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Topic: General Gaming / Anyone want or

I’m letting go of both domain names: and

If anyone wants to transfer them to their own registrar before they drop into parking neverland let me know. I don’t want anything for them.

Be aware you will have to pay your own registration fees when you transfer them.

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Topic: Game Programming / Programming Actionscript within Visual Studio

I’ve used Tofino for some time. Works in Visual Studio really well, supports integrated debugging and intellisense. It’s totally free and I’m pretty sure Adobe paid them to develop it. (I asked during a phone survey with Adobe)

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Topic: Collaborations / Need Server Developer for Flash MMORPG

Hey Krin – how is your project going? I’m developing a real-time MMORPG as well. My specialty is in large scale server development.

Maybe there is some kind of strategic partnership we could talk about.

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Topic: Game Programming / Getting rid of irritating AS3 syntax

I would write a simple preprocessor (in C# or something) that is run prior to the mxmlc compiler. Maybe you can even call it mxmlc.exe and rename the original and shell it out after you preprocess all the .as files. Dunno… that’s my first thought.

I’d like it too as I switch between C# and AS3 a lot.

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Topic: Game Programming / Sockets

What you may be running into is an optimization happening from Nagle’s Algorithm. This is generally implemented at the kernel level (or lower) of your OS.

The algorithm improves network performance from applications that send very small packet sizes such as yours (~2 bytes). The algorithm buffers packets until an ACK pakcet is received on the other end, then all buffered packets are sent together.

Here are some documents related to it:

Congestion Control in IP/TCP Internetworks (RFC896)

Nagle’s algorithm (Wikipedia)

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Topic: Game Programming / AS3 vs AS2 for someone new to flash

AS2 is generally less strict but there are compiler settings that relax the strictness of AS3.

I’m not sure if its possible in Flash CS3 but with the Flex SDK they are command line parameters.

If you can bear with the learning curve, AS3 will pay off for you since it is the way things are going to go in the future.