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Topic: Everybody Edits / Bot ideas

Originally posted by michaelan:

Because that’s totally possible.

I didn’t, and still don’t know the limits of a simple bot, so it’s just a suggestion.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Bot ideas

A tank bot:

Would be great for this:
A giant world

Each user would spawn in a small panel(Like in the previous bot-map-DigTillYouDrop), however, the portal part of this panel wouldn’t be just one portal, no, it would be (<<insert>>), all organised in a straight vertical line, borded by the default block from one-another, and each one would teleport you to a different tank.

How would we look at the tanks
We would be looking at the tanks from a satellite view/from-above view.

Upon entering the tank
Upon entering a tank, the teleporter at the(Let’s call the panel “Spawn”) spawn would disappear(So someone else couldn’t enter the same tank).
In the tank, there would be two free blocks(One where is the teleporter, and one where there is nothing), when you would enter the tank, the teleporter would become a boost arrow (>), which would push the player into the second free block. Then, the arrow would become a solid block(Through which you obviously wouldn’t be able to roam).

When you would be left in the small little 1 free block area, you would be able to control the tank with these keys:(To move around)AWSD+Space(To shoot).The tower/gun would move side to sides with the tank movement, meaning, there will not be any separate controls for the tower.

Three(3) shots kill a single tank.
(You could add more detail to it by making the tank slow down after the first two hits, or if a person enters a tank as an engineer smile, their tank would be able to take more hits, etc.)

People who were left out from all the action.
People who weren’t able to get to a tank would need to wait till the others finish playing a round.

When a tank would be shot down, the user inside of it would be burnt to death, and would need to wait for the next round with the people who are in the spawn.

Upon surviving a battle, you would be taken to a special room(Also located at spawn, which only the winner can get into), in which you would be given a choice of two teleporters to go into. Near one of the teleporters there would be a sword decoration which would symbol the attack upgrade. Near the second one there would be a shield decoration, which would a symbol for a defence upgrade.While the winner chooses his upgrade, NO ONE can get in-to the tanks. If, however, the winner doesn’t choose an upgrade for his tank in 15 seconds, he will be spawned in his regular tank.

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Topic: Off-topic / Hitler's fake death and escape to Atlantis.

Originally posted by Mansmany:
Originally posted by superfastjelly:

There’s a sex tape of Kim Jong-il and Uncle Sam.

he said FAKE conspiracies…


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Topic: Off-topic / Health & Fitness

Thank you hammer!Your the best!

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Topic: Off-topic / OT, Choose Your Boss Battle Theme

Combichrist-what the fuck is wrong with you?

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Topic: Off-topic / Tell Me Forum = 3

its 4:34 pm here

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Topic: The Arts / All of my stories

wait why did you even came then xD

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Topic: Off-topic / What do you like on you cheeze burgerz

i want cheeze on mah cheeze bburger!

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Topic: Off-topic / Tf2 backpack! :D

This is my back pack,also selling hats on page 2,well almosts every,exepte modest pile of hat

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Topic: Off-topic / Tf2:Trading!

Hello people,i am hypedlololol aka Spartan*close to that* on steam and i want to trade few of my hats:Janassary ketche,Milkman,Chieftains Chalange,Masters yellow belt and soon! a new hat! :D well for now 1:1 good hat offers,shout or PM me on my profile if you are intrested in one of these hats,
Also feel free to lay youre trades here :D

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Topic: Off-topic / Official OT TF2 Trading Thread

Hello people,i am hypedlololol aka Spartan*close to that* on steam and i want to trade few of my hats:Janassary ketche,Milkman,Defiant spartan,Masters yellow belt and Scotch Bonnet! :D well for now 1:1 good hat offers,shout or PM me on my profile if you are intrested in one of these hats,

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / First Steps For New Mice

awesome :)))))

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Topic: Off-topic / kongregate, newgrounds or armorgames

kongregate armorgames newgrounds


Topic: Technical Support / everybody edits 0.6x attacked by hackers/hacker

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Post it Draw It