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Topic: Technical Support / Lots of stuff not working

Looks like game info and chat are not loading either. I don’t know how to play the game! D:

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Topic: Technical Support / Lots of stuff not working

Been like this for a couple days and I don’t see anything about it anywhere so forgive me if everyone is aware of this. If there is a news area it’s either really well hidden or broken.

Above the logo (top left) or whatever is just “…” when I think it showed total online or something I dunno.

None of my profile stuff (top right) is showing, it’s all blank. Biggest annoyance because I can’t see my points or messages.

Featured games and recommended games are not loading.

\(O_o)/ I dunno lol.

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

edit: found it

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Topic: Astroflux / pzratnog is abusing the system!

I was banned for 10 minutes for advertising, that’s fine. But after being muted I was just talking casually and I was muted for 9999 minutes! This is unfair! I demand to be cleared of my punishment immediately.

He said himself that he only reads the chat now, so why keep him? He doesn’t even play, he doesn’t understand the game and is just banning people for entertainment! I suggest taking his rights away before this gets out of hand.

I was enjoying the game and considering spending a lot of money on some upgrades and stuff, but after this horrible first impression I’m out of here! Read the chat log, I did nothing wrong, he only did it to show off to the new players.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [downWorld] Favorite Class

Which class is your favorite?

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons / help concerning perception

100% useless. Don’t listen to what anyone says, they’re just trying to make you waste points.

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Topic: Transformice / Transformice Suggestions

The ability to change the color of your mouse, should cost 50 cheese or something. No Green or anything just Black, Gray, White, Tan, normal mice colors. Maybe eye color, paw color, foot color, belly color could be changed too.

Name changing, this one should cost like 120+ and can only be done once a month or something.

More ranks for total cheese gathered, I recently got The Reaper and now only look forward to being Shaman or trying to get first so I can get new ranks.

Snapping to grid for the level editor (with the ability to turn it on / off).

Option to turn off chat bubbles above heads (blocks my view sometimes).

Less lag? I don’t know what to suggest to fix it other than a new server or something, I get lag at the start of maps a lot.

Fix glitches. Like on the ‘car’ levels where you are running up against a wall and you lag through it. Or the ‘ship’ levels where you spawn outside and die. (Can this be fixed?)


Capes? :D

Red Shaman not Pink please. Maybe a third Shaman being Gray or Green for neutral.

(running out of ideas..)

Cats? That eat you? Om nom nom?


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Topic: Transformice / People aren't getting the point of the game.

I make Shaman maps, but I’m not spending 50 cheese until the editor has more options. Right now they are sitting on my desktop waiting.

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Topic: Transformice / Transformice - Why the name?

why did you think it was transform? then it would be transform ice which has nothing to do with mice..

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Topic: Transformice / Map Editor, solved?

I’ve just begun making a Shaman map.

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Topic: Transformice / Map editor uber bug

Oh, it updated nevermind.

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Topic: Transformice / Map editor uber bug

Mine cost 20 cheese.

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Topic: Transformice / Walljumping being removed?

I’m just curious if it may ever be removed, not saying I want it to but yeah..