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Topic: Spiral Knights / Moving to Official Website Clue?

Official reply from their support:


I’m sorry, but it’s not currently possible to convert your account from a
Kongregate account into another type of account. If you no longer wish to use
Kongregate, you’d need to create a new web account and knight. You can then
transfer over all your unbound items, crowns, and energy.

Best wishes,

- Cronus

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / A Small Irritant Regarding the Reload Skill

I believe it says Reload reduces the cooldown of the last skill you have used prior to using it.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Bugs Megathread

Your settings for quality don’t get saved when you reload the game. A minor inconvenience, but I have to set the game to low quality every time after it loads.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / MMORPG

I would like to point out that SEGA merely publishes the game and the actual developer of the game is Three Rings. I feel like we are not giving them enough credit here…

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Topic: Spiral Knights / how to make cr?

Of course going to the clockworks net you the most profit, but there are other ways to make cr too.

1. Crafting and selling

People like to mass craft caliburs and similar stuff to try to get UVs, and when they fail they put it up on the Auction House. Usually this costs them a mere 50 mist energy so they get to profit easily, as the crafting costs are only 400cr and setting the lowest amount for buy out price nets you enough profit to buy more mats (usually about 100cr for all required materials) and craft. If you get an undesirable UV, you can even try selling for more, but not guaranteed. This method is for those who can market well, if you are not good with prices, you should just go do some runs.

2. Lockdown/Blast Network

For the PVPers out there you can easily farm krogmo coins then buy enamorocks/mod calibrators to sell. However recently mod cal prices have been dropping drastically so one should stick to enamos, which at 1.7k B/O net you good profit (based on the accusation that you win your games)

3. Clockworks

Farm FSC/Royal Jelly

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Missions

HoH is hall of heroes. It’s a special level which offers almost all the recipes up to the stated star of gear (2*, 3*, 4* etc)

And why teh rage D: Personally as a T3 player with 4* gear I think they are awesome. The part where we get to play just boss levels themselves is also amazing. Imagine an FSC mission!

Rise or Fall is a profitable mission for both newbies and veterans alike (check the main forums ;D). 2.8k-3kcr with good heat in the arena too. So it isn’t all THAT bad when you consider the long term benefits. Especially instant access to boss levels.

Now the one thing that sucks about missions… is the expansion. Like totally. 2 powerful gear, a full elemental sword AND a SHADOW DPS bomb which bombers wish to have. And yet, FTPs can’t get it.

@Hailstorm99 I think you meant THREE RINGS, NOT Sega, which merely publishes the game. Three Rings is the company that created and works on Spiral Knights.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / All-round gun

Beware as Pulsar’s knockback tends to screw up teammates’ playing ability as enemies can get easily thrown around.

EDIT: I agree with Zarathustra. A little more on swords, don’t mind me:
Undead: Zombies are one of the easiest enemies in the game… seriously. Avenger works fine, elemental brandishes work fine. And obviously that hammer from expansion, too.
Kats however are seriously a pain sometimes. Incredible dodging (wait till you go to a T3 Dark City kat infested area), add to that a (rather far ranged) bite, and a spread of 3 bullets in T3, and they can be truly devastating. Shock however messes them up totally; Voltedge’s charge can inflict shock through the explosions which can be used to your advantage, or else Avenger’s wide slashes tend to be able to hit kats mid-flight.
Fiends: Devilites. Oh the horror… especially in T3. A toothpick, such as flourish or barbs however is insanely useful; simply use the first wide slash, shield cancel, or autotarget+full combo. Greavers (the bat things) are scary too- the mist the inflict affects you through blocks as well, by the way, so shielding afterwards will repeatedly make your shield get “hit”, therefore if you haven’t interrupted their attack beforehand, good luck. Otherwise use the wide slashes of the toothpicks; shield cancelling works too. Trojans are easy to deal with with toothpicks; when a trojan smashes, run to the back of them and unleash the charge of a barb/flourish. Take note that when using the flourish charge, it can be devastating to the trojan but you must (and SHOULD) have autoaim on (as this is the case with EVERY toothpick, except the first AoE slash)
Gremlins: are fast, so faust might have a bit of trouble if you time it wrongly. Add to that swarms of thwackers and a little bit of lag and shield breaking and you have the recipe for disaster. Since they are fast, Sentenza and/or Umbra driver can also hit them; Umbra’s ricochets and Sentenza’s fast bullets. Otherwise an Acheron is recommended- its a calibur style sword (3 slash), and its charge provides a powerful 180 degree slash followed by a wave of 5 shadow explosions with good knockback, making it a better choice against gremlins.
Jellies: can be evil with faust. Since Faust tends to knock the jellies back on the first hit, the tricky part comes in now- you try to hit them with the second combo but usually end up missing, often with the jelly flying in afterwards to scratch you in the face with their thorns. Try to wait a beat until the jelly flies in, then unleash the second hit and they’ve just hung themselves. Acheron’s charge remains ever useful on them; the knockback it provides and the explosions tend to hit multiple jellies at once too.
Constructs: can be evil. Sometimes Avenger just isn’t fast enough against puppies or mech knights. Other times, it’s charge make mech knights shield and in the end the sword bullet gets wasted. Best tip is to just use charge slashes rather than the projectile on mech knights, and the sword bullet can be used to hit gun puppies instead. Otherwise retrodes and scuttlebots remain easy threats.
Beasts: Wolvers can be dealt with easily with a toothpick. As for chromalisks… Well they are just so easy, you can kill them with avenger and not get hit.
(sorry for wall of text)

