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Topic: General Gaming / Enigmata 2: Genu's Revenge Full Walk Through

You can change the keys for you skills, i have them all clustered around asdw. Another thing i noticed was that you can have multiple things have the same hotkey, combos i find useful are: (this should be added to the guide?)
bonus magnet + negative effect canceler, i am always pressing the one, by linking the other to it i don’t need the auto negative effect canceler shop item (the item take a whole second to activate anyways, my reactions are that good).
Favorite missile (bosskiller) + lock weapon, both I press once…on at the beginning of the level
Warp speed + stun enemies, this way I never miss any, even when warp speeding on level 25

Since I can put the skill tied to any number anywhere, I have all my damage dealing skills on 2-5, so when I need a burst of damage I can just drag my finger across em ;)

I don’t see what the big deal with the perfectionist elite achievement is; i get perfects on all of em for almost every time i replay a level (even 25), but then i have the equipment to make it easy.

I beat the boss of level 25 without using any items and without using the reflection barrier skill. I had the Zennon Semicraft with all the damage reducing shop items (guardian essence1, solid armor1, particle compressor3) and the healing bonus ones (skill upgraded, Empron Crystal 3, bonus amplifier3) I was able to dodge enough that the occasional powerups that fall were enough. Just don’t get caught in the central fire beams, when the missiles come move slowly outward and up, when he is closing on you and not firing main cannons quickly move to the other side. idk, I failed at it until i got the zennon semicraft, but then it was easy enough, even if it took a while (I was becoming unsure if my blue laser was able to damage him).

I used nukes for a bit because they have the most damage per missile, a level two missile creator should be able to produce enough missiles for continuous, non-energy using damage. This was helpful when I didn’t have the skills for dealing lots of damage, now I don’t have room on my skill bar for missiles :) (and sometimes I feel like I have them all going at the same time except warp and time freeze of course).

A few questions: I have 37 achievement points, I keep getting more and I don’t know where from.
What are all the ranks? have I reached the top rank (leet universal overlord)?
I only see “score” and rank when I die/end, weird.

I really like the opening/gameover music.
Fun game, looks and feel really professional. \/(^-^)b I hope there’s a third one.
I didn’t care much for the story.
Well thaz bout it fo my 2 cents, if ya b readin’ yet I’m surprised.