emergency backup…”

Retreats to center of boss room. Once it centers itself, it becomes immobile and invincible. Spawning completely stops. Boss will start to fire an extremely long range machinegun-shotgun in which each bullet deals 160 damage. The shotgun will shoot in a spiral motion, leaving no spot of the boss room unfilled with shots. Exiting the boss room is the best way to avoid this.

Final Phase (Is killed after 50000 dmg dealt)
Taunt: “I see that this battle is no ordinary breach. With that said, I shall compensate your efforts with a quick elimination.”

Fires a HUGE wave of shield bullets in a ring which paralyze players for 3 seconds at start. Throws spawn bombs around boss room which spawn clusters of Shield Generators and Guard Bots at a regular rate. Fires a machinegun stream of fast and large bullets which each slow (for 3 sec) and deal 150 damage. Fires a 7-spread slightly frequently of huge bullets that deal 270 damage each. Boss will switch from chasing the player to scaling the walls to avoiding the players in terms of movement.

T10-T11 Weapons (15%)
T9 Weapons (25%)
T7-T8 Weapons (40%)
T10-T11 Armor (15%)
T9 Armor (25%)
T7-T8 Armor (40%)
Para Rings (30%)
Super Rings (40%)
Defense Potion (40%)
Attack Potion (40%)
Speed Potion (40%)
Wisdom Potion (40%)
Vitality Potion (40%)
Dexterity Potion (40%)

(UT Spell) Electrical Storm
Damage: 200-325
Range: 20.0
SPECIAL: Bullets push back enemies and bullets that don’t hit any enemies by 20 blocks will ricochet back to the blast point.

Fame Bonus: 5%

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / csword and coral bow drop rates

UT drop rates are classified. I can only tell you this- cbow has about same drop rate as Doom bow.