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Topic: Mud and Blood 2 / Playing a hacked version is not ok.

Originally posted by deathbringer23:

Right, lets just get this out of the way.

Playing a hacked version that gives you infinite TP is not fun, or better than playing normally because it removes the U.R.B, if you lose a bunker in the hacked version you can buy a new one instantly instead of waiting 5 waves praying that a wespe doesn’t blast you to hell, which is what the game is all about.

So please stop posting links because it may be easier, but it is not the way URB intended the game to be played otherwise he would have added an infinite TP mode.

So flame away, but i’ll just know you haven’t got the balls to play the real game.


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Topic: Mud and Blood 2 / tell how u got to wave 150+ here

Originally posted by 58mugruber:

wtf i got to lvl 129, i got 8000exp but it only gave me 4000, and i didnt get to highest score when i got 129 waves, though my score is112 on it even though it should be 129

Maybe if you stopped complaining the world would be a better place.Anyone else agrees?

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Topic: Mud and Blood 2 / can you survive 1000 waves?

Originally posted by CanadianOverlord:

Ranger training would change that Springfield to an M1 Garand. he’s natural.

Edit: You’re both retarded actually, that’s not a scout, it’s a brandenburg.

Of course that’s not a fucking scout.He’s talking about the red wave line on top,not the fagdenburg.Think before you fucking post some shit.

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Topic: Mud and Blood 2 / New medals needed

Originally posted by johnmichael99:

and sarge has a 25 % chance to give 5 tp whenever he says that

25%?That’s why too much,this game is meant to be unfair.They won’t suddenly change their mind like “Oh,lets make this game a little easier”.I agree with the badge,but instead of 200 times,maybe 500?That will give challenge :3.Also it should be a 10% chance,more or less like that.

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Topic: Mud and Blood 2 / tell how u got to wave 150+ here

Originally posted by 58mugruber:

wtf i won 6987 exp points wtf i got to lvl 131 and lvl 129 2x and i didn tget a fucking damn thing i speent 1 hr doint it to wtf + if this happened to u

What fucking damn thing do you mean? A badge? A rank? Please describe why damn thing likes to fuck.I do not understand

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Topic: Mud and Blood 2 / SCREW THIS!!

Originally posted by MNDrocks:

Don’t take this game so seriously bro, IT is just A GAME and it is not real, you all have to live your life so stop whining, Ok?

Nuuuu dont tell them to stop i love reading these nubby kids whine about the game!It makes my day :]

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Topic: Mud and Blood 2 / how i got to lvl 200

Originally posted by mugruber1:

so u first get gunners about 5 then u dig in then keep getting guners till u get 10 then u get the put a roof over them then get 1 aaa then u get more guns

“then u get the put a roof over them”,i are so impressed of you trerrific engrish.Oh,and by the way i checked your profile and you havent got the badge where u reached wave 50 yet.Are you SURE you got to wave 200? 0_o
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Topic: Mud and Blood 2 / [Mud & Blood 2] Official Bug Reports Thread

Originally posted by shooter5567:

im having troubling ranking up it says i need -1007xp to get promoted

All you have to do is play another game.When you start playgin they will tell you that you have ranked up

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / CHEATERS AND LIERS

To Mr.Mamaia11:I think you need to take a look at the real world.Everyone lies and since this game is played by real people in this real world,you should be fucking smart enough to know there are scammers everywhere.So don’t whine about some guy scamming you.Like cheetah2002 said,it’s your own fault.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Tdp4 needs to have cheaper guns!!!!!!

why does everyone want the game to have more money and xp every kill?
what fun would it be when you can level up from level 0 to level 10 in 1 day?yea true,you will level up faster and you can pown more noobs.but why,WHY take the fun gameplay and turn it into noob heaven?games are supposed to be challenging,not easy as shitting in the toilet.if you all don’t agree,that’s’s just my opinion.