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Topic: Serious Discussion / Dammit Karma, get in here.



Topic: Serious Discussion / I'm emo

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Homeschool and Social Development

My neighbors are home schooled and,quite frankly,I think that its the most socially depriving thing on gods earth.Parents who home school are overprotective,and I just don’t get it.Why would a parent do that?All it causes as an awkward adult[if homeschooled entire life],and a lifeless child —hood.My best friend in the whole world was homeschooled last semester [for a punishment] and she came back a completely different person.I hate homeschools.

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Topic: Off-topic / BVB Knives and Pens

ok 1. Bvb is the greatest band ever. don’t like their music?don’t listen to it. 3.“emos” are people to,just badly hurt. don’t hate please