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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Unnamed Multiplayer Artillery Game, Open Alpha Test] UMAG Constitution

I will gladly sign. Oh, so gladly. Also, could you put something in there about those who reload the page to disconnect?

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Topic: General Gaming / MADD: Mutually Assured Destrcution Guide

I can’t get the stupid disabled qualifications. Everything else was easy, but I’m lucky if I can get even 300 disableds. I think the biggest part of my problem is protecting both the Shield Siphon and the Flak Cannon, so any advice?

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Topic: General Gaming / Games not working...

Almost none of the games will work for me anymore for some reason. The only one I can play is MMM. I’ve got Flash Player 9, and I scanned my pc for spyware(deleted) and viruses(none). All that shows up is a gray box where the game part should be, even though the chat works. Can anyone help me on this?