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Topic: Pool Live Pro / How To Play Snooker

Originally posted by petesahooligan:

Beeble, would you mind outlining what the options (and when you might want to select them) for fouls?

There are fouls resulting in three options: “Continue / Pass / Repeat Shot” and then there are fouls that have four options: “Nominate Ball / Continue / Pass / Repeat Shot.”

When is a player given the “nominate ball” option?

Some terminology: that “being snookered” means that you can’t hit any of the balls that are “on” (i.e., the ones you’re allowed to hit) without bouncing the cue ball off a cushion, first. To “escape” means to successfully play such a shot: to hit a legal ball when you were snookered.

This is a pretty long post but I’ve included lots of examples so, I hope it’s not too hard to understand.

Let’s assume that your opponent has just fouled. As pete says, you usually have three options.

Pass. Your opponent plays the next shot from the current position. Use this if the opponent’s foul left the cue ball in a worse position than it was before they fouled. For example, suppose they were trying to pot a red and accidentally potted the black, too. Not only that but they snookered you on all the remaining reds. Make the opponent play the next shot so they’re snookered, and you’ll get plenty more points from them fouling while they try to escape. Or suppose your opponent was snookered, they fouled trying to escape and put the cue ball in an even more difficult snooker. Make them try to escape the more difficult one.

Repeat shot. This returns the balls to the position they were in before your opponent played the foul shot, and makes them play again from that position. (The game allows this after any foul shot which, as I explained earlier in the thread, is not what the official rules of snooker say.) You should use this if you think it’s very likely that your opponent will foul again from the position they were in. For example, if they’re snookered, there’s a good chance it will take three or four guesses to manage to escape: you can keep picking up points for that. Usually, you shouldn’t make your opponent repeat a shot if they were trying to pot a ball: why give them another chance to make that pot and continue scoring?

Continue. You play the next shot, as normal, from the current position. Use this if the points above for “pass” don’t apply and your opponent has left the cue ball in a position where you think either you can play a good snooker (so your opponent gives you even more points in fouls) you can score more points from potting balls than your opponent would give you in fouls if you made them repeat the shot until they succeeded. Obviously, this is a judgement call based on how good you and your opponent are and how difficult it was for the opponent to play a legal shot.

The fourth option, which only appears in certain circumstances, is nominate ball. Roughly speaking, you’re given this option when the foul leaves you snookered against all of the balls you could legally hit. I’ll explain what the option means, the one thing you’re not allowed to do if you take this option and, finally, when you’re given the option.

Nominate ball. This allows you to choose any ball on the table as a legal ball for one shot and, for that one shot, it behaves exactly like the normal legal ball. So, if you’re snookered against all the remaining reds (the most common case), you can nominate any colour. Let’s say you choose the blue. For this shot only, the blue counts as a red ball so you can pot it for one point, it is respotted as normal, and you continue your break as if you’d potted a real red (i.e., you choose a colour to pot next, then another red and so on). After nominating the blue, it doesn’t matter if you hit or pot a red but hitting or potting any other colour is a foul, as normal. Alternatively, suppose you’re in the final phase of the game, with the brown, blue, pink and black on the table (so the brown is the next ball to pot). If your opponent fouls and snookers you, you can nominate any of the blue, pink and black to play the role of the brown for one shot: say you choose the pink. If you pot it (or the real brown), you score four points, the pink is respotted and you continue with the brown as normal.

What you can’t do. You are not allowed to use the nominated ball on its own to snooker your opponent. What on earth does that mean? It means that you have committed a foul if, after your shot, your opponent is snookered on all legal balls but would not be snookered if they were allowed to simply remove the ball you nominated from the table. Here’s an example. Suppose the only balls left are the blue, pink and black and all three are on their spots. The ball on is the blue but your opponent has left you snookered so you get to nominate a ball. (What follows is according to the official rules of snooker but I dont know if the game implements these rules correctly.)

  1. Suppose you nominate the pink and hit it very gently so the pink is still very close to its spot and the white is left somewhere between the pink and black. This is a foul shot: your opponent is snookered because your nominated ball, the pink, is directly between the cue ball and the blue but, if they could just remove the pink from the table, they wouldn’t be snookered any more.
  2. Suppose, instead, that you nominate the black and you hit that very gently so, again, the black hardly moves and the white is in a line between the pink and black. Your opponent is snookered but this is a legal shot: it’s not your nominated ball, the black, that’s stopping them from reaching the blue, so you’re OK.
  3. Finally, suppose that you nominate the black and hit it very gently from the other side so the black hardly moves and the cue ball ends up between the black and the cushion on the right-hand side of the screen. That is, the balls are in an almost straight line in the order blue-pink-black-white. Again, this is a legal shot. Although the black is stopping your opponent reaching the blue, it’s not the only ball doing that: if your opponent was allowed to just remove the black from the table, they’d still be snookered by the pink, so you’re OK.

