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Topic: Elements / Account Recovery

Hi I lost my account for this game like 2 years ago
how do I recover it
I have the email I used to set the account on

what is zanz email so I can recover it?

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Quit for League of Legends

- Devious Dragon

jsut incase anyone remembers me from this game I used to play 2 years ago or so
League of legends ign = Rubidium

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Topic: Elements / I forgot the password to my account, but i still have my account email

What can I do to get my elements account back? I can’t seem to find the “forgot your password” button

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Luis16

How come I didnt get this much attention last time I got banned by trav :(

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Drugs

They are good for medical purposes and making money.

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Topic: Elements / Unrelated Elements

Why does everyone keep recommending an completely unoriginal deck everytime someone asks for deck advice

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Originally posted by qazzaq123:
Originally posted by rocktheworld315:

what do you mean the game was recently bugged? ive played him long before. he ran my face over.

Stop bumping old threads which is outdated and repling like if it just happenend.

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Topic: Elements / How's my deck

Originally posted by phoenixflame77:

ok but is it good and what will it do best against

Pfff. Its okayish. It is MUCH better than what most noobs do but it is far from proffesional. I think will do okayish in grinding AI3, okay in pvp with maybe a few deflags instead of phoenix’s. Suggestion: 1 less rage pot, -2 phoenix, +3 deflag

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Topic: Elements / speedbows

Originally posted by phoenixflame77:

I realy want a deck so I can get money for upped cards and my current deck isnt doing good enough espesialy against mono-aether and antimater.

I hope you know upped cards are very expensive? Bronze grinding just isnt worthit at all and pvp sux with all that lag big-time.

Edit: Use your graboid rush to gain yourself the money for monoaether then afteru get monoaether your set to kill FG’s

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Topic: Elements / best unupped decks

Originally posted by qazzaq123:

You can look at the turns to win study 3.0 [version 1.27] for Ai3’s.


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Topic: Elements / DIC (Deck Improvement Center)

Originally posted by manaboy100:
Originally posted by Jed213:

Can someone rate my deck?
10 Light Pillars
6 Photons
6 Golden Dragons
4 Solar Shields
4 Nightmares
Combo : Play Solar Shield, Nightmare Photon, Gain Quanta, Summon Dragons, Nightmare even more photons… Rinse, Repeat. :D

Lacking of Nightmare, might not get it for few turns. 10 pillars might be a little exaggerating if you really gonna use Nightmare Photon.

Just an idea to see, this is an example for a deck using that combo, and it does good for Gold and Plat

No i think he has not enough quanta . 6 golden dragons godamnit. He does have 5 solar shields, tru but still not enough quanta

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Topic: Elements / Elements Deck Strategy.

Originally posted by Jed213:

Eh. I’ve been playing for a long time. Earlier, I thought up of something cool… Here it is.
6 bone pillars
6 bone dragons
6 soul collectors
6 sparks
6 virus
I’ve been thinking to change the pillars to something else… What do you guys think? Basically, Dragon rush through creature control and suicides. :D
And Mark of Death. Duh.

I think would work better with -2 Bone pillars, + 3 Death Pendelum (Earthquake resistance), -1 Bone dragon. (Too quanta heavy.)

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Topic: Elements / DIC (Deck Improvement Center)

Sky blitz drains all your air quanta. Cant be used twice in the same turn, unless you somehow manage to have five supernovas in your hand when playing it

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Topic: Elements / DIC (Deck Improvement Center)

@Qazzaq I made it an rainbow attatchment so I can
a) Have permanent control
b) Have sundials
c) Have Quintessense
d) Be able to have creature/permanent control.

Removing one of the antimatters would probably help.. maybe a steal, a momentum and 2 pillars less would do good too.

@Calindu I dont think it will work too good on novas/supernovas for i need a mark of life and novas probably wont do much. Might be worth trying a few novas instead of the quantum pillars instead I dont know what an HG is.

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Topic: Elements / DIC (Deck Improvement Center)

Ned 2 improve. if u want 2 give advice plz PLAY deck a few times first

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Hat Suggestions

Originally posted by jaskaran2000:
Originally posted by salla22:

Very good idea. You would not believe how many times I have had to pre-release my level with the name ‘Test – Don’t Play’ and my rank as minimum rank requirement just to test a small detail. I wish it was implemented.

I know. It happened to me too, I had made a top hat remover, which had been used only once and I needed to try it for my top hat traps but I wasn’t sure it had to work so I had to pre-release it and people copied my idea of Top hat traps (which I have now removed).. I really wish it would allow that.

Says the one who always steals others ideas.

Originally posted by habibfootball:
Originally posted by habibfootball:

Jiggmin should tell us the new hat if we get to 100th place in F@H then people will go on F@h more because it will be more exicting!!! XD

Do you guyz agree _

I disagree, how is knowing the new hat going to be more exciting? Chances are people will be dissapointed and we wont get 100th places in F@H, and it is possible that Jiggmin doesnt even know what the new hat is going to be.. yet. So I disagree.

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Why are Admins so unnactive?

Originally posted by habibfootball:

Administrators (best people there is on PR2) it is not their fault their not online (they r like in there 20+ they r not 8 or 12 or something). They might have a family and go work or or even go to university (we just don’t know) but when they do come online you will see that they r the most best people on PR2 there is, do you understand know there here to make sure that we are well behaved

They are definately not the “Best people on pr2”. They did a terrible job selecting moderators, and travissimo and usb hub are perfect examples of why they are not the best people on pr2. Shush hairyfootball

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Topic: Elements / War Betting: Win a fortune in fabulous prizes!

This is like a free lottery ticket, except the prize is considerable smaller. To me its not worth the effort of making an elements account and betting cuz my chances are slim anyway. My time is better used killing a few more plats or writing forum posts ^^

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / 20 posts b4 lock


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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Making Good Traps : Trap Design

Since when did newbies start teaching others how to make their levels? Your rubbish. Sorry. Not helpful. Next.

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Worst and Best PR2 Mod ; Tell us your thinkings

Best: Zshadow, Worst: Travissimo, 2nd Worst: Usb hub
Usb hub is secretly very ambitious. Try ask him in chat why he wanted to mod, whether it was to actually help the Pr2 community or for personal reasons, as mods get more attention, are respected by the pr2 community and have authority: Most importantly the power to ban. Keep harassing him until he does answer.

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Best level ever?!

I’ll have first Entry: Speed of Dragon, by DragonCrusader. A semi-frustration/racing level with a whole new concept behind it. You probably would have not played anything like it before. Comment please. Btw, @FireLordMarek Wtf is in your pic? It just looks.. wrong.

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Best of the worst

travissimo should be further down. Yeah, and add Zshadow


Topic: Platform Racing 2 / F@h for me plz read

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Mod complaint thread.

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