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Beginning Spiral Knights Guide (Updated 12/11/2013)

Originally posted by nexus226:
Originally posted by StupidRandomName:

I have a question.
Right now I have a faust, avenger and twisted snarble barb. (using a weapon slot)
Now I have all the 3 types of damage. But I want a good all-round gun.
Which shall I get?

I guess the Pulsar line guns are about as all-purpose as you can get. Average clip size, knockback (something most guns lack), and great for crowd control (provided you have enough distance).

Also, you might prefer the Polaris line guns (elemental damage + shock) over the Supernova line (normal damage) simply because of the shock and extra damage to Undeads, Constructs (exception are mechs), and turrets (excluding Polyps though it’s still useful against them). Although it does give you a damage penalty against Beasts and Gremlins, I always found myself preferring swords over most guns against them.

Yeah erm I’d rather not. Pulsar’s incredible knockback really, I mean REALLY tend to screw your teammates up. If you want something “normal” and good for most use, I’d suggest Valiance, though Supernova and Polaris are both effective, you best not use them unless you use them in a fashion which does not affect teammates, but rather help them (like rounding up enemies for your swordsmen when they knock enemies out of range)

Originally posted by nexus226:
Originally posted by Brygun5754:

How come cutters and strikers seem unpopular?

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think they’re actually second most popular weapon for newer players (Caliburs being the most popular).

The reason that they’re not used a lot is they are very tricky to use; Knockback is non-existent (I think), the charged attack leaves a large window of vulnerability, and you move a lot whilst attacking. Quite fun to use in T1; still fun in T2 but a bit trickier; in T3, it can be very difficult to avoid hazards whilst using the cutter line. You can, however, use it proficiently if you’re good enough but don’t expect it to replace swome of your other swords.

Indeed. Knockback only occurs on the last hit (though minor) and disrupts enemies attacks but by the time you usually complete your final strike most enemies would’ve hit you already. The main reason they are tricky to use is mostly due to how non-disruptive its combos are; 5-10hits combo but only the final strike cancel enemies’ attacks. As such if you do use the sword it’s highly recommended you use the first two to three hits only and shield bump enemies away, then run around them, repeat.
While the charge seems virtually useless there are some occasions when it CAN be devastating- say a slow turning Lumber, for example. Since they turn and attack slowly there is enough time to execute a charge while behind the Lumber- by the time your “finisher” slash of the charge completes, it would have (most likely) cancelled their attack; if not, shield cancelling the last part of the animation is safest.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Welcome, New Kongregate Players!

Originally posted by jambola2:

o.o just tried on official website and it works ! But i want to play on kong :(

I’ll be honest: I’d rather had played from the site instead of Kong.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Is there any command to suicide in the game?

I hear multiboxing is frowned upon (AKA having 2 accs running on ONE computer). Nicoya-kitty in that video just let his alt die by enemies, and his alt would then teleport on to every party button. If you want to solo, just click your icon in the party on the left side, and select go solo (But WHY would you want to solo? The benefit from it may or may not be much according to your play style, and if you are gonna have one fighter in a party while the whole team are just deadweights you are literally making it harder for yourself (enemies get more hp per player in the party) so you should just go solo. If you want to suicide, get a faust or FoV, and spam the charges on those. Cursed? Use a cursed weapon, and you will die in no time. FoV? The burn is all.). Also, trolls might just go suicide all the time, and be a deadweight. OR you can press it accidentally during an arena or boss level. OR REAL trolls would just cower in a corner, when the party is dead, he’ll just suicide and force someone to CE rev. Bad idea IMO, but in T3, it’s somewhat easier to die, whether it was intended or not.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Charge Time

Originally posted by thegame_vice:

To make it clearer for everyone, Bonus from trinkets and armour work as numerical values, a low CTR adds 1, a medium adds 2, a high adds 3 a Very High adds 4, an Ultimate adds 5, and Maximum adds 6.

