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Topic: General Gaming / GemCraft chapter 2: Chasing Shadows has been released on Armor Games and this thread is about strategies.

This is a lot of discussion for a game on another site still clearly barely escaped from beta status. I have my Kreds ready, and I’m just going to munch popcorn for the next 90 days while GIAB gets the bugs and kinks worked out. Then is should be all good to go when it lands here.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Bug Reports Thread (new)

I just lost an armor… There was a great orc regen +6 armor in our guild’s vault and I’ve spent two weeks leveling up to get it… Finally I hit level 79 and requested it. A guild GO gave it to me… but it never arrived. Nothing in the home screen. Refreshing does nothing. It just vanished into thin air. I sent in a bug report with a screenshot of the guild wall where it was given to me. I am so depressed… two weeks of grinding and anticipation for nothing. I pray kingk gets the report and can somehow restore the item… is that possible?

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Topic: Dream World / Update Content - preview

Just been playing around a bit, but I already feel the battle fatigue penalty is extremely harsh. The amount of time I have to spend switching weapons to heal now is ruining the flow of the game, and therefore the fun. Swords already lose some damage in exchange for higher block… take away the block, and the class becomes useless. Seriously… having to switch weapons back and forth is the deal-killer here. That’s such an annoyance it’s pretty much a back-breaker.

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Topic: Dream World / Can someone please make a Dream World userscript that changed the world map back?

At first, when I saw the new map, I was outraged at this sudden and unwelcome change.

A day or so later I got used to it.

Now I can’t remember what the old one looked like.

Next week I won’t even remember there was an old map.

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Topic: Dream World / Ultimonster World Boss

Who is this Ultimonster of whom you speak? Someone with a Lion’s Heart, no doubt.

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Topic: Dream World / Crystal percentage chance of getting from a chest

In the past few days I’ve pulled 3 white crystals and a time charm. (+30 energy perm.) Not bad.