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Topic: Tyrant / For fun: War music playlist

couldnt find any clear version just some blurre life version from budapest

Accept TV War

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Topic: Tyrant / Your best foil card/s

Foil Vigil.
still dont have a normal EMP :-(

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Topic: Tyrant / I have the worst luck.

there is this strange "WRONG ! SO WRONG 40% MY ASS " Yelling in my brain wenn some shitty double flurry rallied to 4 ground unit sweeps my Support Carriers out of the sky. Meanwhile that Battle Station in the background Evades A TON of Sieges from the Pummeler and then Proceeds to Activate. Nuking said Pummeler through Evade every. single. turn.

jeah jeah RNG Blues

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Topic: Tyrant / Problem with Mission 83

I wasted some time on that very mission too allready.

here is what i came up with my limited card pool:
Bloody Mary; Banshee 2x; Poseidon, Zerbur, Pouncer, Tiamat, Aegis ,Blood Wall, Dominated Hatchling, Mend Wounds

Just dont play Aegis and Tiamat too early. That Enfeeble + Strike and an early Omega on Enemy side still are hard to overcome.