When do you get to nominate a ball? I said above that it’s “roughly” when your opponent fouls and leaves you snookered but it’s a bit more than that. You get a free ball if your opponent fouls and leaves the cue ball in a place where you can’t hit both sides of any legal ball. So you might not actually be snookered. Say the blue is the ball that’s “on”: you’ll get to nominate even if you can hit one side of the blue but not the other. There is one exception to this: we pretend that reds don’t block each other. That is, if the only reason that you couldn’t hit both sides of a particular red is that another red is in the way, we imagine that you can hit both sides of that first red. So, for example, if your opponent hits the break too gently and doesn’t reach the pack of reds, you probably can’t hit both sides of any individual red, but it’s only the other reds that are stopping that so you won’t get a free ball. One final thing is what happens when your opponent pots the white. There doesn’t have to be a single place in the D from which you can hit both sides of the ball on: as long as there’s somewhere you can put the cue ball and hit the left side, and somewhere you can put it to hit the right side, you won’t get to nominate a ball.

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Topic: Pool Live Pro / How To Play Snooker

Originally posted by YoshiRM:

About the nominate ball option:

Originally posted by beeble2003:

You should only get a free ball if you can’t play against both sides of a legal ball. Basically, free balls are there to help you out if your opponent fouls and leaves you snookered.

Also, I believe there’s another rule that isn’t implemented in this game: in real-life snooker if you have a clear path to a ball on (whether it is a colour or a red), but commit two misses by failing to hit it (for example, if you’re trying to get a good position), you get a warning from the referee and if you miss it for the third time, you lose the whole frame. I’ve seen it once or twice on TV…

This is correct – I’d forgotten about that rule.

(edit) and something that is implemented in the game: if the scores are equal after the black is legally potted for the last time, the black gets respotted and the white gets placed on the spot where the brown usually goes. First to pot the black legally wins the frame (in a real life match, playing order is decided by a coin toss, can’t remember how it happens here)

Yes, I’ve actually had that happen twice already, even though I’ve only played about 40 frames of snooker. As I recall, the cue ball is “in hand” when the black is respotted and can actually be placed anywhere within the D. I think the game chooses randomly who plays first: I’ve played first and second but both times, as I recall, I was the one who’d levelled the scores by potting the last black.

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Topic: Pool Live Pro / Pool 9 Bugs

The “Sniper” and “Eagle Eye” achievements (100 and 1000 potted balls) aren’t registering: I’ve allegedly potted no balls in 37 games.

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Topic: Pool Live Pro / Pool 9 Bugs

Originally posted by Dravon:

I see a object ball highlight left on table after some shots. What is the reason if any?

Just a bug, I think. Whenever that’s happened to me, it’s disappeared before I start the next shot.

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Topic: Pool Live Pro / Proper meaning of ingame chat

Originally posted by birdmanmanman:

The real meaning of in-game chat is wildly different to what you might first think. Here are their REAL meaning:

You seem to be claiming to speak for everyone. Quite simply, you don’t. You’re welcome to list what you mean when you use each of the chat options but that has no bearing at all on the rest of us.

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Topic: Pool Live Pro / Hidden achievements

There’s a hidden achievement for losing five games in a row. Are there any others?

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Topic: Pool Live Pro / How To Play 9 Ball

The order of the balls is determined by the numbers on them but the numbers often aren’t visible in the game, which makes planning hard. The order of the colours is:

  1. yellow (solid)
  2. blue
  3. red
  4. purple
  5. orange
  6. green
  7. brown
  8. black
  9. yellow (stripe)
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Topic: Pool Live Pro / How To Play Snooker

Thanks for posting this! Your description of the rules is broadly correct but is inaccurate in a few places.

Originally posted by petesahooligan:

Numbered (colored) balls.

The colours are not numbered and they’re refered to as “the colours”, not “the numbered balls.”

When it is your turn you must always hit one of the red balls FIRST. If you pocket that ball, you may take another turn.

To clarify, if you pot any red ball (not necessarily the one you first hit), you must take another turn. Also, if you pot multiple reds on the same shot, you score one point for each.

