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Topic: General / [IDEA3]Brawl MatchMaking

+100 gold for losses and +150 for wins :l….

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And does nothing to actually give a “competitive” atmosphere to people ranked 5000 to 1.

SUGGESTION – Break it into brackets for rankings: ranks 10,000+ down to rank 7,000 GO FIRST.

This current brawl system punishes beginners HEAVILY, because their very first decks for the first few months depend on them going first: blitz plates.

But everyone, even ranked 10,000 to 13,000 or higher; are getting steam-rolled. Having to struggle, even when you’re that far down is VERY dis-heartening and absolutely unnecessary.

If you want to make players go second, do it at a lower ranking threshold: 7,000 or 6,000. Even 8,000 is fine.

But no one should be struggling once they’re at 9k+, and aren’t even competing for the prizes (just in it for the gold). This is just punishing towards those who have nothing else but a rush deck to rely on, because Blitz Plates are basically all you have (for most players), in your first few months.

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Topic: Ballistic / bugs and comments on the update

Ninja’s are now as bad as marksmen, they can kill you from 3 meters away now, with that silly dash. I’ve seen plenty of games where ninja’s get what marksmen used to get: 20 kills and 5 deaths, consistently.

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Topic: Mech Conquest / Add Me


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Topic: Mecha Galaxy / HONOR GUARDS

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In-Game Name: AcewingX
Level: 46
K/D Ratio: 1.23
Reputation: 58
Amount Contribution : 10
Previous Clans If Any: None
Other/Previous accounts (not testing alts): None
Why You Want To Join: Someone in-chat referred me!….
Extra Info: None
Have you sent your request in-game: Not yet, no, would you like me to?

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Topic: Mecha Galaxy / HONOR GUARDS

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Hall of the Spaded Sword (Bob's Guide and Notes)

Ignore this post :c

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Hall of the Spaded Sword (Bob's Guide and Notes)

Wind Realm 3 – One of the objectives towards the 100% chest for that map does not have a complete script. Does anyone know what you have to do to finish that node?

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Hall of the Spaded Sword (Bob's Guide and Notes)

Any chance of listing where all the exquisite chests are located XD?

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Card Impressions: Ica-Rusty

IGN: AcewingX

Level 1: N/A

Level 2: N/A

Level 3: Currently using in place of a level 2 Corc, and it’s pretty fickle most of the time in League.

What level do you own?: 3

Favorite Combo: Surprisingly, nothing with Y 90% of the time. 2B 4R (And even that loses 70% of the time)

Rating x/5: 2.5

Reasons for rating: Let’s be honest here, right now the meta is kegs and shock, with heavy doses of dodge. Ica just does not do very well in that type of setting, especially on defense. His 450 lightning is pretty low-end, and he already takes damage before those shields go up if you’re paired up with say…Ijin or Flammara. Otherwise, we’re still looking at something that can only max out at 1200-1800 shield, (you can’t even do any better than a draw with 1800) and whose damage output is most of the time at 900-1000.

I’m sorry, but with so many people running Armada/Azaram/Ijin/Flammara/Gemineye and anything else that just buffs STR, because they can just rely on kegs, completely snuffs Ica as if he doesn’t even exist. To even get this guy to be VIABLE, I need to slap on dodge on top of his shields and pray that my opponent doesn’t roll very well, but if he gets kegged even once, he’s immediately a free win for my opponent.

With the current meta the way it is, Ica-Rusty is just not going to work, unless he’s in a shield team or has additional assistance in the form of dodge or the opponent is so heavily debuffed that you would of won anyway.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Why upgrade Tabaer of Arcania to LV3?

Originally posted by Syrialia:

BTW did anyone test if shock attacks can crit or does their special effect also prevent crit-buffs from triggering?

The effect says it cannot be increased or decreased, so that infers that no, nothing “should” affect it.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Koria Ex lvl 3 impossible for free/old players?

Originally posted by Syrialia:

it was just a bug and they fixed it then she started to drop again for everyone stuck at 4 to lvl3

I’m glad it was fixed and people are able to get their level 3 Koria’s now. I just won’t be able to get it, guess my luck is just abysmal.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Koria Ex lvl 3 impossible for free/old players?

So, everyone’s starting to get Koria’s today; Sunday, right? I’m just curious to know if they limit how many you can get on Fri/Sat, which forces you to play on Sunday to get the remainder.

Or, it could just be that a lot of people have been incredibly unlucky…

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Koria Ex lvl 3 impossible for free/old players?

About atleast 15 other people in chat complained about the same issue, and there’s even more still complaining: most if not A LOT of us are in the same boat here; 4 remaining, but nothing is coming up, even at 30+ energy invested.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / EX and Preview Card Guide

Originally posted by Omnobo:
Originally posted by Mastertek:

The new Ex is so morbidly OP! They want to kill the game.

Hmm, I don’t think it’s too bad. I haven’t gotten mine to 3 yet so I haven’t tested her out yet. What do you guys think the best EX cards are?

Sen’Ryaku with Telendar’s crit buff is nigh unstoppable. Naya EX cuts down any large single hits for only one blue. And need I speak of Valentin?

Then there’s Silent EX 2, who is basically a Sala EX 3, but MUCH easier to proc and shuts down any multi-hit abilities.