They DO stack up, so a medium (2) + a low (1)= High (3).

You can’t go past Maximum (6), so plan your armour and trinkets before making them.

I know Zoronarn already answered, just wanted to make it clear for everyone. =)

To correct you, it should be Ultra, not ultimate. ;)

Thus, a CTR Vhigh weapon gets ctr max at level 10. Most useful on bombs and other charge-spammable weapons, like brandishes, caliburs and DAs.

As for armor UVs, they have their own scale, from low,medium,high, to maximum. They are never Vhigh or Ultra (and I don’t think there can be some trinkets or anything that can boost them to just ultra/vhigh, only max).

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Leviathan Blade and Divine Avenger

Originally posted by thegame_vice:
Originally posted by Zoronarn:

@ 7x

Huge text wall

It’s called divine avenger, not holy. This thread was already closed AFAIK. A gun with normal dmg is not good at all, you’ll want a specialized dmg, since they don’t deal much, and they’re most likely used for specialized dmg or inflicting certain status (except blitz @ vana).
It doesn’t matter if you have 2/3/4 weapon slots, any weapon can be good as long as you know how to use it.

IMO Valiance is one of the best normal damage guns, and I’m sure there ARE people out there using Neutralizers (Each charged shot does around 211 damage or so in T3, so you can easily stick 5 of them and blow them all and deal like 1k damage already), and your statement “is not good at all” seems to me that you hate them very much :P

But I do agree with your final statement: As long as you know how to use it, even troll weapons like Irontech bombs can be useful.

@Zoronarn Yes, normal weapons are best if you have a small arsenal. But it’s better to have different damages for different situations. About last week I managed to get all 3 damage swords (grand flourish, avenger, faust) and I dare say I can handle just about everything in tier 2 now. With 2 weapon slots, i can choose either of these.

Beast: Sentenza, grand flourish
Gremlin: faust, sentenza
Undead: Avenger, gigawatt pulsar
Contructs: Same as undead
Jellies: faust, gigawatt pulsar (I might make a virulent catalyzer some time in the future though)
Fiend: Grand flourish, boltbrand/gigawatt pulsar
That requires a bigger arsenal, but it DOES work. And now that they have arsenal stations, it’s all the more reason to not go for normal damage weapons (exceptions for bombers, because their main source of damage usually comes from nitronome), though I would say that if you only have 2 weapon slots, you might want a valiance/polaris (best guns for swordsmen IMO) and a sword that deals damage that corresponds to the current theme. Even more important: once you have 2 damage types, you can tackle just about everything: You’ll crit against 4 enemies, and normal to the other 2 (Say, Divine avenger and Final flourish. You can crit on beasts, fiends, undead, and constructs, and normal to jellies with a DA and normal to gremlins with the FF).

IMO avenger isn’t very expensive, it’s just that it’s so mainstream it’s recipes go for 30k~ on the AH. One might consider a 5* brandish instead.

On the antigua lines. I believe there are uses for each of them (Personally, no other gun, except probably umbra driver, can deal with gremlins as good as sentenza). I hear AP is popular on undeads and fiends, and sentenza on gremlins. But, there are better elemental guns out there. Polaris, if you find too mainstream/bad, you can go for a Nova driver (any alchemer will work).

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Which gun?

Originally posted by Michaeldbest:

Best is SuperNova as the good pushback weapon on far distance

Polaris is more or less better. Let’s see, elemental damage. Wolvers and Gremlins are strong to it. They dodge bullets anyway too. I think Polaris is better because, against those constructs Polaris does really good. Lets not forget howlitzers and gun pups, weak to elemental and annoying also. Both I believe does the same damage when not strong or weak, and Polaris may also shock enemies. Also, in case your forget both Polaris and Supernova come from the pulsar.

Antigua is actually good when used properly. Sentenza= devastates PVP, Argent Peacemaker is also better as an all around weapon.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Help Me Decide my 5*'s...

Originally posted by JoeBobNX:

Sounds good. I like the cutter serious cus it’s fast, and I like taking stupid risks…

So, This will be my 5*’s

-Blitz Needle
-Vog Cub Coat
-Divine Veil
-Dread Venom Striker

And eventually…
-Barbarous Thorn Shield
-Divine Avenger

Thanks man.