On the SECOND shot of your turn, (because you had just sunk a red ball), you must take aim at one of the [b]numbered balls[/b] that have been knocked about the table. These are called object balls, meaning that you must declare which of the numbered balls you will be hitting first (and hopefully pocketing).

All the balls other than the cue ball are called object balls. Being an object ball doesn’t mean you must declare which one you’ll be aiming for. Nonetheless, as you say, you do need to nominate which colour you’ll be playing after potting a red. Note that it is a foul shot if you pot any ball other than the nominated colour (including the white and another red). If you pot your nominated colour, you must then aim for a red, and so on.

Notice: The numbered balls are returned to the table while the red ones are not. Eventually this will mean that there are fewer red balls to hit in first yet the 8 numbered balls are all always on the table.

The six colours (brainfart, I’m sure).

When the last red ball is pocketed the next ball must be the smallest ball on the table.

No. When you pot the last red, you nominate and try to pot a colour as normal. If you succeed, that colour is respotted as normal. Then, the colours are potted in increasing order of value (yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, black) and, in this final phase of the game, they’re not respotted.

Scratches and ball-in-hand must be placed in the half-circle area (the kitchen).

I have never in my life heard the half-circle called “the kitchen”. It’s normally called “the D”.

Points are awarded to the opponent in fouls. If you foul (miss your object ball or hit another ball first), your opponent is awarded points AND your opponent may then decide if they would continue the game or to have you take the shot again.

If you must take the same shot again, the game will automatically return all of the balls to exactly as before. Your opponent is hoping you will miss again so that they may receive even more points from your foul.

Here, you correctly describe how the game behaves. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t follow the actual rules of snooker after fouls, as I explained in my other post; but that can’t be helped. I’ve submitted a bug report.

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Topic: Pool Live Pro / How To Play Snooker

Originally posted by petesahooligan:

Also, when your opponent fouls by sinking a non-object ball and you are given the opportunity to “Nominate Ball,” it means that you can select any ball on the field for your next shot and score the appropriate points.

You should only get a free ball if you can’t play against both sides of a legal ball. Basically, free balls are there to help you out if your opponent fouls and leaves you snookered.

Having said that, the game implements play after fouls incorrectly in a number of ways. For example, it allows you to call a miss after any foul when, in the actual rules of the game, a miss can only be called if the foul was because the opponent failed to hit the ball on. After any other foul (e.g., hitting the correct ball but potting the wrong ball, including the cue ball), the options should only be to continue or to make your opponent play again from the position as it is after the foul. Also, in the actual rules of the game, a miss cannot be called if the player who fouled is farther ahead than there are points on the table.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Weapon leveling

Originally posted by Nqss:

it doesn’t do anything yet
it will be used for weapon modification or costumisation

Does it do anything yet? (It’s nearly two years since you said that.)

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Topic: Pool Live Pro / [Suggestion] Have a suggestion? This is the place.

Originally posted by Juggle1:

Please make a tournament with just standard rules! (No Timelimit bullshit, allways having to call the pocket for each ball)

You say “standard rules” as if there is a standard. There are hundreds of variants of pool and pretty much everyone thinks the particular version of the rules they’re most familiar with is the “standard”. For example, I’ve never heard of your “standard” of having to call a pocket for anything other than the black.

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Topic: Kongregate / Badge of the Day

Well, it’s good that hard badges can only appear at the weekend but I think it would be better to bias it toward easy badges during the week and perhaps not have easy badges at the weekend.


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Topic: Kongregate / Badge of the Day

There seems to be something of a trend in badges of the day recently in that weekday badges seem to be mostly medium and weekend badges mostly easy. Isn’t that exactly the wrong way round? During the week, most people are busy with work or school or both; at the weekend, we have more time for gaming.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have mostly easy badges during the week and medium/hard badges at the weekend?


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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version: CR 2011.07.13

Originally posted by joe1017:

- Removed “verify password” field and privacy policy link from the registration form

Er, why? Any legitimate user is going to sign up to the site once or twice in their whole life. Is it really worth saving people a couple of seconds on something they’ll only do once or twice, compared to the inconvenience of whatever percentage of new users will typo their passwords and get locked out of their account? I just don’t see the logic, here.

And what legitimate site would want to make it harder for users to see the privacy policy? Not linking it makes it look like you have something to hide and people hate the idea that you might be selling E-mail addresses to spammers. Now, I figure you’re not selling all our E-mail addresses to spammers. So why don’t you want to tell us that when we sign up to the site? I just don’t get it.