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Topic: BloodRealm / "zeal" stacking

Zeacon can also make you pay the price for something too highly zeal’d.

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Topic: Get Connected / Official Add-me thread!


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Citizen Grim] Anyone still play? Looking for friends!

Yay more people :D!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Citizen Grim] Anyone still play? Looking for friends!

Huzzah :D I shall add you as well!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Citizen Grim] Anyone still play? Looking for friends!

I believe the title explains the gist of what this topic is about. It seems this game has been deserted, and no one in chat ever responds (probably in fullscreen mode).

So I was wondering who still plays and if we could get each other on our friends-lists, so we can gift and stuff .-.

It’s just unfortunate how this game ended up, but I would still like to enjoy it for however long it lasts, since it seems that even the dev’s have gone MIA, which is never a good sign.

Thank you ahead of time for anyone who is kind enough to help another person out =D!

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Things you dislike about playing FFT

Absolutely despise when Lt+ users cop out to Tank when they’re losing, just to pull some BS win and then have the audacity to say “gg”. =/

Shockers are also a pain to deal with.

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Topic: General Gaming / Mission in Space: The Lost Colony strategy guide.

Anyone willing to make a video walkthrough for the diamond/challenges? There’s just waay too many aliens popping up and I haven’t had any luck passed the early stages on hard mode. Do I also have to be a certain level?

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic Battle Fantasy II hints/discussion

Yes, this is a necro-post, I apologize but I am rather desperate for some answers;

How viable is it to use the Soul Eater if you’re going for the Matt solo-strat on the tank? Would Defender negate enough of the damage per turn? If not, what would be the best sword to use if you’re only relying on counters and no-leg/air-strike/bunny triggers?

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Imp badge - Need full depth guide

^ Was very helpful, but the information is rather scattered and there hasn’t been any proper cohesion of research/analysis to form atleast what would be the best strategy to go about beating this game from start to finish on Epic mode.

I’ve also checked the thread on Newgrounds and the KGC site, but those deal with general tips and only have a full guide on gaining skill/ability/whatswordsdo.

I AM LOOKING FOR as best a guide as anyone can come up with on beating this game for the impossible badge. Guide should include the following;

Each stage with atleast a basic setup on what skills to use and what to look out for.

How to allocate skill points for best results prior to the next stage.

What attack/skills to abuse each wave and what skills they should unlock for me to get asap.

Boss guide – An in-depth analysis:

What attacks they have, and what to look out for.

Are there any nuances: do I have to use auto-life/heal if my health is below a certain point when dealing with one of these bosses; or other tactics that are required just to survive or properly chip away at it.

An example of what type of format would help the most -

Stage 2 – Boss;


Specialties – Has three separate forms that attack multiple times in a single turn;

Right-arm “can” hit both players for 4,000-6000 damage

Left-arm dishes out powerful single target hits

The main body has a vulcan that randomly targets both players and fires 10 rounds or more. It can also re-create/regenerate any arms that have been destroyed.

Status – Immune to Poison, but is weak to Thunder/Bomb.

Strategy -

First turn; priority to taking out one arm and seal/stunning the main body. Remember to have uber attacks ready from the prior wave along with regen from Bunny! up, before engaging this thing.

Matt – Unleash immediately on either arms, which will instantly destroy one. On turn two and onwards: if Naz was unable to stun/seal the main body, then you have to do it either with Unleash, which has a chance to stun, or if you still have the Stunner; use that. When the main body is seal/syphoned, focus on using Nolegs 4-5 times so you can unlock the Cat-tamer/warrior skill. Afterwards: his main job is to Unleash/stun the main body, while his primary source of damage comes from the passive Air-Strikes.

Naz – Either use the Stunner you have in your items (and hope for a stun), or immediately go for Syphon. Hold out on her Uber attack until both players are below 50% (assuming things continue to go horribly wrong and you cannot seal/stun him at that point). When you do seal/stun the boss: focus on thundering down the other arm, then the main body. Keep Bunny! up at all times and heal whenever health is at 50%.

Skills to prioritize -

Matt: Uber attack > Unleash > Nolegs

Naz: Syphon > Thunderclap > Regen/Heal (Subject to change due to situation)

Preparation -

Stat/skill distribution; Go for X on Matt and X for Naz as it’ll help with the next wave. Skills to get are Cat-tamer/warrior and (that skill that raises thunderclaps damage by 20%).

After the boss is a check point where you get to play the Nolegs mini-game and collect some gold, as well as buy/sell items, BE SURE TO USE UP ALL YOUR GOLD! Stock up on stunners…etc, etc (haven’t gotten farther than Guardian, so I can’t say for certain what else). Also remember to equip X sword and prepare to spam these skills (when possible).

And yeah….I haven’t been able to get a hold of anyone that plays this in a chat-room, so I was hoping maybe there are either some veterans out there who used to play this rigorously, or individuals out there who have enough research/knowledge to give me their version of the best way to go about each stage/wave/boss in as much detail as listed in the example I typed up.

(Hopefully, this entire post doesn’t collapse upon itself and turn into a mega wall of text Xd!)

And THANK YOU to anyone with the compassion/empathy to help a fellow badge-hunter out; I am eternally grateful to anyone even reading to this point and hope I can get some aid in this endeavor.