The only thing above that I won’t find useful at all is more or less Aegis. Compared to Barbarous Thorn Shield, it only has just that little extra defense, and with BTS’s med damage increase for swords you can easily do more damage (swords are like the most common weapon anyways).
In end-game mode however you may as well go with Grey owlite shield (many people finish FSC and reach the core that way, because other T3 trips don’t really pay out much). Or if you are rich get a Blackened Crest from AH or something and upgrade it into Crest of Almire (Best shield for FSC IMO). Dread Venom Striker is actually viable for FSC, good for trojans that appear and the occasional wolver. Just try to get ASI UVs on it, CTR is completely useless for cutter users. The poison also works well on Vanaduke himself, granting about 20% or so increase in damage in I’m not wrong. Divine Avenger would be very good for Slags but I’d recommend a normal damage sword for mask phases of vanaduke (Mask= resist all but normal) and a piercing damage for Body phases (Blitz needle’s charge attack works well, some opt to use the charge of Barbarous Thorn Blade, some others choose Argent Peacemaker) since he resists elemental, get immunity to shadow, neutral against normal and weak to piercing.
Armor-wise Vog Cub is good overall, but having Divine Veil means you are sacrificing lots without getting the full set (A.K.A half normal defense from Vog, half shadow defense from divine, and full elemental from both) thus not such a great combo. I’d suggest getting the full set of either one, preferably Vog since with Divine set the lack of normal defense= death from trojans.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Which suit?

Originally posted by FlarpTheBest:

You can get the snarby set easier in the AH i think.

No, that’s not right. Snarby stuff can only be crafted in the Sanctuary found after each Shadow Lair. If there was one on AH it’s be very pricy.

@Impuredeath: Mixing and Matching is good but only good for swordsmen (unless you are so energy rich to craft all 3 sets) IMO. As one who prefers to go bomber mode I’d rather choose to just get one set like vog cub since I do FSC mainly now.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Which gun?

Pulsar. Though powerful (and a little OP) it is kinda overrated. It isn’t that nice when you are stuck and pulsar bullets don’t explode and knockback. Valiance has knockback on normal bullets, that part does kinda help. Still pulsar does less damage if it’s bullets doesn’t explode and is more for long range kind of stuff. Also, the explosion sometimes may blow up ghost blocks from behind. In the rocket puppy room of FSC, you can also spam the polaris bullets to the slags to shock them. When they are shocked they allow you to do the whole thing backwards instead of doing the normal way and getting rocket pup’s aggro. Just some notes.

As a side note IMO the most OP gun are alchemers. The ricochets are one but it’s charge firing bullets backwards make it ridiculously easy to blow up otherwise non accessible ghost blocks without completing the full circle/similar itself.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Which suit?

Snarbolax set is good but that requires you to complete Shadow Lairs to craft it. In FSC the shadow defense might save you from the zomgs, though it’s lack of ASI or Fire resist means Vog is a better choice. Considering that shadow fire does elemental and you have fire resist it’s also safer. The ASI from Vog also improves performance of swords like Divine Avenger. Skolver on the other hand has it’s damage bonus and piercing defense making it more useful for Jelly King.

Overall go Vog if you are heading to endgame mode, and skolver and snarbolax should be at the bottom of your list.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Which gun?

Originally posted by Kyord:

both are crap and a waste of time, life, crowns and crystal energy. But if i need to choose one, I’d craft magnus, atleast it’s good versus beasts and fiends, deals normal dmg versus gremlins and undead and have the stun chance.

There is something really wrong about that. For one, they aren’t crap. In the case of magnus at least. It’s a good piercing gun, among the best choices to kill the pesky wolvers and swarms of devilites if you are a gunner. As orngeblu said it is also good for PVP.
Super blaster’s normal damage works well on everything, once it reaches Valiance it also does good knockback and charge attack is actually comparable to a pulsar shot’s explosion despite not exploding, at least in my opinion.

Magnus is more useful for pure gunners. If you tend to use swords more or something, I’d not recommend magnus since you need to stand still and shoot, along with it’s recoil. Super blaster is recommended if you are not a pure gunner, other guns would do fine too (like the Polaris :X).

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Topic: Spiral Knights / So who do you connect with?

The servers are shared. Honestly there are more steam/site members than kongregate members. Either way, I tend to find more steam/site players.

Also, please don’t start a flame war.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Stars

I’ve seen that happen many times. AND it was my guildmate that kicked me from the party. Geez.

Best solution: Get some friends or start your own party. Friends helping you are always better, especially if you are only 2* in T2 because, at stratum 4 things kinda start getting harder. At least that’s what I think.

