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Topic: Football Saga / [BUG] Server Galaxy - Quest - The Beginning of the Fourth Generation

I completed the quest. Don’t be confused by challenge rank. Look at the ‘G’ between the level and the challenge rank.

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Topic: Football Saga / Multi Characters allowed?

Originally posted by sohz:

Well look europe:stamford Hill club elven you can have surprise ^^

woah, that’s a scary team. They don’t even try to hide the names. Defender ‘one’, Defender ‘two’ rofl

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Topic: Football Saga / Official Referral Code Thread!


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Topic: Football Saga / Fans

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Topic: Football Saga / Referral Code starting Feb 1st


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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Feature Requests (not multiplayer)

The inability to save a map is bugging me. Good maps, which is the main point for this game to survive and thrive takes time to make.

People publish their maps so they could edit it later. But saving with this method will spam the latest map page with incomplete maps. Which would result into people no longer bother to check the latest map, making actual new completed map fell unnoticed. That, or the people who went into the incomplete map anyways will vote it low making people less likely to play them.

Why not use code generator to save these maps instead while waiting for the black screen issues to sort out? Which can be copied and pasted later to edit. It would mean that saves can be edited in separate machine as long as they have the codes. I might be asking too much here because I know little to nothing about flash coding.

Some things to add some spice to the current lack of map variations.

Making a script for conversation between the player and npc would be nice, instead of one npc being stuck with one line all the time.

Invisible object that trigger speech bubbles from the hero or the kongpanion.

A timed event. Spawn X at X seconds. tiles change to Lava after X time. Tiles dissapears after x seconds etc

Perhaps timed reward for reaching the exit as fast as they can. Complete in less than x sec for max reward, less then x for slightly lesser, and a minimum reward for the slow. Of course the creator need to be able to complete it in the max reward time set before publishing it.

The rest is mostly mentioned, but this game need more map variations if it wants to survive.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Max coins.

Coin quantity is limited, but value is not. In a map I made, the hardest to reach coin automatically got promoted to 7 in value after a while. Meaning that single coin is worth 7.

In some maps where others had made, they split the path into multiple routes with limited coins each. The route less taken would automatically make the coin value there rise.

I think, the value is adjusted based on how many people that managed to get the coin.

While I do like the system where effort is rewarded, treasure hunt sort of maps may be obsolete now since the huge arrow pointing down to the coin location will make it easy to find.

There might be other factor based on difficulty, which is (maybe) judged by death count and time it took to beat the map. Easy coin grab will almost always be demoted to crappy no value map. Please stop spamming such map.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Feature Requests (not multiplayer)

Map mode where all beings are equal, at least on the jumping part. Hard to plan a platforming map where jumping abilities differs.

Knockback when taking damage?

People with high hp could just run past hordes of monsters (non-one hit kill), and the amount of monsters needed to kill them will lag the whole thing. Most map makers are like novelist, they’re sadist. They want the players to die, but in a fair way.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / New tile ideas

Mostly agree with all above suggestion. But the full list might take a while to code, and the current map people made seems monotonous with the lack of variety. OP jumping made platforming part moot, and monsters are just too easy spamming them would just lower framerates. What we need is some puzzle platforming tiles.

One way door, destructible blocks, movable blocks, locked door with keys etc should take priority for now. It’s mostly rail map of watch your char move around as you do nothing map right now.

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Topic: The Arts / [Art Request] Art for an FGF game

I was bored, and made a quick sketch of your no.1 in paint. Just to be clear, I suck at arts too, so this is just something I did out of amusement on that description.

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Topic: Kongregate / Dinowaurs Beta Testers Wanted

I’ll be happy to help