TBH, having the wrong gear isn’t that problematic if you are good at survival. Unless the gear is a weapon. Because you can wear spiral scale armor to JK, with a Gran faust, and come out fine because you are just that awesome at killing them.

I’m gonna agree with eneal, as what he said I believe I’ve seen many times before.

@Andralash: No offense but that is stupid. :s I believe those kicked are gonna have a hard time. Also I can understand caliburs and nitronomes. But seriously, Nitronome? Really? Kick all the bombers out there then. :/

@OrngeBlu: My guild decided I’m not ready for JK and kick me out at D13 every time. And I now have bought a total of 4 sealed swords and 1 antigua. At 2*.

So Flarp, it has happened to me before, I understand how it feels to get kicked like that. But meh, that’s how it works, just try and not die too much and you hopefully don’t get kicked.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Who beated narbolax...

Originally posted by wappy:

one time i had the gravitation charge equipped and i used it on snarby. HE WAS ACTUALLY PULLED TOWARD THE VORTEX! lol

I thought I stated above that the vortex CAN pull him in. LOL

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Who beated narbolax...

Snarbolax is an easy box. Just keep running away from him if you are starting out, shielding when unable to run away. When you see him glow red after he has popped up, 2 things will happen (either one ONLY) He spins and fire an arc of spikes / He will start a bite combo. If he does start a bite combo.. good for you! Lure him to the bell, when he is near smack the bell and unleash all weapons on him. Note: guns and bombs deal are more or less useless against him. If you bring in a flourish, charge it and let your party hit the bell instead, and unleash the flourish charge on snarby for huge damage.
If you bring a graviton/electron line bomb, things become easier. Place it near the bell, wait for snarby to get sucked in, hit bell, attack.

TL;DR: Hit bell when he is near to stun him, then spam swords on him till he dead.

@ FlarpTheBest I don’t know what you don’t know about the twins but in general they are the next easiest boss, just perhaps the most annoying (and time consuming). One third of it is luck, you need to get the rockets to hit each other, and in the later part of the battle they move up and down, although it is a little predictable. Another third of it is skill. Knowledge of when to hit the switches to get rockets across without cancelling each other’s rockets is important. Finally, communication. If you happen to have bad teammates, game over.
Before the battle assign 1 to be the switcher (preferably someone good at it) and the rest should focus on taking care not to let the scuttlebots hit you. IF you are soloing him, try to bring a sword+shivermist buster (any freeze bomb will do, but not cold snap) to stop the scuttlebots in their tracks.
During the battle target one twin at a time. Example, you are taking out the left twin. Make the center wall face the left twin, until his rockets are destroyed, hit the switch and let the right twin’s rockets hit it. After it is hit ALL party members should focus on that twin. A DA or any other elemental sword is recommended. Repeat for other twin. Note: once a twin gets damaged enough it gains an invincible purple shield in front, it is then you focus on the other twin.
Once it gets damaged enough it will unleash rockets from above. There will be circles to show where it drops. Avoid it. That twin will also move up and down. It can and is particularly annoying when it doesn’t fire in the middle. Wait for it to fire in the middle, take out the other twin and both will start moving up and down.
Now the trick is to let one twin fire it’s rockets over to the other side without conflict (rockets from other twin). Note: As they keep moving it is best to have one twin fire in the middle and let it’s rockets get across the map, while the other twin finishes it’s “Barking” combo of rockets and bullets at the corner, since it will have to move into the middle. Once the twin gets hurt he will again get the purple shield. Focus on the other twin- except that the invincible twin now will fire a lazer sweep across the map. Use the gates to block this laser. That twin will also move noticeably faster. Defeat the other twin and it will now be the same as it’s brother, firing lasers, rockets, bullets, and rockets from above.
Now just take care(kill) of one twin and the battle is over.
During the battle make sure you thrash the scuttlebots and prevent them from attacking you while you wait to switch. Sorry for long post.
TL;DR: Go watch a freaking youtube vid. :P

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Upgrade for Magic Hood

You can always check the wiki you know.

3 lines

Magic hood > Elemental hood > Miracle hood > Grey feather cowl (original line)

Magic hood > Elemental hood > Miracle hood > Divine Veil (Elemental/ Shadow def, and max Fire, Shock, Curse resist)

Magic hood > Elemental hood > Miracle hood > Chaos Cowl (Normal/ Elemental def, negative low resist to all status effects, and a damage bonus for all weps)


Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Flagging Photo Section

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / hi

Originally posted by DavidCP:
Originally posted by thunderman44:

agree or disagree

i think YOUR THE real smut peddler !

If you think so you are 50% right. He “paid” someone to do this.. uh.. i think you know.